deployment end

I don’t know where to begin. Our life has literally been all over the place. We went through a deployment, and towards the end of it, his mother passed away. It’s been so very hard on him and it isn’t easy for me either. We recently just got a place together, I just graduated with my bachelor’s, and now.. we are expecting a baby!!! I haven’t told everyone since I’m only 7 weeks, but I couldn’t be more happy. He was away when I found out and when he ported I got to tell him. He’s still gone and I can’t wait until he’s home so I can just hug him! So many emotions right now. I couldn’t have asked for a better man to be on this journey with.

hurry home, partner. [linstead one shot.]

{Based on the prompt from @kkmallow3 and @thelinsteads}

In a perfect world there was only peace and in a perfect world the men defending their country didn’t live in a fear of having to go back because it was their duty when the safety of the land of the free was threatened and because going back to that place brought all of their nightmares to life but when the Taliban grew restless and even more dangerous than before even Jay’s PTSD couldn’t stop the tugging in the pit of his stomach because he had an obligation and he had to do what was right and he couldn’t just sit back in the safety and the warmth of the apartment when his fellow soldiers were out and fighting and afraid and truth be told he had been doing better because he’d moved back in with his girl and the warmth of her body pressed up against him in the dead of the night kept him anchored to reality and the present and away from the gunshots and the blood and the death he’d fought so hard to stay away from.

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Your freedom has been bought and paid for.

The price of freedom is ongoing, and though the deployments end - the war continues. Do not forget those who pay for your freedom, your liberty, everyday as they struggle to simply get out of bed.

Its RED Friday
Remember Everyone Deployed….

Especially those still deployed in their souls

Sneek Peek I  Guess?

So, I decided to start writing something and I have a couple of fandoms with my faves to write about, but since I’ve watched Generation Kill Recently, I thought I’d start with that and here’s the first few paragraphs. Please please please don’t hesitate to give constructive criticism or tips on writing.  And I beg of you, tell me how it looks so far.  I’m a really picky writer in school, wanting my work to be it’s best, and apparently that translates to here too.

It started off innocently enough.  Bravo’s deployment ended and they went back home.  Some decided that they’d like to stay in the marines despite all the clusterfucks, others wanted to start a new life without Sixta bitching about the grooming standard or Encino Man messing things up so spectacularly.  Overall, it was just like every other military campaign or war in history.  Some leave, some stay, life goes on.  

They kept in touch of course.  There’s some things you can’t do in life without becoming close friends, or at the very least, tolerating each other’s company and looking forward to your next meeting.   Rolling through a country suffering, blowing shit, and fucking things up is one of those things, as Ray Person would say, if given the smallest opening in a conversation.

Force Reconnaissance Marines with the Maritime Raid Force, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit perform a diving exit while conducting an initial High Altitude Low Opening jump out of an MV-22B Osprey at Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue Field, N.C., Aug. 11, 2014. Air support for the training was provided by the MEU’s Aviation Combat Element, Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 365 (Reinforced). The training took place as part of pre-deployment training in preparation for the 24th MEUâs deployment at the end of the year.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Todd F. Michalek/ Released)

lmao sa forums poster broken loose found a way for a skaven player to instantly win any game of warhammer: age of sigmar on their first turn

It’s worse. Skaven are part of an inarguable instant win combo.

Fateweaver has
Oracle of Eternity: Once per game, you
can change the result of a single dice roll to
the result of your choosing.

The Screaming Bell has
Peal of Doom: In your hero phase, the
Screaming Bell tolls. Roll two dice, add the
scores together and consult the table below
to see what happens (no modifiers can be
applied to this roll). If a result says that it
effects units ‘within range of the Peal of
Doom’, consult the Damage Table above to
see the current range of that effect.

(skip 1-12)

13 Improbable Victory!: Against
all probability and reason, you
immediately win the battle (and
are hereafter branded a cheat –
not that that should bother a true
skaven general).


Deployment: Chaos player sets down a Screaming Bell. Other player sets down whatever. Chaos player sets down Fateweaver. The only chance the other player has to not instantly lose is to end deployment RIGHT NOW, take the first turn, and destroy the Screaming Bell (Oracle of Eternity ignores whether or not Fateweaver is alive). Otherwise, Chaos player ends deployment and seizes the first turn.

Turn 1, Hero Phase: Roll for Screaming Bell’s Peal of Doom. Use Oracle of Eternity to declare that the roll is 13. Instant win, before the first movement phase.

i mean you could argue that in a friendly game nobody would actually do this (which ignores a.) tourney play and b.) many warhammer players are bad people anyway who totally would do this) but it still demonstrates the total lack of thought in how any of these rules interact with one another GW put into this