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This portrait, Bianca Maria Sforza by Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis, probably painted in 1493, serves as an excellent example of Renaissance portraiture.

Ambrogio depicts Sforza in strict profile, which—in combination with her smooth, tightly fitted bodice and carefully bound and coiffed hair—gives her an air of restraint. Meanwhile the slight downward tilt of her head and her full-lashed eyes read as demure.

Although the richly embroidered textiles and many jewels that adorn her denote her social status, it is this representation of idealized Renaissance femininity—carefully controlled, but deferential—that best communicates her stature as a daughter of the Duke of Milan.

Chronicle of a Cynical Young Gay as She Experiences Star Trek
  • Cynical Young Gay:Star Trek is a queer shipping classic. Since I like TV, and gays, I should finally check it out!
  • CYG, after three episodes:Okay, wow. So I knew it was gay but I didn't realize it was going to be THIS gay, this... explicit? There's a lotta stuff going on here subtextually. Kirk and Spock fit so well with each other, so beautifully! the show is clearly about them.
  • Two seasons deep:Kirk and Spock are so fucking in love holy shit holy SHIT? it simply DOES NOT STOP? God they're such a perfect pair. Jim needs spock to believe in him Spock calls jim Jim THey had SEX DURING PON FARR? star trek is very moving and romantic
  • Finishing the 3rd season:Okay, okay, I get it. It was the 60s. Gene did all he could, and you know what? I feel like the five year mission is Kirk and Spock's 1895. they're always out there, exploring deep space, together, in love. It's so smart for gene to leave the series this way and to feel like they'll always be diving open-ended into new worlds and new adventures. So smart, so clever. So glad the five year mission never ends and kirk and spock are happy forever
  • The Motion Picture:(。◕‿◕。)

Iron Bull x Inquisitor Appreciation Week 

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Bull happens to be my personal favourite Inquisition romance and I wanted to host an appreciation week for his romance. 

So anything goes for this, fanart, fanfiction, edits, meta, basically however you’re willing and able to depict your inquisitor and Bull’s relationship is a-ok. Just be sure to tag all your posts with #bullinquisitorweek you can also feel free to directly @ me (eyesasblackasthevoid) in your posts. so that I have a better chance of seeing them. I’ll try to reblog as much as I can (probably in a queue) to a side blog explicitly created for this which is: ironbull-inquisitorweek. So be sure to follow that!

This week is gonna run from Monday October 17th through Sunday October 23rd. Below I’ve provided some vague prompts you could base some content off but they are by no means restrictions on what you can put in the tag. Feel free to post any sort of bull/inquisitor content that you wish during this week. The prompts serve more as a guideline/inspiration. 

Mon Oct. 17th: The Captain Of The Chargers 

What were your Inquisitor’s first impressions of Bull when they met on the Storm Coast during his recruitment quest? What were their early interactions/conversations like? 

Tue Oct. 18th: “…demons, dragons, the bigger, the better” 

What are Bull and your inquisitor like out in the field on missions? Do their combat strengths/techniques compliment each other? Is your inquisitor as enthusiastic about fighting dragons (and other such beasts) as Bull is? 

Wed Oct. 19th: “No war, no inquisition, just you and me, nothing outside this room.” 

What are Bull and your inquisitor like when they’re alone together? How does that differ from how they are as a couple in public? Do they keep it strictly professional outside of the bedroom or does your inquisitor have no qualms about PDA, or at least it being known that Bull is their lover?

Thurs Oct. 20th: Necklace Of The Kadan

Basically anything in regards to the romance quest “tough love” ie. killing a dragon and crafting the tooth into a necklace for Bull. How did your inquisitor feel about the whole thing? Did they make the necklace themselves or have someone else do it for them? Was your inquisitor nervous about making that commitment to him or was it something they did without hesitation? How do they feel about the “kadan” endearment? 

Fri Oct 21st: Wicked Eyes And Wicked Hearts

What was Bull and your inquisitors conversation on the balcony at the Winter Palace like? Did the two of them dance together? Do they share the same opinion of the Orlesian nobility and did Bull approve of who the inquisitor chose to support

Sat Oct 22nd: AU Day

This one is sort of self explanatory. Any sort of alternate-universe goes for this. 

Sun Oct 23rd: Post Inquisition

What were the two years between the death of Corypheus and the Exalted Council like for Bull and your inquisitor? What happens to them post-Trespasser? Do they marry? Have/adopt children? etc. 

Well, I think that’s everything, if y’all could please boost this I’d appreciate it!

bastet · goddess of cats, fire and pregnant women

Bastet was the goddess of fire, cats, of the home and pregnant women. According to one myth, she was the personification of the soul of Isis. She was also called the “Lady of the East”. As such, her counterpart as “Lady of the West” was Sekhmet. The goddess Bastet was usually represented as a woman with the head of a domesticated cat. However, up until 1000 BC she was portrayed as a lioness. Bastet was the daughter of Re, the sun god. It may have been through him that she acquired her feline characteristics. When Re destroyed his enemy Apep, he was usually depicted as a cat. As portrayed as a cat, she was connected with the moon

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duckubus replied to your post: “I’ve been thinking, I wanna. Commish a nsfw thing. Like a nsfw…”:

most artists, you don’t have to explain! if they’re a professional then they’ll deliver a pic for you without asking questions or passing judgement. i’m a primarily nsfw artist for my career and it’s never been and never will be my place to judge my clients. feel confident in what you love, ESPECIALLY if you’re shelling out real cashmoney to see it come to life!

ohhhhhh this sounds very promising and pleasant and honestly this is pretty relieving ahahaha~ ;w; 

Now all that’s left is finding and selecting an artist who will depict my disgusting vanilla boring selfship sex and has decent prices!

Memento Mori: the beautiful ways we have kept the dead among the living #1yrago

Art historian Paul Koudounaris travelled the world, visiting 30 countries to document the practices—ancient to modern, solemn to joyous—by which human remains are displayed. From good luck charms to genocide memorials, his gorgeous art book Memento Mori collects the finds.

Koudounaris is a skilled photographer, as the 500+ pictures in this oversized book attest, but even more so, he’s a skilled and sensitive historian, who brings an anthropologist’s empathy to the task of documenting and framing the varied practices depicted in the book.

The book opens with a highly readable, beautiful essay on the many ways that humanity has sought to maintain contact with their dead through preserved, displayed remains, and the political, moral and spiritual uses to which the dead have been put.

After this introduction, Koudounaris uses text sparingly and well, briskly presenting the facts and context for each of the image-sets in the book. He is every bit as scrupulously compassionate and respectful of the gilded mummies of Buddhist monks as he is in describing the Italian Capuchin monks who were mummified in great 17th century charnels. Koudounaris wants to get at the human roots of the phenomenon that has made the display of human remains a constant across so many societies and so many years – he’s not interested in cheap “ain’t-they-strange” yucks.

500 images sounds like a lot, and in truth it is, but there’s so much breadth and depth here that there could easily be twice as many.

The chapters are arranged thematically, rather than regionally or chronologically, beginning with “The Dead Will Rise: Macabre Masterpieces of the Nineteenth Century,” featuring vast Christian ossuaries, including those in Czech and the famous Paris catacombs.

Another outstanding chapter is “Blessed Souls,” which traces the “golden age” of Catholic ossuaries, created in response to the Protestant reformation’s claims that the Church was sunk into lavish excess. During this period, the gilt and jewels of the great cathedrals were matched and exceeded by displays of bones and remains that beggar the imagination (these pictures are some of the most amazing in the book).

A chapter on memorials seems almost too broad for a book of this sort, but “They Shall Not Perish” concentrates on memorials in which remains are used to commemorate specific tragedies, rather than the human condition. Ranging from the Christian chapels where the bones of people killed in great fires were artfully arranged to the chilling, solemn, horrifying memorials of recent genocides in Cambodia and Rwanda, this chapter is a beautiful testament to the way that the presence of the dead can call us to moral account even as they help us heal.

The most transnational chapter is “Remains to be Seen,” which deals with mummification. The 16th-19th century Catholic practices of mummification of priests is contrasted with the mummies of the precolonial Philippines and the gilded mummies of Buddhist bodhisattvas in Japan.

I think my favorite chapter is “Crossing the Border,” on the Bolivian practice of preserving “found” skulls as household charms and guardians. These ñatitas are kept in the privacy of their families homes most of the time, but once a year, they are paraded in La Paz for the Fiesta de las Ñatitas.

As with many art books in this age of digital galleries, the publisher ofMemento Mori has gone to great pains to make the physical incarnation of this book as beautiful and sensual as possible. Oversized and padded with an embossed cover and spine, Memento Mori sports outstanding color prints (I haven’t done them justice with my photographs of the book!) and beautiful design.

Memento Mori: The Dead Among Us [Paul Koudounaris/Thames and Hudson]

The Maui Costume: A Response from a White Person

The recent issue with the Maui costume is something I’ve thought about A LOT. Equality of all races & genders is something that is extremely important to me & I try my best to be as educated as I can on conflicts such as this. As many people know, Disney has pulled the Maui costume, Maui pajamas, Maui sweater & men’s Maui t-shirt, all products which depict Maui’s dark skin & tattoos for people to wear.

I believe that Polynesian people have every right to be incredibly upset that their culture has been appropriated. Because I am a white person, I don’t deserve to think that this costume is anything but wrong. I am not a Polynesian person. It is not my culture that has been turned into a costume, therefore, I do not get a say in this situation. Instead, I will use my voice to support the Polynesian people who have been hurt by these products, and help them be heard. I will fully try my best to see this situation from the perspective of those it has offended & I fully acknowledge that I will never fully understand how this has hurt people, because it wasn’t me. A culture is not a costume, & this is something I avidly preach every Halloween. I understand that people are arguing that “the Maui costume is for a specific character, not the entire Polynesian culture” BUT it is still a skin suit of another culture & no one should ever have the right to wear that. It’s messed up.

To quote Louis CK, “ When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn't”.

I see a lot of fanart of the boys with scars and missing limbs and facial hair in time-skip fanart for VoltronLD, but generally older!Pidge is just depicted as taller and her hair grown out long.

Bear with me, but imagine older Pidge, years into the Guerrilla Rebellion against the Galra Empire that is the Voltron Legendary Defender story with scars, and proud of them. Scars on her face. Burns on her hands from her work. Let her continue to be short and prone to temper, because some people just are, even as adults. Let her be something other than typical Hollywood idea of pretty-and-bad-ass as she lives on the front lines of an insurgent war. It’s fandom, it doesn’t have to go through executive approval.

Ballet of violence

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by Sorah

Sherlock is 17 in 1939. He’s a ballet dancer. He’s a drug addict. His closest connection with the army is the secret magazines he stores under his mattress, in a fancy house, far from the poor bits of London. When the war strikes, he is put in a battlefield with a gun in his hand, under the command of a certain Captain Watson.

Words: 1677, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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School of the Gifted

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by ARC (TheMasterofDisguise)

In an alternate universe, the Ed, Edd and Eddy gang have mutant or superhero-like powers.

Words: 2097, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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by Madriddler

The road ahead twists for Harry, but will he swerve? Escaping from the Dursleys, Harry finds himself badly hurt and in the care of Draco Malfoy. Draco takes care of Harry and helps him become more than he ever was. Barely the boy anyone believes he is, Harry puts his trust in Draco and a romance buds. Draco, in return, shows Harry to a whole new world of Magic, drawing his friend deeper and deeper to dark Magic. How will the Light side react to Harry’s switch? Will Harry’s friends join him with Draco, or will he be left behind?

Words: 3559, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Agonize - porcelain_cats - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Armitage Hux/Kylo Ren
Characters: Armitage Hux, Kylo Ren
Additional Tags: Gore, Verbal Abuse, stump lickin’, Amputation, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Hux is Not Nice, kylo is just a hollow shell at this point like all he does is say yes, i mean he asked 4 the void so…he got what he wanted i guess lmao, inappropriately timed mention of grandpa, Gory Smut, Holding Hands
Series: Part 4 of Welcum 2… The Clone Zone

Hux doesn’t want his clones anymore and spends a romantic night with his romantic knight. H3 is determined to get back into his original’s good graces.

NEW CLONE ZONE!!! well….sorta….i posted a wip version of this a while back for the 33 days of guro but now u can read the finished version of this chapter

Here Comes Trouble

by NiamJenn1994

Louis talks to his parents. Unexpected things happen. Read it.

Words: 4802, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 7 of When The Wolves Come Out

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