Crystals and copper in Paul’s Lab

Dendritic Gold Crystals:

This amazing crystal of pure gold was grown through vapor deposition and is only 10mm high.

I had to use my microscope to make this detailed photo, using 75 individual photos and putting them together with focus stacking.

It really is this bright and shiny!

Silver Crystals:

These silver crystals were electrochemically grown from a solution of silver nitrate, using silver electrodes. 

The field of view is 18 mm and is composed of 92 individual photos, combined using focus stacking.

Copper Dendrites:

This dendritic structure of pure copper was grown during the copper plating or electro plating of various objects.

The field of view is about 3 cm high.

Magnesium Crystal Cluster Close-up:

This is a close-up of a synthetic magnesium crystal cluster. It was done by distilling magnesium and the group is about 3 cm wide. It is part of my personal collection of elements.


These are beautiful! I love looking at these structures, the colors are so captivating and the structures and quite marvelous.

The copper structure looks like a volcanic eruption of some sort, and I just thought of what it would be like to see these crystal formations on a larger scale. Nonetheless, they are still magnificent in their uniqueness and originality.




Lil Wayne’s deposition (2012) – NEVER FORGET


Lil Wayne’s Deposition

Bieber won today, but let’s not forget who the king of this is. 

Kayser-Fleischer Ring.

Wilson’s disease is an uncommon autosomal recessive inherited disorder of copper metabolism. It is characterized by excessive deposition of copper in the liver, brain, and other tissues. The major physiologic abnormality is an excessive absorption of copper from the small intestine and decreased excretion of copper from the liver. Among many signs and symptoms, the deposition of copper can be observed as a ring around the iris under a slit-lamp eye examination.

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Dunes are a fascinating interplay between fluid and granular flow. This satellite photo shows a dune field on Mars, Nili Patera. The dominant direction of wind flow is from the upper right, pushing the dunes themselves slowly toward the left. Many of the dunes along the edge are barchans, crescent-shaped dunes with a long, gradual slope facing the wind and a steeper leeward side. As the wind blows, it erodes the sand on the windward slope and deposits it on the leeward side. This is how the dune migrates. Check out this close-up of a barchan to see the changes in its ripples and shape over the past couple months. (Photo credit: NASA/JPL/Univ. of Arizona)