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This Week @ NASA--April 14, 2017

Cassini and the Hubble Space Telescope, two of our long-running missions, are providing new details about the ocean-bearing moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Hubble’s monitoring of plume activity on Europa and Cassini’s long-term investigation of Enceladus are laying the groundwork for our Europa Clipper mission, slated for launch in the 2020s. Also, Shane Kimbrough returns home after 171 days aboard the Space Station, celebrating the first Space Shuttle mission and more!

Ocean Worlds

Our two long-running missions, Cassini and the Hubble Space Telescope,  are providing new details about “ocean worlds,” specifically the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. 

The details – discussed during our April 13 science briefing – included the announcement by the Cassini mission team that a key ingredient for life has been found in the ocean on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. 

Meanwhile, in 2016 Hubble spotted a likely plume erupting from Jupiter’s moon Europa at the same location as one in 2014, reenforcing the notion of liquid water erupting from the moon.

These observations are laying the groundwork for our Europa Clipper mission, planned for launch in the 2020s.

Welcome Home, Shane!

Shane Kimbrough and his Russian colleagues returned home safely after spending 173 days in space during his mission to the International Space Station.

Meet the Next Crew to Launch to the Station

Meanwhile, astronaut Peggy Whitson assumed command of the orbital platform and she and her crew await the next occupants of the station, which is slated to launch April 20.

Student Launch Initiative

We’ve announced the preliminary winner of the 2017 Student Launch Initiative that took place near our Marshall Space Fight Center, The final selection will be announced in May. The students showcased advanced aerospace and engineering skills by launching their respective model rockets to an altitude of one mile, deploying an automated parachute and safely landing them for re-use.

Langley’s New Lab

On April 11, a ground-breaking ceremony took place at our Langley Research Center for the new Systems Measurement Laboratory. The 175,000 square-foot facility will be a world class lab for the research and development of new measurement concepts, technologies and systems that will enable the to meet its missions in space explorations, science and aeronautics.

Yuri’s Night

Space fans celebrated Yuri’s Night on April 12 at the Air and Space Museum and around the world. On April 12, 1961, cosmonaut Yuri Gagrin became the first person to orbit the Earth.

Celebrating the First Space Shuttle Launch

On April 12, 1981, John Young and Bob Crippin launched aboard Space Shuttle Columbia on STS-1 a two-day mission, the first of the Shuttle Program’s 30-year history.

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Summary - According to the myth of the Red String, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another.
On the ground, everything is different and the rules are non existent. In the midst of a war, this is how Bellamy Blake discovered that red string.

masterlist // TRS masterlist

“What is that?!” Someone screams, the mess of kids watching the parachute deploy from the burning light in the sky. 

“They’re coming to help us!” Another replies, smiles etching their young faces. You look to your opposition, seeing Bellamy’s face begin to fall. But then, as if his mind works as a clock, his panicked eyes snap to you. As quick as the wind during a storm, Bellamy’s feet rush him beyond the wall and your eyes widen.

“Everybody stay here!” You shout, angrily before you follow the rogue leader. 

“Bellamy!” Your voice sounds hoarse as screams rip through your throat, “Stop!” You can see him in the early light of the morning, arms working to tear open the door of the small ship. 

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In the freshman physics class they have to make rockets out of two liter bottles and shoot them off and have them deploy a parachute. Apparently this one boy couldn’t get the parachute to deploy during a practice run and he turned to the teacher and said “if I can get a falcon to catch my rocket mid flight will you give me an A?”. My chemistry teacher (who teaches this class) turned and said “I’ll give you an A in the class AND my car”. So this kid gets out his phone in the middle of class AND CALLS A FUCKING FALCON TRAINER AND NEGOTIATES PRICES TO GET THIS FALCON LADY TO BRING HER BIRD AND CATCH THE ROCKET. My chemistry teacher is getting freaked out and I asked “what will you do if this actually happens” and he’s like “well I guess I’ll give him my car”. THIS MAN JUST DUG HIS OWN GRAVE AND I CANT STOP LAUGHING


Reydar drabble, approximately 500 words. Written for @reylofanfictionanthology‘s Reydar Month, bingo card square “Glasses.”

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think! More to come. :)

Her disguise was ridiculous. If she thought she could waltz onto base with little more than a pair of round tortoise shell glasses and get away with actual espionage, then that girl was sorely mistaken.

She looked painfully out of place in the green jumpsuit. She was tall enough, but her slight frame wouldn’t fill out even the smallest of their uniforms. She looked like she was wrapped in a deployed parachute, the outfit’s shape only held together by the garish orange straps of her tactical harness.

It was grudgingly endearing. Cute, almost.

The radar and navigations division, was it? Employee number 751B3. Kira Scavenge. She thought she was clever. He would show her how clever she wasn’t.

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Shikamaru and Temari

On May 10th, I was asked by an Anon:

“As you have done a lot of analysis of relationships, how you explain ShikaTema and the evolution of their feelings of each other?”

Anon, this is for you :)

During their first encounter in the Chuunin exams, Shikamaru was none too pleased that he was being made to fight a girl, again. This, coupled with the fact that Temari seemed like one of those pushy girls that made Shikamaru find them so troublesome in the first place, made his match with her seem that much less appealing to him. However, the mere thought of losing to a girl was apparently even less appealing to him:

So he used that as his motivation to go through with the match.

Now, Shikamaru and Temari are both very keen strategists when it comes to combat. So unsurprisingly, their fight was one of the best examples of tactical warfare in the entire series (right up there with Neji vs Kidomaru). But as we all know, Shikamaru is a super genius with an IQ of over 200, so he proved to be several steps ahead of Temari with his strategies. One such example was when he used his makeshift parachute to extend the range of his Shadow binding technique, which caught Temari off guard:

After realizing the creative ways in which Shikamaru could enhance his techniques, Temari acknowledged his abilities, deeming him to be impressive, and she was correct. What Shikamaru lacks in physical capabilities, he more than makes up for in mental excellence.

But despite Shikamaru’s surprising manoeuvre, Temari was able to quickly adjust and adapt to the situation, being a heavy thinker herself:

This in turn earned praise from Shikamaru. This would become somewhat of a running theme between these two and their relationship; there would always be this underlying sense of mutual respect.

However, Shikamaru would eventually get the better of Temari when he employed yet another clever tactic, after having thought in excess of 200 moves ahead:

By using the hole that Naruto had created during his fight against Neji, Shikamaru would use the shadows underground to further extend the reach of his Shadow Binding technique:

Temari would then come to the astounding realisation that all this time, although she thought she had been countering Shikamaru’s strategies, she had in fact only been playing right into his hands, because he had intentionally been deploying tactics (including the makeshift parachute), all in order to move her to that specific location on the ground:

That was when Temari realised the true levels of sheer intellect that her opponent possessed; for the first time in her life, she had been outsmarted:

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, and in true Shikamaru fashion, he’d give up when he was on the verge of victory:

He’d justify his decision by explaining that the Shadow Binding had taken its toll on him and he was about to run out of chakra, and wouldn’t have been able to do much else, despite having already formulated his next 200 moves. But nonetheless, the encounter and his performance had left quite an impression on all the spectators, but none more so than Temari herself; she was completely baffled, and would slowly come to be increasingly intrigued by this guy with zero motivation who envied the clouds:

Shikamaru and Temari’s next encounter would come during the Sasuke Retrieval arc. When things were looking very bleak for Shikamaru, Temari would come to his rescue in the nick of time, as Kankuro and Gaara did for Kiba and Lee respectively:

After quickly observing the immediate situation, Temari would playfully remind Shikamaru of how he gave up at the end of their fight earlier, and confidently stated regardless of how dire he believed their situation to be, she’d finish off Tayuya by herself if necessary:

She’d then go on to demonstrate that her boastful words were by no means empty ones:

Leading Shikamaru to comment on the great utility of her technique:

But despite this, Shikamaru still felt as though they were at a very large disadvantage, because he had deduced that someone like Tayuya would be better suited to someone who could blend in with their surroundings. However, Temari would have somewhat of a different opinion:

And she would subsequently demonstrate the true extent of her wind’s destructive capabilities:

Temari whipped up a tempest and summoned Kamatari, her personal summon who rode the wind, slashing through everything it touched:

The effects of the technique stretch outwards for several hundred metres, and the swirling winds also whip up trees, boulders, and other forms of debris, which then rain down on the helpless opponent. The effectiveness of the technique is therefore drastically enhanced when surrounded on all sides, and also when the enemy’s position is relatively unknown:

Thus, proving to have been literally the perfect technique to use against Tayuya in that situation. But it is unsurprising that Temari would formulate such an effective counter to her opponent; she is a strategist as well after all :)

And after all was said and done, and she had succeeded in saving Shikamaru, she went on to give him that warm and radiant smile that she hadn’t given anyone before:

Old man Shikaku once gave Shikamaru some very wise words:

And he was right, as Temari was one of the biggest examples of his point. And after Temari had given him that smile, that 

Shikamaru had come to his own realisation. After acknowledging just how bad of a situation that Temari had just saved him from, Shikamaru was undoubtedly very grateful to her. And just like earlier when he had left a huge impression on her during the Chuunin exams thanks to his skill, now she had left a huge impression on him thanks to hers:

After they had returned to the village from an unsuccessful mission, Shikamaru was obviously feeling very upset over the failure due to him being the leader of the team, and Temari would demonstrate much concern for him by sticking by him through the difficult time. She would even try to console him by indicating that losses are an inevitability in missions:

Her words would initially fall on deaf ears though, as Shikamaru was rather adamant that after this experience, the life of a shinobi wasn’t for him. This came as rather a surprise for Temari, who didn’t expect this kind of emotional fragility from someone who was as unmotivated as Shikamaru had proved he could be, which just further piqued her interest in him:

It wasn’t until after Shikamaru had been scolded by his father, and after he had learned of everyone’s survival, that Shikamaru would regain his resolve as a shinobi, and vow to carry out his mission to perfection next time. And Temari was relieved that he had found his feet again:

Then, as it was time for the Sand siblings to depart Konoha, Shikamaru accompanied them to the gate to thank them for their aid, and as she left, Temari took one last playful swipe at Shikamaru:

Whilst again giving him that familiar

That she seemed to have reserved only for him.

At this point, the levels of mutual respect between these two were very profound, and gave them an excellent platform to develop their relationship further, into something much greater and deeper :)

So at the very beginning of Part 2, Shikamaru and Temari were again seen side by side, this time because Shikamaru was acting as a sort of escort for her in Konoha. But the amount of time these two spend together is unmistakable, and undoubtedly strengthened their relationship. At this point, they were definitely more than mere acquaintances:

So I doubt anyone really blamed Naruto for believing that something may have been going on between these two behind the scenes:

To add to the previous point of them usually doing things together, towards the beginning for the war, Shikamaru and Temari were assigned to the same division, with the former serving as Gaara’s proxy commander. While he was making a motivational speech to the rest of the ninjas with the help of Ino’s Mind Body Transmission technique, Temari noted how good he was at it, and commented on how good of a Hokage he would have made:

And within Shikamaru’s Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Temari again just happened to be right next to him, while they were talking about marriage of all things. Now, it also must be noted that despite the both of them agreeing that the whole process of marriage just looked too “troublesome”, at this point, the both of them had done so many things in which they deemed to be “troublesome”, that referring to it as such essentially guaranteed their future together! XD

And that’s exactly what happened :)

The process was difficult, but during Shikamaru Hiden, Temari realized just how special Shikamaru was to her when she felt deeply hurt that he’d decide to exclude her from his troubles. Despite this, she’d still earnestly try to save him, again, and when she did, Shikamaru would acknowledge his mistake in leaving her out of his affairs, because it was her appearance and her words which got him out of the genjutsu that he was under.

Thus, when all was said and done, as a thank you to her, Shikamaru would ask her on a date, to which Temari would respond with “How Troublesome”, whilst again displaying that famililar

That she only ever gave to Shikamaru. This also further emphasises the point of how whatever these two deem to be “troublesome”, they’ll likely end up doing anyway, and in this case, Temari more than happily obliged with the date.

Their close relationship as a couple would continue into the events of The Last, where during Naruto and Hinata’s wedding, they were shown together, as they so often are:

Their continued close relationship culminated in their own marriage and the birth of their son, Shikadai, and Temari would subsequently emigrate to Konoha to become a member of the Nara clan:

And it must be said that while Shikadai certainly inherited his mother’s eyes, the rest of him is the spitting image of his father, even down to his former tendencies.

During the Chuunin exams in which Shikadai took part in, he was eventually made to face off against Boruto. And while it looked like he had the latter beaten, Boruto would use a hidden device to cheat and turn the tables on Shikadai, eventually forcing him to give up:

And as soon as it happened, Sakura voiced the thoughts of what I’m sure was the majority of viewers:

Indeed it did look familiar :)

Like father, like son:

It’s just like what Shikamaru himself said to Shikadai in Gaiden chapter 1:

And indeed it doesn’t :)

I really loved both Shikamaru’s and Temari’s reactions to Shikadai’s forfeit. They weren’t angry or disappointed in the slightest. But rather, Shikamaru’s wry smile was as if he was thinking, “well, he is my son after all!”. All while Temari was just laughing to herself, which was just the best reaction possible! Because she knows all too well how her husband could also give up:

Shikamaru and Temari may have started off as opponents, but the skills they demonstrated during their physical confrontations earned one another’s respect. The frequency of their togetherness helped to bolster their relationship, to the point where Temari saved him on numerous occasions while giving him that affectionate smile of hers, and the both of them wouldn’t mind doing things in which they deemed to be “troublesome”, if it meant helping the other out.

Theirs is truly a story of a rough woman being tender to the guy she loves, and the guy with zero motivation, discovering his motivation in her ^_^


Copyright: ESA–S. Corvaja, 2015

ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and crewmates landed safely in the Kazakh steppe after a three-hour ride in their Soyuz spacecraft 11 June 2015. They left the International Space Station at 10:20 GMT at the end of their six-month stay on the research complex.

Soyuz TMA-15M braked from the Station’s cruising speed of almost 28 800 km/h and entered the atmosphere shortly afterwards. The small descent module separated as planned and parachutes deployed to slow the vehicle down even more.

The module fired retrorockets moments before landing and springs in the moulded seats reduced the impact of hitting the steppe at 13:44 GMT. Teams were on hand within minutes to help them out.

The Skywall 100 is designed like the video game weapon that you only get for four shots, half of which you waste missing the final boss.

What it fires looks like it escaped from ‘60s Batman. Because it’s ludicrously awesome.

It’s a massive, shoulder-mounted, gas-powered, net-flinging bazooka, blasting a capsule which opens to reveal a net which wraps itself around the target, tangling it in weighted bolas. Then, because awesome never stops when it’s on a roll, the net deploys a parachute. It’s the world’s first functioning Rube Goldberg Gun, and it’s amazing. Because nets are drone Kryptonite – something stupidly simple that came from far earlier in history, and can utterly cripple the flying bastards. We should always have known that our future robo-toy overlords would fall to the same technology as the average Scooby-Doo villain.

The only tragedy is intellectual property laws, which mean this has to be called Skywall 100 instead of the outrageously perfect Skynet. It can be rapidly reloaded, and as a backup, you could probably use it to club a Terminator to death. 

5 Killer Ways YOU Can Take Down A Drone

Title: Crash and Burn But Not Quite Dead 

Pairing: Poe Dameron x reader

Word Count: 1,060

Warnings: Very mild swearing.

Keys: (Y/N) = Your (First) Name. (Y/L/N) = Your Last Name.

Author’s Note: I made this as a gift for Lily (@actualsunshinepoedameron) and do not intend to write any more fanfiction for Star Wars or any other fandom in the near future. I’m not super comfortable writing for characters/galaxies that aren’t my own and I think the only chances of me writing anything else like this is if it’s another gift for Lily. She’s such a fantastic writer herself and creates so many stories for others, so it was about time someone wrote something for her! :) 

“I didn’t see a parachute deploy.”

“Come again?” (Y/N)’s voice crackled over the radio; it had lost its usual authoritative tone, turning into something more desperate.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” the pilot replied. “I didn’t see a chute.”

(Y/N) held her hand to her mouth, pressing her fingers harshly against her lips. Maybe she thought if she pushed hard enough they’d stop trembling. They didn’t.

Gathering her composure as best she could, she commanded her fleet. “Check the wreckage. Search for any signs of Poe Dameron.”

“Commander (Y/L/N),” The pilot’s voice was distorted in the radio static, but it was clear he was hesitant to speak the words that every starfighter pilot in his fleet knew to be true. “It’s unlikely that anyone could have survived that crash.”

What was left of (Y/N)’s usual professional facade vanished within seconds. Her voice cracked audibly as she screamed back at the pilot, “Check the goddamn wreckage! That’s an order!”

The pilot replied calmly and respectfully before calling two fleet members to land with him on the planet below to inspect the flaming remains of Poe’s X-Wing. Meanwhile, silence was suffocating every worker in the command station. All eyes were on commander (Y/L/N) as she slammed her radio down on the table in front of her. Her expression was emotionless, but tears were beginning to sting in her eyes. Still, she would not leave her post. It didn’t matter how much she wanted to go back to her quarters and scream as she smashed every breakable item she owned against its four walls. It didn’t matter how much she wanted to cry out the hopelessness that was building her in chest. All that mattered now was staying and monitoring every single movement her fleet made as they searched the planet below for the man she loved. All that mattered was focusing on the possibility that he could – somehow – still be alive.


(Y/N) cried until it felt like she had used up every ounce of water in her body. Poe’s body had been brought back; burned, bruised, and bloody. His skin was pale, which made the crimson staining it look even more vibrant. (Y/N) clung to Poe’s body as her own shook with dry sobs. As gruesome and hopeless as the scene looked, (Y/N) was smiling. Beaming, actually. And through her sobs she laughed, the sound of pure joy dancing from her vocal chords. Poe looked like hell, but he was breathing, damn it. He was breathing!

Poe was brought to the hospital on a stretcher as soon as the fleet landed with him. He was hooked up to various machines and surrounded by medical droids for hours. (Y/N) had paced the hallway outside his room for hours, chewing her nails down to her fingertips, but the worry had been worth it for the moment she saw his chest swell and fall.

And so she watched his chest rise and fall for the next five days. Every day, in every moment she could spare, she came to see Poe. He couldn’t talk to her, having been put in a comatose-like state to help deal with the pain, but that didn’t stop her from talking to him. She told him everything, from how the weather outside looked to how damn worried she had been when he so recklessly got caught in enemy crossfire (as if he had any control over that situation). BB-8, ever faithful, was at her side during all of this, occasionally adding input to each one-sided conversation. Sometimes BB-8 would even visit without (Y/N) and talk to Poe just as she did.

On the sixth day, (Y/N) was told Poe might wake up. Naturally, she took the entire day off – just to be sure. The Resistance could wait; her man needed her. Her feet skidded to a halt outside of Poe’s room – she had practically sprinted the whole way there. Quickly fixing her hair, she entered the room. (Y/N) couldn’t help the disappointment she felt upon seeing him lying there in his bed, still asleep. Part of her had hoped he would be awake and sitting up, ready to deliver some witty one-liner. No matter, he’d be awake soon enough.

BB-8 beeped wildly as (Y/N) nearly shut the door behind her without letting him in. (Y/N) muttered her apologies and they both took their regular seats at Poe’s bedside. Now the wait would begin. It was bearable for all of three minutes. She sighed and leaned her elbows onto the mattress, near Poe’s arm. Taking in his sleeping figure, she smiled. Even in this state, he had a slight boyish smile tugging at his lips. Lips she wanted to desperately to kiss.

Deciding against trying to reenact Sleeping Beauty – which, she thought, Poe sure was – she gripped his hand instead. Her nerves jolted at the icy contact and she gasped in shock.

“Damn you, Dameron,” she sighed out the words, not loosening her grip. “Remind me to get you some hand warmers. You feel like you’ve just been on Hoth.”

(Y/N) busied herself with trying to warm up Poe’s hand and failed to notice how his smile grew a little bigger. She was also unaware of how his eyes began to open, squinting as the adjusted to the light.

“Have you ever stopped to think that maybe your hands are just abnormally warm?” His raspy voice broke the silence of the room, making (Y/N) jump and nearly fall out of her seat. “I mean really, (Y/N), why am I always the one getting blamed in this relationship?” Despite his accusing tone, he was grinning widely.

Tears of joy streamed down (Y/N)’s cheeks before she could stop them and BB-8 whirred in delight, bumping up against the bedside as if he could jump upon the mattress. Poe’s large hands engulfed (Y/N)’s and she laughed.

“Maybe because my boyfriend’s the only one dumb enough to get himself blown up,” she jested, wiping a few tears from her face.

“Now wait just a min – ”

Poe’s retort was cut short when (Y/N)’s lips crashed against his. Whatever witty reply he had ready was completely forgotten. If he were able to stand, his knees would’ve been weak. His mind was full of fireworks and the thought that, if crashing was all it took to get kissed like this, he’d fly into enemy fire every chance he got.


Poe Dameron Imagine

Request: “a Poe imagine in which both of you get captured by Kylo instead of just him, and he’s like totally in love with reader so he’s so worried about them and if they’re alright and if Kylo hurt them he swears Kylo won’t make it out alive, and then when they escape it’s just total fluff, because Poe feels so bad that they got so hurt because of him and he just wants to protect them”

Prompt: You and your partner Poe get captured by the First Order, and end up escaping together.

A/N: yes, I know that 3 people can’t fit into a TIE fighter, just go with it. And I added Finn into this, so the escaping process would make more sense. But it’s centered around yours and Poe’s relationship. Written to be like TFA, I hope you enjoy x

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World’s First Reusable Suborbital Rocket Flown and Landed

Blue Origin, the commercial spaceflight company founded by Amazon entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, claims to have flown and landed the world’s first fully reusable suborbital rocket.

In a test flight, the rocket, named New Shepard, took off from their site in west Texas, achieved an altitude of just over 100 kilometers (the technical height defined to be the start of space) and then landed again vertically. A crew capsule was also deployed and parachuted safely back to Earth.

Why is it a milestone? Rockets cost millions of dollars yet normally sink to the bottom of the ocean after launch. So a design that could be refueled stands to completely change spaceflight by dramatically decreasing the cost of launches.

In news, I saw many headlines saying ‘Blue Origin Beats Elon Musk’s SpaceX’ but what Bezos accomplished is quite different than what Musk has been attempting. Like Phil Plait brought out: The Blue Origin New Shepard is a suborbital rocket, designed to go straight up into space and back down again. The SpaceX Falcon 9 is an orbital rocket, which takes vastly more energy (in other words, much higher speed) to achieve its goal.

watch the video here


SpaceX has released specifics regarding yesterday’s crew Dragon pad abort test. During the 1 minute, 39 second flight, the capsule experienced 6 times the pull of Earth’s gravity, or 6G.

The vehicle flew 3,894 feet in altitude and 3,943 feet downrange. Initial expectations saw the capsule fly 6,000 feet downrange, but winds from a nearby storm blew the capsule back towards shore under parachute.

A top speed of 345 miles per hour and 155 meters per second was reached by the capsule, which was propelled from a test rig on SLC-40 by eight SuperDraco engines. Dragon’s main parachutes deployed at an altitude of 3,182 feet. 

The pad abort test validated Dragon’s ability to pull itself - and its human crew - away from danger in the event of a catastrophic disaster prior to liftoff. The launch escape system is revolutionary in many ways, not just because it is the first abort systems to be available during all aspects of a flight, but also because its fuels can be channeled into the reaction control system on orbit. This way, extra fuel does not have to be carried - and subsequently wasted - once the capsule reaches orbit.

The specific information came directly from CEO Elon Musk in tweets sent out later in the day Wednesday.

Click here for our coverage of the Pad Abort test.

A different time

“Ten seconds to drop, sergeant.”

Jayden stood by the hull of the C17. The cargo door was about to open. The HALO jump was about to commence. This was at this time determined to be a stealth-op COIN mission. Help the local populace. Make friends. Spy on potential threats. Learn the structure and politics of the land. And report back to HQ your findings. For a few years. That’s what they said. Then again, it will most likely be a a decade at the very minimum. Jayden couldn’t picture learning the dynamics of a land in only a few years. For COIN to work, you need to be there for more than 5 years.

The time came and the cargo door opened. The pilot counted him off as he put his mask on.

3… 2… 1…

Jayden ran down and jumped. Quickly, he was descending from the high altitude. His mask fogged with every breath. He concentrated his landing area but the speed of the C17 was affecting his control. He originally wanted to land in an open field. Instead, he deployed his parachute and landed at by the mouth of a mountain cave. Which was quite dangerous. What if he had landed on a jagged spike!?

It was dark out.

Jayden disconnected his parachute and folded it back into his sack and pulled out his rifle. He cocked the charging handle and aimed, the flashlight mounted to his foregrip illuminating the cave. The cave was deep and vast, but he needn’t go farther than the entrance. He just needed a place to wait until morning.

His stomach growled and he pulled out an MRE and a water bottle from his pack. He mixed the chemicals in the bag and it began to heat.

Then he heard a sound in the cave. He grabbed his pistol and aimed that flashlight down. Still nothing. He began packing his things once again. That’s when he saw her at his feet.

She was breathtakingly beautiful. And well dressed.

If Jayden had to hate something about COIN, he hated breaking the ice. “Hello. Who are you?” That sounds completely natural…


Chapter 17: The Mission {Avengers x Fem!Reader}

~Part 1~ The Life of an Avenger

Prompt: (Y/N) literally dives head first into her first solo mission, ready to prove everyone wrong. She was strong enough for everything and anything.

Warnings: cursing, mentions of torture and death

  Down the rabbit hole (Y/N) fell, reality colliding with the ideal fantasy she had been living inside the Stark Tower with Tony, Natasha, Bruce, Clint,…and Steve. A disjointed family they had become, yet it worked out in the best ways possible. Until Steve and Tony distrusted (Y/N). Weak? (Y/N) was not weak. 

  ‘I’ll show them. I’ll show them all.’

  (Y/N) spiraled through the frosty clouds, parachute deployed, she floated upon the icy air. Normally at this point when she went skydiving, (Y/N) felt weightless, wild, free, like a bird in flight. But now she felt heavy. The weight of her current situation bearing down on her in tons, anvil upon anvil stacked atop her graceful shoulders, pushing her towards the ground. Into the ground. She wanted to bury herself beneath the dirt, never to be found. Never to be hurt. Never again.

  But, then, it hit her. 

  ‘They can’t hurt me if I hurt them first. I am stronger than them. I am stronger than Hydra.’ (Y/N) smiled a wicked smile to herself. They would pay for what they had done to her, to countless others, to her brother, and to her mom.

  ‘I am a Hydra experiment gone wrong. Wrong for them. What they did to me will bite them right in the ass.’

  (Y/N) landed just a mile outside the decently sized Hydra base. A normal person would’ve taken an hour or so to trudge through the forest foliage in almost complete darkness, but (Y/N) only took twenty minutes as Hydra designed her to.

  ‘Right in the ass.’

  Under the cover of darkness, (Y/N) peered out from the bushes like a fox staring down a rabbit hole. The all-too-familiar scene before her sent chills down (Y/N)’s spine. The dull, grey fences, electrified at the touch, that (Y/N) also knew too well. Guards posted at each gate, in watchtowers, rooftops, everywhere. Guns of every shape and size gripped tightly at the ready in the blood-stained fists of each guard. 

  ‘Absolute paradise.’

  As a black Hydra SUV pulled up next to the bushes where (Y/N) was hiding, she darted towards the doors, hidden by the early morning mist, and pulled herself onto the rear to ride into the least guarded garage on the base, as (Y/N) remembered. The large metallic doors closed (Y/N) in, (’no turning back now’). The two men at the front of the SUV exited, slamming their doors as they went. They approached the rear of their car, about to unload weapons and pounds of Hydra uniforms. Man, were they shocked to find (Y/N) hanging on the back and, to (Y/N)’s morbid pleasure, their shock was frozen for eternity under (Y/N)’s spell. To rid of the evidence, (Y/N) boxer kicked as Steve had taught her, the sculptures to dust, then swept them beneath the SUV. She should’ve felt bad or sad or something. But she didn’t. They deserved everything that came to them.

  Down the halls (Y/N) walked, clad in a uniform she had stolen from the back of the SUV. She tread casually as to not give herself away (Nat had versed her in the art of assassin-hood). Passed the guard station, passed the communication center, passed the hundreds of animal cells cruelly used to hold in people, examination rooms, and, oh, god, the screams of the tortured. Their pleads and blood-curdling cries burrowed a hole in (Y/N)’s chest, almost ripping her heart out from behind her trembling rib cage. She almost turned around to save them, but no. SHIELD needed the files to take out bigger targets, rescue more people, destroy more Hydra bases. (Y/N) tuned out the screams as she had once done on a daily basis. It was as if she had never left.

  ‘I will come back for you. I swear,’ (Y/N) silently promised the owners of the screams.

  Further into the beast (Y/N) walked, until she reached it. Hydra’s data center. (Y/N) could see the silhouettes of towers upon towers of boxed up files. However, just before the cloudy windows, three guards were posted like faceless gargoyles. Terrifying to anyone who had not lived among them for as long as (Y/N) had. All she felt was pure anger. But, she forced it down. Get the files, return them to Fury, then rip this hell hole to shreds.

  Eyes staring straight forward, (Y/N) handed the guard her Hydra badge, created by SHIELD intelligence that (Y/N) had helped to approve herself. (Y/N) felt invisible eyes on her, masked, they scrutinized her every feature in excruciating detail. After a tension-filled eight seconds, the guard opened the door for (Y/N), wordlessly, as always, handing her back her faked badge as she strolled inside.

  ‘One box. Seven files. Come on, (Y/N). You can do this.’

  (Y/N) had about nine minutes to find the box before the guards would begin to question her. 

  Eight minutes had passed and (Y/N) had found the box, but only six of the seven files.


  She searched and searched, but the file wasn’t there. 

  ‘James Buchanan Barnes. James Buchanan Barnes. Where the hell are you?’

  Another minute passed, and just as (Y/N) had predicted, one of the guards marched into the room, a robot to Hydra, his face was dead, but (Y/N) knew where his loyalty lain. The thought made (Y/N) want to rip his head off, but she remained composed.

  “Soldier 8729,” the guard began,  “you’re presence inside this vault has run too long. What exactly are you searching for?”

  “File 9946, sir,” (Y/N) responded to the now known, yet still unknown, male.

  “That file was moved to Siberia along with the prisoner. Does your boss not know that?”

  “Now he will. I shall relay the message.” (Y/N) tipped her cap to the guard as he tipped his to her, the way all the guards did, then with the files she did have, (Y/N) retreated in a well-mannered walk back towards the garage. Back through the maze of hallways, past the horrors, past the prisoners, past communications, guard station, garage, home-free. (Y/N) was so proud, she almost high-fived herself. Not a single thing went wrong, except for the one file, but ‘big deal.’ (Y/N) trudged back through the forest back to a clearing where she spotted the Quinjet. Fury was standing just in front of it with his arms crossed, eye patch on, and a proud glimmer in his eye that he tried to force away with no luck. (Y/N) did it. He didn’t think she could, but there she was, box in hands, smile on her angelic face. 

  “I could only find six files. Sorry about that, but the last one was shipped off to Siberia with James Barnes. I could retrieve that one too-”

  “That won’t be necessary, yet. I think you have some people to pay a visit to,” Fury stated, eyebrow cocked at (Y/N).

  “They’re not people. They’re not even human. They are the monsters,” (Y/N) answered as she turned and sprinted back towards the Hydra base, blinding rage driving her forwards. 

  ‘They’ll regret everything.’

  When she arrived back at the base, this time, she did not hide. The sun finally awoke the skies, sending it’s fiery rays onto the base, almost like it was setting up targets for (Y/N), which she gladly accepted. (Y/N) strode directly at the base, eyes narrowed, fingertips dancing with icy blue power, fighting desperately to be sent directly into the heart of any and all Hydra workers. Guards, directors, phone-line operators, scientists, surgeons, the goddamn janitors. Anyone working for Hydra was a target for (Y/N). They screwed with the wrong girl. 

  (Y/N) heard gunshots come towards her direction, but she froze the bullets mid-air, then, with the flick of her wrist, sent the bullets back towards their shooters. She ripped the electric fence that had bound her, trapped her for years from the ground, sending it crashing into the forest behind her. (Y/N) marched straight into the base, freezing the guard station and everyone in it, then compressed her hands together to turn everything to dust. She did the same to the communications center and examination rooms, freeing her people, the prisoners. Every guard, however, at each corner she rounded, (Y/N) shattered like glass, only jagged bits of crystal left to their existence.

  Then, finally, she reached the cells. It was about time these people were liberated. God knew how long they had been in there, how many involuntary, painful procedures they endured. How many people they themselves were forced to kill. (Y/N) blew the double doors down to enter the hallway of endless cells, crushing the guards that attempted to stop her. (Y/N) gathered her strength, then with every ounce of power she had, froze the entire hallway, bars after bars struck with her magic.

  “Kick them down! They’ll crumble, I swear!” (Y/N) called out to the mass of awed prisoners. Then, she heard it. One after the next, cell bars being smashed to bits by weak legs and fists. Crash. Smash. Like glass rain, each drop echoed like victory cheers through the dungeons of hell. (Y/N) heard cheers, real cheers, from her people. Her fellow prisoners. They ran up to her and hugged her, tears streaming down their faces. These were the newbies. The recently captured recruits, forced into missions and experiments they never asked for. (Y/N) looked beyond the huddle to find her people. Her real people. Those who did not believe what had happened, had just happened. So many years…too many years…what is real anymore? Stunned into silence, they shook themselves off. It could be another dream of an escape, a pure illusion from the drugs forced into their veins. But why take the chance? Blurs of bodies flew past (Y/N) and her huddle, into the morning sun the sprinted.

  “Follow them,” (Y/N) insisted to the young ones, some only the age of thirteen by the looks of it, “Get out of here. Run!” 

  And so they did. Fifty or so, most not yet experimented on, fled through the holes (Y/N) had created in the walls. To freedom. It was one of the happiest moments of (Y/N)’s life.

  But it was short-lived. (Y/N) still had to liberate the torture chambers. They weren’t hard to find, the screams of agony and pain shot (Y/N) in the heart and dragged her towards her worst nightmares. These were the places that caused her to never sleep, to run, to hide, to scream into her pillow at night, to silently cry in the dark. And, unfortunately, this experience would not change a damn thing, because all of a sudden, the screaming stopped. An arsenal of shots, then dead. Silence. (Y/N) was frozen by her own fear, paralyzed in a state of absolute horror, stomach in knots, forehead sweating, heart palpitating, she hesitated. 

  ‘Open the door, (Y/N). Open it! There are people inside that need help. Open it!’ She shrieked inside her mind, despite its fear-stricken numbness. And, against her gut, (Y/N) opened the doors. What she found shocked her to the very core. Just when she thought she had seen everything…a sea of people. Dead people. Lay strewn in various positions, naked, left to be forgotten. No mercy shown, red covered the room from someone, everyone. Necks bent at awkward angles, bullet hole peppered skin, eyes lack-luster, scars, bruises, disgusting sutures. Then, she saw her friend. Her cell-neighbor. Dead.

  She couldn’t handle it all. Her mind shut down on itself as (Y/N) turned and ran. Far. Far away. She couldn’t think, she couldn’t breath. Was she even alive? Had the shock killed her? She didn’t know where she was. Panic. Terror. Fear. Yes, fear. (Y/N) couldn’t help it. Fear had gotten the best of her. Tears fell and froze on her face in glimmers of lost hope. It was too much, it was too-

  Five hours later, (Y/N) came to. Fuzzy as it was, she recognized a make-shift hospital space. She was lying on an old mattress upon the ground of a grassy field. White sheets draped over her head to form a sense of what those who had created the tent thought would be privacy. But not to (Y/N). It was a prison. She shot up, IV ripping out of her arm as she tore the sheets aside and turned to run. But she was met with something she hadn’t expected. Survivors. SHIELD agents and doctors. Everyone’s eyes, full of awe and pure gratitude, were on her. She froze, but not in horror, just confusion. Her head cocked to the side as she took in the sight before her in wonder, but her thoughts were interrupted by someone.

  “One minute I’m gone, and you’ve gone and ripped out your IV to make a run for it. This is why I make the plans,” Fury stated. (Y/N) just stared at him, wild eyes beginning to relax at the sight of a familiar face.

  “What…” (Y/N) cleared her foggy throat, “What the hell happened?”

  “You faced your worst nightmare, and won.”

  When (Y/N) got back to the tower, she did not breath a word to Tony or Steve. She had completed her mission flawlessly. She had proven them wrong just as she had wanted, but she still hadn’t fully forgiven their mistrust in her.

  However, Clint, Bruce, and Natasha were in the clear, especially Natasha who had personally defended (Y/N)’s right to choose. (Y/N) ran straight to Natasha and hugged her first.

  “Heard you did beautifully, снежинка (snowflake),” Nat whispered in adoration.

  “Thanks, Nat. But, oh man, you should’ve seen their faces! They didn’t even see me coming!”

  “Damn right! Bet you were like ‘ha, ha suck on these snowballs!’ And bam! They were down for the count!” Clint complimented. (Y/N) just flipped her hair.

  “Pfft, could’ve done it in my sleep.”

  “That’s my girl!” Clint hugged (Y/N).

  “I mean, by Fury’s description, the Other Guy probably would’ve been scared as hell had he seen you,” Bruce added.

  “Shit, man, don’t make me blush.”

   (Y/N) laughed and made jokes as she always would have in the next coming days, but in the back of her mind, the scene she had walked in on still haunted her, tormented her every moment of each day. But, outwardly, she would never let that show. She would never allow Hydra to tear her down. Ever.

  Although the mission itself and the files (Y/N) stole were still secret, SHIELD had released the photos and videos of the Hydra base (Y/N) destroyed. Her powers had become celebrated by her team, cherished by the survivors, and honored by SHIELD. (Y/N)’s eyes glowing in a blizzard of rage so fierce that the guards couldn’t even look directly at her, fearing themselves to be turned to stone.

  However, the photos from the aftermath of the torture chambers were the ones that chilled the entire team to the core. (Y/N) wasn’t in the room when they opened up the file on the large projector in the meeting room. Emaciated bodies of torn flesh littered the room just as (Y/N) had found them. Scars from years of abuse and torturous surgeries shrouded each figure in the darkness that suffocated their pasts, only to be relieved by their own deaths. Horrified, nobody could look at the photos for longer than two seconds.

 Immediately, when he saw the photos, Steve turned sharply to walk/jog out of the meeting room. Ghastly memories of his own surfaced, nails clawing at his mind as he remembered thousands of bodies in mass graves back in World War II. Their petrified, dead eyes everlasting in his mind. He grimaced in agony as he locked the door to his room and cried. Yes, cried. (Y/N) in the room directly in front of him, they both silently cried, wanting desperately for someone to hold onto, yet refusing to allow anyone to see them cry.

  Everything was a mess. (Y/N) didn’t sleep or eat for the next three days, hiding food in order to not raise her friend’s suspicions, but they had begun to know her well enough to see right through her bullshit. (Y/N)’s mindless singing and careless dancing that they had come to love, ceased. The beauty of her free spirit dulled slightly along with the spark in her fierce eyes. But, the most clear indication was that she wasn’t okay was the fact that she was picking at her fingernails much more often than she had before the mission, black nail polish chipped to almost nothing that she continued to attempt to cover-up with more polish. But Natasha noticed. They attempted to console her, but (Y/N) denied everything with a bright smile on her face. It wasn’t as if she was completely lying. She loved her team and was beyond happy to be home again. But she was still trapped. Trapped in a world of her own personal hell. She had her walls up, guarding herself from speaking of her past, at least the dark parts of her past. At night, she laid in bed and watched the moon rise and fall with blind eyes, images of things she could never speak of plagued her thoughts.

  Every day she woke up and thought: ‘They can’t win. I won’t let them. The fear of Hydra will not kill me. I’ll kill them first.’

  Her team and these words were the only things keeping her going.

  (Y/N) rose from her bed and walked like a zombie into her shower every morning. Clean. She needed to wash away every spec of dirt and grime, every fear, every memory, scrubbed clean from her body, from her mind. She must’ve stayed in that shower for almost two hours, wasting tons of water. She mentally slapped herself, but shook it off. She shook everything off. (Y/N) looked in the mirror at her reflection: pale skin, dark circles under her eyes, chapped lips, but strong, fierce eyes. 

  ‘No fear, no weakness. No fear, no weakness.’

  (Y/N) dressed herself in black leggings, an over sized flannel, and warm fuzzy socks, then exited her cave. When she walked into the kitchen, Tony and Bruce were talking about some new form of technology. Immediately, they stopped when they saw (Y/N) pouring herself coffee. Things were still awkward between her and Tony, but (Y/N) had thought about it. She forgave him for what he had done. He was only trying to protect her, no malice was involved. (Y/N) swallowed a sip of coffee and grimaced.

  “Ugh, I forgot creamer again. Why do I always do this to myself?” (Y/N) laughed weakly as she reached into the refrigerator for creamer.

  “…Right…might want to watch out for that next time…” Tony attempted slowly.

  “If I had a nickel for every damn time I tried…” (Y/N) peered up at Bruce and Tony, staring at her with concerned expressions, “Okay, I know I look like hell, but staring isn’t nice.”

  “(Y/N), please don’t take this the wrong way, but I need to ask. Are you okay?” Bruce asked genuinely. (Y/N) gazed into her coffee, wondering if she really was okay. Probably not, but that’s not Bruce’s problem. She shook herself out of her thoughts.

  “Yeah, I um, I’m fine. Just…tired.” (’That’s the best excuse you can come up with?!’)

  “I understand why. You kicked Hydra ass down in Germany. That base didn’t even see you coming,” Tony commended.

  “You saved a lot of innocent people. Be proud of yourself, (Y/N), and eat something,” Bruce added. (Y/N) just looked down.

  “Depends…what do we have?” (Y/N) asked cheekily, covering her pain. Tony rushed over to the refrigerator and called out everything there was. Everything.

  “We got eggs, cinnamon rolls, hash browns, we got bagels, sausage, butter, lettuce, cheese, cookie dough, carrots-” (Y/N) just laughed and reached into the fridge to pull out a muffin.

  “Thanks, Tony, but the muffin will do.”

  “You sure, I could order something. You want Chinese?”

  “For breakfast?…Actually, fuck yeah. Let’s order a big ass pizza too.”

  “Alright! Be back in a minute,” Tony began to turn to make the call, but he quickly pivoted and gave (Y/N) a short hug, “Glad you back, kid.”

  “I am too. Believe me, I am too.”

  “So, you forgive me?”

  “Yeah, sure. You were just trying to protect me, I guess…But I’m a badass motherfucker, you see that now. Don’t keep me from the fight.”

  “Aye, aye, Captain.” It was sweet and sappy until Tony moved his hand to pat her shoulder which forced an involuntary wince out of (Y/N). Tony moved back to look at (Y/N)’s face, concern growing on his own goateed face.

  “Sorry, guess I’m still a bit screwed up,” Was all (Y/N) said as she tried to make a break for it, but Bruce stopped her.

  “Whoa, whoa, whoa. You may have walked out on me once, but not this time. Let me take a look.”

  “Nah, I’m fine. Just bruised and shit.”

  “(Y/N), let him see,” Tony pleaded with her. (Y/N) rolled her eyes and pulled her shirt down to expose her shoulder.

  “Oh, god, (Y/N)…Why didn’t you- doesn’t that hurt?” Bruce asked as he examined the long gash along her shoulder, a permanent scar left by a Hydra bullet.

  “I got nicked. So what?” (Y/N) pulled her shirt back up and began to retreat back to her room, but nether would let her leave.

  “(Y/N), those stitches need to be replaced. They’re getting infected,” Bruce diagnosed.

  “Why? Do like me, and consider them battle scars,” (Y/N) answered.

  “Dammit, (Y/N)! Why are you being so difficult! I’m taking you to the hospital,” Tony exclaimed.

  “No! Just..ugh, it’s fine. I’ve dealt with worse. Just leave it be, it’ll sort itself out.”


  “I don’t like hospitals!” (Y/N) froze, surprised that she actually confessed something, “…food. I don’t like the food…at hospitals…” She pronounced, trying to cover it up.

  “Okay, okay. Then, I can sort it out here. Hospital food does suck,” Bruce said, taking on (Y/N)’s lame excuse as to not scare her away, “I have the materials, just come into my lab, we can work that out,” Bruce compromised. (Y/N) thought about it. She did trust Bruce. A hell of a lot more than most people in the world. Plus, her shoulder did hurt like a bitch. An endless flame of fire raging in her gash like a forest fire, seeming to grow hotter and bigger by the second.

  “…Okay…But I’m expecting that pizza in ten, Tony. Alright?”

  “Can do. Now go get unfucked.”

  “Can do,” (Y/N) smirked as she followed Bruce into his lab. Trust. Hard thing to come by, but her team was full of it. In all of two minutes, (Y/N) had laughed, genuinely, and now she was allowing someone to care for her? All new for (Y/N), but she gladly welcomed it.

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Risky parachute test looms for Orion capsule.

On Wednesday, August 26, NASA will perform another test of the Orion capsule’s parachute system. Engineers will test the system’s functionality if one drogue and one main parachute do not deploy. This risky test should still see the capsule land safely, albeit a little harder than if all three parachutes deployed properly.

Drogue parachutes are used to stabilize the capsule in the atmosphere following its fiery reentry so that the main parachutes an be safely deployed.

This is the second to last engineering test of the parachute system before tests begin next year to qualify them for crewed flights. The test will occur at the U.S. Army’s Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona, where all Orion drop tests have been performed.

As seen in the photos above, an Air Force C-17 aircraft was loaded with the Orion Parachute Test Vehicle Monday, August 24.

A scenario in which one parachute fails to deploy has actually occurs on a previous crewed flight. Apollo 15, on its splashdown in the Pacific Ocean on August 7, 1971, saw one of its main parachutes deflated during their descent in the atmosphere.

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Bellamy x Gina - nightmares

Every night, it was the same.

The thunk of the locks releasing, following by floating, almost weightless, and then plummeting to the ground.  Gina would curl herself around Nana and pray, but the falling wouldn’t stop.  It only accelerated, and then with a teeth-jolting lurch the parachutes deployed, but still they were falling, falling, falling, and then suddenly they weren’t.  

Gina’s eyes flashed open and she took a gulping breath of air, reminding herself that it wasn’t real.  Or at least, not anymore.  She didn’t have to fall again, and she wouldn’t have to bury Nana’s shattered body, the dirt unfamiliar in her hands.  She wouldn’t spend days terrified to step outside, overwhelmed by the light and noise of earth after the calm and quiet of space.

She wouldn’t have to survive any of that again, because she already had.  She closed her eyes and counted to ten, trying to slow her breathing, and contemplated kicking off the blanket to cool down her sweaty skin.

“You okay?” Bellamy mumbled from her side.

“I’m fine,” she said, and started over with her count.  One, two, deep breath, three, four, deep breath, five, six…


“I’m fine,” she repeated, but his fingers started stroking her hair.  

“Want to talk about it?” he asked, sounding more awake.  “Sometimes that helps.”  Bellamy was no stranger to nightmares, she knew, but he never talked about them with her.  Instead he would get up and wander down to Raven or Monty’s compartment.  Sometimes there would be a knock at the door and Bellamy would slip out of bed because Harper had a nightmare, or sometimes he and Raven would climb up on top of the Ark and talk until sunrise.  The remaining delinquents were a tight knit club, marked by their experiences on the ground and the haunted look in their eye.  It’s not that I don’t think you’d understand, he’d told her once.  It’s just it’s the past and you’re my future.  

“No, I’m fine,” Gina said, and focused on how gentle his fingers felt until the panic had resided.  It’s the past, she told herself.  This is my future.

SpaceX gears up for crew Dragon pad abort test

SpaceX is preparing to take a giant step towards sending American astronauts into space. The company will perform a pad abort test of its crew-capable Dragon V2 spacecraft tomorrow morning, Wednesday, May 6, 2015. The prototype capsule used for the test is seen above at Space Launch Complex 40 earlier today.

The pad abort test will see Dragon fire its eight SuperDraco engines to pull the capsule and service module away from a test rig set up at SLC-40 at Cape Canaveral. It will simulate an abort scenario that Dragon may face in the future, a necessary step towards getting the capsule ready for its first human flight.

Four key systems will be tested during the pad abort test. Since numerous, complicated subsystems must be executed in a short period of time, Dragon’s ability to sequence the pad abort time line is essential to a successful test. The eight SuperDraco engines - which have previously only been test fired, never as a group - will have to respond to real-time data to ensure the capsule stays on course. Additionally, accurate avionics data, and data on internal and external conditions will be collected.

Dragon will fly 6,000 feet downrange during the one and a half minute test. The SuperDracos will fire for six seconds, shooting the service trunk and capsule to an altitude of around 5,000 feet. One second after ignition, Dragon will already be traveling over 100 miles per hour, and after two seconds, will already be clearing the lightning towers surrounding the pad.

The service trunk will separate 21 seconds after launch and Dragon will deploy its parachute systems for recovery, splashing down just 3,000 feet from the Cape Canaveral shoreline.

SpaceX will position a recovery barge just off shore to retrieve the capsule, where it will be taken to the company’s McGregor facility for deservicing and inspection. No destruct mechanisms will be in place due to the short downrange distance the vehicle will be traveling. However, a 2.2 mile safety perimeter is in place.

At 21,000 pounds, the capsule itself weighs the same it would with a compliment of five crew members. Inside the capsule for this test is a partially outfitted interior with a crew mass simulator dummy strapped in.

There is a 7.5 hour test window on both planned test days, stretching from 7 AM EDT to 2:30 EDT. For spectators around the Cape, the test should be visible for only a few seconds near the capsule’s apogee.

Following the pad abort test, Dragon will perform an in-flight abort test from Vandenberg Air Force Base later this year. This will certify the capsule’s abort systems during flight at the most hazardous portion of the ascent profile - Max Q. Max Q, or maximum aerodynamic pressure, is where the stresses on a vehicle are the greatest, posing the highest threat to an aborting spacecraft.

Dragon’s launch abort system is revolutionary. Unlike previous systems, Dragon’s will be available all the way into orbit, providing the crew with a safe return option at all times. Previous abort methods used a “pull” system of rocket motors mounted on a tower above the capsule. This would only be available during the first minutes of launch, jettionsing away at a certain altitude. There would be no option for aborts after this time. Additionally, fuel from Dragon’s abort system transfers to the capsule’s reaction control system, saving separate fuel systems. 

NASA TV coverage of the test starts at 6:30 AM EDT, and will continue through to the test’s conclusion.