You cried with me. You held me close and didn’t say a single word. My salty tears leaving trails on my cheeks and making a home on your chest. You cried with me. I was scared and I felt this aching pain inside my heart. The thought of being away from you was killing me. You planted kisses on every part of me. Leaving the feeling of your lips engraved within me. This is not the end I kept reminding myself. This is temporary. When morning came you were no longer here..It’s not always a person that leaves you with a broken heart, sometimes distance takes care of that.
I'm a military girlfriend.

alright to all the girls & guys out there that say military girlfriends are selfish for saying we are better then most girlfriend is not true. we are 99% of the time more loyal then regular girlfriends. we wait weeks, months, years for one kiss. but that kiss is worth years of waiting. that coming home hug is worth the wait. we wear his hoodie for comfort. we don’t know if he will come home alive. we will stay up late waiting for your call. we will go to sleep early every night & wake up late every morning but we still never feel like we got sleep. your boyfriend belongs to you. my boyfriend belongs to the military. you complain you haven’t seen him in a few hours. I go months on end without seeing him. you haven’t heard from him in a couple hours? I haven’t heard from him in weeks. you’ll get mad & ignore his call ? I would do anything for just 5 minutes to hear him. you take him for granted, I don’t. so the next time you call a military girlfriend selfish?? think about what I just said.


This. This is what it looks like when it’s your first wedding anniversary & your husband is deployed. This is what it looks like when your husband makes every effort to make all of this “normal.” This is what it looks like when he talks you into a FaceTime date at a restaurant & you start crying as soon as you sit down because it all feels too real that you can’t celebrate together. This is what it looks like when he says “my idea of our first wedding anniversary celebration was to take you on a date & surround you with love.” This is what it looks like when he says “as much as I’d love to be there, I can’t. So there are a handful of people that love you to surround you with love tonight in my place, because no pretty girl deserves to sit alone.” This is what happens when your families, your support systems, your biggest fans show up with flowers & a card & yell surprise. This is what it’s like to ugly cry in Olive Garden & sob for a good 10 minutes. This is what it all looks like. It looks like the good, the bad, the hard to handle, & the silver linings. This is what it looks like when you marry the man that makes all of your dreams come true & fights every day to make the world a brighter place. This.