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First Time With Them: GOT7 JACKSON

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  • I hope that you all do know how respectful Jackson is towards women
  • So this post will literally be bringing this up
  •      Everytime
  • Because like he’s the sweetest man
  • And his girlfriend will be blessed
  • He would be the one to lead the whole ordeal
  • And it would be in his utmost intentions to pleasure you
  •      In every way possible
  • If you said you don’t want to do it- then hands down it ain’t happening
  • He’d be into marking, though
  • Because as respectful as he might be he also has his man’s pride
  • Depending on the mood, he will take bites into your skin either in noticeable places, or somewhere only he could see
  • To him, it would seem like a good idea to prepare you good first, because he didn’t want to inflict any pain to you
  • So he might even postpone the actual thing, only settling for some tongue/finger work
  • So if anything, it will have to be you who pushes him to square tf up and just do the deed
  • I feel like he’d be the rough type, so it would also be up to you to get that side of him out
  • Though I doubt it would happen on your first night/day/whenever

“And he just gave you a job?” Salim laughed.

“Yep,” Ryleigh grinned. “He said they needed someone to take over some workout blog while the original writer is on maternity leave, and then depending on how well I do they might have some other work for me.”

“That’s fantastic!” he said enthusiastically. “You weren’t kidding about having a good day!”

“And it just keeps getting better,” Ryleigh smiled. “Who would have thought literally running into someone could wind up getting you a job!”

“Well I think this calls for a toast,” Salim clapped his hands together. “I’ll grab us a drink at the bar, what would you like?”

“Oh um…” she looked down at her lap. “I don’t … I …”

“You don’t drink?” he frowned, concerned by her sudden change in mood.

“No it’s just …” she knew she’d have to tell him her age eventually but she had hoped she’d have more time before he’d never want to speak to her again. “I’ve never … I mean I haven’t ever …”

“You’ve never had a drink before?” Salim guessed what she was trying to say. Ryleigh couldn’t bring herself to speak so she simple shook her head. He stared at her for a minute before realisation suddenly dawned on his face. “Wait a minute, you are old enough to drink right?”


We found friendship in hopeless times.

Plot: Noxtale

A sentient shroud made of darkness, a world with dragons that are not monsters, and a Sans that is tired of the stupid resets and disbelievers when he says that the dragons are being controlled.

Each and every reset, he tries to tell someone about it. The dragons, the resets, and the kid that goes on a good/bad adventure depending on their mood. It doesn’t help that the non-monster dragons were seen as predators that took away monsters. It doesn’t help that no one even remembers the resets in the first place. It also doesn’t help that they thought Sans was joking. 

It doesn’t help that the shroud of darkness scares the monsters away from its unnatural ‘soullessness’.

He knew the life of a prankster would bite him in the coccyx some day.

Cue an adventure with a missing brother, regretful monsters and a mysterious shape-shifting dragon.

EXO React to you having eyes that change color

Chanyeol: “WOW! How do your eyes do that?” He would freak out. “They are just so beautiful! I wish that my eyes did that!” He would be entranced by your eyes and would ask you questions such as, “Do they change color depending on your mood? It’s like you are a superhuman!”

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Kai: He might not say anything about it, but he would definitely notice something was different with your eyes. Whenever he would go to talk to you he would look deeply into your eyes, after a while you might get a little weirded out by what he was doing and would ask. A blush would form on his cheeks as he said, “I’m sorry, (y/n), your eyes are just so pretty!”

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D.O.: He would be concentrated on your eyes once he noticed. “How… do they do that?” He would ask. “It’s just something my eyes do, it depends on what I wear usually.” You’d say shrugging it off. “How can you be so laid back about something so beautiful that your eyes do?” He’d say, causing you to blush.

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Chen: He wouldn’t know what to make of your eyes; a look of confusion would cross over his face. “Were your eyes always like that?” He would ask, with a puzzled expression as he watched you laugh at his confusion. “Well were they?! (Y/n)?!!” He would pout.

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Suho: He would be the one who has heard about eyes that change color or read about it in books, but would be amazed to see that in person. “Woah! (Y/n)! You’re one of those people?” He would ask quickly, captivated by the way your eyes are. “Uhhh…” You would sound unsure of what he meant. “Oh! I’m sorry, I just never thought I’d meet somebody with such unique eyes.!!”

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Lay: You would have to point out that your eyes change color to him. After saying that though, you would have captured his interest, “Can I see?” he would ask, his eyes sparkling with curiosity. “It’s not like it’s a super power I can’t control it!” You would say and chuckle, “but I promise next time my eyes change color I’ll take a picture to show you.”

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Xiumin: He would be shy about asking at first because he would worry that he just didn’t notice your actual eye color. “(Y/n)… have your eyes always been that color?” He’d ask. After explaining that your eyes change colors relief would flood his face.  “Either way, your eyes are still beautiful.” He’d say, blushing lightly.

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Sehun: Once he noticed there was something different about your eyes, he would find every excuse he could just to look into them to figure out what it was. After figuring out what he was trying to do, you would end up telling him what is was that was different about your eyes. “I KNEW IT!” He’d say, after obviously not knowing at all.

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Baekhyun: “Is that some kind of magic trick that you are doing with your eyes!?”He would ask once he noticed that your eyes were a different color. After assuring him your eyes are no magic trick he’d be amazed. “Can you teach me how to have cool eyes!?”

“Uh, Baekhyun, I don’t think it works that way,” you’d say trying to hold in your laughter.

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Extra: (Since you said all 12~)

Kris: He would think your eyes were pretty and would admire them, and he would find them interesting. But I think because of where he is from, he doesn’t seem like the type who would make a gigantic fuss over them. “(y/n), have I ever told you that you have pretty eyes?” He’d say and smile lightly.

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Tao: He would fan-girl over your eyes, “They are so beautiful! Why didn’t you tell me about this unique ability your eyes have sooner!? Can you do anything else magical!? Are you unicorn!!!!??—wait that’s Lay. But seriously, are you part werewolf?” He would exclaim causing you to fall out of your chair laughing.

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Luhan: “…(y/n), have your eyes always done that?” He would ask, his voice full of confusion. “—done what?” You’d match his confused tone. “You know… turned from one gorgeous color to another?” He would ask, a light blush forming on his cheeks and also your own.

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Sorry for the lack of requests for the past couple days! I hope this makes up for it! 

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aaaa hi !! could I get some cutesy relationship h/cs for Pidge with a fem (or gender neutral if u want!) s/o? (AND gl w ur blog, I hope things go well for u and stuff aa)

Of course thank you for requesting! Aw thank you sooo much!! Sorry these aren’t the best! I was writing them at 6am cause I couldn’t sleep, I’ll edit them later!


  • Out of the two of them, her s/o would say ‘I love you’ first. She’d also have to make the first move, Pidge is too shy to do any of that. After awhile she’d get used to it.
  • She isn’t of fan of PDA, not because she doesn’t like it, she just gets embarrassed about it easily. In private quarters she enjoys it! Hell, she might even start it (depending on her mood)!
  • When they cuddle, Pidge prefers the sweethearts cradle . She likes having her s/o resting her head on her. If not the sweethearts cradle, then she likes to be the big spoon. If she’s had a rough day she likes to be the small spoon.
  • They like to play video games together, it brings out her competitive side. Her s/o looses on purpose sometimes but don’t tell Pidge!
  • If her s/o is messy, Pidge is constantly picking up after them. She doesn’t it mind it cause it’s her s/o, but she wouldn’t do it for anyone else.

in kind of a weird mood so i don’t know if i’ll get to replies/asks

but like this for an aesthetic/moodboard thing for your muse because i could use a distraction ! or i can do one for our muses ship/friendship, so either leave a reply or message me for that. ♥

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Any advice on how to rebound while feeling super sluggish?

Hey there,

I suggest taking things slowly. You might find it really hard to just bounce back fully immediately, so to avoid just giving up try taking things slowly. If there are certain foods that you know will fill you up, you enjoy and are warm to get you into a more active mood then try eating that. Drinking water or some sort of tea is probably a good thing to drink, but that really depends on what you drink regularly so it’s up to you. If you have a close friend you feel comfortable talking to about this then I suggest doing that, it’s good to just get stuff off your chest and also to have someone in your life motivating you. If you have any hobbies you enjoy or other activities then I suggest starting off with doing them before moving onto things you might not like as much, such as school, work, etc. I hope this helps!

- Liam

11 questions tag

I was tagged to answer another set of 11 questions, this time by the wonderful @unphilosophize, thank you so much! 

rules: answer the 11 questions, then ask 11 people 11 new questions

1. What is your favourite book to screen translation? 
I’m not sure I really have a favorite one, but I thought The perks of being a wallflower was really nice (especially the soundtrack!) 

2. Do you listen to music while you read, if so what? 
I do! It’s not restricted to a certain type of music, it just really depends on my mood and on what I think might fit the book. 

3. What is your favourite bookmark? 
Probably the BookDepository one with the fictional passport stamps :)

4. What is your least favourite genre? 
Horror, I’m really not into that

5. What was the worst book you’ve read in the last year?

6. The best? 
Between the world and me (!!!!)

7. What is your favourite animal companion?
I’m gonna be a stereotypical horse girl and say horses :P

8. Book you were most surprised that you loved? 
I have two: The Raven Boys and Far from the Madding Crowd

9. Classics, yay or nay?

10. Do you eat when you read? 
only very rarely, eating is too distracting

11. what is the latest you’ve ever stayed up to finish a book? 
Probably not that late, because I’m a sucker for sleep :P I’m guessing something around 2am maybe 

Since I’m lazy, I’m reusing my 11 questions from last time: 

1. What is the rarest color on your bookshelf?
2. What’s a genre you have never read (and why)?
3. Is there a really expensive book or edition of a book that you would love to have (if so, what is it?)?
4. Have you ever picked up a book because it was mentioned in a movie/show/book?
5. We all have love stories we’re tired of, but what’s a love story you would love to read?
6. What’s the coolest place you’ve ever read in/at?
7. What language do you predominantly read in?
8. What’s the best book you had to read for school?
9. Is there a book you would like to read but that intimidates you a bit? (if so, which one?)
10. Finish this sentence: The perfect bookshelf is…
11. Is there a poem you really like? Which one?

and I tag: @coverbound, @angelsbooks13, @mademoiselle-reads, @tinyfoxpaws, @redbookpanda, @newtsbookblog, @rosegoldbloom, aaand you if you want! (sorry, that’s not 11) 

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What I have in mind (since I don't have certain things eligible yet) is posting us doing roughly 10ish minutes per episode similar to the Game Grumps. But we're also gonna be recording them in a big sitting (like we might record 1-2 hours depending on the mood XD) and just stop when we hit that 10 min mark and continue right off. - The Friendly Anon


Talwyn Apogee

I have been in a “Ratchet and Clank” mood lately ‘cause I bought the HD collection, so I did a ink pic of Talwyn from “Tools of Destruction.”

trying out my new pens some more and used some of my older pens to help too. I also didn’t clean this up when scanning, I wanted it to have some texture.

I’m also thinking of doing a doodle a day project next month, where I take furry characters and draw what I think they might look like as humans, but that will depend on how burnt out I am XP


Halloween inspiration!

I’ve been thinking about what to make for halloween and I found myself saving these images, so it seems I’m in the mood of something with lapels, stripes, a military touch, tricorn hats, head-to-toe black and belts.

Or something that might or might not include all or some of those elements. I’ve always been obsessed with the striped Sleepy Hollow dress (as I guess everyone else) but I’m not sure I wanna do a dress just like that or just want to keep the tripes… Anyway it all depends on finding the right fabric.

And you all, already have ideas or mini-moodboards like mine?

Tao talks about his friendship with Chen Chen

Q: In what situation would you usually drink alcohol in? When you are in a bad mood or when something good happens?

Zitao: When something good happens but it depends on whether i have a schedule the next day or not. If i do have activities then i will definitely not drink. I would probably only drink during those weeks where i have very few activities. I have very few close friends. Chen Chen is by my side at the moment because ever since he was small he could not hear or speak. When we were still young i told him this, “I am going to become a celebrity, we might not see each other for a long time but don’t worry. If i succeed i will make sure you are by my side, i will help you no matter what you choose to do.” This i have now fulfilled. That was not a dream and it was not a dream to him either

Q: Is he one of your friends?

Zitao: He was one of my friends since childhood but now he is always by my side. He doesn’t have to do many things, maybe he will look after my dog at home or clean and do some chores. Because if he works outside, many companies will not help those who are deaf and mute as they think communication will be difficult. However, to me i think it (communicating) is a pretty simple thing.