LA police won’t help Trump deport undocumented immigrants

The Los Angeles Police Department will not participate in President-elect Donald Trump’s stated plan to deport or incarcerate between 2 and 3 million undocumented immigrants, Police Chief Charlie Beck said Monday. “That is not our job, nor will I make it our job,” Beck said. And LAPD isn’t alone — another major city’s police force has said the same.

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The Trump administration  is targeting a lot more people for deportation

  • On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security released a new set of documents that confirm what many had already suspected: 
  • The Trump administration is making a priority of deporting an incredibly large number of undocumented people.
  • While Trump spoke previously about immigrants who have been convicted of felonies, the newly revealed DHS documents confirm that the administration is taking a more expansive view of which immigrants it plans on prioritizing for deportation.
  • The DHS release went so far as to say the department will target people who “have abused any program related to receipt of public benefits.” 
  • That category may be broad enough to include any undocumented person who has participated in a government program.
  • The memoranda also detail plans to hire 10,000 new ICE officials and increase the number of immigrant detention facilities in the U.S. Read more (2/21/17 1:09 PM)

But the worst part about Trump’s love for Operation Wetback is that it means he doesn’t even understand why it had an impact. The immigration plan was, in fact, two-pronged. The “send them back” hard-ass military approach didn’t work that well (and didn’t do the country any favors, reputation-wise). The true success came in its less-publicized dealings, wherein the U.S. and Mexican governments worked together to curb illegal immigration by making legal immigration easier. Most of the undocumented immigrants “stamped out” by the disgustingly named operation weren’t deported; they simply “disappeared” by becoming full-fledged American citizens.

None of that even matters, however, since the kind of immigration Trump wants to solve is completely different from what it was 60 years ago. Back then, most undocumented immigrants were seasonal workers who would routinely make trips back and forth from Mexico. Today, most undocumented immigrants live and work in America full-time, and roughly 80 percent of them pay more taxes than the president-elect has in decades. But they weren’t born in America, so fuck them.

5 Reasons Trump’s Immigration Plan Is A Goddamn Mess

URGENT: If you know anyone traveling to the United States affected by Trump’s Executive Order on immigrants & refugees, please help them reroute their flights THROUGH BOSTON.
It is currently the only city that is reliably guaranteed not to DETAIN or DEPORT anyone based on the order because of an order issued by a judge there earlier this morning.


Let’s be real. Stop calling them “Undocumented Immigrants”. Hell, stop calling them “Illegal Immigrants”. It’s not helping anyone. Call them what they REALLY are. Illegal Aliens. Because, let’s be real, that’s what they are. They have come to this country, illegally and they are Alien to this nation.

Round up all the illegal aliens in our prisons. Deport them.

Deport every illegal alien caught at the border.

Then make it incredibly difficult for illegal aliens to gain employment in this country.

Then tax the hell out of money grams that illegal aliens are sending out of this country to known family members.

It will become so hard to work, and make a living in this country, they will Deport themselves back to where they came from.

That’s how you get rid of 20 million Illegal Aliens.

That’s how you control immigration, without a wall.


ICE Raids in Austin: Activists rally after “unprecedented” immigration enforcement actions

  • AUSTIN, Texas – Local activists were standing up and fighting back in Austin after ongoing rumors of Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids in the city were confirmed Friday. 
  • Per KVUE, ICE detained 44 Mexican immigrants in Austin since Thursday — an “unprecedented” level of enforcement, according to local immigration advocates.
  • Protests formed Thursday and Friday evening outside the J.J. Pickle Federal Building in downtown Austin, where ICE was reportedly processing detainees, according to the Texas Observer. 
  • Another protest was held in North Austin near where a public ICE arrest took place Friday morning, documented in a viral video by El Mundo.
  • Eren Uribe arrived at the J.J. Pickle Building Friday in time to see ICE agents block protesters from four vans, which activists suspected contained immigrant detainees who had been nabbed and processed earlier that day, that were leaving the building. It was the first time she took part in a protest. Read more (2/11/17 8:17 PM)

I want my friends to understand that being “sick of politics” is privilege in action. Your privilege allows you to live a non-political existence. Your wealth, your race, your abilities or your gender allows you to live a life in which you likely will not be a target of bigotry, attacks, deportation, or genocide. You don’t want to get political, you don’t want to fight because your life and safety are not at stake.

It’s hard and exhausting to bring up issues of oppression (aka “get political”). The fighting is tiring. I get it. Self-care is essential. But if you find politics annoying and you just want everyone to be nice, please know that people are literally fighting for their lives and safety. You might not see it, but that’s what privilege does.

- Kristen Tea