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What are your favorite johnny depp movies?

Pirates series, Mordecai, What’s earring gilbert grape, cry baby, charlie and the chocolate factory, and plenty more but i catch myself watching these a lot.

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[4/4] But yeah, I just think we know so very little about how the whole impersonation thing really went down, it’s such a matter of interpretation / personal preference? Oh and yeah: I don’t want Colin back as Grindelwald, either. Just as Graves, whatever he’d actually be like XD And hopefully Johnny’s Grindelwald will keep being what you’re hoping him to be!

…I really like you anon. I really really do. this is the second time in two days that conversation started and i thought I would have to fight for my life or smth but ended up having a great conversation :D you and another one (I even followed that person after) but yeah i have been watching Johnny Depp’s movies since I was..i don’t know…my mother made me watch animations and my dad Depp’s movies when i was a toddler :D so I know him very well as an actor and one thing that has never chanegd is this - if there’s a good (or very near to good) script…he does some serious magic. for example Captain jack Sparrow was very …meeeh and very straight forward in the script…and look what Depp did to him :D but since we are talking about Rowling I think it will be good ( i mean im not a huge fan of the way she writes Villains…like main villains are just  bad…and not even that scary…and I DO trust Johnny to bring the complexity to the role) I just hope that Rowling will not ignore the fans and bring back graves :D (she should ignore them when it comes to getting rid of Johnny though :D :D :D ) 

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"Whole big ass movie theatre screamed from delight when Colin turned out to be Johnny. " Its interesting how other people described their movie experience and in their cases it was scream or moan of horror.

I dont know where you are from but In my country everyone loves Johnny Depp….maybe because we are not America and we are not bludgeoned (i love this word) to death with MISinformation about celebrities…so whenever american media does its thing (character-assasination) it doesnt really touch us. I mentioned this because this dislike towards Depp nowadays could only be explained by those bs domestic abuse accusation …because otherwise he’s one of the best actors the world has ever seen (I’m not even exaggerating…im not saying he’s the best…but ONE OF THE BEST) and anyway if anyone cares about those accusations in my country i think our population has enough IQ points to know real bruises from fake ones and so on and so on. and we do have great memory…if someone didn’t like..I dont even know…Lone ranger?then everyone remembers Donnie Brasko. If someone didn’t like Mortdecai..everyone remembers Fear and Loathing in Las vegas. how old are these people on tumblr? those who say Johnny Depp is overrated… Am I talking to freakin 13 year olds???? GOD HELP ME