deppressed again

First off: Thanks for putting Jacob Pitts into The Sinner. His hair, the kissing, his hands, his face and voice and everything…….

However, it’s kinda bugging me that people are just now seeing him because of this show. All of them are ogling at how hot he his. It’s just not sitting right with me.

Of course, the tightly knit community that has been supporting him for years already knows how death defying even his fucking fingers are. But with his new found spotlight it just feels like the “new” people that are playing catchup are somehow taking something from him, from us.Take my sister for example: she just saw him in the sinner and is obsessing. She’s telling me stuff about him - like bitch please, I know him. He is my cinnamon roll not yours😎
It feels like: when you start high school and your best friend since 1st grade stops hanging out with you and becomes a “cool kid”. Don’t mean to be overdramatic. It’s probably an unhealthy -but completely justified in my head- protectiveness of him. Like, I completely support his success cuz, duh, that’s what we want - him out from under his rock.

But seriously guys, I can’t be the only one. Don’t leave me hanging. Guys?