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Thoughts on Lucien?

I think that Lucien is in deperate need of a true friend. He has spent at least fourty-nine years with Tamlin. I understand that people are on the fence with Lucien because he didn’t help Feyre, but the thing is…

Feyre looked into his head in ACOMAF. She saw that he was in pain and he was hurting and he had been subjugated to Tamlin’s abusive nature for a very long time.

When Lucien did help Feyre, to the best of his ability, he got punished for it by Tamlin. Lucien doesn’t have anywhere to go. His own family tried to kill him, they murdered his love in front of him. All because she was a lesser fae.

He ran to the Spring Court because he had no where to go. It’s not like courts are just opening their borders to everyone. His brothers went after him, okay. They set out to kill him. And Tamlin let him into his court and he slaughtered two of Lucien’s brothers.

I feel like Lucien feels like he is indebted to Tamlin. Tamlin let him stay in his court. Tamlin gave him a home away from the monsters in his family. But I also feel like Lucien in on the tail-end of Tamlin’s temper.

He is Feyre’s friend. But Tamlin is his High Lord and his word is law. How much do you want to bet that when Lucien went after Feyre and didn’t come back with her that he was brutally punished for it? I would bet a lot. 

Tamlin thinks hes in love with Feyre, therefore his temper isnt completely out of control around her. But Lucien isn’t Feyre, he is his subject. And Lucien talking back to Tamlin, Lucien trying to get Tamlin to help her, those things would backfire and hurt him.

And then there is Ianthe, a manipulative shrew who deserves to have her throat ripped out. She kept pressing her advances onto him. Ianthe is drawn to power, and my baby fox has power. I am willing to bet he is the rightful High Lord Heir to the Autumn Court.

 And Lucien, because of his station, I am willing to bet he wasn’t able to turn her away. After all, she is such good friends with Tamlin.

I need him to level Tamlin. Yes, Feyre deserves this too. But I think that Lucien is the one who truly deserves to confront him. Tamlin is not only his High Lord, but he is supposed to be his friend. Lucien deserves to feel wanted, he deserves to feel protected. He deserves love and he deserves to be the one to end Tamlin, for all that he put him through.

As a victim of abuse, I can tell you, it is instinct to not push your abuser. It is instinct to keep your mouth shut to not escalate a situation. But for Feyre, he had tried to talk to Tamlin. And by doing that, of course we didn’t see the actual conversations, I’m willing to bet that Lucien paid dearly for opening his mouth.

Lucien is a victim of abuse, just as Feyre is. But where Feyre got out, where Feyre has friends and family, Lucien is alone.

 And he is alone with Tamlin and Ianthe.

  • me: *battling windows 10 and sims 2 crashing
  • me: *looks up youtube tutorial (deperate times man)
  • youtube: "Today I'll teach you how to stop your sims 2 game from crashing..."
  • me: *get's out notebook
  • youtube: "First you open your game..."
  • youtube: *opens game with launcher
  • me: yeah... nevermind *closes video

Is this just me or was this episode of Run! BTS absolutely full of BTS being meme material? I can’t even…

- Namjoon opening the scene with his lame joke, Jin infected everyone with those jokes istg,
- Screaming Jin, scared J-Hope,
- Smooth Jimin - did you see that spark in his eyes when he said that with more water running it’s more “scary”? He was like “I also like to live dangerously >:3″,
- Everyone arguing about not seeing the question,
- Suga savage and swääg,
- V keeps telling everyone the answer is between 1 and 20 (when it’s 40 or someting lol),
- Deperate Namjoon after answering 5 instead of 12 :D
- Jungkook finally getting the answer,
- Once again smooth Jimin with his 12 (so perfect, funny, beautiful asfdsgdfg)
- NamJin taking the slide, Jin’s dying *slow motion*, Namjoon just like “lol”,
- Namjoon being cool as fck while walking over to the members, suddenly he falls *dignity out of window*,
- Jin and his whale sounds,
- Making camel faces
- Suga savage once again (that look in his face when he announced there’s a scary ride in waterpark, looking at J-Hope),
- J-Hope staring and keeping his face like: “Rly bish, fck you bish, you want to die, another scary shit, will this ever end, I would cut you but I can’t I died already earlier”,
- Jin and J-Hope scared cutiepies in their biggest coats, finally making it and moving to safety while,
- Jin freaking tiptoes in that huge coat in his neon-yellow shoes like some Grinch/ballerina hybrid

But in the end the biggest question remains unanswered. WHO IS THE SPY I NEED TO KNOW OH MY GOD, IS IT J-HOPE? IS IT V? JUNGKOOK? SUGA? THAT WOUDLN’T MAKE ANY SENSE BUT YOU HEARD JUNGKOOK EXPLAINING EVERYTHING “You had earphones!” (doesn’t explain nothing but who cares right.)

TELL ME DON’T MAKE ME DIE :(((((((((((((( k, bye

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You deperate ask Lance to do 'BF does my makeup challenge' and he gives in. His face is offscreen cause he didn't want anyone to blackmail him later, so all you see is his hand👐. Lance trying so hard not to poke you in the 👀 or smear your💄

Okay but what if Lance is good at make up because he’s been around gymnasts and helped them just before they do their routines

Fluffy Friday™


messy, self-indulgent, Horikashi scribbles I drew during finals week last month.


Hey everyone! Most of you have probably heard about Beyonce’s latest feature in Coldplay’s newest video but let’s all take a step back: This is cultural appropriation. Most of the people speaking on this issue are not even directly involved with the culture,  being actually desi, I feel I have more authority.

The dictionary definition of cultural appropriation:  Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture.

Some specific examples throughout the video are the appropriation of henna during the movie theater scene, appropriation of the tikka during the same scene, the use of religious and cultural images throughout the video, such as the holi scenes and other hindu gods throughout the video. 

Beyonce and Coldplay have basically turned a rich culture over thousands of years into a music video concept, like an “exotic theme” or something which is INEXCUSABLE. 

Now although I am not excusing Coldplay’s involvement in this video, I will mainly be focusing on Beyonce, because it is her fanbase that is trying deperately to defend her messy actions.

??? While all of humanity began in Africa at one point, excusing cultural appropriation because there are some similarities between cultures hardly seems fair. 

While the director, being from India may think he is spreading cultural awareness, he is really promoting cultural appropriation because for me, as a first generation american, i am constantly mocked for expressing my culture while people with no connection with the culture get praise for doing the exact same thing, and this video just reinforces the idea that cultural appropriation is ok. 

I know Beyonce herself has experienced a lot of cultural appropriation, and was likely trying to express appreciation. That being said, there are better ways to appreciate a culture than using thousands of years worth of culture as a music video concept.

Coldplay also has a history of cultural appropriation in their videos, like Princess of China (ft Rihanna)

There are worse examples of cultural appropriation like Selena Gomez’s Come and Get It MV and Iggy Azalea’s Bounce MV but my main issue with this situation is that Beyonce fans are trying to go to any length to defend her. Black people can also be perpetrators of cultural appropriation. Anyone can. 

My culture is not a costume. 

Accept that your fave has messed up, learn from it, and move on. 

Kabul edin. En büyük hatayı hayatımıza almamamız gerekn insanları hayatımıza alıp onları hayatımızın merkezi ilan etmemiz oldu. Aslında bakarsanız tanışmamamız gerekiyordu. Bazen deper verdiğim insanların gerçek yüzlerini gördüğüm zaman pişman oluyorum. Kendime kızıyorum. Böyle insanları hayatıma dahil ettiğim için. Bu kadar kör müydüm ben ya diye kendimi yiyorum doğrusu. Olan her şekilde zaten bununla beraber bize oluyor. Her gelen bir parça götürüyor. Eksiliyoruz.. Parçalanıyoruz.. Kırılıyoruz.. Kimsenin umurunda olmuyor ki.. Artık bu sebeplerden dolayı doğru insanı seçemiyoruz. Sahi var mı doğru kişi? Ben daha hiç rastlamadım da….

Strawberry Week

Characters: Jimin X Reader

Genre: Fluff/Mature

Word Count: 1209

Requested by @peanadwithjam: this might sound weird but can i request a scenario where youre on your period but jimin,your bf is like deperate and horny or something?idek but yeah😂💓

Okay, i hope this is ok. Cause like… i’m not even sure hehe. i was in such a fluffy mood. Hope you like it.


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It’s been a while since the last time you saw your boyfriend, Jimin was promoting the new single, and soon went to tour with the boys. It’s been 2 moths since you’ve seen each other, and you miss him, his smile, texting him constantly, talking to him on a regular basis, but you also missed… him. That part of him that no other man could give to you the way he did, you were sexually frustrated but you manage to contain yourself, you know that when he gets back its gonna be you + him + love in a cabana, you just needed to wait. You also knew, he needed you, just as much as you needed him.

You received his text letting you know he will arrive in 2 days, and you couldn’t contain your happiness, you began planning your night at every detail, but that same day, late night a friend came to visit you, a friend you weren’t happy to see. — Your period. Pain struck you during the first day, and also anger, cause you knew the night was ruined. At the second day things were fine, you’d take tons of painkillers and life was great, you decided to just enjoy the night with him watching movies and talking about his tour, even tho that was not his plan.

You heard the door open, and you already knew, you got up and ran to the meet your boyfriend that carried a small luggage and a plastic bag as soon as you saw him, he dropped everything knowing what was coming. “Jiminnnn” You shouted before jumping and wrapping your legs around his body, hugging him, pulling a few seconds later to kiss his lips.

“I missed you so much” a radiant smile was on your lips as you constantly kissed his face, he giggled at your behavior.

“Do I need to cary you till the couch?” he asked smiling, still holding onto your body.

“Yes you do!” you pecked his nose. He grabbed the luggage and plastic bag, and closed the door. He took the luggage to your room, and went to the kitchen. You kept a hold onto his body, making sure you wouldn’t fall, your head on his neck inhaling his smell as he walked thru the house with you around his body, just like a koala.

“You do know i get tired, right?” he let out a sigh.

“I know Jiminiee, and i love to be the one making you feel tired.” you smiled brightly. He puts the plastic bag on the freezer, you assumed it was food, then carried you to the couch, letting your body fall on it, and laid right on top of you.

“Now let me look at your face.” He caressed your cheeks, and stroke your hair. “I missed your beautiful face.”

“I missed you too.” He kissed your lips.

“You cooked this?” he said after putting the plates on the sink.

“Yeah i did, i wanted you to have a home cooked meal.” you smiled and handed him the glasses.

“Your cooking is improving.” He complimented, and headed to the couch.

“Thank you.” you shyly smiled, and followed him.

“What movie are we watching again?” he asked grabbing the remote control.

“Anything, i don’t really care. I just want to spend time with you.” you curled your body next to him.

“If that’s what you want…” he turned the tv off, and turned to face you. “We can spend time together” he smirked, and kissed your lips, and in a matter of minutes both were in a intense make out section, his hands running thru your body, they went inside your shirt, caressing your breasts, and he soon got tired of feeling the fabric, so he opened your bra and slide it off your arms and under your shirt. He lifted your shirt, admired your body for glimpse of a second and with his mouth he licked, and bite the nipple while massaging the other with his hands. Your bodies temperatures was rising, you missed this, you missed him, you wanted him, all you could think about now is how much you wanted his naked body on top of yours.

His hands began to make their way to your lower half, he reached your shorts, unbuttons it, and as soon as he touched your panties fabric, you stopped him.

“We… we can’t” you hesitated breathing heavily.

“Why not?” he spoke between kisses on your neck, he kept on sucking and biting there, and his hand didn’t stop moving down.

“Baby i mean it, stop.” you took his hands away from your lower half.

“What? Did i do something?” he asked confused.

“No, i just… I’m on my strawberry week.” you grinned at him.

“Your what? What do strawberries have to do with- Oh” he finally caught up. “You mean you’re on your period.” he sighed. “Ok, that’s… unfortunate. But we can still-”

“No Jimin, i’ve told you before, i’m not down for that.” you rolled your eyes thinking about that possibility.

“I was gonna say” he paused dramatically “We can keep it on second base.” He seductively smiled.

“Can you handle it?” you lifted one eyebrow in disbelief. He could usually control himself, but you knew he was exploding inside with desire.

“If that’s the best i get” he came closer. “I’ll take it.” his lips touched yours once again.

You smiled, and kissed him back. His hands eventually went back to underneath your shirt to meet your breasts as your tongues danced, soft moans filled your ears and turned you on. His voice sounded deep with desire as he began to whisper on your ears.

He positioned himself behind you, so he could rub his body against your behind, while his hands did wonders to your breasts.

“You don’t know how much i’ve missed this” he licked your ear. “How much I’ve missed you.” he kept on sucking on your neck and biting, you moan in pleasure and that simply drives him to the edge, it was torture, to be able to touch your body and not be inside you.

You pressed your ass against him, feeling his length hard just like a rock. You smiled, and moved your hips and down causing him to groan.

“You don’t know what your doing to me Y/N” he breathed heavily, your hand met his pants and you rubbed his erection, you felt him squirm behind you and heard what sounded almost as a scream of relief coming from his lips, you could tell, he was close.

He grabbed onto your body with all the strength he had, and buried his face on your neck, sucking hard, his hands finds your breast once again and he pinches the nipples just enough to drive you crazy. He quickened his movements against your ass, while you whined in pleasure, soon enough both reached a release point, and it felt so good.

You turn to face him, and he held onto your body softly. “I wouldn’t have survived if this didn’t happen.” he confessed between heavy breathing and smiles.

“I missed this too baby.” you smiled, recovering your breath.

“James, I was wondering if you would like to go to Slughorn’s Christmas party with me. I didn’t even want to go but Slughorn is insisting I go and I didn’t know who else to ask.” It was a short ramble from you, but it was a deperate ramble since you needed James to say yes; you didn’t want to be the only one who showed up without a date.

“I would love to go with you,”James smiled.”But you better not force me to dance. I am too cool for that.”

“You have a deal. Thank you, thank you,”You grinned, pulling James into a hug from happiness. 

Non vedo l'ora di tornare a studiare 24 ore su 24 come una disperata e tornare ad avere occhieie profonde come l'oceano Atlantico, ma sopratutto non vedo l'ora di vedere quelle bellissime e dolcissime prof, che non scopano dall'epoca della pietra e che neppure a capodanno hanno avuto la loro porzione di goduria annuale. Di conseguenza saranno ancora più agguerrite e noi sempre più deperiti...

Can someone point me out how “Kylux is more realistic and plausible than Reylo”? No hate, ship what you want, but come on, let’s be realistic here; 

-it’s confirmed they hate each other

-Kylo Ren is disgusted by him, and Hux ecen woth mention him, consider him. On they other hand “the scavenger girl” Rey (is worth all of his time).

-“…to add to that discomfort, that slimy sycophant Hux always seemed to appear at the most awkward possible moment. He gritted his teeth, angry at himself. It was a measure of his current weakness that something like jealousy toward an insignificant simpleton like Hux could even enter his mind. It was nothing but a waste of physical energy and mental concentration. Hux—Hux was not worthy of such attention. The girl, on the other hand…”

-Kylo Ren is completely drawn and fascinated to Rey (and oviously sexually attracted to her too), basically chasing her asking her deperately to be her teacher in the whole movie and her carrying her bride-freakin-style, with no care for the war and world; the Reylo subtext is so heavy

-”forget the droid, we have what we need”

-even Snoke realized how heavy impact has Rey to Kylo, she already affects Kylo in such point, cannot control himself when it comes to her and acting impulsively and with no common sense.

Like we know at this point it’s one-sided, but Reylo was being heavily point out, their already deep connection, the Light and Darkness apects; the earth completely split in two between them, how much more symbolic can this be?

Like, just ship what you want, but don’t come and invalidate my ship, to make yours more appealing.

Awfully Beautiful

He never thought he could care so much much about one person. He never thought he could get that in love, not that much. He never thought someone could make him that happy by simply being around him.


It wasn’t love at first sight, he never believed in that and he never would. But it was something else, maybe something better. In fact, it was definitely something better. It was realizing after all those years that the person, the one and only, was in front of him. She wasn’t his best friend, they were not the typical best friends that fell for each other. She was just one of the many other girls he had gone to high school with. She wasn’t popular nor a nerd, she was the type of person no one really noticed. Of course, she had a couple of close friends. But she was not the type of girl that wanted deperately people to remember her. She wasn’t living her life for other people, she was living her life the best she could for herself.

Anyway, he always had made small talk with that girl, here and there. He was the type of person that talked a bit with everyone, he always had been friendly.

He had realized everything on that Tuesday morning of his senior year. He had arrived at school a bit earlier, he had some homework to get done. But she was there too.

She was sitting at the table in front of him. She was there, reading a book.

And that was it, really.

He sat there, incapable of doing his work, mesmerized by her. He found it silly, idiotic even. She was only reading a freaking book after all.

But there was something about her reading that book. She was there, all alone, not caring a bit about what anyone thought of her. She was enjoying this book, it didn’t look like it was her first time reading it; the book looked awful. Awfully beautiful.

Yes, the book was awfully beautiful, he realized. Because it was loved by her. And somehow, he knew it was all he ever wanted. To be loved by her.

U.S. Book Haul - I spent the last 3 months in the U.S. and got some books there. Soooo I thought that this is the perfect oppurtunity to finally make a video. :D

This is it. This is my first BookTube video. 

I hope you’ll enjoy it! ♥