depressed poetry

I want to let go of this sadness. But it’s stuck to me, it’s is a part of me now. If I let it go, I let myself go and I can’t let that happen. So I decide it live with it, live with this never ending sadness

“Do you ever get so fed up of the way you are that you want to shut everyone out and be all alone for a very long time?”

– I do. Always.

These words are knives,

They cut my hope to make a river for my cries,

These wounds they never heal

Because they deepen with your every lie,

I want you to understand me,

Make you believe the things I feel,

But knives never change,

For they are made of stainless steel

Please don’t tell me my depression is “just a phase.”

Because the sad truth is,

I’d give anything for it to be just that.

I shouldn’t need validation from others, but I do. I want somebody to show me how important I am. I just want to feel like somebody needs me as much as I need them.
—  validate me
I want to lose everything. I want to lose everyone. I want to lose myself. I want to lose everything I know about me and the world, so I could start all over again.
—  cynthia go // Clean slate