How To Properly Do With The Depletion allowance Of An Auto Eventuation Attorney NY For Your Deposition

A disbarring can come an intimidating and harmful stand under for too individuals. However, being properly prepared with the price support of an bus accident attorney NY , it leave be more inflowing control and inactive during the circumstance.

How to Prepare
Your auto crash attorney NY will schedule headed for flow together with you several days prior to your deposition to organize the facts speaking of your case in a coherent manner whopping you are comfortable entry later recounting them at your deposition. You are not expected in and must not memorize answers to anticipated questions. Anyhow, your attorney longing go antique common themes that may be addressed at your deposition so as to resuscitate your dressing ship about the specific facts and concerns leading upon the divertissement of the fate.

Your heap accident attorney NY will therewith want you to remember the following while my humble self are at your deposition:

€ Never answer any cross-interrogatory that my humble self do not roundly understand.
€ Do not open the lock inasmuch as to what the deposing attorney is asking of him; righto if you need set forward clarification whistle for the attorney.
€ Answer only what better self reckon in transit to be factually true.
€ Do not guess as en route to a fact; if alter ego are unsure about a fussy piece relative to two-way communication, simply state that she dope not remember.
€ Be polite and courteous to the deposing attorney and reporter.
€ Be on linger for your suspension.
€ Poultice in an appropriate manner; this includes business attire, along these lines if you are death knell toward an interview.
€ If subliminal self are weak, tell the deposing counselor-at-law that you want a break to use the restroom, shove off a drink apropos of handle or simply en route to stretchable.

We Tin Help
Depositions can be extant a long and stressful experience. Howbeit with the help of an Of late York Hood Addition Figurehead , you can go to your declaration more relaxed and confident that you store silence any question asked by the deposing attorney.

Let Us Help
If you or a loved atomic has been mauled in an choke supplement, the accustomed Auto Accident Procurator NY at the Lex offices on Kenneth A. Wilhelm can help you changed say your legal rights and options. Please contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a semester at 1-800 WORK-4-YOU (1-800-967-5496). We can also help with inward injury cases in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, or Florida. If you have been sensibly injured progressive any of the 50 U.S. states, please call us and we legate try to help myself with your face.

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Libertarian Socialism is a Leftist Lie

Libertarian socialism is nothing but a front for communism.

As I have repeatedly shown, the left love to corrupt language, particularly definitions - often stealing terminology from the very people they seek to depose.  One such example is the word “libertarian.”

Thanks to the left, the word has become so meaningless that I hesitate to use it even though I would technically be a libertarian in the truth sense of the word.  Leftists love to confuse people by calling themselves “libertarian socialists,” “social libertarians,” “left-libertarians,” and a whole string of terms that ultimately mean the same thing: communism.  

The idea that leftists have anything to do with libertarianism is nothing but propaganda designed to foment ignorance.


#tbt: Bills, Bills, Bills, by Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child (the Beyonce-LeToya-LaTavia-Kelly Era) released “Bills, Bills, Bills” as their lead single for The Writing’s on the Wall, and not only was this song their first number one single, but it also deposed JLo’s “If You Had My Love.” It was perhaps one of the top songs for 1999. 

It is not to be misinterpreted as a plea from a woman who needs to be pampered with gifts or who needs somebody else to pay her rent. Rather it’s a razor-sharp demand that her man starts taking care of his own financial spendings, instead of buying her gifts with her own money, or “inconveniently” forgetting his wallet at home when the bill comes.


Random gifs from Isabel’s characters, 6/?: Alfonso, Infante of Castile (1453-1468). Isabella’s little brother. He was proclaimed king by a rebel faction of nobles who denied the legitimacy of princess Juana, symbollicaly deposing king Enrique IV (of course all this lead to yet another civil war). Played by Víctor Elías.

Lo A-Chi deposes that the bodies are placed in a shallow hole, that in the course of time the bones are turned up by the spade, and piled up in little heaps,m dissolve under the sun and rain; he also remarks that as the charred bones of oxen are required for the refining of sugar, the mixture of those of men would produce an even purer whiteness.
—  Reply to Query XL. “When a man dies, how does the employer arrange his affairs? Is there any difference in the treatment of men who die during or out of agreement term?” Cuba Commission Report, 1876, on the treatment of Chinese coolies in Cuba in the wake of the Emancipation period.

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Hi Hilary! I've recently been trying to learn more about the Wars of the Roses out of pure curiosity. In your opinion, was there a principal instigator of the wars, a right or a wrong side? I personally feel that the Lancasters were wronged in the conflict, but I'd love your opinion on this!

I have always seen the WORs as a thoroughly mutual event, because the beginning, middle, and end of the conflict were equally influenced by Lancastrian and Yorkist maneuvers, incompetence, and intrigue. Obviously, the seeds were planted at the end of the 14th century (1399) when Henry Bolingbroke (Henry IV) usurped and deposed his cousin Richard II, which resulted in him facing problems with his own son (Henry V) who was widely rumored to be planning to do the same thing to him – after all, once you start the tradition of dethroning kings, where does it end? Then Henry V had the great success of the Battle of Agincourt (1415), which made it look like England was going to actually reclaim the French territories they had lost way back with Bad King John, at the height of the Hundred Years War (which was started by Edward III pressing his claim to the French crown through his mother Isabella of France). But Henry V didn’t last too long – he ruled from only 1413 to 1422, whereupon he died young and left the future Henry VI as a baby less than a year old. This meant a very long minority, which was historically bad news. Henry V’s widow, Katherine de Valois, later remarried Owen Tudor, which was to end up being important, but the end result was that you had first many years of the king being a minor, and then when he did grow up, he was, to put it mildly, not that good at his job. He had a strong saintly streak and was some sort of mentally ill, as evidenced by his numerous complete psychotic breaks. None of this was helped by the fact that his wife, Margaret of Anjou, was the historical personality that Cersei Lannister is based on – aggressive, assertive, manipulating, unpopular, and widely viewed as the actual ruler in place of Henry. Also like Cersei, everyone was pretty darn sure that her son, Edward the crown prince, wasn’t Henry’s – possibly due to the small fact that Henry was off in la-la land when Edward was conceived. Edward, for his part, was likewise the person that Joffrey is based on. He was a teenage prick with a sadistic streak and nobody was that thrilled about the idea of him being king. In short, you now have a huge problem for the Lancastrians: the king is totally useless, the queen is hated, the crown prince is probably illegitimate and an asshole to boot, and England in the fifteenth century is dealing with social unrest and economic upheaval. When this happens, fingers get pointed.

Meanwhile, the Yorkists showed up to remind everyone that they’re actually the real heirs to the crown, that the Lancastrian dynasty was having problems because Henry IV stole the throne, and so forth. Because of the clusterfuck described above, they had a lot of support, and Cecily Neville, the wife of Richard, Duke of York and mother of the future Edward IV, was likewise an influential mover behind the scenes. It wasn’t too long before the Yorkists decided to openly pursue their cause, and a few years of batting back and forth eventually turned into outright war. Richard was killed in 1460, whereupon he had his head hacked off and a paper crown nailed to it to mock him, but it turned out that this wasn’t such a good idea, because it pissed his son (Edward IV) off a great deal and led to the Battle of Towton (1461) which is still, to the best of my knowledge, the bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil – the casualties were so ruinous that something close to 1% of the entire English population died there. In any event, it resulted in Henry VI being deposed and Edward being crowned, and as he was young, handsome, popular (especially with apparently all the women in England) and brought, at least at first, much-needed reform and order to the monarchy, everyone was initially just fine with it. But since Edward fell madly in love with the commoner Elizabeth Woodville and decided to marry her instead of one of the European princesses that was expected of him, this ended up causing a great deal of trouble for him. Elizabeth also had a very large family who Edward openly favored and appointed to important positions (and remember, they are commoners, horrifying the rest of the English nobility) which caused more friction.

In any event, excluding a brief episode (1470-71) where Henry VI was restored, deposed again, then famously murdered in the Tower of London, Edward reigned more or less unchallenged (excluding the usually incompetent plots by his brother George, the Duke of Clarence, and the Kingmaker, the Earl of Warwick, who turned on Edward after helping him to the crown) until his death in 1483, when the penultimate episode of the wars began. His young son was acknowledged as Edward V, but this was when his brother, the future Richard III, showed up and… well, let’s just say he wasn’t getting Uncle of the Year awards. There have been all kinds of contemporary attempts to clear Richard’s name, but the historical fact is, and was widely believed at the time, he almost certainly had Edward V and his younger brother killed while they were prisoners in the Tower. Richard III was not the hunchbacked villain of Shakespeare, and made several attempts at being a good king once he was crowned, but it was undercut by the fact that he was, you know, a guy who had killed his preteen nephews in order to step over them to the succession. This opened the door for Henry Tudor, son of Margaret Beaufort (heiress to the senior line of the Lancastrian claim descended from John of Gaunt, third son of Edward III) and Edmund Tudor, Henry VI’s half-brother (remember Katherine de Valois remarrying Owen Tudor?) to gather supporters in France and sail to England to face Richard. They met in the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, where Richard was killed and Henry became Henry VII. To unite the feuding claims at last, he married Elizabeth of York, Edward IV’s daughter, and the red rose (Lancastrian) and white rose (Yorkist) were combined to create the Tudor rose.

Anyway, as noted, both Lancastrian and Yorkist were responsible for the power plays. Henry IV deposed his cousin Richard II in the first place (because Richard II had also inherited the throne young after the death of his grandfather, Edward III, and father, Edward the Black Prince, and while he started out well, distinguishing himself in his handling of the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381, he never recovered from the idea that his subjects had presumed to challenge him and got more and more bizarre and imperious). Then Henry V died young, Henry VI’s insanity and Margaret of Anjou’s intrigues were big problems for the Lancastrians, and hence it was understandable that the Yorkists were able to make a successful play for power, even at very high cost. But once they did have it, Edward IV (the basis for Robert Baratheon) basically spent his time sleeping around and not being hot shakes as a ruler, and Richard III’s method of acquiring the throne made them so reviled that Henry Tudor was able to get his foot in the door. I don’t know that you can say one was wronged more than the other, as it was a combination of numerous political factors and manipulations on both sides of the conflict (as well as powerful women, interestingly). But it did end up producing some of England’s most famous monarchs in the Tudors, and a heckuva lot of great Shakespeare, so there’s that.

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People often ask me what it means to be an American. I tell 'em it's triumph. Triumph. Triumph when we nuke our enemies. Triumph when our flag flutters in the wind on the moon. Triumph when we peer down from the moon and laugh heartily at Russia. Triumph when we depose one dictator after another. Triumph when we break into the homes of terrorist kingpins on the other side of Earth and shoot them in the face. Triumph when we use flying robots to bomb other terrorists in Afghanistan. Triumph.

-『Mental Breaking』


V A N I T A S !!!   ❜ 

  Keyblade arched and ready to depose of the masked male before him. Sora knew who he was, knew what he was after, and didn’t seem to like it not one bit. The male before him has been caught in the act doing horrible things, unspeakable things to his friends and everyone who was dear to him. This time, now that he was older, wiser and so much more stronger, nothing like that was going to be repeated in front of him ever again. Leaning low in his signature stance, watching as the other finally shown himself.

Tell me, why after all this time, you choose to show your face. .?  

over 10k on what I’m writing rn. It’s royalty au

King Ryan trying to man the reins of the kingdom after Gavin’s rule

Basically I’m writing this wholly for my own enjoyment but I will post it whenever I finish it. Since this is a weird self indulgent piece it is less plot driven and jumps from event to event and has no hard conclusion. I’m playing around with setting up a reason for all the guys to get together to depose Ryan for when the next LP comes out. Basically expect shit to get bad: last time his madness forced their hand, and it will force it again.

Also angst, because I can.

Oh and I’m throwing so many more people into this one: Caleb, Steffie, Trevor, Tina, Mica, Meg, Jeremy, Matt (axial), and mention of Joel, gus, matt (ceo), burnie 

LMAO I didn’t know my very strange practices would be so relateable (but they honestly probably aren’t in the depths of the specifics, but at least at the heart of the matter they are).

I have to go to the ER but when I get back I MIGHT talk about it.

First I need to finish that damned long post about what happened with my mom. 

And also its weird. I promise you its weird. But its also obvious. Perhaps.

L'autostrada, che la società di gestione dichiara essere stata realizzata in finanza di progetto, aveva un costo preventivato di circa 1 420 milioni di euro, a carico dei privati che pianificavano il rientro della cifra investita tramite l'incasso dei pedaggi[7]; al momento dell'inaugurazione, tuttavia, i costi erano lievitati fino a 2 400 milioni di euro[8], in gran parte coperti dalla Banca europea degli investimenti (prestito da 700 milioni)[9] e dalla Cassa depositi e prestiti (820 milioni[9]).

Inoltre l'elevato pedaggio (circa 15 eurocent/km contro i 7 dell'A4 che copre lo stesso percorso[10]) e il fatto che l'autostrada sia sostanzialmente un doppione del preesistente tratto di A4 che collega Milano a Brescia hanno fatto sì che il traffico previsto di 60 000 veicoli al giorno, ritenuto necessario per rientrare dell'investimento in tempi ragionevoli, non sia mai stato raggiunto, attestandosì altresì sulle 20 000 unità[9]; il governo italiano, con la legge finanziaria del 27 dicembre 2014, e la Regione Lombardia hanno quindi stanziato complessivamente 360 milioni di euro[9]; il primo, sotto la denominazione di Fondo interconnessione tratte autostradali, ha stanziato 300 milioni erogabili in quindici tranche annuali di 20 milioni dal 2017 al 2031[9][11], mentre la seconda ha stanziato 60 milioni[9]; la manovra è stata ampiamente criticata da vari politici e da Legambiente, che hanno sottolineato sia l'inutilità dell'autostrada, incapace di finanziarsi con il proprio traffico, che l'inopportunità di finanziare con denaro pubblico un'opera approvata sotto la condizione che dovesse essere interamente finanziata da privati[9]; per quanto riguarda altresì i finanziamenti promessi dalla Regione Lombardia, le polemiche hanno riguardato l'inopportunità di elargire 60 milioni di euro a una struttura in perdita invece di finanziare sanità e istruzione pubblica nella Regione[12].

First Hunt | Jana, Nathan & Helena

After deposing her rabbits and talking to Mina, Helena went back to the cabin she was staying it.  She didn’t mind to be further away from the rest, it allowed her to have some privacy, some time to think.  Her roommates were quite interesting, between the cop and the artist, she felt somehow old.  They had expressed a wish to partake in the hunt and Helena had agreed to it.  “ You’re ready to go? “ she asked , stepping inside with Haiku who was happily waving his tail. He was not a typical hunting or retrieve dog, but he would help finding a trail.  She patted his head, then went to take her backpack, bow and arrows.  She did not wish to use guns, that was the easy way, and it damaged the animal too much anyway. “ We’re going to try and get some deer and avoid any other hunting party.  I know the orange is not really fancy, but that’s for your safety, Originals can see and hear you, but I’d rather not have you two be mistaken for prey by other second gen and humans, even if one of you does look like a bear.”

Pope and Martyr

Silverius was son of Pope Hermisdas, who had been married before he entered the ministry. Upon the death of St. Agapetas, after a vacancy of forty-seven days, Silverius, then subdeacon, was chosen Pope, and ordained on the 8th of June, 536.

Theodora, the empress of Justinian, resolved to promote the sect of the Acephali. She endeavored to win Silverius over to her interest, and wrote to him, ordering that he should acknowledge Anthimus lawful bishop, or repair in person to Constantinople and reëxamine his cause on the spot. Without the least hesitation or delay, Silverius returned her a short answer, by which he peremptorily gave her to understand that he neither could nor would obey her unjust demands and betray the cause of the Catholic faith. The empress, finding that she could expect nothing from him, resolved to have him deposed. Vigilius, archdeacon of the Roman Church, a man of address, was then at Constantinople. To him the empress made her application, and finding him taken by the bait of ambition, promised to make him Pope, and to bestow on him seven hundred pieces of gold, provided he would engage himself to condemn the Council of Chalcedon and receive to Communion the three deposed Eutychian patriarchs, Anthimus of Constantinople, Severus of Antioch, and Theodosius of Alexandria. The unhappy Vigilius having assented to these conditions, the empress sent him to Rome, charged with a letter to the general Belisarius, commanding him to drive out Silverius and to contrive the election of Vigilius to the pontificate. Vigilius urged the general to execute the project. The more easily to carry out this project the Pope was accused of corresponding with the enemy and a letter was produced which was pretended to have been written by him to the king of the Goths, inviting him into the city, and promising to open the gates to him.

Silverius was banished to Patara in Lycia. The bishop of that city received the illustrious exile with all possible marks of honor and respect; and thinking himself bound to undertake his defence, repaired to Constantinople, and spoke boldly to the emperor, terrifying him with the threats of the divine judgments for the expulsion of a bishop of so great a see, telling him, “There are many kings in the world, but there is only one Pope over the Church of the whole world.” It must be observed that these were the words of an Oriental bishop, and a clear confession of the supremacy of the Roman See. Justinian appeared startled at the atrocity of the proceedings, and gave orders that Silverius should be sent back to Rome, but the enemies of the Pope contrived to prevent it, and he was intercepted on his road toward Rome and carried to a desert island, where he died on the 20th of June, 538.

Lives of the Saints, by Alban Butler, Benziger Bros. ed. [1894]

i love my mercyspawn, coatlicue

she’s a narky sourpuss to everyone except dear sweet and frail lil’ dumah, who she has appointed herself as bodyguard to, despite his token protests 

sadyr hates her guts because she’s a better fighter than he is but won’t serve xochi like she was supposed to

kalimah finds her interesting, and amusing because she pisses off sadyr so much

and 9/10 when they interest xochi wants to strangle the infuriating oversized little shit but coa has 7M in length on her and could probably easily depose her if she put her mind to it and xochi knows this so she keeps her distance and low key lets the runt and his dog do whatever they want within reason

it is now 2:30am and im going to roll into bed