no i am definitely not using dunkin fucken donuts as self-medication definitely NOT A THING I AM GOING TO DO RIGHT THIS SECOND GOD

it’s got the donuts (me need to eat more in general, esp calorie dense shit) and it’s got the caffeine and it’s got the me getting out of my apartment and it’s got the me driving and the driving’s got me listening to oingo boingo and the oingo boingo’s got me dancing in my car which is exercise so it’s all good….it’s all fine……

She paints a pretty picture ,
But the story has a twist ,
Her paint brush is a razor

And the canvas is her wrist ,
She paints her pretty picture
In a colour that’s blood red

While using her sharp paint brush
She ends up finally dead
Her pretty pictures fading

Quite slowly on her arm
The blood is not racing through her
She can no longer do harm

She painted her pretty picture
But her picture had a twist
You see her mind was a razor

And her heart was her wrist

On those nights acidic tears
Start streaming down your cheeks
I need you to promise me beautiful
You’ll use your last ounce of strength to breathe
—  you must survive this ordeal, for what life might reveal // A.S