A child was forced to lay with her dead counterparts and play dead. A five year old little girl had to lay with her lifeless, blood covered family and stop herself from breathing, blinking, moving to keep herself from getting shot. 10 people were shot, 9 were shot to death. People lost their family. Their friends. But this scum gets an excuse? He gets defense for his deplorable actions? He planned this for MONTHS. He shot down a church and said it was racially motivated. He said, “you rape our women. You’re taking over our country. You have to go.” His head was clear. This is not an insanity plea. He was not losing his mind. He planned it for a long time and voiced his opinions. He supported segregation. He openly hated black people. He is a raging racist. This was not caused by some pills. Pills do not make people racist. Pills don’t make people shoot multiple people in a church. Pills do not make you support segregation. Racism isn’t caused by anything but yourself. Get this shit out of my face. This is perpetuating racism. This is white privilege. This is nothing but wrong. Hundreds of black kids are gunned down for nothing but sagging their pants, and he gets off Scott free because it could be these stupid pills? PILLS?! PILLS DO NOT SHOOT INNOCENT PEOPLE. THIS RAGING RACIST DID. “Don’t blame the gun he picked up.” Yeah fucking blame him.

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there is an account on instagram called killthelarries and they are posting horrible things about suicide and selfharm and they are telling larry shippers to kill themselves. i was just wondering if you could have your followers report the account. thank you. xx

holy crap

this is wrong on many levels unrelated to larry too wth everyone pls report this nasty account


AMITE, Louisiana — A stripper who abandoned her pole at The Mansion, Amite’s premier gentlemen’s club, has been placed under house arrest at her residence at the Utopia Mobile Home Park off Highway 16.

Mercedes Deplores, who easily weighs over 250 pounds, is currently under investigation for initiating a lap dance in blatant violation of the Mansion’s maximum lap dance weight allowance.

It is believed Deplores’ actions caused the club’s structure to fail, injuring at least fifteen customers.

Witnesses say they saw Deplores flee the building, leaving her young daughter, Briffney, behind in the club’s nursery. The 36 year old maintains that she was entertaining customers in the VIP lounge.

“I’ve been doing this for 25 years,” Deplores told a reporter from HAN, “You look like you’ve had a long day, baby. Let me help you relax.”

Deplores, who began her dancing career at St. Helena’s Oak Ridge Lounge before becoming a crowd favorite at Visions of Greensburg, says she has dreams of one day opening up her own club.

Meanwhile, search teams continue to look for the six missing men who are believed to be trapped somewhere beneath Mercedes Deplores’ buttocks.

100+ vocab words for SAT

so i just found the list i compiled the night before the psat last october and i figured i might as well type it up

please let me know if there are any inaccuracies so i can fix them :)

  1. Pernicious: harmful
  2. Surreptitious: secret
  3. Scintillating: brilliant
  4. Adverse: harmful
  5. Averse: dislike
  6. Effusive: grateful, friendly
  7. Conducive: making an outcome possible
  8. Equivocate: using ambiguous language
  9. Erudition: scholarly knowledge
  10. Soporific: induce drowsiness
  11. Taciturn: quiet
  12. Atrophy: waste away
  13. Esoteric: known by scholars
  14. Reticent: quiet
  15. Voluble: talkative
  16. Cursory: disregarding details
  17. Galvanize: stimulate
  18. Unequivocal: decided
  19. Intransigent: stubborn
  20. Decry: criticize
  21. Carping: finding fault
  22. Demagogue: leader
  23. Circumscribe: limit
  24. Condone: forgive, overlook
  25. Docile: obedient
  26. Enumerate: list one by one
  27. Ostentatious: showy
  28. Repudiate: reject
  29. Magnanimous: generous
  30. Dearth: shortage
  31. Quiescence: inactivity
  32. Ponderous: dull
  33. Deplore: disapprove
  34. Contrite: remorse
  35. Veracity: truthful
  36. Austere: severe, strict
  37. Facetious: treats serious topics humorously
  38. Obsequious: obedient
  39. Incensed: angry
  40. Truculent: quick to argue
  41. Illicitness: unlawful
  42. Ingenuous: innocent
  43. Winnow: reduce down to the best
  44. Paragon: perfect example
  45. Sycophant: a person who acts obediently to manipulate
  46. Dilettante: amateur
  47. Chagrin: embarrassment
  48. Discursive: rambling
  49. Contentiously: tending to argue
  50. Conflagration: large fire
  51. Exacerbate: make worse
  52. Ameliorate: improve
  53. Belligerent: hostile, war-like
  54. Blithe: carefree
  55. Burgeoning: prospering
  56. Detractor: opponent
  57. Florid: showy, ornate
  58. Innocuous: harmless
  59. Maudlin: tearfully emotional
  60. Mitigate: soothe
  61. Obdurate: stubborn
  62. Opulent: wealthy
  63. Ostensible: supposed
  64. Mollify: soothe
  65. Specious: deceptive
  66. Presumptuous: bold, rude
  67. Enmity: hatred
  68. Cogent: convincing
  69. Impertinent: rude
  70. Preclude: prevent
  71. Detractor: one who criticizes
  72. Parsimonious: frugal
  73. Penchant: strong inclination
  74. Penurious: stingy
  75. Perspicacious: insightful
  76. Pugnacious: hostile
  77. Quandary: predicament
  78. Revelry: partying
  79. Supplant: substitute
  80. Surfeit: surplus
  81. Synergy: cooperation
  82. Unscrupulous: dishonest
  83. Untenable: cannot be defended
  84. Banality: lack of originality
  85. Berate: scold angrily
  86. Vehemence: passion
  87. Alacrity: cheerful readiness
  88. Complacency: smugness
  89. Stopgap: temporary way of dealing with a problem
  90. Moratorium: temporary prohibition of an activity
  91. Portent: warning, omen, prophecy
  92. Admonition: warning, omen, prophecy
  93. Heartened: make more cheerful
  94. Disenfranchised: deprive of power
  95. Diatribe: bitter verbal attack
  96. Repartee: speech characterized by witty comments
  97. Quibble: Slight criticism of trivial matter
  98. Affirmation: encouragement
  99. Mercenary: making money at the expense of ethics, soldier in foreign army
  100. Itinerant: traveling
  101. Charlatan: fraud
  102. Recidivist: criminal who re-offends
  103. Provincial: concerning a province
  104. Ebullient: cheerful, energetic
  105. Diffident: modest, shy
  106. Sanguine: optimistic
  107. Surly: unfriendly
  108. Wry: dry humor
  109. Burgeon: grow, flourish
Eu acho tão deplorável ouvir pessoas dizendo que me conhece. Garantindo que se eu for, posso voltar. Me transformarem numa lembrança qualquer. Acreditarem que podem me manipular. Eu sempre senti vontade de ficar longe, de manter àquela distância só pra equilibrar as vezes que aparecia demais. Porque eu não queria ser o jogo fácil de ninguém, ou participar da brincadeira sendo café com leite, estava mais para o quebra-cabeça faltando peças e ali mesmo o jogo acabava. Sem muita plateia, sem tumulto, sem drama ou controvérsias, apenas os interessados. Talvez, só talvez, eu tenha abandonado a minha habilidade de fingir interesse. Talvez, só talvez, eu aprendi a chorar pra esvaziar a carga. A sorrir mais e valeu a pena, porque descobri que é bom. Talvez, só talvez, eu tenha observado mais a lua e gostado do clichê. Passou a era em que o orgulho causava tanto silêncio, o criador dos ressentimentos. Quanta bobagem. Quando você cresce, aprende a pedir desculpa sem que sua mãe mande. E percebe como as coisas mudam quando você muda positivamente. Aprende com os choros engolidos. A tolerar quem não respeita os outros. A ter paciência quando nossos caminhos não se encontram com quem queremos. Até nos cansamos por saber que as pessoas não mudam, e que, vez ou outra, só pioram. Escrever é fácil. Falar de saudade ainda dói. Ouvir músicas nostálgicas é um suicídio lento. Às vezes, tenho a sensação de estar num precipício. E eu sempre pulo.  Mas, aí eu vejo uma sombra, sobre a luz do sol e me transformo de novo num pássaro e voo longe. A vida é paralelamente o reflexo do que você vê ao espelho, não precisa de maquiagem, de sorrisos falsos, de retoques. Ser simples é mais bonito e não engana ninguém.
—  Máh Soares.
Attention white and non black parents of black children! A few questions?
  • To my all my white and non black village members and social media friends who are currently parenting Black / African American / Haitian / African and biracial children:
  • Are you talking about the Charleston  shooting, Ferguson, Baltimore, and the Dominican Republic 's deplorable treatment of Haitians with your children? 
  • If not, why?
  • Are you speaking to your black children about global, national, and local anti blackness?
  • If not why?
  • Have you had the "How to Behave around the cops because there is a good chance that they will shoot your black ass no matter how you act just because you are  black" conversations with your kid? (If you are NOT having this conversation with your black child you need to stop, drop, and GET YOUR FUCKING LIFE.)
  • Do you speak about your own white skin or light skin privilege and how it effects your daily life, and how you feel about and deal with it?
  • Do you dicuss the fact that you have  white / light skin privilege and they never will?
  • Do you know how your black kids feel about your white privilege? 
  • Do you teach your black children of America's racist anti black herstory / history?
  • Do you have black people in your life as well as your children's life that can help you help them and that can have the "black" conversations from a black perspective with them that you can't have?
  • Are you getting support from other white / non black  people who parent black children?
  • Are you seeking support and education  from the black community?
  • Are you in need of resources? 
  • Are you doing none of these things, but you want to, and don't know where to begin?
  • It takes village to raise these babies. I just need to make sure all our babies are covered.
  • Black folks, feel free to share resources and information on this thread.
  • White and non black parents of black children, please take a moment to ask yourself these questions.  Answer them on this thread and in your heart.  Hit me up if you need a little direction. 
  • Because Black Lives Matter.
  • #ItTakesAVillage #BlackLivesMatter #BlackIsBeautiful #BlackHistory #BlackFuture #BlackChildrenMatter #LadySpeech #Questions

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Which one is worse Modest! or Syco or sony? and why?

Syco/Sony, easily. The record label, especially one as large as Sony is, will always be more powerful than a management company as comparatively small as Modest! is. Sony is your puppet master, Modest! tries to implement the strategy Sony wants.

There is visible tension between the members of One Direction and M!M. They definitely do not like their management company at all, and for good reason. The day-to-day management of the boys and therefore the management of their closet was largely in M!M’s domain. I won’t excuse that company’s behavior, as the vast majority of it is completely deplorable. But, they have always been too small of a firm to handle a client such as One Direction. They were not expecting the boys to shoot off to success as they did, they did not have the infrastructure to manage them correctly. Thus, when things got out of control, you can see them overreacting, because they were just not ready for the level of the success the boys had attained. Their tactics, thus, are harsh and sometimes seem pretty personal, in their attempts to maintain control.

But, the main closet and the bearding arrangements are definitely courtesy of Sony/Syco. Harry and Louis were essentially in a glass closet until Columbia (under the larger umbrella of Sony) signed them, and that was around the time that Eleanor entered the picture. They are the main puppet masters here, and they are the ones with the influence and the infrastructure for control over the band. They give the overall direction, and Modest! tries to follow those orders. The overall image of the band and the image of the boys themselves boils down to Sony/Syco. They are in charge of creative direction and marketing strategy. They are the ones pulling the strings here. They are the orchestrators of the closet that we see.

Modest! is the one in charge of implementing the closet, but they are not the ones with the plan. Sony is a much larger giant and a far larger power player. It’s literally a David and Goliath situation. Modest! is going to do whatever Goliath wants, even though they may not have the resources and the competence to do it on the scale that was required from a band as successful as One Direction. If Sony didn’t agree with Modest!’s tactics, you better believe Sony would have kicked them to the curb years ago. I’m sure there were slaps on the wrist when reactions were too harsh, but overall, they’re only following Sony’s orders. If such wasn’t the case, Modest! would have been removed from the picture far long ago. Modest! uses deplorable tactics, but the iron closet itself is courteous of Sony/Syco. So, yeah. They both suck. But, Sony/Syco sucks more.

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wow you have a lot of blogs! are they all sideblogs? i love them all!!your choice in themes is perf

oh thank you so much! and no, they’re all their own seperate accounts :)