“We sit down in tears and call to you in the grave: rest in peace, peacefully rest,rest in peace, peacefully rest!”

A stunning processional tableau of the Deposition/Descent from the Cross, taken during my pilgrimage to Bulacan and Pampanga earlier.


Lil Wayne’s deposition (2012) – NEVER FORGET

“Deposition” (detail) by Rogier van der Weyden.

c. 1435
Oil on oak panel
Museo del Prado, Madrid

The faces on the painting look particularly lifelike, though they are in fact based on certain types that Rogier used again and again. They are all, in slightly different ways, expressing deep grief. At the same time, Rogier has lent them the noble and dignified gravity that distinguishes almost all the figures in his works. This effect is based on a schematic pattern that Rogier used even in portraits; it is not a shortcoming, but an important discovery on his part, and one that other painters found it difficult to imitate. For all the harmony of their emotions, and the many links between them in the composition and the actions depicted, the characters of the Deposition are psychologically different; each is an image of grief in itself, calling on the viewer’s reactions in its own distinctive way.

The grief stricken woman (who may be Mary Salome) reflects the attitude of Mary Magdalene on the right of the panel. In keeping with her advanced age and the distribution of various elements of movement throughout the picture, however, she expresses her emotion in a rather restrained, less extrovert way. Nonetheless, Rogier shows how her great grief has disturbed her composure: from the side of her complicated head-dress that is turned toward the viewer she has pulled the end that should hang neatly down on her shoulder over to the other side of her head, and is using the end of it to wipe away her tears.


New Video: Justin Bieber’s Deposition

Do you know how much i love him rite now

the deposition vids are exactly what those lame ass lawyers need, now don’t think that i am defending him because i’m a belieber or some other shit because there are times where he is a complete idiot and makes such stupid decisions

but how the hell do you expect him to just accept the fact that he gets hate every single day and the whole entire world criticizes him for every single damn little thing that he does in life, he is human he makes mistakes

so he cracked and those stupid idiots were asking him things that weren’t even friggin related to the situation at hand, i mean if you asked about selena then you obviously know that they dated and they didn’t date without seeing or talking to each other like what the actual fuck obviously they talked and they purposely knew that its a touchy subject so why the hell would you ask him about that stuff and the thing is it was NOT at all RELEVANT 

and if it was anyone else they would have never asked them that, i mean when you are witnessing for a friend or employee because they harassed someone you DO NOT ask them about their personal life they only did that cuz hes Justin fucking Bieber which is just a load of bullshit

i agree that for some of the things he could have answered properly and watched the vid in peace but honestly i think that he earned that he deserved to be a smartass because they were practically harassing him, and i was looking at him it was hard for him 

and i was proud of him, because he was standing up for himself and his friends and honestly during some of that you would feel sorry for him because he doesn’t need their shit

so i just think that its nothing people should be getting pissed about he’s tired of all the crap and the bs he wanted to be treated like a witness which he didn’t get and i am a little proud of him because he said something that he wanted to without worrying about what anyone else says and he said exactly what i wanted to say to everyone out there

peace. bye :)


Li'l Wayne Deposition- Hilarious!