Passengers on a US Delta flight were asked to show their papers

  • United States Customs and Border Protection agents requested that passengers on a flight from San Francisco to New York City on Wednesday night show identification upon landing at JFK airport. (Vice)
  • Two CBP agents — assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement — checked passengers’ identification as they exited a Delta flight in search of a legal immigrant who had received a deportation order after criminal convictions which included domestic assault, driving while impaired and violating a protective order. The person was not on the flight.
  • A CBP spokesperson told Rolling Stone such checks are “nothing new.” But Jordan Wells, a staff attorney with the New York Civil Liberties Union, told the Washington Post it’s unusual for authorities to ask for the identification of each passenger. Read more (2/24/17 2:06 PM)

LA police won’t help Trump deport undocumented immigrants

The Los Angeles Police Department will not participate in President-elect Donald Trump’s stated plan to deport or incarcerate between 2 and 3 million undocumented immigrants, Police Chief Charlie Beck said Monday. “That is not our job, nor will I make it our job,” Beck said. And LAPD isn’t alone — another major city’s police force has said the same.

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The Trump administration  is targeting a lot more people for deportation

  • On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security released a new set of documents that confirm what many had already suspected: 
  • The Trump administration is making a priority of deporting an incredibly large number of undocumented people.
  • While Trump spoke previously about immigrants who have been convicted of felonies, the newly revealed DHS documents confirm that the administration is taking a more expansive view of which immigrants it plans on prioritizing for deportation.
  • The DHS release went so far as to say the department will target people who “have abused any program related to receipt of public benefits.” 
  • That category may be broad enough to include any undocumented person who has participated in a government program.
  • The memoranda also detail plans to hire 10,000 new ICE officials and increase the number of immigrant detention facilities in the U.S. Read more (2/21/17 1:09 PM)
Trump plans to deport people for being poor
Two draft orders, obtained by The Washington Post, would target immigrants in need and would shake up the U.S. visa system.
By https://www.facebook.com/janell.ross.549

Washington Post: Trump administration circulates more draft immigration restrictions, focusing on protecting U.S. jobs [sic]

The Trump administration is considering a plan to weed out would-be immigrants who are likely to require public assistance, as well as to deport — when possible — immigrants already living in the United States who depend on taxpayer help, according to a draft executive order obtained by The Washington Post.

A second draft order under consideration calls for a substantial shake-up in the system through which the United States administers immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, with the aim of tightly controlling who enters the country and who can enter the workforce, and reducing the social services burden on U.S. taxpayers.

The drafts are circulating among administration officials, and it is unclear whether President Trump has decided to move forward with them or when he might sign them if he does decide to put them in place. The White House would not confirm or deny the authenticity of the orders, and White House officials did not respond to requests for comment about the drafts Monday and Tuesday.

Trump plans to deport immigrants for being poor. To countries impoverished by U.S. imperialism and torn apart by U.S. wars.

There is an underground network preparing to hide immigrants
Faith leaders in California don't have hope President Donald Trump won't enter churches or places of worship where immigrants may seek sanctuary. So they are building safe houses and preparing rooms to hide immigrants who fear ICE will deport them.
By Kyung Lah, Alberto Moya and Mallory Simon, CNN

A hammer pounds away in the living room of a middle class home. A sanding machine smoothes the grain of the wood floor in the dining room.

But this home Pastor Ada Valiente is showing off in Los Angeles, with its refurbished floors, is no ordinary home.

“It would be three families we host here,” Valiente says.

By “host,” she means provide refuge to people who may be sought by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE. The families staying here would be undocumented immigrants, fearing an ICE raid and possible deportation.

The purchase of this home is part of a network formed by Los Angeles religious leaders across faiths in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. The intent is to shelter hundreds, possibly thousands of undocumented people in safe houses across Southern California.

The goal is to offer another sanctuary beyond religious buildings or schools, ones that require federal authorities to obtain warrants before entering the homes.

“That’s what we need to do as a community to keep families together,” Valiente says.

At another Los Angeles neighborhood miles away, a Jewish man shows off a sparsely decorated spare bedroom in his home. White sheets on the bed and the clean, adjacent full bathroom bear all the markers of an impending visit. The man, who asked not to be identified, pictures an undocumented woman and her children who may find refuge in his home someday.

The man says he’s never been in trouble before and has difficulty picturing that moment. But he’s well educated and understands the Fourth Amendment, which gives people the right to be secure in their homes, against unreasonable searches and seizures. He’s pictured the moment if ICE were to knock on his door.

“I definitely won’t let them in. That’s our legal right,” he says. “If they have a warrant, then they can come in. I can imagine that could be scary, but I feel the consequences of being passive in this moment is a little scary.”

First, they came for the Muslims

And crowds of people flooded the biggest international airports in the country and said not today, motherfucker.  

And the ACLU said, not today, motherfucker.

And a federal judge, a woman named Ann Donnelly, said, not today, motherfucker.  

Today is the first time since Donald won the election that I’ve felt anything even resembling hope for our country.  It’s not a decisive win, I know that.  It might not end up being permanent, I know that too.  It doesn’t apply to everyone who is trying to immigrate here and just applies to the people who were caught in limbo at the airports, I know that too.  

But it’s *something* and something is better than yesterday or even this morning.  

ICE Raids

There have been numerous Ice Raids occurring throughout the country today, families are being split up. If they knock on the door, know that you have rights

In the event that they come to your door: 

Do not open the door: 

They’ll try and trick you saying they’re looking for a dangerous criminal, do not believe them, this is how they get you. Ice doesn’t have the right to come in unless they have a signed warrant, I can’t stress this enough… do not open the door. 

Remain silent: 

Ice can use what you say against you in court

Do not sign anything that Ice gives you:

Do not sign anything without talking to your attorney first 

Report the Raid to 1-844-363-1423

Take out your phone, take video and pictures if you can. Write down all the information that you can like the agents badge numbers, how many there are and everything that happened. 

Muslim Ban & Politics

I know there are people who are sick of talking politics and who come to Tumblr to get away. If that is the case I will not be sad if you unfollow me.

I am a third generation American Muslim and I have seen the impact of 9/11 on my friends, families and communities. I have been by my mother’s side when she was spat on and her headscarf pulled off while being called a terrorist. A sweet retired middle school teacher she is. I have witnesses my sister yelled at because she asked if there was ham in her sandwich. I have seen my cousins made fun of because of their name. I have seen many in my community told to “go back to wherever you came from.” We are Americans and there is no where else to go. I was born and raised in San Francisco. I do not have the heart to go through this terror again.

So the EO on banning Muslim refugees strikes at the core of my being. You do not have to be Muslim to advocate for human rights. But it would be inhuman to ignore injustice and allow history to repeat itself. I belong here as with many others; we are as American as anyone else.

I don’t have any grand thoughts except to ask for people to be a bit more aware wherever and whenever they see injustice at this political juncture in history. Above all, please be compassionate. We need each other.


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