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SO in the post that jack posted yesterday (Or whenever, depends on your time zone) and the post I’m referencing is the Convoke REBORN. 

Jack started Joy of creation: Story mode, right? I know this is going to sound ridiculous but don’t rule anything out right? 
What if the ‘story mode’ is referencing Anti’s story/lore? Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of Anti’s story? (Oh I hope so) Or maybe it’s hinting to one of the other Egos? 

If you are somehow a bit iffy on the joy of creation theories, look at this. 
Joy of Creation: Reborn. Do you see it? SO you know what I need to do? Go watch Jack play Joy of Creation: Reborn, of course! But take this as you will, I thought I would just say something before I start any damage.  

All Might Birthday Drama CD

Since it’s All Might’s birthday tomorrow or today depending on your time zone then it’s perfect time to the drama cd where he, Present Mic and Aizawa go out for drinks and celebrate all might’s birthday.

You can listen to it: HERE it’s track 5

And read the translation that goes along with it: HERE

Thanx to @sirin-bird for uploading the CD and to @ukitakejuushiro for the translation.

Happy Birthday All Might!! Plus Ultra!!!!

Hewwo !

Uhhh I’ve always wanted to do some sort of small ‘contest like thing’ w/ my followers Bc I love interacting with you all honestly but i also don’t want to seem like I’m using you guys ? But i wanted to do something small ! Maybe a small contest on drawing a picture of tord so I can use as and Icon ! I’ll credit you in my links too ! I’m starting it tonight and it’ll end…Wednesday! That’s about 2-3 days depending on your time zone ? Any ways I’ll be reblogging this post once in a while ! You can submit more then one if you’d like! Just tag it… #tordiconcontest ? You don’t have to enter so don’t worry !

Code: Realize: Morning Routines 

Good morning (depending on your current time zone of course…). The day has just begun for the guys, so time for some breakfast and the usual before…stuff they do. This cute chibi illustration was like previous ones, used for multiple goods during Otomate Market (I don’t recall the date, sorry!) If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one is certainly telling us a lot about our guys!

It looks like Lupin either just came back or is leaving fast to gather information, or go steal stuff from the rich to give to the poor (minus a small handling fee). Fran is up and happily watering the plants (all together now….“awww”) as the birds chirp next to him. Impey just woke up, but the again, he usually stays up the latest working on contraptions…yet has to go make breakfast for everyone because…let’s face it, the guy on the window and likely room next door would probably send everyone into the emergency room with whatever evil purple goop of doom he prepares..

Speaking of Van, for better or worse, he has already made himself a cup of coffee and is enjoying a quiet morning while reading the newspaper, because, that’s what trigger-happy tsun tsun blondes do. Finally, the most peculiar window of all is that of Saint Germain! You usually don’t see him with Sissi, but there he is, and Sissi is trying to get Saint-G’s attention towards something (possibly Lupin sneaking in or out?). What’s getting my attention here is the fact that Saint Germain is smoking?! I’ll let you fangirls call this one.

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter. DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

I was tagged by @joyspeach, thank you so much ♡

1. nickname: ahahaha I usually say I don’t have one but there’s this one person who calls me valtsu and two other call me verlu 
2. gender: cis female 
3. star sign: capricorn 
4. height: about 165 cm 
5. time: 10:17 am
6. birthday: 14th of january 
7. favorite bands/groups: mx, bts, bap, blackpink… 
8. favorite solo artist: dean, loco, sik-k, lately I’ve been listening to one too
9. song stuck in your head: da da da by loco and hoody 
10. last movie watched: shh (thank you for the recommendation lav ♡)
11. last show watched: game of thrones
12. when did i create my blog: I’ve had a tumblr since 2013 (I think) but I made this blog last june ?? I think 
13. when do i post: mostly in the mornings and in the evenings + I have a queue set up for the night
14. last thing googled: the weather for this weekend (I’m going camping with my family) 
15. do you have any other blogs: yeah I have two sideblogs but I tend to forget about them haha 
16. do you get asks: sometimes
17. why did you choose your url: because I couldn’t think of another one but also because I love roses
18. following: 187 (I need follow more people!) 
20. favorite colors: blue, lilac and grey 
21. average hours of sleep: I haven’t been sleeping very well lately so 5-6 hours I think? I’m trying to fix that 
22. favorite number: 54 
23. instrument: I don’t know how to play any, but I’ve always thought violins are cool 
24. what am i wearing: I’m still in my pjs! so soft sleeping shorts and a cute t-shirt ^^ 
25. how many blankets do i sleep with: one 
26. dream job: hmm I’d love to be one of those mysterious professors who work in museums but that’s a career I wouldn’t seriously try to pursue 
27. dream trip: I’d love to go somewhere with good food and clear water, it’s my dream to go scuba diving but on the other hand it’s been a dream of mine to go hiking in iceland and visit the hot springs too
28. favorite food: I like foods with chicken 
29. nationality: finnish
30: favorite song right now: heyahe by one

and for this I’m tagging: 

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Just So Y'all Know

So I saw that Leafy retweeted a tweet from Shorbie saying smth about them streaming together. I’m like “hmm, I wonder what this’ll be like?” And I clicked the link that lead to the stream and guess what?

I ended up staying for most of the stream even after Leafy left. It was overall a really fun time because I got some EXCLUSIVE!™ info:

Cal’s absolute fav movie is American Psycho, he really likes Fight Club and 2 other ones (shame on me I forgot them.) and that he’s going to be streaming today (or tomorrow, depending on your time zone).

We’re finally getting the stream we’ve been begging for all of last year and this year. (If he decides to keep that promise)

P.S: I like Shorbie now

40 years ago today (or yesterday, depending on your time zone) Joan Crawford passed away, but her legacy lives on. I hope to do her justice with a more substantial piece of fanart, but meanwhile here’s this doodle! And yes I gave her freckles, you can see them in some close up pictures of Joan because she was actually a redhead, but I guess that beauty standards of her times, with the aid of black and white cinematography, brought her to conceal them. Too bad because I find them adorable~ I blame Feud FX and George Cukor for giving me a Joan situation lately, but I regret nothing.  

Also DID YOU KNOW she invented eyebrows (just kidding. But not really).

Fic Updates This Week

I’ve been writing all weekend, just not Long Live Rock or Pour Some Sugar On Me. No, a brand new Bughead fic, Candy Shop, ate my brain. Why? Who knows. My muse is a shady and fickle bitch.

Pour Some Sugar On Me:  No update this coming week. This WIP will be on hiatus until Long Live Rock is complete and posted.

Long Live Rock: The next chapter will be posted very late this evening or Monday morning, depending on your time zone. I’m wrapping up Long Live Rock and intend to have the four remaining chapters all posted by the end of next week. If you have a burning question about Long Live Rock, feel free to hit me up in my ask box.

Candy Shop: This new four chapter long Bughead fic will be posted as a complete series this week.  If I get a very nicely worded ask, I will post a spoiler or two.

anonymous asked:

Ily Dragon Mom I hope you have a really excellent day (or had or will have one tomorrow depending on your time zone)

Thank you. I hope you do too, and I’m passing on your good wishes to all my followers. Let’s make it a good day spell.

May everyone who reads this have an excellent day. Pass it on to give all your followers an excellent day. Let’s make a chain of good wishes and empower it with everyone’s good vibes.

evilgeniusandcats  asked:

When does the battle for Mewni air? I was looking for the time but it looks like there are three diffrent times and i don't understand that. Could you maybe explain this to me?

Sorry I didn’t see your ask earlier!!! But it aired 3 times today and it’ll air tomorrow at around 10 or 11 depending on your time zone