depiction of flora

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This is adorable and one of my favourite Dragon Age commissions ever - Alistair and my Warden, Florence “Flora” Cousland, from The Lion and the Light . It’s by the very talented artist @junie-junette, who I’m super happy is back and drawing again! :) Thank you so much for this art, I think the pose is so sweet. 

Fun fact - In the scene depicted, Flora and Alistair aren’t actually lovers yet - they start sleeping like this as a form of mutual reassurance during the Blight! 


another mismatched set of A BUNCH OF KIDS
these were really fun yaaaaa

jyuanka replied to your post “you can tell that guts and griffith are meant to be ambiguously gay bc…”

i like to think the woman on skullknight’s horse armor is a depiction of flora, flaring her wings for protection, being there as a good omen

yeah i always assumed it was flora too. i kinda figured it was just a token of whatever their relationship was, but i like the idea that it’s for protection, whether symbolic or actually magic.

Pixar has shared a first look at their new short film, Lava. Depicted as a musical love story, Lava tells the tale of a volcano, Uke, who is looking for love among the ocean waters surrounding the Hawaiian islands. As you can see in the image above, Uke is perhaps the most lovable mountain ever put on film. He’s also a wonderful example of the power of modern animation technique, as the film depicts tropical flora and fauna with an incredible level of realism.