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What are your thoughts on drinking, drug and sex culture seen in young adults and teenagers? I feel so abnormal because it never appealed to me and now at the age of 24 it still doesnt. And yet when im surrounded around my old friends im the only one who cant seem to understand or conform to the hype around it and yet I feel like im the debbie downer of the group.

I deplore it. I’ve never been into it and that’s always left me feeling isolated. But having thought critically about it, there’s nothing I personally think anybody should find fulfilling about that culture, it’s literally just shallow distraction (which I mean that is a valid thing that some people enjoy more than others, sometimes you just wanna be distracted, but it’s something I can only personally take like….3 times a year. the people that are able to do this constantly and aren’t left empty and unfulfilled by it confuse and scare me). The people that find that shit fulfilling are sad substanceless people that I don’t want anything to do with because this is something that I think makes us fundamentally different people so if I were you I’d try to find new friends. I know it’s easier said than done, but please be aware if you’re surrounded by people that are into this that you don’t need to conform or understand it and that most likely you are very different (and in my opinion, more interesting) from your friends. In how rejected or isolated your group of friends have made you feel, have you even stopped to think if they even make YOU happy? If they sustain YOUR interests, if they improve your life in any way, if they stimulate you emotionally, intellectually, etc? I bet not. You shouldnt be made to feel abnormal or like a debbie downer for not conforming, you need to find people you relate to and who fulfill you! Sometimes friends grow apart, sometimes people are just fundamentally different from each other and incompatible, and that shouldnt leave us feeling abnormal or like failures, we should just be able to move on and  find people we relate to.

Boycott Jeffree Star


Well as of now our dear white racist friend Jeffree Star did it again. In an attempt to hold Jeffree Star accountable for sexist racist rants he regurgitated… Kat Blaque who I think is a fantastic human being and awesome you tuber, uploaded highly intelligent critique of Jeffree Star using portions of Star’s objectionable video which is highly common. Now Star didn’t do the honest thing and actually watch the video. .no Star went ahead like a coward and had the video copyright sriken to get it instantly removed.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that anyone comfortable with walking down the street and calling POC nggrs, women cnts, and complain about all sorts of other ethnicities being worthless. .is beneath contempt. But then to upload that video for public consumption on YouTube is beyond deplorable. But then to use copyright infringement in a way we all know it was meant to be used,, to protect yourself from accountability. That’s some real lowlife trash . And that is what Jeffree Star is..

So if you like his pages,..unlike them…friends. .unfriend Starr, unsubscribe from their YouTube channel, throw out his products, stop buying from him, dump his records (didn’t know he sang ) , stop supporting his music..completely and without reservation boycott Jeffree Star now. Because it’s the right thing to do.


And why youre at it a list of businesses you can use to replace Jeffree Star

BLACK OWNED BEAUTY BRANDS: (only one matte lippie but still…)


AMITE, Louisiana — A stripper who abandoned her pole at The Mansion, Amite’s premier gentlemen’s club, has been placed under house arrest at her residence at the Utopia Mobile Home Park off Highway 16.

Mercedes Deplores, who easily weighs over 250 pounds, is currently under investigation for initiating a lap dance in blatant violation of the Mansion’s maximum lap dance weight allowance.

It is believed Deplores’ actions caused the club’s structure to fail, injuring at least fifteen customers.

Witnesses say they saw Deplores flee the building, leaving her young daughter, Briffney, behind in the club’s nursery. The 36 year old maintains that she was entertaining customers in the VIP lounge.

“I’ve been doing this for 25 years,” Deplores told a reporter from HAN, “You look like you’ve had a long day, baby. Let me help you relax.”

Deplores, who began her dancing career at St. Helena’s Oak Ridge Lounge before becoming a crowd favorite at Visions of Greensburg, says she has dreams of one day opening up her own club.

Meanwhile, search teams continue to look for the six missing men who are believed to be trapped somewhere beneath Mercedes Deplores’ buttocks.


Considering how much of a water baby I am, it’s absolutely deplorable that I haven’t done a swim shoot before now. In my defence, swimming pools have been hard to come by in the past 3 years, and the last time I swam regularly, it was mostly a matter of pulling on my hardworking speedo tankini and plunging into the blue for an hour of laps. Water is my natural state, though.  I’ve written extensively about my love of swimming in the past, but it’s something I could write about for the rest of my life and still not be any closer to capturing the sheer depth (ha!) of my feelings on the subject. Traditionally, I tend to go for performance suits when it comes to swimwear, but when Swimsuits For All offered to send me a piece from their collection, I thought I’d try out something cute for pool lounging instead.

Reading the reviews for this set, I knew that the top might come up small but I decided to risk it anyway. And while the cups are smaller than I’d like, I’m relieved to note that I didn’t suffer any wardrobe malfunctions during my lazy doggy paddling! It’s been a year and a half since I last swam (such a shame!) but water has this habit of welcoming you home no matter how long you’ve been gone. When I first started swimming at the ripe age of 18, I’d sometimes feel selfconscious during the walk to the pool. But once I was in, all I could care about was beauty and wonder of being nestled in its watery depths. Swimming was key to my first steps towards body confidence. These days, I just let it all hang out because who cares? It’s my body, and it’s built for swimming. I’m a water mammal and it’s my perfect state of being.

Wearing ♥ The Empress Underwire Bikini by Gabifresh for Swim Sexy

~ “Is the Younger Generation in Peril?”, The Literary Digest,  May 14, 1921

History Geek Note: Can you spot the difference? The differences were probably much more obvious to the reader of 1921 who was aware of all the various fads and taboos. Things I noticed about Miss Improper: she’s wearing makeup, her neckline is comparatively “low cut”, short sleeves, saucy hands-on-hips stance, skirt slightly shorter* and pulled up one side, no blouse under her sweater. Anyone notice anything else?

*the difference between a proper and improper skirt could be as little as an inch, with many people deploring the “modern skirts” which were four(!) inches above the ankle

Sakamaki Household: I don't even know
  • Shu:*exists
  • Reiji:this lazyass motherfucking son of a bitch deplorable good for nothing piece of-
  • Ayato:boobs?
  • Laito:boobs.
  • Kanato:okay can you SEriOUSLy nOT
  • Subaru:...
  • Subaru:*punches 666 walls


 Loghain is one of my favorites. His character is so rich and I find him strangely charming. His sarcastic and dry sense of humor was the best thing for me about Origins. I hated him SO much until I did a play-through where I didn’t romance Alistair and I made Loghain a warden. I always leave him alive now. It’s nice to have him back in Inquisition. He’s so jaded, it’s great. I know he’s deplorable, but had me at, “I refuse to die decently,” in camp after the landsmeet.

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sleeping (wildehopps au thing :-) )

When Nick and Judy first start spending nights together, it takes a lot of time to get used to each other’s sleeping patterns. Nick drools, Judy kicks, they both snore. Judy sets her alarm to 5 am, which Nick finds completely deplorable. Nick rolls over in his sleep and nearly crushes her, Judy doesn’t find it quite so endearing. 

But they have a lot of practice, and learning, and compromising, and before long they’re spooning like pros. Judy pushes back the alarms to 6, and Nick lets Judy sleep on top of him to keep him grounded.  

Send me any word, and I will create a Wildehopps Au based off of it

Can you not ignore The Creator of ChiRe please? If I tell you that X and Y are bad and makes the GREAT majority of chire uncomfortable you don’t have a say in whether or not it does.

Chires literally have to post everything with a “c//g//l// don’t interact” picture because your group is Obsessed with having involvement of something that does not want them.

If a group of people are telling you “X and Y makes us Wildly uncomfortable”, and they do it over and over and over, if you haven’t understood and accepted it by the tenth time then fundamentally speaking there is a problem With You and Your community.

You don’t get the “I have a friend o:” card because Me, THE CREATOR OF CHIRE am telling you this is Uncomfortable and your behavior thus far has been deplorable.

You don’t like chires being mean or aggressive? Maybe take a moment and just. Stop. And think of What You Are Doing.

If the very person who made chire is telling you “hey this is not cool to do” maybe Listen To Us. Not every chire is your friend, some escaped c///g//l// because they found it toxic and abusive and dangerous. In fact many have told me they were in fact traumatized by it.

It’s not as pure as it looks and it’s frustrating when you answer someone’s question and when they didn’t see what they wanted to see, they think you’re basically bullying them. which is ridiculous.

The only time I’ve gotten genuine reports of chires being bad have been two cases of suicide baiting of which there are no proof unfortunately besides claims and apparently the guilty ones deleted or changed blogs, and someone pretending to a be a victim of big ol me when they were Yelling at Me since 5am on a Sunday two days after I almost killed myself and I was on pain meds and antibiotics and my left arm was temporarily disabled.

(Which I stated several times besides “leave me alone” and “let me make the informative posts I’m uncomfortable with you speaking about this without my permission. And then they went and slandered me and called me Aggressive (I was injured and in pain meds and it was Six In The Morning of course I’m gonna be mad. I have the entire convo on screenshots and up to 50 people who have read it all agree I had a right to be upfront and angry :) )

When Even People Who Are Part of C//g//l// are telling you ‘you are wrong’ maybe sit down and think of what you are doing because you’re being selfish, extremely selfish.

There are almost over two hundred and forty chirebrum, your one or two friends who are chire do not speak for the entire community, however I do.

I made chire. And I’m done with you.