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  • So there was the obc except for larry/michael park who was understudied by Asa Somers
  • Mike looks at individuals in the audience, he speaks to them specifically
  • i think Will uses this technique where you look at the back of the heads of people/back of the theatre, its used for speaking to the whole theatre 
  • and can i just say, will does NOT get enough credit for his entire performance, while yes his comedic timing and stuff are AMAZING, he cries while on stage and brings a lot of emotion that i did NOT expect but it was so good
  • Ben kinda does both, god his voice is so good, its so much better irl if thats even possible
  • connor has a braided leather bracelet
  • If mike says that he’s not a strong singer 1 more time im gonna cut a bitch
    • his voice is so clear and he hits every note perfectly
  • dude. the sets are so pretty ughgugh
  • Mike Faist is a beautiful human like. pictures dont do him justice man, he looks good in them but irl hes like. !!! wtf hes so pretty
  • bens outfit changes are so quick how does he even do that wtf

-act 1-

  • after connor says fuck you to zoe ,, mike gives laura a teeny tiny smile right before he puts his head down 
  • oh my god speaking of smiles the are you high smile is SO FUNNY
  • the part in waving through a window where theres the break and then the 
    “ON THE OUTSIDE ALWAYS LOOKING IN”? that is so powerful irl like. dude the sound vibrates through you and its so good
  • connor tries waving to evan during waving through a window but evan didn’t see, im fine this is fine
  • I started crying during waving through a window and I didnt stop till after the end of the show
  • Evan starts crying during writing the letter and he also doesnt stop
  • sincerly me has so many pretty harmonies
  • KiNkY
  • Zoe bounces her leg and bites her nails
  • Evan bites his nails, fiddles with his shirt, scratches at his palm, and picks at his fingers
  • the actors bring so much to the characters its so good!! its so good omg
  • all you gotta DO
  • i could see the cellist from where i was sitting and she was rocking out to sincerly me and mouthing along it was great
  • right before requiem zoe like, rushes over to the letters after holding back and pushing cynthia away, its so deperate and powerful oh lord
  • okay so Asa brings so much to the role of larry, from what ive heard Michael is very stoic all the time but Asa like, is just really tired of life more than anything. 
  • Asa’s Larry for sure isnt a good guy but hes not the bad guy either. He fucks up as a parent for sure, and what he did to connor was not okay but like… man he does care even if he tries not to show it
  • during you will be found larry breaks down, he starts crying oof it broke my heart
  • Ben Platt is so good, his emotions are so raw, fuck, 

-act 2-

  • so, you and zoe,, ?? 
  • to break in a glove is so funny and sad at the same time
  • larrys voice breaks on “or if you’re tryna do whats best”
  • and he yells the next part, hes like on the brink of tears
  • Sincerly me reprise is a fucking bop and connor looks mildly uncomfortable about how many kids end up sucking dick for meth
  • we all know it but WILLS LAUGH IS A BLESSING
  • nYehHEHHeHEHhE
  • its so funny holy shit
  • a part of the saucy friendship we had ;)
  • i like the choreography for the reprise too its kinda different from sincerly me ??
  • larry drinks bourbon and some expensive looking wine
  • jared invites evan to his party with lots of alcohol like. he makes a big fucking deal out of the alcohol
  • ok so after the scene where jared accuses evan of having connors death be the best thing thats ever happened to him, jared storms off and evan kinda lingers after him on stage for a solid 30 seconds before being pulled away by zoe
  • evan starts dressing more and more like connor till theyre in almost the same outfit
  • evan has funyuns stashed away in his little headrest storage thing
  • after only us zoe kisses his and they lay down and wowie some things are heavily implied there
  • oh god so when heidi is at the murphys house and evan finds out he shrinks into himself so much 
  • will screams FUCK YOU EVAN, ASSHOLE with so much emotion in his voice you could feel everyone react
  • jared like, stomps his foot and screams silently during good for you, he starts crying and you wont see it if you dont look for it but man. that fucked me up.
  • heidi crys so much
  • okay so during the did you fall or did you let go connor yells at him almost as if he’s angry

  • during the finale ben seems like hes talking to everyone who’s ever wanted to kill themselves and it. Made me CRY
  • this is such a lifechanging show holy shit
Bts reacts to them being too rough with you (NFSW)

Here you are sweety ^^

I hope you like it and I hope it’s smutty enough for you hahaha. Anyways thank you for requesting. Keep giving our boys lots of respect and love okay? :)

Stay healthy and stay happy. 

A/N: You’ve been warned so if you still want to read be my guest but I warned you. 


Sweaty Seokjin looked down at you when he felt you stop meeting his thrusts and how your whimpers of bliss turned into discomfort and thus halting his snapping hips. Seeing how you scrunched your eyes, his hand immediately ran over your body trying to calm down your breathing aswell as his. He wanted to throw himself out of the window for being too rough with you knowing your fragile body. 

 “I’m so sorry sweetheart. I was too into it I guess” he apologized. 

 Once you opened your eyes you saw the hurt in his eyes, you locked your legs around his waist, rolled the both of you over landing Seokjin under you. 

 “It’s okay but to make it up to me you have to let me in charge” 

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 Maybe you had seen this coming. The way you could not take your eyes of that man obviously didn’t sit well with Yoongi and maybe thats the reason why you were pressed up against the bathroom door, his hips snapping into yours in an unbelievable speed causing you to be unable to utter words. His hands were squeezing your thighs to hold you up so tight, you could literally feels his fingerprints burning into your skin. To get his attention you lowered your head but his powerful thrust made it hard so you dropped your head in the crook of his neck and bit in his flesh, hard. 

This seemed to get his attention as he stilled in you. Leaning back, one of his hand grabbed your neck and pushed it back against the door, now looking you in the eyes. ‘’What the fuck was that for?’’ he said breathlessly, rubbing his fingers over the spot. ‘’To snap you out of it Yoongi.’’ you whined also trying to catch your breath. ‘’You’re being to rough right now. It hurts’’ you confessed, hands sliding down to his where he was still holding onto. 

With widened eyes, Yoongi slid out of you and carefully put you down. Your legs still shaky from the intense ‘love making’ you ended up on your bum.  Yoongi quickly apologized for his behaviour and so did you. 

After you both calmed down and said both your apologies, he lifted you up and carried you in the shower. And well let’s say it wasn’t just the steam of the hot water that filled the bathroom. (Being more gentle ofcourse)

(Yeah suffer with me)

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Boy boy boy you already regretted to what you agreed to because this.. Fuck.. this was not what you imagined when you said yes to his suggestion. With your head thrown back over the arm of the couch you deperately searched for something to hold onto. When you felt the edge of the side table, you grasped the wooden table and pushed it towards you, damaging the material. 

Thinking that if you could hold on to something, you could handle his animal side but damn you were wrong. How this man could thrust with so much force was beyond belief and thus you pushed away the table, the clattering sound it made when it hit the ground was heard loudly through the room. 

Namjoons head shot up, stilled his hips, opened his eyes still glazed with lust and looked around the room as if he was searching for an intruder. With him distracted you pushed him off of you. 

‘‘Namjoon you’re too rough man!’‘ you huffed out, massaging your numb legs. As if he finally seemed to snap out his bubble you could see the worry in his eyes as he eyed your pained face. 

He would latched onto you immediately, massaging your legs for you while showering your face with kisses to soothe the pain a little. After awhile when you both calmed down you kissed his lips, trailing your hands down to his lower region knowing he was still hard. 

‘‘If you promise to be a bit more gentle than you can still do whatever you want to me’‘

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Eventhough you were on top, he still had the ropes in his hands guiding you to the way he liked it (Figurally ofcourse). His slik hands groping your breasts, holding you down while he bucked his hips into you so fierce and strong that you just couldn’t take it anymore. Failing your previous attempts to slow him down you needed to come up with some more harsh and so when he slammed up again, you slammed your fists in his shoulder which caused him to bounce back on the bed with a loud ‘oof’ and he immediately slowed down his pushes. 

Throwing your head back in relief and landing your hands on his upperlegs you let out a big sigh. ‘’Baby..’’ his voice was raspy, still trusting his way up but more slowly this time, his hands released your chest and wandered their way up to your hair. With a slight push against the back of your head, you faced Hoseok, your eyes tired but filled with desire now his member sensually filled you up. 

His chest heaved up and down, eyes boring into yours but giving you a slight smile, his hands playing with your hair. 

‘‘This better baby?’‘ He hovered his back off the matress, giving you a kiss after he bit his lip when you tightened around him. He could instantly feel you liked this more since your body got more responsive after he came back to his senses and slowed down. 

‘‘Much, much more.’‘ You smiled back at him, fingers rubbing circles on his lower belly.

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You see his thrusts on stage right? right? tsk tsk tsk. 

At first you actually enjoyed it. He was gentle yet strong but after some time he began to snap his hips so intense you actually had to hold on to the headboard so you wouldn’t hit your head against it since with every thrust you seemed to move upwards. But when he pushed your leg against you abdomen you couldn’t hold it anymore. With this new position he could slide in deeper, his hips had more room to slam into yours and when you yelled his name he became rougher.

Tears sprang in your eyes, seeing him in this state. The way his eyebrows were furrowed, how tense his jaw was and how his arms and legs were trembling got you concerned. When he got home, you could already tell he was stressed and to help him get rid of you initiated some sex to release his stress but this was not what you expected and to be honest you didn’t like it anymore. 

With one forceful thrust of your foot againt his back, had him flying down ontop of you, keeping your foot buried against his lowerback so he couldn’t move. 

‘‘Jimin, please calm down.’‘ you whispered, hands massaging his shoulders hoping you got get rid of the stress he seemed to have. And Jimin.. Jimin just lay there, his sweaty bangs were tickling your belly, trying to get his breathing normally again. ‘’Are you okay?’’ you giggled when you felt little buttterfly kisses on your tummy. ‘’y/n.. I should ask you that! I am so sorry!’’ He lifted himself of your body and sat back down between your legs as he took you with him, pulling you into a hug, stroking your back in comfort. 

‘‘It’s fine. I’m okay really, I am now.’‘ You gave him a kiss on his forehead. 

‘‘Shall we get in bath? To soothe our aching muscles?’‘ He suggested but you could still hear the mischief in his tone. ‘’I guess we can.’’ you answered him smirking and squeezed his butt before running of.

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This man.. this man is so deceiving. One minute he is cute and one minute… well you’re just not sure what you’ve seen. 

He had pinnend you down on the couch, pouncing on you when he entered the house, unbuttoning your shirt when you turned around to greet him and before you knew it, you were naked, he was naked and pumping inside of you. 

Still dazed from his sudden need you hadn’t noticed how rough he was however you came back to reality when you felt his teeth sink under your ear. His sturdy pumps, his grip and his teeth it was too much but before you could stop him, one powerful snap of his hips had you tumbling from the couch and the moans which filled the room at first stopped. 

‘‘Holy cheese! y/n!’‘ Taehyung called out, jumping from the couch to help you up. You slapped him on the arm, multiple times whining out his name before bursting out in laughter. ‘’How the heck did that happen.’’ He wheezed out, sitting you down on his lap. ‘’How the frick do you think? You’re being to rough Taehyung! I feel the insides of my thighs burning!’’ you pouted. ‘’What has gotten into you?’’ 

‘‘I just missed you.’‘ he replied winking at you. You just rolled your eyes still a bit angry and embarrased about earlier. ‘‘Well payback is a bitch isn’t it?’‘ you smirked, grinding in his lap, seeing how his smile fell from his lips and a moan rolling past his lips. 

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Jungkook hadn’t seen you in 4 months and that means four months without getting to release his needs. Sure he had his hands but those weren’t enough thus when he came home he bend you down on the bathroom cabinet, tearing away your shorts, rubbing your soft, inviting buttcheeks before he got down to business. 

Yeah you missed him too ofcourse however you imagined when he came home, you both would cuddle on the couch or bed while he talked about the tour not that you didn’t mind this but you wished he was a bit more soft because your hipbones slammed against the cupboards over and over again making you hiss in pain. 

You tried to push back hoping you get some more room and your bones some more rest but he wouldn’t have any of it. He was in charge and you had to listen. 

‘‘Fuck Jungkook! Could you please still your freaking manhood for a minute, I’m getting bruises all over!’‘ You angrily voiced out, hooking your foot around his ankle to let him stumble. He slighty stumbled, falling forwards, his forehead making contact with your back and stopped. 

‘‘Geez Jungkook I know you missed me but damn.. ‘‘ you turned around feeling his member twitching while you did so, causing you both to moan. ‘‘I’m sorry babygirl I just, you were taunting me you know, sticking your ass out.’‘ he smirked, licking up your neck before planting a kiss on your lips. You huffed but couldn’t help but laugh too. 

‘‘I know I know. You can continue IF you’re more careful. My hipbones are screaming for some relief.’‘

‘‘Don’t worry baby I will take care of you well.’‘

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I’ve sinned again. Can someone wash away my sins for me please? I’m so sorry.  And why is Seokjin’s so short like I didn’t want it to be that short but my mind is tired right now :(  plus I haven’t proof read it yet (yeah yeah I know it’s bad but oh well)

Bristles [nsfw]

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Requested?: Nope, i am but a wee humble farmer tending to my fics all by myself

Summary: Lin. The beard. Smut ensues. Includes dirty talk, a tiny pinch of dom/sub dynamics and papi kink because that shit sets me on FIRE

Words: too! damn! many! im going to hell i swear to god

A/N: I swear to god this situation is the fucking reason why I started this blog in the first place

You lazily swung back and forth in your indoor hammock, attempting to read but repeatedly and distractedly casting an eye towards your boyfriend, who was draped over the couch and clacking at his laptop. The box air conditioning hummed at the window, the fans in the apartment whistled, and Lin sung underneath his breath.

“Mi reina, I know you’re staring again.” Lin spoke up across the room, smile evident in his voice.

You rolled your eyes, fanning yourself with the pages of your paperback, trying to fend off the summer heat. “Only because I’m bored.” you claimed.

Lin patted the cushion next to him on your plush grey couch, eyes focused on his laptop. “Come sit, I miss you.”

It was your turn for a smile to tug at the corner of your lips. “Lin, I’ve been sitting across the room from you this entire afternoon,” you spoke as you nestled against his shoulder.

Lin stuck his bottom lip out. “Yeah, but you’re wrapped up in that hammock and not in me!” His chin jutted out slightly with the action and your eyes were drawn to one of your favorite pieces that made up the puzzle of him.

You chuckled, reaching up to scratch at his beard with the pads of your fingertips, its stubbly flush of color on Lin’s tanned cheeks was always captivating to you for some reason. The texture was coarse, but just soft enough to make running your fingers along it like gliding along a bristle brush. It contrasted so beautifully with the smooth plumpness of his lips, kept soft with chapstick and frequent kisses from you. You slipped a thumb across his bottom lip, the slight scratch of his beard creating the perfect accompaniment to the velvet of his lips and warmth of his slight breath outwards. 


Lin’s voice pulled you out of your fixation.


Lin’s face twisted into a cross between a smile and a delicious smirk. “Something got you distracted?”

Your eyes dropped to his lips as he spoke and you became painfully aware of how damp your panties had seemed to become in the span of mere minutes.

“Nothing,” you breathed, “just… hot.”

You’d unconsciously moved into Lin’s lap while studying his face, and only inches separated you from him.

“Oh? Is that so?”

You swallowed thickly, nodding, trying to keep some semblance of dignity.

Lin’s voice dropped as he spoke, “Well, I’m a bit distracted myself. You know why?”

Numbly, you shook your head slowly, bobbing slightly in his lap.

“I was just thinking that if I’m going to be hot, I’d rather have my face in the heat between your legs than the heat between your hands right now.”

Your breath hitched and Lin took the opportunity to close the gap between the two of you, pressing his lips firmly to yours, beard tickling at the soft skin of your face.

Lin pulled back, peppering kisses along your jawline, before whispering, “Let’s get you into the bedroom now, before I end up eating you out over the coffee table.”

He chuckled darkly at your wide eyes before leading you to your shared bedroom, where you splayed across cool white sheets. 

Lin’s fingers tickled at your shorts, teasing but not quite pulling them down enough for your liking as he pressed prickly kisses along your sides. “Now mi reina, you’ve just been teasing me all day and you don’t even know it. These short shorts combined with this heat? God, surprised I didn’t go crazy.”

You moaned, fisting a hand in Lin’s thick dark hair as he nipped at the skin of your hipbones. “You just look so delicious, so damn edible, lying in that hammock with your legs just draped…” Lin trailed off, finally sliding your shorts down your legs.

“And what’s this?” Lin’s eyes became even darker as he crawled up the bed to your chest, making eye contact. “No panties at all, naughty.”

“Too hot for any extra clothing,” you replied, pulling him in for a deep kiss after he pulled his shirt off.

He chuckled, slipping off your tank top. “Well if I’d known your perspective, we could’ve just walked around naked.”

“You wouldn’t be naked with all that hair on you.” you teased as you unclasped your bra and threw it in the general direction of your closet. 

“Please”, Lin replied, ghosting his lips and stubble across the curves of your chest. “You love the beard, I know it.”

You rolled your eyes, not wanting to be caught. “No I don’t.”

Lin smiled into your breasts. “Yes you do.” he continued to kiss everywhere but your nipples, which were peaked despite the heat and deperate for attention.


“I think you do.”

“I think I don’t.”

“I bet I can make you admit it.”

“Nop- fuck!” you hissed as Lin’s mouth closed around your right nipple and his fingers simultaneously teased at the left, both leaving as quickly as they came. Your chest heaved, breaths heavy and brain flooded with need. “Fuck, fuck okay I admit it!”

Lin let out a cocktail of a chuckle mixed with a smirk before reattaching his skillfull tongue to your nipples, licking and sucking smoothly as the roughness of his beard provided sensual contrast. 

Lin…” you moaned.

He paused in his ministrations and looked up at you, quirking an eyebrow. “Sorry, what?”

You squirmed beneath his firm gaze as he hovered over your right nipple again, his warm breath teasing at the sensitive peak as he waited for the correct words to roll from your lips.

“Papi…” you breathed, and Lin immediately returned to smothering your breasts with attention, laving his tongue over the soft flesh before dragging it down your stomach. 

There, he pressed kisses around your belly button, simultaneously raising goosebumps with the feel of his beard as he whispered, “So beautiful, my love… perfect the way you are.” and continued his way, slowly, slowly, to where you wanted him most. 

Once there, Lin looked up and met your eyes with his searingly chocolate ones, smirking before inquiring, “How much do you want some attention, mi reina?”

You groaned, thrashing your hips slightly in annoyance, and Lin’s hands immediately shot up to press your supple body into the mattress, his eyes darkening.

“Careful, nena, I don’t want to have to punish you. Be a good girl.” He sank back into his previous position, face so close to your soaked slit that you could feel every exhale of air from his nose fan across your aching clit. “How much do you want me? How much do you need me, mi reina?”

“Fuck, please eat me out.”

“Hmm. Is your pussy needy for attention? Because I don’t think your begging is going to get it much of anything.”

“Papi, I’m already so wet, I just need to be lic-”

“Oh, you’re wet, now? Who are you wet for, nena?”

At Lin’s question, you nearly lost it with need. There was no one who’d ever been able to satisfy you as well as Lin ever had, and in that moment all you needed was his meticulous and thorough tongue lapping at your folds.

“God Papi, I’m only ever wet for you, all for you… please, please eat my pussy.” you groan out.

Lin immediately slid forward, burying his face into your heat, and you immediately fisted your hands into his dark hair. Careful, wet licks of his mouth from the bottom of your slit to the peak of your clit were intermixed with rapid circling with the tip of his skillful tongue around the tiny nub of nerves. 

And the beard. That goddamn beard. It tickled and scratched at your most sensitive area, providing the most beautiful of compliments to the soft sensation of Lin’s warm mouth. 

Noticing your increasing moans and whimpers, Lin carefully slipped two fingers inside, pumping them while he removed his mouth to tease, “Are you enjoying this, nena? Being such a good girl? Are you getting ready to cum?” His fingers pressed at that spot inside you that was - just so -, ramping up the pleasure that was already rolling over you in waves. You nodded your head vigorously, unable to help the desperate whimper that fell out of your mouth at his words.

Immediately upon your head nod, Lin removed his fingers from you and slid away, leaving you short of breath and pulling in a surprised gap at your lost orgasm.

“What the fuck?” you intoned with an exasperated whine as Lin slipped his two fingers into his mouth, enjoying your taste as a devilish smirk overtook his face.

He pulled them out with a pop and crawled back up the bed to you, pressing kisses to both of your cheeks before whispering at your lips, “I want you to cum while you’re full of me.”

Lin reached over to the bedside table that stored the small box of condoms, ripped open a silvery package and slowly rolled a rubber down his thick length, secretly enjoying the way your eyes followed his movement down his shaft. 

As he climbed back over you, Lin’s tip nestled at your entrance, the heat of it nearly making you squirm before you reminded yourself of Lin’s earlier admonishments. 

Lin pressed blazingly hot kisses into the hollows of your collarbones, nipping it the base of your throat before whispering, “Ready, mi reina?”

You simply moaned in response, and Lin slowly but surely slid into your wet heat, his thick length spreading you out around him as he slipped deeper and deeper until he completely filled you.

At the same moment, you and Lin released sighs at the sensation. Your walls ensheathed his thickness with a warm, wet heat while simultaneously, his cock stretched and rubbed at parts of you that you never were able to reach by yourself. You complimented each other like two pieces of a puzzle fit together.

After taking the brief moment to adjust, Lin began to move. He pulled his hips back and, for a moment, you thought he was pulling out just to mess with you again, but the next instant he slammed himself deep, pounding hard as you groaned in a mixture of surprise and pleasure. 

Lin began to stroke deeply, fucking with precision and power. “So fucking good,” he groaned, pumping into you the way he knew you liked to have your lovemaking: hard, fast, rough and deep. 

“Fuck, papi!” You grabbed at Lin’s body, scratching down his back as he fucked you. All discomfort was gone, your wetness providing a smooth transition as Lin stroked powerfully inside. Each grinding thrust increased your pleasure, your hardened nipples scraping against Lin’s chest as he rocked against you. “Don’t stop, papi…it feels so good.“ 

Lin leaned down, his lips capturing yours. "I’m never going to stop fucking you, nena. I’ll always take care of you my love, whether that be listening to your intelligent little brain or fucking you nice and thoroughly.” he groaned out.

You had a hard time responding as Lin’s cock continued to thrust hard and fast into you, and you let out a strangled moan before being able to respond, “Fuck yes, papi." 

Lin leaned down, kissing your lips firmly. "Yes, you’re papi’s nena…his good girl…his precious reina,” smiling at you. “Who owns this pussy?" 

You couldn’t keep still beneath him, hips squirming and wriggling as you tried to get his cock even deeper. "You own it, papi." 

Lin’s eyes darkened even further in lust. "Damn right, I do.” He increased the speed of his thrusts, nailing you to the bed with hard, pleasurable strokes that shook the headboard. “Papi’s gonna cum, baby girl!” he groaned.

You could feel the tension build in your own body, the knot that Lin had helped form was rapidly getting closer to unraveling. “I am too, papi, fuck…" 

Do it. Cum for me, come on papi’s cock.“ Lin commanded, voice firm as he continued to thrust into you and reached down to place a rapidly circling thumb on your sensitive clit. He stared down at you, wanting to see the exact moment that your face, the one he loved so much, contorted into the peak of pleasure that he was able to give you. 

You squeaked and moaned loudly, as your body arched, arms and legs locked tightly around Lin. "I’m cumming, papi!” you gasped out, waves of pleasure finally reaching their crest and crashing over you as your lover continued to fill you.

Lin could feel your pussy spasming on his thickness, squeezing onto it tightly as you reached your peak. “I’m cumming too, baby girl, fuck…” He rammed hard inside you, holding himself deep as he moaned with each shuddering spasm. 

“Fuck, my love, you feel so good,” he gasped. As his orgasm wound down, he reached down to nip your breast hard, marking you as his. 

You shrieked slightly in surprise when he bit at you, yet you always enjoyed the sunset-colored marks that Lin loved to leave on your body.

Lin slid his tongue over the reddened marks his teeth left on your skin, before he moved to capture your mouth. He was smiling like a child inwardly, swelling with happiness and affection for you as he always did when the two of you made love. Your sex life was anything but boring, and Lin loved the fact that you could go from innocent and loving to filthy and sensuous in seconds. 

“Did you enjoy that as much as I did? Because I think that’s my new favorite way to deal with heat waves.” His hand brushed a strand of hair from your eyes. Lin found you immensely beautiful after sex, with hair mussed, cheeks blushed and your lips swollen and bruised from his kisses. 

You laughed as you curled into his chest, sprinkling kisses onto his soft skin. “I mean, it was the beard that got me going, rather than the heat, and one stays around a lot longer than the other if you know what I mean.”

Lin tucked his chin on top of your head as he pulled the sheets around your entwined bodies. “The beard is definitely sticking around longer than this heat wave, lemme tell ya that.”

You chuckled and snuggled up for an afternoon nap, further extending your break and hoping for a break in the heat.

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Stop That (part 2/2)

Word count: 1,402

Warning: smut, rough sex, oral (male receiving), mouth fucking

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary/Request: Part two of this fanfic Stop That

Basically just the pure smut to end all the angst ;)

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Your mind was going absolutely mental. A minute ago you had been arguing with Dean about his irrational anger and now he had confessed his feelings to you and you were pressed against him as his lips were moving against yours. The electricity you had felt in your veins, originally of nerves, then of anger, was now of lust and wonder that this man could actually love you as you loved him.

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Could you do a smutty/sweet Nico one. Idk, I want to see that little SMOL bean in a bed. That’s sounded wrong. You don’t have to, but if ya do, I would absolutely love it. Thank you.

This is long overdue…Still, I hope you enjoy!

Nico didn’t like this feeling. He didn’t like this burning feeling in his stomach, was it his stomach? No it was his heart. It was a wrenching feeling, as if someone reached into his chest with their bare hands and squeezed his heart tight.his breaths were shallow and his hands which were balled into tight fists shook at his sides.
Today was supposed to be relaxing, just you, him, and nothing or no one
else. So when your journey to the lake near the of camp had been deterred by none other than Conner Stoll- The same guy that’s had a crush on you for over a year- he was a little more than frustrated. He watched the way Conner leaned a little too close to your face for comfort, the way Conner would oh so causally rub his hand against yours. He turned his head away from your conversation with the son of Hermes, the smile stretching across your lips was not caused by him and Nico wasn’t too fond of that thought.
Conner pulled out a small yellow Polaroid camera and nudged your side with a hopeful smile, “Can I get a picture with the beautiful model?” He asked with a smirk and a quirk of his eyebrow. You laughed and nodded once and stood close to him as he held out the camera to take the picture, noticing the furious look your boyfriend had sported when Conner wrapped an arm around your waist from the corner of your eye.
Barely after the click of the camera finished Nico had your hand in his hold and was tugging you rather forcefully away from Conner who stood with a dumbfounded look whilst staring after your retreating figures. You pulled and pried at his grip to no avail, his pale hand was locked your small one in a death grip.
Nico tuned out the curses that you shouted at him as he dragged you back to the confines of his dark cabin, ready to show you who you were to him. He pulled you through the door, slamming it with force before he pushed you up against it. You gasped, (e/c) eyes opened wide in shock.
“N-Nico what are you doing?” You squeaked out. It was a stupid question really, he made it quite clear what his intentions were when he squeezed your butt -which earned a yelp from you- and growled for you to jump. You complied without hesitation, wrapping your legs around his waist. He growled and pressed his body against yours, lips locking and tongues tangling.
Nico pulled back from the kiss and moved you over to his bed, dropping you down and making the springs screech before he climbed to hover over you. “Let’s get this off,” he muttered darkly. He pulled off your camp half-blood tee and tossed it somewhere in the room, he immediately leaned down to press kisses to the side of your neck.
You moaned out as he trailed down to your collar bone and breasts, sucking dark bruises to mark you as his.
He reached behind your back to unclasp your bra before sliding it off to gain access to your breasts, licking and flicking each hardened nipple with eagerness and want. You bit your lip and ran your hand through his silky mop of dark hair, “Mm~ Nico~ I want to taste you, baby.”
Nico lifted his head, staring at your saliva clad nipple with lust before meeting your gaze with his own. He nodded before sitting up and pulling his shirt and jeans off, “Come here, baby girl.. I need your pretty mouth,”
He leaned back against his headboard with a lust filled look.
You smirked and made your way over to him and leaned over his crotch, licking your lips and peeling away his boxers. His member sprung up and smacked his stomach. Grasping his length and spreading the pre-cum across the head of his thick length, kissing the tip before closing your lips around him. Nico hissed and rested his head against the headboard, “Oh gods..”
You took as much as you could into your mouth, grasping the rest in your hands and began to pump his member. Nico groaned out and let a few curses slip out, “Shit… Y/n~”
You pulled your mouth off of him with a pop, instead you replace your mouth with your tongue, teasing him was always something you adored.
You traced the vein on the back of his member with your tongue, slowly dragging it to the tip where you teased his slit with the tip of your tongue. He hissed and balled his fists into the black sheets, “Stop teasing. I won’t be able to last if you continue,” he threatened with hooded eyes studying your movements. You smirked and wrapped your mouth around his tip once more before letting him take control.
Oh he took control.
It was like a hungry animal seeking it’s prey. He quickly pinned you down and nearly ripped off your shorts and panties, your core almost embarrassingly dripping wet for him. Nico chuckled darkly while he slid a finger through your slit, “Oh I wonder, who did this to you?” You shivered with anticipation, barely able to form a proper answer,“Y-You did,” You managed to stutter out.
He hummed and pushed your legs apart and over his shoulders so he could get a better angle. He placed sweet, open-mouthed kisses on your inner thighs, returning the teasing you bestowed upon him just minutes ago. He slowly kissed your heat before letting his tongue dip down between your folds, savoring your sweet juices that for him and him alone. He poked his tongue at your entrance, barely letting it trace the rim of it and then licking back up to your clit. You mewled softly as he kitten licked your clit, gazing up at you through hooded eyes while he pleasures you. Your hands threaded through his silky,dark locks while he wrapped his lips around your clit and started to suck gently,“Will you stop teasing? Oh gods…” You whimpered out.
Nico chuckled against your clit, the vibrations sending shivers down your spine. Without any warning, Nico began to insert a finger inside of you while he sucked harshly at your bundle of nerves. His actions made your back arch off the mattress and you to moan his name loudly. He quickly added another finger into the mix, scissoring your opening apart for his member. Your breaths became ragged as you listed for more, “Nico,” you breathed out, “I need you so badly.”
His member was so hard already that it felt almost painful, but he needed you to cum for him. He groaned against your heat and added a third finger, plunging them as far as possible with he ravished your clit with his tongue. You let out a high pitched moan and started to grind on his fingers, the coil in your stomach building up tightly and waiting for release.
“Oh gods, Nico. Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” You yelled out, “I’m gonna cum!” He pushed his face deper into your heat and sped up his fingers, his hair tickling your pelvis.
It felt so good.
You came hard while moaning out his name multiple times and breathing heavily. Nico let you ride out your high while he cleaned you up, you tasted so sweet he simply cannot get enough of you. He lifted up to smirk at you, his beautiful olive tone face was glistening with your juices and he looked so unbelievably hot. He wiped his face off with his hand then leaned down to bring you into a kiss. You could taste yourself on his tongue, he was right, it really was sweet.
Nico began lining himself up with your entrance before easing himself in, letting you adjust to his thickness and length. You took a sharp inhale of breath, he was so… Satisfying. You gave a slight nod, giving him the okay to move; He rammed in and out of you without any hesitation, he was clearly eager to show you that he was the only guy you need.
He alone can satisfy and please you.
You moaned at the pleasure, reaching your hand up to your breast and fondling it gently. Nico took the chance and continued to mark you up with hickeys, there was no way you can hide all of these, and there was no way he wanted you to.
Nico somehow sped up his pace to almost inhumanly possible which felt like absolute bliss. He groaned out your name as his pace became more sloppy and erratic as he reached his high, finally being able to release his load into you after all the waiting he’s done. You came shortly after him just as hard as you did when he was eating you out.
Nico’s face twisted as he slowly reached his high’s end, you coming around him only adding to that pleasure. He didn’t bother to pull out just yet, only burying his face in the crook of your neck, mumbling how much he loves you repeatedly.
“Was someone jealous?” You asked while playing with his messed up hair, his head still in your neck. He leaned up and pulled out of you, you making a whining sound at how empty you felt after he pulled out. He simply rolled his eyes and pulled your sweaty, naked body to his so you two could cuddle, “No. I just know what’s mine is mine.”
You smiled and snuggled closer to him, “Okay you’re not jealous, you’re just territorial.”
“That is correct, my darling.”

Color Me With Your Affection

Prompt: Dan bugs Phil to beat him up until he obliges.

Warnings: Violent/rough sex, face-slapping, choking, marking, Dom!Daddy!Phil, Sub!Dan

Dan stood in front of the expanse of the bathroom mirror and lightly tugged the collar of his t-shirt off-center. He admired the deep blue, almost black bruises on his collarbones and up his neck, turning his head to be met with a faint blue strip of a bruise pigmenting his cheekbone as well. He passed a thumb over the healing of his split bottom lip feeling oddly.. triumphant. Regal, almost.

Dan liked it rough. Like, really rough. It had been quite the challenge getting Phil to comply with his desires at first, the older man insisting that “It’s abuse, Dan. Spanking you’s one thing, even choking you, sure; but I’m not gonna damn well punch you in the face.” To which Dan retorted “It’s not abuse if I’m literally asking you to do it, Phil. We’re two consenting adults, we can do what we like.” Phil simply shook his head and urged to walk out of the room, and Dan grabbed at the older man’s wrist before tugging at the front of his shirt, grossly whining “Phil Lester.. hurt me” which incited this back and forth between the two of Phil’s “Dan-.. I-, c'mon knock it off, love. Stop.” and Dan’s “Philly, pleeease… please Phil I need it.”

Dan lifted up the bottom of his shirt to be met with almost identical deep purple marks that littered his hips on either side, angry red scratches trailing from the dark spots on his right.

Phil’s resolve only lasted so long. He shook his head frustratedly before rolling his eyes and and slamming Dan against the closed door of their lounge, a hand firmly on the younger man’s neck, but not squeezing. “Daniel,” Phil began, voice low. “There is a difference between me getting passionate and me getting angry. You keep this up and my actions toward you aren’t gonna come from a kind heart, alright?” Dan smirked, and like the cheeky fuck he was.. spat right in Phil’s face.

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Mrs. Snape - Severus Snape x Reader

Originally posted by karthaeuser65

Pairing: Severus Snape x Hufflepuff Reader

Request: Hiiiii! I was wondering if you could please do a sev snape X Hufflepuff wife where she gets in a bit of an accident and when she wakes up she has temporary memory loss and when she sees sev, she starts telling him how nice his face and voice is and starts playing with his hair and then asks if he’s got a gf or something and then is completely amazed when he tells her that he’s her husband and it’s just all cute and silly and fluffyyyyyy. Thanks!!! Xxxx -Requested by Anon

Word Count: 1.2k

Warning: May feel like the writer has rushed writing, because some idiot forgot to charge her laptop’s battery right before posting

A/N: Hey.. As I wrote up there in the Warning section, I had to write this again, and as I wrote before in the lost fic I lost (Yep, the idiot is me), there’s no trouble fitting in any Hogwarts house in the place of Hufflepuff, it’s just that I received the request as a Hufflepuff :) Okay, enjoy!

[Y/N] = Your Name

[Y/H/C] = Your Hair Color

[Y/E/C] = Your Eye Color

Severus slumped in a black stool next to your bed at St. Mungos. All he could do was stare at your lovely face, which were now bruised. Severus knew it wasn’t his fault, but it felt like it was.

You had been knocked out after slipping on the stairs. How much have he told you not to run with a tray of hot tea right after he’d mopped the halls? Severus palmfaced himself, peeping from a gap between his fingers to see you in case you woke up. Nope. Not a sound.

“Mr and Mrs Snape?”

Severus turned around to find a nurse in front of him. She looked at you and back to your husband worriedly. “Are you alright, sir? You seem a bit pale.”

“Yes, yes. Just tell me a way to help her.” Severus rushed, making the nurse wave her coral wand over your blanket covered body. “I’ll at least cure her bruises, but don’t worry, sir, it’s not serious. She’s not in a muggle coma or anything, she’s just knocked out.”

Severus hesitated before he said “Thank you for your concern.” The nurse raised her eyebrow at him.

“I thought you weren’t the type to say ‘thanks’, Mr. Snape.”

“Well, that’s what my wife would’ve said, if she woke up.” Severus sighed. The nurse saw that he needed time to be alone with the patient and soon excused herself.

“Oh, one more thing. The healing spell makes the patient a bit loosely for a few minutes, so I suggest you get ready for your wife to wake up.” The nurse smiled at the glum husband before exiting the room. Severus turned back to you, flipping back his long robe sleeves.

Sooner or later, to his delight, your eyes fluttered open. Your [Y/H/C] locks was held back as you slowly started to sit up on your bed. Severus tried to make eye contact with you, but you grimaced, holding your head. “It.. Hurts.” You whined, but flinched when you saw your husband.

Your [Y/E/C] eyes glittered with excitement and a soft smile hung on your lips as you looked up to him. “D - Did you bring me here? To a… A…” You looked around, smoothing the covers. “Hospital?” Severus nodded. You beamed at him as he got out your coat.

“Thank you. I - I ought to know your name.” Severus stopped frozen. What did you just say?

“You.. You don’t know who I am?” Severus whispered. You tilted your head.

“Am I supposed to? Besides, a man so attractive would’ve stayed in my mind.” You batted your eyes. Usually, Severus would’ve been starstruck by that motion. But this time? No. He was too shocked that you didn’t remember him.

And then the nurse said.. Oh no.

“Severus Snape.” He said, sitting on the bed. You grinned and reached for his hair, stroking it.

“I love your sense of fashion. Not many men tend to grow out their hair like you. Or wear long black dresses.” You giggled.

“Robe.” Severus corrected your comment on his clothes, gently swatting your hand away. You pouted for a second, but with a certain amount of adrenalin rushing through you, you couldn’t stay still.

“Wow. I like your voice. It’s really deep and dark..” You smiled at Severus, who cocked an eyebrow at you. “In a very good way.” You added.

Severus scoffed lightly, and looked into your eyes. You did the same to him.

For some unknown reason, you were deperate for him. Like you met him already, like you’d fallen in love with him since you were born. Like you were devoted to him.

“That’s my line, actually.” Severus said, before flinching and regretting what he’d just said. In Hogwarts, he was the one who couldn’t stop himself from falling for you. He kept telling himself that you wouldn’t go out with someone like him, but guess what, you two were married a few months ago.

Meanwhile, even though you heard him, you couldn’t think about it because - Wll, you were blushing. Did you say everything out loud? You couldn’t believe you just embarrassed yourself in front of the man of your dreams.

“We should be going now.” Severus suggested, standing up from the bed.

Your head jerked up. “Going? We? Who - Do you have a girlfriend?”

Of course he had a girlfriend, he was too attractive to be single.

You watched as Severus’ lip quirked upwards ever so slightly. “I - I actually have a wife.” He said, making your heart sink.

“Oh - Oh.” You whispered. Drat.

“She’s very beautiful. Has a kind heart, that Mrs. Snape.” Severus continued, enjoying the situation. “And she should come home with me now if she doesn’t want to spend her night in St. Mungo’s -”

“Yeah. Take her home then. Thank you for all your doings for me -”

“[Y/N] Snape. Stand up from that bed before I have to carry you home, like I did before.” Severus handed you your coat, ignoring the fact that your eyes were widened. “Unless you’d rather be here than with your husband.” Severus said.

“I’m your wife?” You asked, dumbfounded. Severus nodded.

“Sorry. I had too much fun.” He said, helping you with your coat.

“No, no. It’s just.. If I’m your wife, it means that we did this before, right?” You said, and pressed your lips to his before he could ask you what you were referring to. It was more of a long peck, actually, but it seemed to fluster Severus anyway.

“Yes…” He muttered, turning around to hide his blush from you, and stormed out the door. You smirked at your husband, slowly starting to get back your memories. One by one, you thought of the memories and Severus helped you with them. And all the way home, your hand was captured in his.

Just like this time when you had the best time of your lives. Your wedding.


“Severus! I remember when you fumbled with your wedding suit, so I had to help you with the buttons -”

“Shhh… I’m trying to sleep..”

“And once you hexed that Slytherin for making fun of me - AWWW!!”


“Oh! And our first kiss! You were so red in the face, Sever -”


“…..Now can you forget about the first kiss?”

“Yes, sir.. Good night, Snape.”

“You too, Mrs. Snape.”


A/N: FINALLY I DID IT!! I wrote the Holy godric imagine twice! So proud of myself ;)


the horse and his boy ⇾ philip & edmund.

Edmund learns how to ride because Philip teaches him how; he teaches him how to keep balance and how to keep his seat and how to fall, but Philip rarely, if ever, lets him fall. In fact, Philip becomes really protective and possessive over Edmund because the one time he allows another horse to carry him, the horse startles and rears and Edmund falls and breaks his arm. After that, he won’t let him ride any other horse because Edmund is so precious and important to him. Edmund becomes the only one of the four kings and queens who has the privilege of riding a Talking Beast. And any time Edmund falls into one of his moods, usually when he begins to feel winter chill his bones, Philip takes him to the distant woods of Narnia to clear his head and reassure him that the White Witch can’t touch him again, not as long as he is by his side. And even as Philip gets on in years, he and Edmund remain inseparable. Edmund never goes into battle without his trusted friend, offering his wisdom and experience and his comforting presence.

Then one day, Edmund takes Philip into the Western Woods with his brother and sisters to pursue a White Stag. There they catch sight of an odd tree of iron with a lantern set on the top. Struck by a sense of adventure and nostalgia, the four monarchs travel deeper into the woods… and never return. After waiting for hours, the three other horses eventually get tired of waiting and return to Cair Paravel, but Philip does not. He roams the woods, deperately searching for the kings and queens, but he never finds them. Unable to leave the woods where he last saw his beloved King Edmund, Philip lingers until the falling autumn leaves are replaced by soft snow, a sign that winter has come and that perhaps the White Witch has taken Edmund after all.

anonymous asked:

please please please do 17 29 and 30 for Kylo plsss

Ok ok ok ok!

Modern AU Kylo +  “I think i’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.” +  “I like the way your hand fits in mine.” +  “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”

Feeling the haze of sleep slowly wear off, your eyes began to gently creep open. The room around you was still dark, revealing hardly anything to you aside from the vague shapes of objects around you. With a sigh you shifted in your place, scooting your body backward. Just as your body moved you could feel the warm mass of weight behind you shift as well, his hot breath fanning over your ear. A smile slowly crept over your lips as you heard him move again, obviously awoken by your sudden movement. Turning to face him you sleepily smiled at him.


With half lidded eyes he smiled back, “Morning.”

Shifting again he unwrapped his arm from around you and brought it between you, gently taking your hand in his.

“Did you sleep good?”

Kylo smirked faintly, “Mhmm.”


Knowing Kylo constantly suffered from insomnia and other things that deprived him of sleep you couldn’t help but feel relieved that he had rested. For at least once, he could give himself the rest he so deperately needed. The room fell silent again for a few moments, aside from you and Kylo’s breathing. Quietly he observed your hand in his, rotating your arm just slightly to get a better vantage point. A smile just barely tugged on the corner of his lips once again.

“I like the way your hand fits in mine.”

You smiled, gently rubbing your thumb over the side of his hand. In comparisson to your own hands, Kylo’s almost entirely swallowed yours every time he held them. 

“I do too, it’s quite easy to fit them into yours.”

Gently Kylo brought your hand to his lips, placing a chaste kiss to it. The simple sensation of affection made your heart swell. For a man who was so incredibly shut off from the world and most certainly brooding, he was surprisingly affectionate and emotional behind closed doors. Giggling faintly at the now ticklish feeling of his lips on your skin you gently pulled your hand away from him.

“I’m gonna make us some pancakes.”

Kylo’s eyes finally began to open fully, his brows raising faintly, “Pancakes?”

You shrugged, “It’s a lazy Sunday. Why not?”

Kylo hummed in content as he reluctantly let you go, allowing you to roll out from under the covers. The second your body left the warmth of the bed however, a chill instantly brushed over your skin. You had almost forgotten you went to bed wearing nothing. Rubbing your hands over your arms you carefully tiptoed over to Kylo’s dresser and began rummaging around. To your luck you instantly found where he kept his sweatshirts, something that would most certainly fit you. Considering Kylo’s size, the sweaters he wore were generally long enough to go past your upper thigh. 

Carefully you slipped the cozy garment over your head and shimmied into it, assuring it fit just right. With a smile you closed the drawer and turned back to Kylo.

“You want the pancakes plain or with fruit?”

Suddenly something in Kylo’s expression seemed to shift. The smiling face you had left cozily wrapped in covers was now sitting up, seeming to furrow his brows with an air of serious contemplation. You arched a brow.

“Kylo? You ok? …It’s just pancakes.”

For a moment he shook his head, as if snapping himself out of a daze.

“No, no it’s not the pancakes. No, like…it’s just, I can’t believe you’re wearing my clothes.”

You smiled at him warmly, “Oh. Do you like me in your clothes?”

He nodded, still seeming to be lost in some serious thought.


Biting your lip faintly you pulled at the sweatshirt, assuring it stretched a little further. Even with the flirtatious look on your face, Kylo seemed lost in a daze. Dropping the smile you arched a brow.

“Are you sure you’re ok?”

He cleared his throat, nodding slightly, “Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.”

You nodded, knowing better than to push him especially at this hour, “Alright. I’ll get breakfast started.”

Kylo nodded as you sauntered out of the room, carefully opening the door. The moment you walked out Kylo laid back on the bed as he brought his hands into his hair, shutting his eyes.

“I’m fine. I just… I think i’m in love with you…and that terrifies me.”

From the moment Kylo had held your hand in his, the thought had always lingered in his mind of how he felt for you. Seeing you this particular morning however, adorned in one of his slouchy sweatshirts, he was certain. Releasing a deep breath, Kylo’s eyes slowly opened to stare at the ceiling, thoughts reeling through his psyche.

“I’m in love with you.”


messy, self-indulgent, Horikashi scribbles I drew during finals week last month.

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Lucien?

I think that Lucien is in deperate need of a true friend. He has spent at least fourty-nine years with Tamlin. I understand that people are on the fence with Lucien because he didn’t help Feyre, but the thing is…

Feyre looked into his head in ACOMAF. She saw that he was in pain and he was hurting and he had been subjugated to Tamlin’s abusive nature for a very long time.

When Lucien did help Feyre, to the best of his ability, he got punished for it by Tamlin. Lucien doesn’t have anywhere to go. His own family tried to kill him, they murdered his love in front of him. All because she was a lesser fae.

He ran to the Spring Court because he had no where to go. It’s not like courts are just opening their borders to everyone. His brothers went after him, okay. They set out to kill him. And Tamlin let him into his court and he slaughtered two of Lucien’s brothers.

I feel like Lucien feels like he is indebted to Tamlin. Tamlin let him stay in his court. Tamlin gave him a home away from the monsters in his family. But I also feel like Lucien in on the tail-end of Tamlin’s temper.

He is Feyre’s friend. But Tamlin is his High Lord and his word is law. How much do you want to bet that when Lucien went after Feyre and didn’t come back with her that he was brutally punished for it? I would bet a lot. 

Tamlin thinks hes in love with Feyre, therefore his temper isnt completely out of control around her. But Lucien isn’t Feyre, he is his subject. And Lucien talking back to Tamlin, Lucien trying to get Tamlin to help her, those things would backfire and hurt him.

And then there is Ianthe, a manipulative shrew who deserves to have her throat ripped out. She kept pressing her advances onto him. Ianthe is drawn to power, and my baby fox has power. I am willing to bet he is the rightful High Lord Heir to the Autumn Court.

 And Lucien, because of his station, I am willing to bet he wasn’t able to turn her away. After all, she is such good friends with Tamlin.

I need him to level Tamlin. Yes, Feyre deserves this too. But I think that Lucien is the one who truly deserves to confront him. Tamlin is not only his High Lord, but he is supposed to be his friend. Lucien deserves to feel wanted, he deserves to feel protected. He deserves love and he deserves to be the one to end Tamlin, for all that he put him through.

As a victim of abuse, I can tell you, it is instinct to not push your abuser. It is instinct to keep your mouth shut to not escalate a situation. But for Feyre, he had tried to talk to Tamlin. And by doing that, of course we didn’t see the actual conversations, I’m willing to bet that Lucien paid dearly for opening his mouth.

Lucien is a victim of abuse, just as Feyre is. But where Feyre got out, where Feyre has friends and family, Lucien is alone.

 And he is alone with Tamlin and Ianthe.

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"Don't fucking touch me" johnlock


“Do you even understand what you’ve done?” John snapped. “You’ve made a mess of everything!

Sherlock blinked rapidly, at a loss for what to do. He couldn’t help himself from trying to reach out to John, attempt to calm him, to beg him to forgive him.

“Don’t you come near me. Don’t you fucking touch me,” John spat, and Sherlock recoiled as though he’d been burned, eyes wide with shock and hurt. 

He’d never seen John like this, this angry. And now his worst fear was being realized right in front of him–rejection from the one person who’d accepted him, who’d befriended him and then become more than that, the one person he truly cared about. And Sherlock stood frozen, rooted to the spot, unable to think, his heart painfully tight in his chest, throbbing as it started to break.

But John wasn’t finished, his temper getting the best of him, and bringing out the worst. “You’re just a big fuck-up. All you do is bother people, Sherlock, harass people. You haven’t got any friends. You’re an actual menace, making people run off in tears, getting in fights because you’re too stupid to know when to stop.”

Sherlock shrank under the absolute fury in John’s voice and gaze, the–and just the thought of the emotion being directed at him from John made Sherlock’s eyes sting–hate there. In that moment, John actually hated him. 

Sherlock swallowed thickly, unable to think what to say, let alone speak.

“You’re not even worth my time,” John continued cruelly, his face twisted into something akin to a snarl. “People tell me so all the time, and I’m starting to believe them. And here I’ve wasted so much of it with you. I deserve better than a goddamn machine that isn’t even capable of caring for another human. Just your goddamn mysteries.” 

“No, John, that’s not–” Sherlock started brokenly, but he was quickly silenced.

“Shut up, Sherlock. For once, just shut the hell up. And get out. And don’t come back. Ever. You really fucked up this time, you know, and I don’t want to see your face again. Do you understand?”

But Sherlock could only stand there, numb. Shattered, destroyed. Utterly ripped to shreds. John….

Before John could continue to deliver further abuse, someone stepped up beside him–Sherlock was too devastated to know who. “Riddikulus,” came a soft, familiar voice, accompanied by the flick of a wand in Sherlock’s peripherals. And then that ruthless, furious John twisted and reformed itself into something else. Sherlock was still too numb to notice what.

And John, the real John, the John that would never say any of that, and yet Sherlock feared it anyway, lowered his wand and turned to wrap his arms around him. John drew Sherlock, still frozen, into his arms, hugging him tightly.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered softly. He sounded genuinely distressed, a strange contrast to the other John from just moments before. “Sherlock, I had no idea….”

And the unbearable tightness in Sherlock’s chest finally subsided enough for him to lift his arms and return the embrace deperately, clinging to John as though afraid he would turn back into that horrible boggart. 

John just kept shaking his head from where it was tucked into Sherlock’s neck, murmuring gently. “None of that’s true–you know that, right? I would never say that, any of it. It’s not true. You’re fantastic, and brilliant, and I’d never want anyone but you; I know you care, I know you do….”

And John went on, showering him with praises and assurances, and after a moment, Sherlock was starting to believe him.

He sucked in a shaky breath, as though he’d been crying, though no tears had actually fallen. “I know.”