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Les sorties cinéma de la semaine (28 septembre 2016)

Radin !
L'avare selon Dany Boon

François Gautier est la plus grosse pince du monde : il mange du ketchup avarié pour ne pas gaspiller, se sert des lampadaires des villes pour s'éclairer et refuse de prendre les transports publics qu’il juge trop cher. Sa phobie de la dépense sera décuplée quand une fille surprise, née d'une aventure sous capote périmée, débarquera dans sa vie, au même moment qu'une jolie musicienne qui le contraindra à faire ce qu'il hait le plus au monde : sortir son porte-monnaie.

La suite, vous la devinez. Pendant une demi-heure, Radin! enchaîne les gags sur la pingrerie maladive de son héros. Lequel, incapable de générosité, invite tout de même à l'empathie grâce à Dany Boon, attendrissant et désopilant dans cette partition économe. Mais, passé cette première partie très plaisante, le film tourne un peu en rond à user son seul ressort comique. Aussi, croit-il trouver la solution en tournant à la bluette familiale avec “séquences émotion” à la clé : c'était tout à fait dispensable même si, dans l'ensemble, cette comédie populaire reste assez sympathique.

COMÉDIE. De Fred Cavayé. France, 1h29.

Les 7 mercenaires
Denzel Washington et Chris Pratt, cowboys

Il y a 55 ans , Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen et Charles Bronson dégainaient leurs colts sous la direction de John Sturges dans un remake des Sept Samouraïs de Kurosawa. Aujourd'hui, voici le remake du remake avec Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington et Ethan Hawke derrière la gâchette. Secondés par quatre autres caïds, ces mercenaires viendront en aide aux habitants d'un village persécuté par un riche psychopathe.

Dans la peau du chef des justiciers, Denzel Washington retrouve Antoine Fuqua pour la troisième fois après Training Day et Equalizer. L'acteur, droit dans ses bottes, est l'atout majeur de cette version 2016 également boostée par Chris Pratt, petit rigolo charmeur de la bande, et Ethan Hawke, en fin tireur torturé par son passé. Pour le reste, c'est gun fights, explosions et chevauchées à gogo : un chouette cocktail pour un divertissement pop corn qui vaut surtout si vous n'êtes pas accro au film de 1961.

Remake. D'Antoine Fuqua. USA, 2h13.

La danseuse
Lily-Rose Depp entre en piste

Loïe Fuller, née dans le grand ouest américain, n'est pas une artiste comme les autres. Elle ne danse pas: elle ondule, elle vole, elle hypnotise et virevolte sous des mètres de soie fixés à de longs bâtons accrochés à ses bras. Elle imprimera sa marque dans le Paris de la Belle Epoque jusqu'à l'arrivée d'Isadora Duncan, prodige de la danse qui lui volera la vedette.

Pour donner vie à l'affrontement de ces deux danseuses, la réalisatrice Stéphanie Di Giusto a choisi deux tempéraments hors normes : la singulière et animale Soko se voit ainsi concurrencée par la féline et gracile Lily-Rose Depp. La fille de Vanessa Paradis et Johnny Depp fait en effet ses premiers pas dans un film français avec ce rôle de danseuse ambitieuse et manipulatrice. D'ailleurs, si ce biopic est aussi élégant que Soko est intense, l'histoire d'Isadora Duncan, pourtant secondaire, intrigue finalement presque plus que celle de Fuller. Dommage.

BIOIPIC. De Stéphanie Di Giusto. France, 1h52.

Et aussi :
> Morgane.
Un thriller d'anticipation dans la veine de Bienvenue à Gattaca et Ex-Machina. Tout juste efficace malgré la présence de Kate Mara au casting.

paradoxymora answered your question “So, I’ve been sorta absorbed by the whole Jack the Ripper murders…”

If you’re into comics/graphic novels, Alan Moore’s “From Hell” is amazing. It’s actually what the Depp movie is based on but they completely fucked it up and yeah, not worth watching.

Oh, yeah! The tour guy commented about that, I think. Thank you, I’ll check it out :)

So, I’ve been sorta absorbed by the whole Jack the Ripper murders since I went on a tour in London, are there any good media (shows/tv movies) that touch on this subject? Afaik there’s a Johnny Depp movie, but honestly I expect that one to be mainstream trash lmao

Any recs?

pretty-odd-jenn  asked:

Hey doll! I wanted to give you a Cas drabble to kick things off. How about one with Cas watching Sweeney Todd for the first time?


“I don’t understand, what is this movie?” Castiel asked as you situated yourselves on your bed.

“It’s a Johnny Depp movie,” you laughed.

“I still don’t understand,” he said.

“Don’t worry, just watch,” you said and pressed play.

As the movie progressed and the songs played you could tell that Cas was enjoying it. Once it was over you turned to him to get his opinion.

“I enjoyed that,” he said, “but i don’t understand why he was called the demon barber of fleet street. He doesn’t have black eyes.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at his statement.

“Because he was killing people, Cas,” you said, “that’s all there is to it.”

He thought for a second before nodding.

“I understand now,” he said, “let’s watch it again.”
Johnny Depp will investigate the death of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G - nerdytoday
Johnny Depp once again dives into a true criminal project with the upcoming project LAbyrinth, which will follow the story of the murders of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. 20 years ago, the famous rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. His chief hip-hop rival, Biggie Smalls, suffered a similar
By foxy
8 SPD Books Winona Ryder Wants You to Read

by Trisha Low

It’s very hard to know what kind of person Winona Ryder is – and not just because she’s a celebrity. Here are some things we do know about her: she always has great hair, she dated Johnny Depp, she movie-dated Christian Slater, plus that shoplifting incident and her openness about mental health issues basically means she’s everyone’s favorite  role model for Girl Criminal. But most of all, Winona Ryder is the kind of actress who’s basically played every character you wish you could be in real life. From Heathers’ Veronica to Mina Harker in Dracula to Jo March in Little Women, let’s face it. We all  want to inhabit whichever character Winona’s playing. We all just want to be Winona.

So in the spirit of September’s SPD Handpicked theme REALITY BITES, I’m going to say boo to you, reality! I get to be Winona for a day. And if I were Winona Ryder, I’d do lots of things. I’d be able to shoplift way better than I do now. I’d probably ugly-cry more prettily than I can now. I’d get a milkshake with Millie Bobby Brown and try to actually make it into the upside down to have a femme4femme lesbian affair with Barb. Oh also, I’d probably buy a bunch of SPD books, just like these ones. WINO FOREVER you guys.

1. Salamandrine: 8 Gothics by Joyelle McSweeney
As Tim Burton’s short-time muse in Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, Winona has long been a poster girl for goth chic - we see no reason why it’d be different when it comes to literature, so…

2. The Narco-Imaginary: Essays Under the Influence by Ramsey Scott
Ever wonder what Winona’s scribbling all the time in those notebooks in Girl, Interrupted? Ever wonder what anyone is always scribbling all the time in notebooks when they have that full-pupilled, terrifying look in their eye? Now’s your chance to find out

3. The Babysitter at Rest by Jen George

Winona’s girl next door, wholesome persona was never so gleefully shattered as by 1988’s Heathers - a movie that her agent begged her not to take, and that propelled her into the annuals of cult teen movie fame. Looking for more spoiled, weaponized femininity? Look no further.

4. Double Teenage by Joni Murphy

After extensive research, we’ve discovered that Winona’s favourite book is The Catcher In the Rye by JD Salinger, which we think is a little outdated in 2017. We’d like to recommend to her Double Teenage instead. Based on the adventures of Rivette’s most beloved heroines Celine and Julie in Celine and Julie Go Boating, this is delirious Winona coming-of-age-high-fantasy at its best.


Francis Ford Coppola? Keanu Reeves? Gary Oldman? It seemed as though there was no way that this nineties production of Dracula would go bad, but everything is wrong about this movie apart from Winona’s Mina Murray, whose uncontainable lust and mild hysteria turned soul-sucking vampiric power is everything. Not unlike Dodie Bellamy in this small press classic.

6. I Greet You at the Beginning of a Great Career: The Selected Correspondence of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, 1955-1997

Winona Ryder in Interview Magazine: “Oh, god, yeah. Welcome to my childhood. [laughs] My parents are awesome, but they’re pretty left-wing. They live in Canada now. They moved when Bush was re-elected. You know how a lot of people said they were going to do that? My parents actually did it. So I was raised with what I would say was a healthy alternative political view. Certainly, most of my memories of my childhood are at City Lights, because that’s where I was babysat. Lawrence Ferlinghetti would watch me, and I would play in his office.”

7. Common Sexual Fantasies, Ruined by Rachel Briggs

Winona is no one’s manic pixie dream girl, she’s a full-formed, real life complex human being, god damnit.

8. DEEP CODE by John Coletti

We’ve set up the fairy lights - it’s time to figure out what’s coming through from the Upside Down, you guys. Watch out!!