“You may have heard that there’s a movement afoot to kick Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill and replace him with a woman. Finally, we’ve got a current event that’s not depressing.“

”The U.S. Treasury hasn’t changed the faces on the bills since 1929, when Andrew Jackson elbowed out Grover Cleveland on the $20. Why, you may be asking yourself, did they pick Jackson? And why was Grover Cleveland there to begin with? Nobody seems to know.”

“”Women on 20s” picked Jackson to depose mainly because of his horrific history with Native Americans, although there’s also the rather blissful note that Jackson disapproved of paper currency.“

“The Native American issue looms large when it comes to replacing Jackson, who sent the Cherokee Nation on the Trail of Tears. Lately, [Women on 20s] have decided that when they announce their three top vote-getters and ask people to pick a winner, they’re going to add a fourth option: Wilma Mankiller, the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation. (“People felt it would be poetic justice.”)

If I could add a nominee it might be Angelina Grimke, the great abolitionist orator. Or Sybil Ludington, who rode through New York one night in 1777 warning her countrymen the British were coming. (Just like Paul Revere, except Sybil was 16, and rode twice as far.) Or Margaret Brent, who used her business acumen to save the colony of Maryland from being destroyed by mercenary soldiers in 1647.

Or maybe Elizabeth Jennings, the black New Yorker who sued the trolley company that tossed her off a whites-only car in 1854 — a court action that led to the desegregation of mass transit in the city 100 years before Rosa Parks.

But then, of course, you don’t want to pass up Rosa Parks. There are thousands of possibilities. Nominate among yourselves.“

A Woman’s Place Is on the $20

Hillary Clinton will be good for women. Ask Berta Cáceres. But you can’t. She’s dead. Gunned down yesterday, March 2, at midnight, in her hometown of La Esperanza, Intibuca, in Honduras. Cáceres was a vocal and brave indigenous leader, an opponent of the 2009 Honduran coup that Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, made possible. In The Nation, Dana Frank and I covered that coup as it unfolded. Later, as Clinton’s emails were released, others, such as Robert Naiman, Mark Weisbrot, and Alex Main, revealed the central role she played in undercutting Manuel Zelaya, the deposed president, and undercutting the opposition movement demanding his restoration. In so doing, Clinton allied with the worst sectors of Honduran society.

“Coniferous University students may now enroll in Prof. Darling’s summer courses. Note: Classes on time travel may exceed scope of semester.

Chromatics 411: Abandoning the Photon
Discussing how to survive noncanon colors and poisonous hues. Warning: Includes exposure to neon grey.

Extradimensional Biology 1113: Speciation
How to age and identify beasts of other universes by the whispering shadows they cast on reality.

Time Travel 2833: Causality?
Masters-level class. You now have a failing grade. Completion requires changing it using a single trip to 1943.

Historical Engineering 3610: eUsurpation
Doctorate-level class. Completion requires deposing a reigning monarchy using only online apps.

Time Travel 3942: Eschatology
Doctorate-level discussion on the future of time travel in the approaching post-prophesy world. Pass/fail.”


The Dandelion Dynasty series: The Grace of Kings &  The Wall Of Storms.

“ Wily, charming Kuni Garu, a bandit, and stern, fearless Mata Zyndu, the son of a deposed duke, seem like polar opposites. Yet, in the uprising against the emperor, the two quickly become the best of friends after a series of adventures fighting against vast conscripted armies, silk-draped airships, and shapeshifting gods. 

Once the emperor has been overthrown, however, they each find themselves the leader of separate factions—two sides with very different ideas about how the world should be run and the meaning of justice.”

By Ken Liu

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Ken Liu is one of the most lauded authors in the field of American literature. A winner of the Nebula, Hugo, World Fantasy, Sidewise, and Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards, he has also been nominated for the Sturgeon and Locus Awards. His short story, “The Paper Menagerie,” is the first work of fiction to simultaneously win the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy Awards. He also translated the 2015 Hugo Award–winning novel The Three-Body Problem, written by Cixin Liu, which is the first novel to ever win the Hugo award in translation.

The Grace of Kings, his debut novel, is the first volume in a silkpunk epic fantasy series set in a universe he and his wife, artist Lisa Tang Liu, created together. He lives near Boston with his family.

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Heir of Fire: “She’s alive,” he said, to Ren, to Aedion, to himself. “She's―she’s truly alive.” Aedion’s heart stopped. Stopped, then started, then stopped again.

Queen of Shadows:  “Your cousin Aedion has been imprisoned for treason—for conspiring with the rebels here in Rifthold to depose the king and put you back on the throne.” The world stopped. Stopped, and started, then stopped again.

Seriously though, I don’t know how many of you realize this but there is good evidence Donald Trump had no actual intention of becoming president. It is very likely this was all just a promotional stunt to get his own right wing news station started up, having positioned himself as the ~populist underdog~ willing to ~give it to you straight.~ His son-in-law had been in talks with an investment bank who worked out media deals, and Trump is close friends with Roger Ailes, the deposed and disgraced former head of Fox News, as well as Stephen Bannon of Breitbart, the alt-right’s echo chamber for current events.

So if it’s any consolation, this election has fucked up Donald Trump’s hopes and plans too. He’s going to have to take a massive pay cut, move to a (different) city where everyone hates him, surrender control of his foreign business interests to a blind trust, and become a public servant. He’s made his brand so toxic that his daughter Ivanka didn’t want to appear in a campaign ad with him for fear that it would damage her own business interests and he has spent $800,000,000 of his own wealth to get himself a $400,000 a year job.

When his constituents begin getting annoyed with all his failed promises once his total ignorance of policy making and basic governance takes its toll, Trump is going to stop receiving the constant ego stroking he so desperately requires. We’re going to witness four years of his smug grimaces getting more forced and more bitter day by day as he thinks of all the money he is missing out on in his twilight years.

He’ll never admit it, and I think he lacks the introspection necessary to even realize it, but Donald Trump is seriously going to hate this.


F o r  God’s sake, let us sit  u p o n  the ground
And tell  s a d  stories of the death of  k i n g s ;
How some have been deposed; some slain in war,
Some haunted by the ghosts they have deposed;

A highborn James Frain makes Max Irons king and he secretly gets married to Rebecca Ferguson and their firstborn is Freya Mavor who later marries Michael Marcus and they have Jonathan Rhys Meyers who falls in love with Natalie Dormer whose eventual arrest is orchestrated by a lowborn James Frain but not before she gives birth to Cate Blanchett who must later ward off a plot to depose her assisted by a Spanish James Frain


House Targaryen is a former Great House of Westeros and was the ruling royal House of the Seven Kingdoms for three centuries, before it was deposed during Robert’s Rebellion and House Baratheon replaced it as the new royal House. The few surviving Targaryens fled into exile. Currently based in Essos, House Targaryen seeks to retake the Seven Kingdoms from House Lannister, who formally replaced House Baratheon as the royal House following the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor.

Grey Warden Stroud: Sorry about the invasion but Grey Wardens don’t involve themselves in political stuff. see you, Hawke.

Queen Cousland: Oh, oh right, totally, we would never…

King Alistair: …involve Grey Wardens in politics, that would be ridiculous

Queen Cousland: yeah we would never depose a queen and shove one of our own on the throne, of course not

King Alistair: two of our own

Queen Cousland: the last two in the country

King Alistair: we also would never make a Grey Warden acting arlessa and make her appease a bunch of shitty nobles while leading a fight against a bunch of darkspawn

Queen Cousland: or sneakily get a bunch of nobles on our side so we could commandeer a Landsmeet in order to kill a Regent

King Alistair: mostly for revenge

Queen Cousland: Ooh, ooh, or choose who was going to be the next King of Orzammar

King Alistair: or talk the Dalish keeper into dying so someone else could take over.

Queen Cousland: yeah we’ve never involved ourselves in political stuff.

pink diamond was deposed before or during the war.

centipeetle only drew three diamonds when explaining who sent the corruption blast. that means she was aware that pink diamond was no longer a diamond by the end of the gem war. (I don’t think this means the corruption blast corrupted PD, since centi would’ve been corrupted and not aware that that happened to her) so PD was gone either before or during the war.

furthermore, she draws the old diamond authority symbol with the bottom diamond missing, NOT the updated anti-triforce logo from the ship in jailbreak.

this further cements the idea that PD’s deposal was recent around the time of the corruption blast.


Sits in the corner of his cell in Cochela. Being thrown in here after trying too fend off against Arima so that Hinami and the others could escape left him in bad shape in a jail cell. He grew tired of crying no matter how much he wanted too everyday so he just sat depressed and quite in his cell and hopes that maybe…he’ll either be deposed of, or released.

Cuban artist Alicia Leal paints in a flat, folkloric style that at first glance suggests her paintings have nothing to hide. Their almost storybook quality derives from Leal’s deft manipulation of solid colors and a flattened, raked perspective that calls to mind medieval manuscripts. The more you look at them, however, the more the figures and intersecting symbologies thwart easy interpretation. Leal’s work thus thrusts upon every viewer the task of decoding what exactly is happening in her swirling, surrealistic landscapes. References to Afro-Cuban spirituality, Christianity, and everyday life in rural Cuba overlap and intertwine with universal themes of nature and womanhood. Here, we might read the female figure as Oshun—the Yoruba orisha and goddess of water, fertility, love, and sensuality—who is often syncretized with Cuba’s Catholic patron saint, Our Lady of Charity. Nearby, then, might lie Jesus deposed from the cross**, from whose lifeless body grow bountiful stalks of ripe corn. Navigating the territory between knowledge and the unknowable, Leal captures a cycle of death and rebirth, darkness and light, and spiritual transformation.

Alicia Leal, No Porque Hayas Muerto, 1997

(**A follower pointed out his hat, which might suggest he also represents Castro or an idealized member of the revolutionary party.)