When they are deployed, we always second guess ourselves and the decisions we make. Just be gentle with yourself and do the best you can.

I’m seeing a lot of people posting way to much info, not necessarily on our blog, but all over Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

So this is just a friendly reminder:

-No Dates
-No Times
-No Names
-No Ranks
-No Locations
-No Flight Info
-No Training Info
-Don’t talk about him/her in public places

If it doesn’t pertain to the person you are talking too, then they don’t need to know.

1. Fill your to-do list, pick up a hobby, breathe. Time moves quickest when we aren’t paying attention.
2. Accept you’ll be living with a piece missing instead of trying to replace it.
3. People make time for what matters to them.
4. You always have a choice.
5. Worrying is hard to avoid but try anyway.
6. It’s scary to fully trust another human. Regardless, do it.
7. It’s okay to cry. Really.
8. Find friends that do understand, and still keep the friends that don’t. Both kinds bring value to your life.
9. They’ll never be there when you need them most. (It’ll be okay anyway).
10. You are stronger than you feel.
—  10 things I’ve learned in a military relationship