deportive cars

To the boy who just said:

“If the election had gone the other way, you wouldn’t have anyone burning the American flag. Kinda shows you who’s the more mature side.”

Fuck you. First and foremost.

Not only is this completely hypothetical, it’s likely entirely irrational. Sure, maybe they wouldn’t have been burning the flag, because hell, they’re all (white) “nationalists.” But you know what they probably would’ve been doing?

Throwing sexist slurs left and right to degrade Hillary. Throwing racist, xenophobic, and homophobic slurs out against POC, Muslims, Jewish people, immigrants, the LGBT community, disabled people. Reacting in hateful, discriminatory ways, such as vandalism, destruction of property, and personal threats… towards all those same people.

Burning the flag is a legitimate and legal form of protest, that says, “I cannot and do not approve of what this country is doing right now, so I cannot support this country right now.”

The reactions we would’ve gotten from all the conservatives if Hillary had won would’ve been hateful, dangerous, likely illegal, and potentially fatal. Their reactions would’ve said, “I don’t like that our country is moving towards equality for people of color, non-Christians, disabled people, immigrants, or the LGBT community, so I’m expressing my lack of support /for those people/.”

But hey, this is all rhetorical of me, right? I’m just grasping at straws at what would’ve happened, right?

Oh wait! No! It already IS happening. The KKK marched on a bridge over a major highway in North Carolina the morning after Donald was elected. Dozens, if not hundreds, of black and Latino people woke up to find racial slurs and threats of deportation written on their cars, their houses, their doors. Muslim people have had their hijabs ripped off, and their lives threatened. Gay couples have been told their marriages will be illegitimized.

All minorities have felt repercussions of Donald being elected ALREADY, and we’re 3 days in. It would’ve been no different if Hillary Clinton had been elected, if not worse, because instead of victorious, Donald’s supporters would’ve been angry.

So, sure, if that’s what you call “more mature,” then have at your feeble attack on the “libs.”

Because if you truly believe that all that discriminatory hate is “more mature” than a self-contained, legal, personal form of protest, then you have some serious priorities to set straight.

Short Hayes Grier Imagine!
Enjoy! (requested)“can you do a hayes imagine where you just got done with a date and there is a storm on the way home and you get scared thanks bae”

 We were back from the restaurant where we passed the night head to head, Hayes drove since approximately twenty minutes and the sky was more and more darker, suddenly big drops fell on the windscreen, hiding the road from us. A violent breeze deported slightly the car to the left.

“Hayes, we maybe should stop until it calms down, the road is slippery, it’s dangerous.”

He nodded and parked the car on the road side. While looking at the rain I got  the impression that hailstones were falling on the car’s roof, my heart began to beat really fast when I saw a lightning cross the dark sky.

“Hayes I’m scared”

“I’m here, don’t worry. It’ll be done soon”. He said, kissing my cheek softly.

It has been twenty minutes that we were blocked on the road because of the bad weather and the rain still has not stop falling. Suddenly, I saw some stars reappeared in the sky and the rain stopped.Hayes released my hand and turned the key, restarting the car.

“You see, I told you we would be safe." He said, laughing slightly.

I smiled and kissed his neck while he focused back on the road.