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Witch Tip: How to study magically

 This is for all of the witches in college, school, university, or for anybody who’s studying for an important exam.

First, It’s important to make clear that everything depends on effort. It doesn’t matter how many spells or sigils you make to do well on exam, nothing will happen if you don’t study, obviously. 

So here are some tips to study using magic and to remember everything during the test.

  • Study in Alpha! Relax, breathe and start to study.
  • Cast the magic circle and study inside of it. Call the energies of concentration and focus and if you want you can call knowledge and wisdom related deities like: Hermes, Athena, Djehuty, Odin etc…..
  • Dedicate your studies and offer them to these Deities, they love it! But you have to commit to it and be serious about it!(I know stories of someone who’s done this, and failed MISERABLY, because she dedicated academic research to Athena, and simply abandoned the course later. The goddess just cursed this person… So, DEDICATE yo self!)
  • Go to your Astral Temple and create a library in there. Go into an aplha state, meditate, project yourself into your temple and study! When you’re doing the test you can go back to that place to help you remember everything you studied. 
  • Create sigils, bind runes and draw them on your notebook. You can also draw them on your test while doing it. I really like to use the runes Ansuz for knowledge and Sowilo for success. 
  • Hold and use charged crystals like: Sodalite, Fluorite, Amethyst, Prehnite and Lapis Lazuli.
  • Charge all of your pens and notebooks with wisdom focus, luck…
  • Use all of the possible study techniques like drawings, songs, summaries, associations, mental maps, everything! 

All of these are things you can do using magick to help you remember what you have studied during an exam. Good luck <3


Elaborations/types of spells:

1. The kinds that need belief to fuel them. The more you believe that it’ll work, the stronger it is.


“In the name of the father, son, and the Holy Spirit”- wards off evil. For this, it might be stronger if you’re Christian/Catholic.
“I believe I can fly”- Levitation, flight, etc.
“I do believe in fairies”- Can heal any of the fae. (i.e. fairies, elves, pixies)
“In God we trust”- calms someone down. Must be religious/believe in God for this.
“Let there be light”- summons a light. Stronger if you know where it’s from.

2. These spells have different meanings and uses, depending on how you interpret them.


“Ashes, ashes, we all fall down”- Depending on whether you know the history behind the nursery rhyme or not, this spell may simply result in someone falling, or being struck by the plague/dying.
“Just keep swimming”- Either motivates you, gives you added endurance, or keeps you from drowning.
“Birds of a feather flock together”- Summons members of a group/society. Or you just end up with lots of birds.

3. Some spells require an action to be performed, as well as reciting the words.

“A penny for your thoughts”- Makes someone tell the truth/say what’s on their mind… But you have to give them a penny first.
“True love’s kiss”- Wakes someone up from a coma, but you have to actually be their true love and then kiss them.
“A spoonful of sugar”- General cure-all for minor colds and whatnot. You have to consume an actual spoonful of sugar, first, though.

4. Some are extremely strong spells, and probably banned.


“Over my dead body”- Keeps whatever it is from occurring until you die.
“It’s alive”- Brings someone back to life, but not completely. Like a zombie.
“As you wish”- Someone else’s wish is fulfilled, though not in the way they want it.
“There’s a time for everything”- Time travel. Definitely a no-no.
“Like father, like son”- Cloning, I think. Another no-no.

maybe part 1/? we’ll see


If you want to add a bit more power to your spellwork, try to do your rituals at the best time. There are various ways to time your spells, depending on how flexible you are.

Moon Phases

Probably the most “magickal” ways of timing your spells, according to the phase of the moon. When the moon is getting smaller (waning) it’s good for any spells to end or banish things. Full moon is most powerful for any magick especially love, abundance, and success. As the moon gets larger (waxing) do spells for motivation, inspiration, good luck or healing. The night of the new moon is perfect for any new beginnings.

Days of the Week

An easier way to time your spells if you don’t want to wait weeks for the right phase. Each day of the week is associated with a certain time of magick. No room for the whole list here, so click for a list of the days’ correspondences.

Planetary Hours

I haven’t used these yet, but the day is broken down into magickal hours when certain spells might be stronger. You’ll need to find a complete chart for this because it’s actually pretty complicated because the “day” starts at sunrise. That means the planetary hours don’t correspond to the hours on the clock each day.

Sincerely, The Daily Pagan

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I hate how people think there was dark and light magic in Harry Potter. All spells should be considered gray. A wizard could use a healing spell to get another person ready for another round of torture, but another could save a friend from killing themselves by using a so-called ‘dark spell’ to cut their rope or stop their wrists from bleeding. All spells can be light or dark, depending on how you use them.


‘Rivaille’ is the French spelling of Levi’s first name.

'Levi’ is the more shortened/Americanized way of spelling it since most people wouldn’t know how to pronounce it right off the bat unless you are familiar with the French language



His name is either Rivaille Ackerman or Levi Ackerman depending on how you spell it or where you’re from.

His name is not Levi Levi, which is what is being read/said when you put Levi Rivaille.

Thank You, this has been a public service announcement