Here's When The Rest Of The World Elected Their First Female Leaders
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As the long election campaign in the United States begins to grind into motion, there is a greater chance than ever before that the country could elect its first female leader. If Hillary Clinton wins in 2016, she would end a nearly 230-year streak of men in the position, and America would join a growing group of nations that have had a woman at the helm.

There have been over 70 female prime ministers and presidents in the world since Sri Lanka elected Sirimavo Bandaranaike in 1960. The length of their tenure has varied immensely, as have the powers that they have held. Some women were in office only days or held largely ceremonial roles, while others played a defining role in their country’s history.

Though there has been no uniformity in their administrations, which have ranged from inspiring to deplorable, these leaders have all been part of a greater shift towards equality in a global political system that is far from representative when it comes to women.


Guess who is back to two?

This guy!

Aren’t you guys a sight for a sore eye! But no longer – since my eye is better! Yes, no more eye puns. EYE know you’ll miss SEEING them, hahaha! ;)

Outside of that, we’ve got to work on that official complaint to NYADA about the deplorable actions of the Alcohol Arsenic Aluminum House! I’ve finished drafting up a formal letter for us, the student body of NYADA, to sign! We’ve got power in numbers, right? 

So, please spread the news around and let’s get as many people to sign it as possible! 

—- Blaine Anderson.


Considering how much of a water baby I am, it’s absolutely deplorable that I haven’t done a swim shoot before now. In my defence, swimming pools have been hard to come by in the past 3 years, and the last time I swam regularly, it was mostly a matter of pulling on my hardworking speedo tankini and plunging into the blue for an hour of laps. Water is my natural state, though.  I’ve written extensively about my love of swimming in the past, but it’s something I could write about for the rest of my life and still not be any closer to capturing the sheer depth (ha!) of my feelings on the subject. Traditionally, I tend to go for performance suits when it comes to swimwear, but when Swimsuits For All offered to send me a piece from their collection, I thought I’d try out something cute for pool lounging instead.

Reading the reviews for this set, I knew that the top might come up small but I decided to risk it anyway. And while the cups are smaller than I’d like, I’m relieved to note that I didn’t suffer any wardrobe malfunctions during my lazy doggy paddling! It’s been a year and a half since I last swam (such a shame!) but water has this habit of welcoming you home no matter how long you’ve been gone. When I first started swimming at the ripe age of 18, I’d sometimes feel selfconscious during the walk to the pool. But once I was in, all I could care about was beauty and wonder of being nestled in its watery depths. Swimming was key to my first steps towards body confidence. These days, I just let it all hang out because who cares? It’s my body, and it’s built for swimming. I’m a water mammal and it’s my perfect state of being.

Wearing ♥ The Empress Underwire Bikini by Gabifresh for Swim Sexy

~ “Is the Younger Generation in Peril?”, The Literary Digest,  May 14, 1921

History Geek Note: Can you spot the difference? The differences were probably much more obvious to the reader of 1921 who was aware of all the various fads and taboos. Things I noticed about Miss Improper: she’s wearing makeup, her neckline is comparatively “low cut”, short sleeves, saucy hands-on-hips stance, skirt slightly shorter* and pulled up one side, no blouse under her sweater. Anyone notice anything else?

*the difference between a proper and improper skirt could be as little as an inch, with many people deploring the “modern skirts” which were four(!) inches above the ankle


 Loghain is one of my favorites. His character is so rich and I find him strangely charming. His sarcastic and dry sense of humor was the best thing for me about Origins. I hated him SO much until I did a play-through where I didn’t romance Alistair and I made Loghain a warden. I always leave him alive now. It’s nice to have him back in Inquisition. He’s so jaded, it’s great. I know he’s deplorable, but had me at, “I refuse to die decently,” in camp after the landsmeet.

Sakamaki Household: I don't even know
  • Shu:*exists
  • Reiji:this lazyass motherfucking son of a bitch deplorable good for nothing piece of-
  • Ayato:boobs?
  • Laito:boobs.
  • Kanato:okay can you SEriOUSLy nOT
  • Subaru:...
  • Subaru:*punches 666 walls

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sleeping (wildehopps au thing :-) )

When Nick and Judy first start spending nights together, it takes a lot of time to get used to each other’s sleeping patterns. Nick drools, Judy kicks, they both snore. Judy sets her alarm to 5 am, which Nick finds completely deplorable. Nick rolls over in his sleep and nearly crushes her, Judy doesn’t find it quite so endearing. 

But they have a lot of practice, and learning, and compromising, and before long they’re spooning like pros. Judy pushes back the alarms to 6, and Nick lets Judy sleep on top of him to keep him grounded.  

Send me any word, and I will create a Wildehopps Au based off of it

Can you not ignore The Creator of ChiRe please? If I tell you that X and Y are bad and makes the GREAT majority of chire uncomfortable you don’t have a say in whether or not it does.

Chires literally have to post everything with a “c//g//l// don’t interact” picture because your group is Obsessed with having involvement of something that does not want them.

If a group of people are telling you “X and Y makes us Wildly uncomfortable”, and they do it over and over and over, if you haven’t understood and accepted it by the tenth time then fundamentally speaking there is a problem With You and Your community.

You don’t get the “I have a friend o:” card because Me, THE CREATOR OF CHIRE am telling you this is Uncomfortable and your behavior thus far has been deplorable.

You don’t like chires being mean or aggressive? Maybe take a moment and just. Stop. And think of What You Are Doing.

If the very person who made chire is telling you “hey this is not cool to do” maybe Listen To Us. Not every chire is your friend, some escaped c///g//l// because they found it toxic and abusive and dangerous. In fact many have told me they were in fact traumatized by it.

It’s not as pure as it looks and it’s frustrating when you answer someone’s question and when they didn’t see what they wanted to see, they think you’re basically bullying them. which is ridiculous.

The only time I’ve gotten genuine reports of chires being bad have been two cases of suicide baiting of which there are no proof unfortunately besides claims and apparently the guilty ones deleted or changed blogs, and someone pretending to a be a victim of big ol me when they were Yelling at Me since 5am on a Sunday two days after I almost killed myself and I was on pain meds and antibiotics and my left arm was temporarily disabled.

(Which I stated several times besides “leave me alone” and “let me make the informative posts I’m uncomfortable with you speaking about this without my permission. And then they went and slandered me and called me Aggressive (I was injured and in pain meds and it was Six In The Morning of course I’m gonna be mad. I have the entire convo on screenshots and up to 50 people who have read it all agree I had a right to be upfront and angry :) )

When Even People Who Are Part of C//g//l// are telling you ‘you are wrong’ maybe sit down and think of what you are doing because you’re being selfish, extremely selfish.

There are almost over two hundred and forty chirebrum, your one or two friends who are chire do not speak for the entire community, however I do.

I made chire. And I’m done with you.

Without a doubt, the most poisonous tongue of all is the backbiter's

It spits its deadly venom to the four winds. It is an evil known throughout the earth. One can never stigmatize and deplore it enough.

I caution myself and you sisters we must avoid this, by all the means available to us even if we denounce some of our companions for this. Fasting is a means to escape many trials such as backbiting and if you find yourself upon this habit then fast for,
Hafsah bint Sireen (may Allah have mercy on her) said: “Fasting is a shield, so long as the one who fasts does not break it, and what breaks it is backbiting.”

Abd Al-Razzâq Al-San’ânî, Al-Musannaf articles 8975.

And Allah is the Source of strength with the aid of Allah we can overcome the most vile habits Inshaa ’ Allah.

@Regrann from @i_am_oc4 - Wolves in sleep clothing. They tell lies that sound true so they can CONvince u to believe lies. The Media Is Also Used To Brainwash
Black People: The white media’s constant negative depictions of its Black population (that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts reality) is actually a demoralizing psychological warfare program. Whenever groups in power want to brainwash a targeted population into thinking and behaving the way they want them to the first step is to heavily demoralize the targeted group. This is precisely what is being done to Black people virtually everyday by the white media. This Black racially demoralizing psychological warfare program is deplored like a massive media marketing campaign that constantly inundates Black populations with fraudulent and demoralizing misinformation about themselves. Within this program fraudulent black racially devaluing disinformation and misinformation are being constantly pumped into the unsuspecting minds of Black people without being challenged or counterbalanced by an equal amount of Black self loving messages. Its constant daily negative depictions of its targeted Black population are designed to disrupt, confuse, and undermine their collective Black unity and cohesion. It also molds the character of Black self-hatred, and engender self-doubt, and self-loathing among their ranks. No group can be constantly subjected to seeing only the fraudulent worst about themselves and not suffer some adverse effects.

This psychological warfare program also misleads the Black population to believe that the core problem they face are themselves. This is designed to turn the Back population’s collective aggressions away from their white oppressors and turns it inward towards themselves. “The oppressed will always believe the worst about themselves.“ –Frantz Fanon
This program also conveys the message that Black people should admire, respect, and trust only Whites. Moreover it engrains the myth of white superiority into the subconscious minds of many Black people while conveying the falsehood that Blacks need whites to govern over their lives. This is designed to make Bla #Reg

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This is my favorite Hillary GIF, and there are a lot, which is to say she is one of the most talked about people in the world, I don’t know. She’s polarizing, but that’s also stupid. I see/hear contradicting criticisms of her on a daily basis. On the right, Hillary wants to take everyone’s guns away, she wants to allow post-term abortion, and she wants to tax the fuck outta everybody.

On the left, she’s a warmonger, a “corrupt bitch” and “wall street whore” (to people who say that language is deplorable)…. I forget which side says she’ll cause more shootings and acts of terrorism–probably both. Both sides also say she only cares about herself, when her record says otherwise, but that’s as close as they get. I mean, it’s 2 sides of the same coin, really, but it’s mostly hard to imagine they’re talking about the same person.

I think what infuriates me the most is that, in 2008, the media and others constantly said we would elect Obama now, and then after his 2 terms, Hillary could have her turn. I eventually gave in and accepted Obama, and I don’t regret that. And then, I waited 8 years, and y’all tried it. I don’t blame anybody for liking Sanders better or wanting him instead, but I do take issue with how people have vilified Hillary and still refuse to vote for her, post-Bernie.

What the fuck happened to her turn?

In all fairness, many of the people who have rejected her aren’t old enough to remember 2008, but others of you are and just don’t care! That’s fine. In truth, nobody owes me shit, but… I do always have this in the back of my head. That’s why I get so anxious and upset about all the anti-Hillary rhetoric. To me, it’s like people are going back on their word, and that annoys me.

My 3rd cousin (I think), a proud liberal, said recently she doesn’t trust Hillary, because [we] have to defend her all the time, but that’s… The right and far left bring up all this ridiculous shit, phony investigations which have never produced anything but wild speculation, and you want us to stop defending her? Okay, how ‘bout I start by not giving you the time of day?

So, back to the picture, I like it, because Hillary’s expression is exactly how I feel about this election. People say she’s a robot, she doesn’t care, and basically any and every thing that might deny her the presidency. After 8 long years of waiting for “her turn,” I’m exhausted, but I will not give up. I don’t care what people say about me or to me; I will not give up on Hillary.

Not now–not ever.

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@ sga discoursers: being neurodivergent doesn't give you a free pass to be shitty to ace minors and aces who have experienced trauma. sincerely, a nd ace minor <3

It doesn’t, and their pattern of harassment is quite frankly deplorable. The only thing I can say is, block and block liberally.

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How would the diagirls be as yandere?

{This is the ask that I had to restart and honestly I’m really sorry if it’s not that good, I didn’t put as much effort into it the 2nd time…}
{Assuming the girls are straight, their lover is male}
{Apologies again because it’s so late}

Shu: Stalker type

Ah, so that’s what he’s been doing this whole time…that bastard.  She likes to stalk her lover quietly, behind the shadows where no one will suspect a thing.  Blackmailing her ‘rivals’ into revealing things they don’t want to and tell her things about her lover.  He’s not allowed to keep a single thing from her, and he never will with all this information she has about him and his plans.  It might not look like she cares, but what do you really think happened to those girls?

Reiji: Perfectionist type 

How DARE he talk to that deplorable excuse of a woman?  Please, she can barely stand up straight. Reiji does things behind the scenes, she calculates where he will be, what time, with who, etc. then she somehow manipulates her lover to do her bidding.  It’s hard to resist Reiji, she seems so elegant and graceful, no one will suspect such a calm and collected person to do such terrible things.  But, as the sadist she is, what better way is there to make her victims agonize in pain other than poison?

Ayato: Possessive type

No one is allowed to touch him, talk to him or even LOOK at him, and she means no one.  Ayato is very controlling when it comes to her lover, taking their belongings, checking their messages, knowing who they talk to, etc.  Just know that any sort of interest shown to another woman, they’re dead and this includes family.  Watch out!  Ayato will also resort to killing her lover because if she can’t have him, no one can.  But despite all this, she really does love him with all her heart.

Kanato: Obsessive type

All she wants is for him to pay attention to her, love her, be with her.  His eyes is to never leave hers, Kanato likes to admire him in every way possible.  She memorized his scent, know his future plans, his past, and some embarrassing secrets.  No one can talk to her beloved, it’s not like anyone can with her around but even when he’s not looking…know she’s ALWAYS watching.  He’s honestly all she has on her mind.  I mean, a little love never hurt anyone, right?

Laito: Understated/Cruel type

‘No it’s fine, it doesn’t matter!’ is what it might look like to him, but definitely not to everyone else.  She’s the one that waits before she strikes at the right moment.  Laito might seem like the type of person to shrug it off and smile or tends to be a tad bit clingy.  However this is not the case, behind the curtains she’s a cruel monster who likes to torture her ‘rivals’ with mind games, devices, etc. instead of killing them.  Why else do you think all his friends stopped talking to him and only leaving Laito to depend on?

Subaru: Protective type

No one will hurt him or so much as to touch a hair on his head.  At first, she’s the type to simply glance over her shoulder to make sure her lover is out of danger.  If threats do come by, one on one confrontation and beating is involved.  As time passes, Subaru becomes less subtle with this, by now everyone knows not to mess with him nor her.  She might not looks like a fighter, but she WILL resort to killing.  But…she’s only trying to protect him, right?

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McHanzo; wild west, cuisine, phantom limbs

McHanzo + Wild West

    McCree came to an abrupt halt as he burst into Hanzo’s room, his eyes flicking between his partner who was sat rigidly in the middle of the bed with an oddly guilty expression on his face and the rarely used television in the corner, letting out a relieved sigh when her realised that the crack of gunfire that had sent him dashing in here was just coming from the movie that was playing. A movie that he recognised he realised a moment later, and a small grin tugged at his lips, growing a moment later as he noted the stack of films on the bedside table, every one of them a western.

“Research?” He asked knowingly, knowing that his partner had been getting more and more frustrated at being unable to understand the cultural differences between them, and for a moment his grin softened, touched that Hanzo who deplored wasting time watching television would take the time to try in order to improve their relationship. Still it was good teasing material and he wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass him by, stalking towards the bed. “Darling if you want to know about the Wild West,” he knelt on the edge of the bed and nudged the other man back against the headboard, kissing him softly before adding with a wink. “You just need to ask me.”

McHanzo + Cuisine

   McCree had a dubious expression as he examined the table in front of him, but he swallowed back his protests as he had promised Hanzo that he would try the other man’s cooking for once and his partner had spent the better part of the afternoon in the kitchen. But…He was a man of simple tastes, and he was fairly sure that he couldn’t name half the stuff he was looking at, however, if he was honest it wasn’t the food he was interested and he couldn’t help but smirk as he studied his plate instead. Apparently his wariness of trying new food had been noted because he had come into the dining room to find dinner laid out on a smug looking Hanzo, and damn it if that hadn’t made everything go rushing south. Still dessert would have to wait, if only to remove his partner for his efforts and with a grin he leaned forward and took a small sushi roll from Hanzo chest using his mouth and deliberately avoiding touching the other man, savouring the frustrated look as he swallowed.

“I might have to try new foods more often if this is how they are served…”

McHanzo + Phantom Limbs

   Hanzo woke when he felt the body he was pressed against stirring restlessly, and he had just managed to coax his eyes open when he heard McCree groaning softly. It was a noise he had become intimately familiar with over the last few months and he sighed, wincing in sympathy as he heard another groan, and then he was moving, rolling over until he was plastered against the cowboy’s back. He didn’t speak, words weren’t going to help here, he knew that from his own painful experience and instead he reached around McCree and with a gentleness that he would only ever show this man he began to rub at McCree’s arm just above where metal and skin met. He kept the movements firm but light, feeling the tension in his partner’s arm and the way metallic fingers were clenching and unclenching, another low groan escaping before the cowboy could hold it back. Realising that it wasn’t enough Hanzo pressed closer, still quiet, and began to press small kisses along the bare shoulder, following the path up to McCree’s neck; nothing heated, just gentle, teasing kisses meant to distract him from the limb that was no longer there.

okay listen, here’s the tea. Taylor did something wrong. let’s all just accept that and move on!!!! she did something kinda shady and very calculated and it was done in a manner that made her look good to the public. I will completely agree with anyone who makes these points. HOWEVER so called “woke” activists who are basking in the “destruction” (her career isn’t destroyed obviously but ya know people are dumb) of a successful woman’s character and career seems incongruous to a feminist movement that is all inclusive and all encompassing. referring to Taylor swift as “the worst kind of white woman” is pretty deplorable. there have been white women who have advocated against women’s reproductive rights, gay marriage, and have committed heinous crimes. Taylor being “too contrived” and “surrounded by skinny white bitches” does NOT make her the worst kind of woman. Justin Bieber has monumentally fucked up time and time again, yet I don’t see “activists” all over social media saying that his career is over???? but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen several videos of y'all bopping to sorry, despite the fact that he’s done things like spit on his fans. the general public clearly does not enjoy a large amount of successful females coexisting, judging by people who are championing Kim and simultaneously trying to destroy Taylor. but yeah, haters gonna hate hate hate hate etc etc.

In a certain south country village in England a local farmer whose cattle ailed most mysteriously and showed every sign of having been overlooked, whilst things in general went wrong with him in every direction, consulted the witch-doctor, and was told to repeat a certain rhyme last thing at night, to nail a sheep’s heart to his front door, to lock and bolt the door, to fasten every window, to sit up alone and whatever might happen on no account so much as to lift the latch until morning. He did exactly as had been prescribed. The family all went to bed, and he commenced his lonely vigil by the kitchen fire. After about half an hour there came a loud knocking at the door, and a voice shouted: “Let me in! Let me in for a moment.” The farmer, although trembling and afraid, made no answer, and did not stir from his place. After a very short interval the knocking was repeated, and a deplorable voice in plaintive accents begged for the door to be opened, but the farmer, although it was all he could do not to rise and unlock the door, remained obdurate as he thought of his suffering beasts. Lastly there was heard a very feeble knocking and a dull moaning sound. The farmer, even more alarmed, stoutly kept his post until sunrise the next morning. When he opened the door a near neighbour lay stretched across his threshold, dead. The doctor pronounced it a case of sudden heart failure. Nobody could explain why the man should have come to the farmer’s house, whilst the farmer alone of his family had heard the knock. The cattle recovered in a most extraordinary way, and all other things too began to go smoothly and well.
—  Montague Summers, A Popular History of Witchcraft.