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Derek finds Will on a beach in Maine, just as the sun is beginning to set, and when he gets out of his car, he’s struck once again with how fucking beautiful Will looks.

The orange glow the sunset is casting makes his hair look almost gold, matching the dark yellow of the flannel he was wearing (and with a jolt, Derek realizes that the flannel is his, one he hadn’t seen in ages, just a little big on Will).

Will’s sweats are rolled up to his knees, sand flecked up his shins and covering his feet, and he looks more loose and at home than Derek has seen him in a long while, and he’s almost sure if he could see Will’s face, there would be a small smile on his face as he looks out on the water.

But then again, Derek can never be sure of what Will’s thinking, even after all these years.

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“We sit down in tears and call to you in the grave: rest in peace, peacefully rest,rest in peace, peacefully rest!”

A stunning processional tableau of the Deposition/Descent from the Cross, taken during my pilgrimage to Bulacan and Pampanga earlier.

anonymous asked:

Hey how ya doing? Well I'm doing just fine. I'm sorry I lied I'm dyin insiiide~

Doing fine! I’m sorry things aren’t going well for you D: I hope things get better for you. And they will eventually, all things pass.

If it makes you feel better last night kind of fell apart for me too. A bunch of crap came up that I had to take care of, didn’t get to edit much. Nothing really serious, just tedious and frustrating.

hey so im moving out and my official move in day is feb 1st which is super soon and i’m not nearly as prepared as i should be but i made a wishlist of things i still need if u wanna help me out since i’ve never lived on my own before!! and am broke till i get paid again in two weeks