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Top 9 Most Fight-Able Characters in Mystic Messenger

(ranked by the likelihood of winning from least to most likely)

9. “Mary” Vanderwood, Secret Agent Murdermonster

Result: A swift and painful death

Are you shitting me? You’ll be goddamn eviscerated on the spot. Not to mention nobody will ever find your body. This is completely fucking unadvisable. DO NOT DO THIS unless you have a DEATH WISH and want to disappear from the world completely. Vanderwood is not to be messed with. They’ve killed many a worthy foe, and you will not be one of them. There’s not much else to say here. I don’t care who you are, you should not challenge Vanderwood. Say your prayers, fucker

8. Unknown/Saeran Choi, Total Edgelord

Result: Utter defeat, probably followed by torture + imprisonment

I don’t think you need me to tell you that this kid is fucking off his rocker. Let’s be real, he’s probably killed a few people, and he enjoyed every minute of it. You can bet your ass he’ll likely torture you after defeating you, too. And you know, some of you sick fucks will probably enjoy the whole damn ordeal. You’re probably the only ones who’d WANT to fight him just to have him fucking step on you. Well congratu-fucking-lations, you got what you wanted. He still beats your ass. The only reason Vanderwood beats him in this ranking is because it’s possible he’d keep you alive for fun, and some of you would enjoy that, so at least it’s a fuckin victory for somebody. Fuck.

7. Jaehee Kang, Smarter than the CEO

Result: Total annihilation + jail time

Do you see this face? This is the face of someone who has been repressing violent urges for fucking years for the sake of keeping her job. If she could snap Jumin’s neck, she would in a heartbeat. You do not want to give her a justifiable reason to unleash that utter fucking rage on your sorry ass. Did you forget she has a black belt in judo? She could beat my ass. She could beat your ass. She could beat anyone’s ass. I don’t care WHO you think you are. And after the fight? She’ll report you to the proper authorities, pick up a cup of coffee, and finish her daily tasks like nothing fucking happened. What a wild bitch. I fucking love her to death, tbh. And you know what? How dare you challenge her. She deals with enough shit in her life. I hope she beats your ass with a righteous fucking fury. Have fun in jail, dipshit.

6. God 707, Meme Lord Supreme

Result: Depends on your approach, but probably a failure

Honestly Seven’s about as fucking predictable as a lunch box full of wasps. What am I even supposed to say here? He’d probably imitate that shitty ass vine meme the first time you punch him and say “I can’t believe you’ve done this”, complete with a British accent, but when you keep hitting, it’ll confuse him. The element of surprise is probably your best bet, but you also have no fucking clue what he’ll do. He might beat the shit out of you. He might scamper away on his scrawny ass legs and proceed to hack into everything you once loved or held dear. He might lay down on the ground and let you kick the shit out of him. In the end, it depends on his mood. Is that reliable at all? Absolutely fucking not. So go for it, but I literally have no idea how it’s gonna turn out for you.

5. Zen/Hyun Ryu, A God Among Men

Result: You have a good chance of winning, but at what cost?

OK BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR MIND LISTEN THE FUCK UP. Why is Zen higher up on the list, Nani??? you ask me, pouting, clutching your Zen body pillow(s) in agony. Zen had a bad past!! He’s not easy to fight, he was such a bad boy!! v//w//v He’s so tough and strong and he’s our knight in shining armor! Hey!! Good for you! But GUESS FUCKING WHAT!! If you’re female, he’ll probably forfeit to you immediately, unlike the barbarians before him on this list, so technically he’s easier to fight! He’d probably LET you beat the shit out of him if it made you feel better. It’s not even a fucking question of who would win if a woman challenged him, so we’re gonna move on.
Now, if you’re a GUY, he’d be more willing to square up, and my advice is go for his face. Pretty boy doesn’t like messing up his pretty mug, and if you play dirty, he’ll get scared real quick. His ponytail is a disadvantage for him, so yank it real hard. You have a better chance of beating him with perseverance, but if you let him get the upper hand, you’re deceased because he’s probably a heavy hitter. Also, you will incur the wrath of all his fangirls, and probably the angels above, and you will spend the rest of your life MISERABLE AND CURSED, so proceed with caution. If you can get away with it without anyone knowing your identity, you’re golden. Good luck, but also, why? do you even want to??

4. Jumin Han, Mistah Trussfund Kid (The CEO)

Result: Instant win, but your life will be RUINED

Honestly, I think certain RFA members would actually be very glad if someone handed Jumin’s ass to him, but good fucking luck accomplishing that without having your entire life destroyed. On a purely physical level, Jumin is no competition. He may be the tallest motherfucker around, but he’s never fought anyone before in his LIFE. You’d probably only have an issue here if you were short as shit, and even then, go for the knees, amirite? He’ll fall like a fucking oak tree, and then you can rip him a new one while he’s down. Easy peasy, right? WRONG. He’s got a horde of like 50 bodyguards that you have to sneak past or defeat first or something. And if you somehow make it to Jumin first, they’ll swarm your ass after you first start swinging and have you incapacitated in a few seconds. Are those first few swings worth it? Maybe. But he’s gonna sue your ass for everything you own. The whole world will know your name. If you don’t get jail time, you’ll wish you had. It will be an easier life than trying to live in the public. Zen and Jaehee might love you forever, though, so maybe they can pull a few favors for ya. You better pray they do. Good fuckin luck out there, champ.

3. Yoosung Kim, Small Child

Result: Victory, but with a catch

Look into this child’s eyes. Look me in the eyes. Tell me that Yoosung isn’t a fucking pansy. You can’t, can you? It’s because Yoosung is a fucking pansy. This kid would be down for the count after exactly one (1) punch. He might enjoy it a little too, which’ll be awkward as shit for both of you. HOWEVER. If you trigger his Yandere side, which is bullshit but whatever, he might put up more of a fight. How do you do this, you may ask? Insult Rika. or MC. (Probably Rika tho). Something inside him will snap, and then he’ll be trickier to handle. He’ll probably play dirty when he’s like this, so expect to get shanked or bitten or something. It doesn’t change the fact that his scrawny ass can’t fight for shit, so you’ll still probably win, but not without a few injuries yourself. Hurting Yoosung is probably the moral equivalent to kicking a puppy. If you can be ok with yourself after that, then I mean, go for it.

2. Rika, the Antichrist

Result: Certain victory, but extremely dangerous

Look, maybe I should’ve put her lower on the list considering she’s got an entire cult following her every order. But, honest to God, you would be morally obligated to fight her. Please beat the shit out of her. Physically, her scrawny ass could do nothing to stop you. She’s ruined the lives of her friends, as well as countless other people, because of her deranged and, quite frankly, selfish desires. Basically, she’s a little bitch. I don’t know how you’ll do it, but god damn, you’ll be everyone’s hero. The downside to this is that she might sick Saeran on you, which is gonna be a pain in your ass, and Yoosung might hate you forever, but I think you can live with that, right? Do us all a favor. Fight Rika.

1. Jihyun Kim/V, aka Flower Angel Sunshine Man

Result: Total Victory, but you’re basically Satan

BEFORE YOU SEND ME ANON HATE, REMEMBER: this is a list based on how likely you are to win. And V? V would let anyone beat him. He probably thinks he deserves it. He might defend himself a little, but he couldn’t bring himself to hurt you. Your victory would be almost immediate. There is no catch to V. You’d just win. But you’re a fucking monster for it. And you know what? I’ll beat the shit out of you if you hurt this man. So don’t even think about it, asshole.

Got7 reaction to their S/O being randomly horny

A/N - A nice little reaction for you all! Thanks to the anon who requested this one, I hope you like it! Also, just so you’re all aware, requests are currently closed!

Hi I was wondering if u could do a got7 scenario on how they would react to you being randomly horny?? In diff. situations? Thanks!

Mark: Mark would find it super hot if you were randomly horny while on an outing with the other members at the cinema or something. He’d love feeling your hand travel up his thigh as you show him how much you need him.

JB: Depending on the situation, Jaebum would either love or hate it. If he was with family or someone important or in a stressful situation, he wouldn’t like it. But if you’re alone or at a boring dinner with the boys he’d love it.

Jackson: If randomly start feeling Jackson up and letting him know you’re in the mood, he will respond in the same way like that boy is always ready to get down and dirty no matter where you guys are.

Jinyoung: If you were in public, Jinyoung wouldn’t like it if you showed him that you were in the mood. I see him as being more of the private type so would only want you to act like that in the privacy of your own home.

Youngjae: This ‘innocent’ little sunshine is totally not innocent okay Youngjae would love it if you got randomly horny throughout the day. He’d use it to his advantage and start teasing you with his skillful fingers.

Bambam: I don’t think Bambam would like it too much if you started touching him to tell him you were in the mood and it was a public situation. I think he gets a bit embarrassed by it and so prefers to be away from people if you’re going to do it.

Yugyeom: Some days he might really like it if you show him how needy you’re feeling for him but others he wouldn’t like it as much and it’d just depend on how he was feeling. But if he’s into it then you’re in for a fun evening.

Being in a Relationship with Hannibal lecter? I simply adore your writing ❤ - requested by anon

Omgomgomgomg!!!!! I love Hanni omfffffff thank you for your kind words!! I hope this does Hanni justice, I don’t know if he’s characterised properly, so concrit is appreciated as always!

NOT MY GIF - omf hot asf!

Originally posted by ixilecter

- Let me just start off by saying that Hannibal Lecter is not relationship goals

- There would be a very, very unhealthy dynamic 

- He’d definitely find some way of making you dependent on him, probably financial or emotional 

- Either way, he’s the provider

- There’d be brainwashing, too - when accusations start coming out and people are accusing him of being a murderer etc., you wouldn’t be able to believe that your Hannibal would do such a thing

- I think he’d only date someone he’d known for a few months or years, so the brainwashing has already started

- You’re none the wiser

- Cooking you all meals

- He’d bring you breakfast, unless you stayed at his last night

- In which case, you’d wake up to the smell of percolated coffee and what smells like sausages 

- Don’t ask what the meat is!!!!!!!!!!

- He’d genuinely be offended at the very thought of fast food, and would think it an insult to your body to put that stuff in there 

- He wouldn’t even grace the stuff by calling it ‘food’

- On very rare occasions, he’d let you stay the night

- You’d sleep in his bed with him, and he’d lay facing you until your breaths evened out and you became dead to the world

- He’d make some kind of noise to ascertain you were asleep, and then he’d get up to dispose of any evidence of your stay

- Then he’d slide back into bed

- You’d wake up to find him already watching you

- He’d immediately get up and make the both of you breakfast

- Drinking more wine than you ever have before 

- Your palette vastly improving

- Philosophical conversations late at night

- You can never really tell what he’s thinking

- You sometimes think he has the eyes of a shark, darkness all over his face, but when you double take his expression is completely different and you think you must’ve imagined it

- You didn’t, but you don’t need to know that

- He might teach you to play the harpsichord

- Wearing his shirts

- Don’t distract him while he’s cooking

- You might end being the next meal plan for the week

- You’d never know his secret

- If you found out though, it’d go one of two ways:

- You indulge in his… dietary preference too

- Or he kills you

- Speaking of, he’d probably kill you if he ever got bored of you

- Make sure you keep him on his toes!

- If he did kill you, you’d never see it coming…

- Dates to the theatre and to the opera

- He’d probably buy you a suitable evening dress and matching shoes

- Money is no problem; he’s a Count

- Again, not that you’re aware of that

- Sometimes he’ll speak to you in Italian, mumble something, but he won’t repeat it if you ask him what he said

- But then again, he might

- He’d sketch you while you’re busy doing something else

- He sketches a lot of views from his travels

- Making you coffee imported from all over the world

- Weekend trips to France, Italy, maybe Japan…

- He’s incredibly intelligent, and as you’re holidaying in these places it’s like he’s your personal tour guide, he has so many stories to tell

- Some of those stories are his, though they’re heavily edited - murder doesn’t always make for a good night time story

- ‘Bedroom activities’ would either be gentle and loving, tender, or rough and passionate. Depends on his mood, might also be influenced by what he thinks you need from him

- He’d know what you’re thinking or feeling just by looking at you

- Would know the right things to say or do

- He’s always five steps ahead of everyone else, so if you’re thinking of telling him or asking him something, chances are he already knows and has planned out his answer

- It’d seem like a very loving, fulfilling and healthy relationship… 

That’s all I can think of for now!! Not sure if he’s characterised properly… :/

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(Do you mind me asking something random? If not feel free to ignore.) What kind of music do you like to write to? I'm in need of some new background to my writing...hopefully to get out of a bit of a funk. Thanks!


I would love to answer this question! And I feel your pain. I often find myself creating new playlists when my used ones are feeling too monotonous. But I do have some tried-and-true bands that really get my creative juices flowing. And they vary depending on the mood or genre of what I’m writing. So, I hope these help you as they’ve helped me. Or, at the very least, maybe you’ll discover a new awesome band. ;D My taste might be weird, but these are what spark my creative mind. 


  • Cheesy/Adventurous/Hopeful
    • Dragonforce (old lead singer, generally)
    • Avantasia (Metal Opera Part II, specifically)
    • Uncharted Soundtrack (video game)
    • Skyrim/Oblivion Soundtracks
    • Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack
    • Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack (Harry Gregson-Williams)
  • Kicking Ass
    • Dragonforce (new lead singer, generally)
    • Amaranthe
    • Edguy
    • Hammerfall
    • Sabaton
  • Dark/Steampunk/Post-Apoc
    • Abney Park
    • Steampowered Giraffe
    • Nox Arcana
  • Other (Scattered among the previous moods, but harder to pin down)
    • Nightwish (newer lead singer)
    • Within Temptation
    • Apocalyptica
    • Epica
    • All of Avantasia’s other stuff

Science Fiction

  • Daft Punk
  • Lazerhawk
  • Mass Effect Soundtracks
  • The Crystal Method
  • Bassnectar (their instrumental stuff)
  • Dance With the Dead
  • Carpenter Brut
  • Perturbator
  • Infinity Shred
  • Lost Years


  • Avantasia (Scarecrow and Wicked Symphony)
  • Halestorm
  • Coheed and Cambria
  • Rush
  • Straight Piano (or piano-heavy)
    • John Tesh
    • Pride and Prejudice (2005) Soundtrack
    • Classical (especially Mozart and Tchaichovsky)
    • Piano Guys
  • Cheesy 70s soft rock (you heard me. I can’t help myself.)
    • Chicago
    • Air Supply
    • Foreigner
    • Barry Manilow
    • ABBA
    • etc.

May you find inspiration within the music!

the krtsk fma!au no one asked. kei as a state alchemist and kuroo as his automail mechanic

“Well, look who’s come crawling back. I knew there’s a reason for that call.”

Kuroo looks down at him from his porch step all sly grins and mischievous eyes but Kei knows him. He knows he’s been eyeing his left side the moment he was within sight.

“I’m just here for a—“

“For a visit? Yeah, right. You’d sooner sign yourself for the frontlines than come back here.” Kuroo turns his back to him, beckons him with his head to follow him to his workshop and home. “Come on. Let’s see your damage.”

With a resigned sigh and careful not to jostle his left side, Kei follows him inside. He takes his boots off by the threshold and dumps his bag by the door. The place looks like as it did the last time he was here – minimalist and very neat. He walks across the den and down to a hallway leading to Kuroo’s workshop carefully clutching his side.

Kuroo is seated by his work desk as he beckons him over. He smirks at him lazily and crooks his finger in a come hither gesture. Tsukishima eyes him warily as he forces himself to come closer.

“Look, it’s nothing big or anything. Just a quick check-up. I scratched it up when there was a skirmish in Central. I just need you to tighten a few loose screws.”

“Ah, save it.” Kuroo flicks at his cigarette and puts it down on a make shift ashtray of petri dish. “You wouldn’t come all the way back here if you just need to ‘tighten a few loose screws.’ Careful, Tsukki. I might think you miss me.”

“Shut up. Don’t call me that.”

“Now let’s see the real damage.”

Kei takes a deep sigh before unfastening his cape and finally laying his completely and utterly annihilated arm on Kuroo’s work desk. He mentally counted to the seconds before Kuroo’s outburst.

Keep reading

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hello, there. may I request a reaction of seventeen to their crush/gf, who has as lame as WonWoo and Joshua's jokes (as according to seventeen these 2 member are not funny, but bcs they're not funny it makes funny)? U can exclude/include WonWoo/Joshua. If u already did it, just ignore this request. Thx anyway.

Hello! Sorry this took so long to get to. I hope you like it <3

DK would be an angel and laugh at your jokes anyway. He seems to find the humour in most things, so I’m sure that he’d get a good laugh out of some of your lame jokes. He might even make some back at you. 

Woozi wouldn’t stop cringing. He’d try his best to laugh and go along with it to make you happy, but oh boy, it’s hurting him. He’d just give you a very pained smile before trying to steer the conversation far away from any more comedic material for you to work with. 

At this point, Jeonghan is probably so used to Joshua’s crappy jokes that he’d take yours in his stride. Would probably tell you they’re crap, but in a polite way. 

Seungkwan would probably tell you outright that your jokes are terrible, with dramatic flair and all. Would probably try and impress you by showing off his “superior sense of humour”. Results may vary.

Look, Mingyu has put up with Wonwoo for so long, so at this point, I think he’d be able to handle your jokes fine. He seems to have a somewhat off-beat sense of humour, so he might actually find a lot of them funny. 

Like Woozi, Vernon would never stop cringing, but in a more memey way. The rest of Seventeen wonder if you make those jokes because you genuinely think they’re funny, or because you want to see what ridiculous expression Vernon pulls in response to them. 

S.Coups would probably be the type to smile, nod, say “that’s nice”, and move on. Usually pretends that your jokes are funny because that’s the Nice Thing To Do. Might join in if you start making dad jokes, though. 

“It’s not supposed to be funny. It’s funny because he’s not good at it.” Minghao would be so exasperated. Wouldn’t necessarily tell you outright that your jokes are lame, but he’s definitely not laughing at them. He might think it’s cute, though.

Jun would probably laugh along, doing his best to see the humour in them. He’s just here to have a good time, so he might actually find a few of them funny. Not totally adverse to lame puns.

Hoshi & Dino would either be like Jeonghan and tell you politely, or he’d be like Jun and try to find them funny. I guess it would depend on his mood and how much he liked you. Wouldn’t want you to feel bad about yourself though.

Joshua & Wonwoo would be so happy. They’d keep making lame puns and jokes at you all the time just to get you to laugh, and they wouldn’t stop laughing whenever you made one yourself. Everyone else cringes whenever you’re together because the lame puns just don’t stop.  

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If it's ok how would the guys react to their s/o pushing them off the bed in their sleep?

I loved writing this it was so much fun

Genji - He probably laughs it off, but he might pull you down after him in retaliation

Hanzo - Is very surprised that he didn’t wake up until he was already one the floor, slightly grumpy maybe, but he just crawls back into bed

McCree - Won’t even wake up. But you soon will because he’ll take all the blankets with him

Reaper - He sighs and crawls back into bed and wraps his arms around you so if you do it again he can pull you down with him

Soldier 76 - Wakes up the moment you start pushing and doesn’t let you do it, even if he has to wake you up.

Reinhardt - I don’t know how you’d manage to shove this man off the bed, but if you do he’ll laugh about it and congratulate you on your powerful leg muscles

Zenyatta - I don’t think he sleeps like humans do, but if you might get him to cuddle you while you sleep. If you then kick him off in your sleep he doesn’t even hit the floor, he just hovers there. Will either hover next to the bed and meditate or go do something else depending on his mood and what time it is

Torbjorn - Doesn’t normally sleep in a regular bed, he usually falls asleep on a cot he has in his workshop, and the cot only fits him

Lucio - He’s probably the one pushing you out of bed, just because he falls asleep doesn’t mean he stops moving constantly. Will apologize profusely in the morning

Junkrat - Good luck, the boy clings to you in his sleep and there is nothing you can do to get him to let go until he’s awake

Roadhog - I don’t know how you’d manage to shove him off either, but I admire your strength. He does too, and he tells you so once you wake up

Preference: Spending the Summer Together

Harry Potter:

- Bringing him to your favourite places to go in summer, like the lake beside your home.

- Hanging out at the muggle mall 

- And trying on the most ridiculous clothing items

- “Show it to Neville, and he can imagine Snape in it!”

- “Oh pleaseeee, Harry, just use magic to make me feel less hot!” 
  “ No, (Y/n), you know I can’t.”
  “ Fine, try saying this tongue twister. While facing the air-con. Wingardium              leviosa.”
  “ Winga- (Y/n)!”

- Going to the Dursley’s just for entertainment

- “Bringing a filthy friend of yours, Harry?” 

- Then wiping your sweat all over Dudley and saying, “Oopsie, now you’re filthy, too.”

- Having a competition on who can drive the Dursleys insane first

- Might have some help from Hedwig. Dursleys hate Hedwig

- Bringing Hedwig on a picnic

- Even Hedwig ships you two

Ron Weasley:

- Spending the summer at the Weasleys, of course. 

- Mrs Weasley stuffing you with desserts. Pies, cakes, everything.

- “Hey, (Y/n), wanna do some shoppings?”
   “Ginny! She’s my girl friend! Not yours!”

- “ Ron, I think it’s haunted around here.”
   “ Why?”
   “ (Y/n), dear. This is a family of wizards.”
   “ Oh, wait. Yeah.”

- Playing harmless little pranks with the twins

- “(Y/n)! My socks are frogs!”
   “ What, oh, HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Ronald, I did it because I love you.”

- Making Ron flower crowns

- Rides on the enchanted car late at night just around the house, so that no one will see you.

- Answering Mr Weasley’s questions about Muggles

- Family game nights

- “ What that chess always there? George! No cheating!”
   “ It’s Fred!”

Hermione Granger:

- Summer reading lists

- Staying up late at night reading under blankets

- Getting too hot and sweaty inside and immediately going for a swim

- Getting Hermione really into late night swims

- “(Y/n), I read that it’s really good to swim at night. It can -”
   “IT’S FUN!”

- “Hey, I just learnt this new hairstyle. Can I try it on you?”
   “Honey, you look. Stunning.”

- Cooking together

- Mainly making refreshing dished for summer

- Making a bucket list together

- Taking tons of polaroids 

- Turns out the polaroids are moving portraits polaroids

- Making her breakfast

- Failing completely

- Hermione making you a successful, delicious breakfast at last

- Hanging out with Crookshanks 

Draco Malfoy:

- Him getting you accessories, clothing, basically everything you wanted

- Or actually everything you so much as glanced at 

- “Draco, how did you I want these? They go so well with my summer dress!”
  “You looked at it the other day, so I got them.”
  “I can’t thank you enough for it!”
  “Just thank me by wearing those with your summer dress.”

- Dressing him up in your clothes because only you can do it 

- He always looks at you with a lovey-dovey smile which Ron calls ‘the Melt-foy face’

- Him calling Crabbe and Goyle, say, every two hours when you do something cute, or actually just normal things.

- Actual teenage girl that is Draco Malfoy

- “Oh my god, Goyle, (Y/n) made me wear her swim wear today. Adorable, isn’t she?”

- Getting him into Muggle movies

- His favourite movie is the Addams Family

- Getting him to wear bright colours clothes

- Getting drunk together

- Rocking out to Nirvana and having dance parties

George Weasley:

- Also spending the summer at the Weasleys

- Trying out so many sweets that you two got into a sweet coma

- And of course, Mario Cart

- “Aw, dang it, you can’t cheat with magic, can you?”
   “Haha, Weasley, you’re on your own.”

-  Wii-fit

- “Hey, (Y/n), wanna play tennis?”
  “Sure, but it’s raining.”
  “We’ve got Wee.”
  “What? Oh, its Wii.”

- Playing tennis in the rain anyway

- George wanting to cheat at tennis but accidentally set off some fireworks

- “I’ve been wanting to do that.”

- Eating pies that makes you make animal noises

- One of you sounding like an elephant and the other sounding like a duck for the rest of the day 

- Miraculously communicating and on one having any idea on what a duck quack means

Fred Weasley:

- Since he’s so dang tall, you get piggy back rides all the time

- He trips and you two fall into a body of water. Either a pool, a lake or a pond.

- “Fred, you created a pond in your living room.”
   “Mum’s gonna kill you!”
   “Shut up, Ron!”

- Purposely trying to confuse you on which one is George and which is Fred

- You can always being able to tell though

- Looking angelic in front of the Weasley parents and they adore you because they think you can ‘tame’ Fred

- Only the Weasley children know you’re not that ‘tamed’ yourself

- You’re a little trickster just like Fred

- It was actually your idea to levitate the house

- Also the time where all the chairs know how to talk

- Broom stick rides, of course

- Water balloon fights

- Getting him into the youtube world

- Pewdiepie is his favourite 

Neville Longbottom:

- Hiking together

- Picking fruits on the way. Berries, apples, all kinds of fruits

- You’re an expert in climbing trees and it always scares Neville because he’s afraid that you’ll slip and fall 

- He gives you bouquets of wild flowers all the time

- Eating tons of ice creams

- Staying up late conversations

- Counting stars at night to fall asleep

- You dyed your hair (Y/f/c) and change your hairstyle

- Neville loves your new hairstyle so much that he kept touching your hair. 

- Maybe when he puts an arm on your shoulder, he’ll play with it; He’ll twirl the ends of your hair on his finger when he’s not paying attention, etc

- Somedays he’ll be really shy around you and blush at anything you do, and somedays he’ll be really confident, depending on his mood

- Getting him into scuba diving 

- “Oh come on, Neville, it’ll be fun!”
   “There might be sharks, (Y/n).”

- “This is the most fun I’ve ever got! I should’ve done this earlier!” 

- Going to carnivals

- Loving the ferris wheel 

- He got you a large stuff toy from a booth

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I really really want to watch a good Korean movie right now but i have no idea what movie to watch. I like your taste in dramas and movies so do you have any suggestions for me?

My taste range varies a lot and it usually depends on my mood… but I have noticed I prefer movies with mening and emotions more than simple rom-coms or such. Do you only want korean movies? I have two japanese movies to recommend which i enjoyed a lot!

First one is: If Cats Disappeared From the World. I know some people might skip this one because of the title, even I thought what’s this funny title. But it’s so much better than expected. Deep and beautiful. PLUS PLUS PLUS - check out my posts about this movie!!! :)

I recommend Flying Colors to everyone, because I just love it! Watch watch.

Now to some korean movies, watch: Elegant Lies, Train to Busan, The Throne (aka Sado)

I wrote more in detail here, so you can judge for yourself and watch and you can look at mydramalist if I added more movies and such.


Belated hiatus–canon compliant up to 4x15 
Rated: M
Warnings: Reference to suicide/self-harm, implied past suicide attempts

All I can do is promise that there are two planned follow ups, neither of which will come near this level of angst.

You can read below without fun formatting, or with fun formatting on AO3

Day 1

When she wakes up, there’s still blood caked under her fingernails and, before she can remind herself that it’s not his, it’s not real, a wave of nausea overcomes her and she leans over the side of the bed, vomiting on the floor.  A nurse she neither knows nor cares to know places a hand on her back and says her name, but she doesn’t want to hear it.


She tries to sit up, but the nurse holds her back.  He tells her something but she doesn’t listen.  Someone else shouts her name and Daisy comes stumbling into the room.  For the first time, Jemma’s aware enough to know that the nurse is telling Daisy to go back to her own bed, but instead she wraps Jemma in her arms and for a moment, they just sit there and shake.

It takes two hours to convince the nurse that the best place to be is with Fitz. So even when night falls, she sits on the side of his bed, knees pulled into her chest, wide eyes on him.

Day 1

Somewhere, she calls his name.

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The instinctive subtypes as I understand them

My attempt to consolidate what I’ve read in a way that filters/presents actual data without forcing them to fit it inso hamfisted, tortured shemes or concepts & to synthesize something from at times not all that concordant sources & illustrate descriptively where the differences are; I’m not under the illusion that I don’t have a PoV, but I can try.

Basically ppl initially theorized that each of the instincts would produce similar suptypes, but while they have certain similarities (ie, sp/sx being invested in their interests, sx/soc startng personal conversations with everyone… my mom somehow extracted a particular cashier’s entire family history), the ‘state of the art’ is that each type can present quite differently when filtered through one’s instincts, which fasciatingly illustrate how the self awareness/willpower, complex cognition, raw emotions & your instinctually driven brainstem all sit on top of each other and sorta form a whole.

In some types the subtypes can be fairly similar, in others they can be extremely different, especially when they go bad…

sp 1 - Someone who wants to be right/good/super-ego compliant when it comes to their own affairs and their everyday life; Might have a perfectionistic approach to their own work & behavior or even living space (keep it neat & presentable etc.) and/or turn it inward in an anxious way to the point of obsessive tendencies.  Might be cordial or, if healthy, even warm to others, not so much showing the cold or hot zeal you’d find in the other subtypes.

soc 1 - Has a colder, teacher-like demeanor; Most intellectual 1 especially with a 9 wing.  This is the “nitpicky” one the stereotypes are loosely based on, basically a person who wants things to be done right in society, wether it is the country at large, their workplace or their friend group, and be measured & controlled in their interactions with others.

sx 1 - Wants to spread in a ‘dialogue’ setting; Most likely to openly display anger, the type of person to be outraged at all the injustice in the world. Unhealthy individual might be a moral watchdog/ white knight/Nosy Neighbor projecting their own rejected impulses onto others or perpetate institutional/religious abuse, often having a “why not” approach to hypocritically fulfilling their desires on the side in the process of decrying others out of a twisted envy for their (”I repress my desires so everyone else should, too, even though it’s my cjoice to begin with”); Healthy individual would fight for actual good causes and be an uncorruptible whistleblower making sure society stays fair.

sp 2 - Quite different from the stereotype, this subtype hopes to make themselves loveable with a childlike, innocent/endearing demeanor. Might expect to be taken care of & act spoiled & entled; Sort of project more ‘static’ good attributes to attract the love & care of others & might feel they have to keep their attention/entertain them somehow to not be overlooked.   Healthier individuals will be sweet, charming & caring and provide for their loved ones with material/well-being related favors.

soc 2 - The “Charity Worker” or “Mom friend” sort of person. While the previous subtype acts overly childlike, this one is overly adult & wants to be in the role of the caretaker while perhaps overlooking their own needs/ fill an important/helpful/indespensable role for a larger whole of people, perhaps an organization - for that reason this subtype can actually be ambitious & leaderlike to get an important position (and/or help a lot of people).  Can get meddlesome,  histrionic, dramatic (”You all don’t appreciate my efforts!”) and/or develop psychosomatic problems when unhealthy.

sx 2 - The closest to the stereotypical version; The sort of person who always needs to have someone to focus on/  (best friend, boy/girlfriend, children…) really can’t stand being alone. Unhealthy individuals might end up on the manipulative or codependent side, more functional ones will be giving & generous toward their loved ones.

sp 3 - The “Businessperson” Markedly different in that while they might still be braggarts, they’re not overtly flashy and might even disdain flashyness & rather play up their no-frills, pragmatic qualities; Projects an image of ‘being able to care for themselves completely’ & not needing anyone (”I didn’t take no free handouts from no one”) which might manifest as being very sucessful, ambitious & industrious, and, in the best case, inspirational, adaptive & preseverant with a “can do” attitude; Most focus on self-improvement.

soc 3 - Now here’s where the flashy is at; This is the commonly known version. Might be interested in fame & popularity or at least adoration in their circle, comes with a lot of “aura” around them, less enlightened individuals might tend toward the fake, shallow & grandiose, but in the more self-aware ones we find confident public self-love & ppl wo are very good at making an impact on others & making their dreams come true.

sx 3 - Also fairly different but accounts for a lot of em, for example, I was surprised to learn that 3 is the 2nd most common type among ESFJs, and sure there might be some enterpreneurial or flashy ones but they’re not what we most commonly think about… but that was before I got this info. This subtype will present as attractive according to the values present around them, maybe the gender norms,  they’ll try to have the perfect friends & family & partner, perfect house etc the stuff the magazines recomend to be liked & admired but more admiration by the ppl immediately around you than society at large; Might still make a good actress or star tho but in a different way.  Though all 3s are usually on the more extroverted side or at least very good at social maneuvering, it’s the least pronounced in this subtype and some can even be a little shy, maybe worrying if they measure up to what they feel society expects from them; As with all 3s getting an understanding about which wants & goals are truly theirs, being transparent about those and knowing that they’re valuable just for being people probably helps.

sp 4 - These are complex, apparently. I’m not sure f it depends on the wing, the exact stacking or simply how life has treated them, but these tend to fall into two categories; Their similarity is that they tend to deal with their feelings/uffering more by themselves, and might be kinda torn between wanting to take care of their shit by themselves but also lowkey wishing someone would notice, which they might deny or be embarassed about; Also they might use physical possesions/decorations as a means of self-espression but be detached of non-symbolic possesions.

Some of them might present as relatively sunny & quirky, with an undercurrent of melancholy there, the sort to try to keep up a smile and lament about the mishaps in their daily lives and self-console themselves with some chocolate or scented baths or other material things.

The others will do the “enduring it by themselves” more through projecting toughness (and might be easily mistaken for 6s or 8s.) sort of like this type of anime character who’s a tough, cold adult woman that is all embittered because of some sad backstory; In the extreme of that you get a risk-taking, vagabond–like person.

For whatever it’s worth, as a sp-first person with a w4 and secondary 4 fix, I’d say I have traits of both; It depends on which mood you catch me in.

soc 4 - Probably the ones that could be said to most overtly display shame; They’re also fairly different depending on their functionality level, less functonal ones will often compare themselves t others & find themselves lacking/ have low self-esteem and might (ironically) be the most socially anxious and/or avoidant and reclusive.

In the medium range some of them can be involved with subcultures (goth, hispter, punk, what-have-you) as a way to reconcile the opposing impulses of seeing themselves as disparate from the larger society but still wanting to belong to a group.

At their best they often become savy critics of society & will try to help keep society staying true to authentic ideals or make it better.

sx 4 - The 4 classic. Better characterized as a refusal to feel shame for who they are and perhaps a kind of resentment over their lot in life; Attitude of having been personally wronged. Dramatic & possibly competitive (especially with 3 wing), might be very critical of themselves and others & lament the unfairness of their situation, in extreme cases to to the point of vindictiveness, errecting an arrogant superior veneer or misanthropy (”I hate (normal) people.”)/ feel that others have it easier/get more attention than they deserve & be resentful over that;

Might be tempestous, intense & feel personally wronged, be moody or sullen & just generally have a lot of feelings.

As their best they’ll be uncompromisingsy idealistic & integrous and will turn their high standards toward being their best possible selves & doing the best possible work, generally very creative folks and care a lot about making sure everyone’s treated with respect & fairness despite their differences/ might want to help others also become their best possible selves & generally stand up

In searching partnerships they might run into the problem that they have very high standards and might not find someone who meets them or become disillusioned when their partners don’t live up to their ideals; Also I’ve read somewhere that they have the minor quirk of often staying friends with their exes.

It is to be noted that these usually start out as those super sweet  sensisitive, imaginaive children before middle school/[any random stressor]  happens to them and that a lucky few mantain/regain this in adulthood, but there’s always going to be a fierce, immediate quality to their individualism.

sp 5 - The ‘Hobbyist’ mostly spends all day with their own pursuit of their current obsessions; Introvert among introverts, autonomy & having their own space is very important (many chose to live alone or at least like to have their own area in the house, where they might keep personally significant or potentially useful stuff; Might be minimalistic. Or just quirky. Tends to really like the idea of “secret hiding places” & construct/stock a ‘lair’ that they won’t have to leave more often than necessary so they can follow their pursuits.  )

soc 5 - The most intellectual/detached & most uninterested in ‘everyday life’; often tries to fill the role of an ‘expert’ in society/a group & see that as somthing they have to ‘bring to the table/contrbute’; Often interested in symbolism or understanding how society works, the meanings behind great patterns, might have a tedency to admire people they agree with or find accomplished & be drawn toward groups of other ‘experts’. The most detached from small-scale everyday life. Less pleasant examples might be stuck-up & elist.

sx 5 - Least outright ‘academic’ and kinda more dreamy with more of a ‘natural’ curiosity a rich inner life & artsy inclinations, might dream of best friends and/or lovers but not be as good at realizing it IRL because of their withdrawn nature.

Could be mistaken for a non-sx-4 or  sx 9 but distinguished by the sharing of thoughts & information as  a point of appeal; Want to share thir own secret world with the person & have their thoughts be understood.

While individuals without sx in their stacking/in the last spot might want a partner who’s not too demanding & uncomplicated to live with, (if they’re interested in finding one at all), folks with a more pronounced sx insticts will look for friends &/or partners they can have an intellectual exchange with. (Or at least phantasize about finding them)

sp 6 - The “warm/cute” variant of 6. Looks endearing, kind & harmless so others will trust them, wants to be part of gropus in their local surroundings - family, community etc so less system-oriented, or rather working for the system in their immediate surroundings. Tedentially the most phobic/ compliant variant; Under extreme stress, turns into anxious nervous wreck.

soc 6 - Most intellectual, outright ‘mental’ and system-oriented variant, will seek to understand the rules that govern society, most sceptical, keeps authority in check, can be a sort of beaurocratic legaliatic person or a dutyfull whistlblower. Examples which go bad can become conspiracy theorists or outright paranoid.

sx 6 - The ‘warrior’/’punk’/’rebel’, most counterphobic & reactionary of the subtypes, most rebellious, sort of sublimates energy, the interpersonal “testing” behavior is probably most overt here. The sx drive toward making a direct impact on the people you regularly interact with comes out as wanting to have a tough, intimidating effect of people, to have them respect (and therefore not coss/harm/betray) you. Can be mistaken for 8 but while these are more ‘lone fighters’ or ‘ringleades’, & just want others not to cross them, the 6 will react more to perceived infractions into their ‘territory’ and rely on strenght in numbers where the 8 is adversrial & independent.

Can be real badass & stand up against unjust authorities/ actually get trusted & respected, but also become complete fanatists at worst.  

sp 7 - The ‘Hedonistic ‘Pragmatist’: Focussed toward getting their physical needs met and seeks physical/material pleasure. While some name the soc 7 as the ‘countertype’ I personally think the sp 7 is one that has the marked difference to the others: While other 7s will be idealistic and can be naive, this one is instead pragmatic, materialistic,  realistic & wordly quite unlike the ‘scattered, unfocussed, pixie dream girl’ 7 stereotype.

Can be a good business person, extroverted yet discernin nature helps to form  & secure & formaliances, and be pretty assertive and enterpreneurial, even agressive.

Less functional examples are at real risk for addictions (with or without substances involved) & can be pretty selfish & ruthless as they see much of the world as commodities to cosume and might lose sight of everything but ensuring their own material comfort.

soc 7 - Wants to make “the most of their time” in the sense of interacting with/ contributing to larger society and ‘doing worthwhile things’; Your classic ‘benevolent adventurer’, might travel the world with their friends and/or become a activist/ work toward noble causes, have a self-sacrificing bent. Probably the subtype where the ‘overplanning’ problem can be most apparent.

Maybe because the soc instinct’s drive to focus on the group and the fear to lose your own hapiness are more likely to conflict, this is the subtype where the inner anxiety can be the most prominent/ closest to the surface, especially with a 6 wing. Because of all this, can be mistaken for social 2, but ephasis, motivations & reactions will be subtly different as they’re not so much about earning the direct grattitude of others .

sx 7 - Seeks mainly intense experiences & connections to others and as such can be adventurous & very novelty-seeking. Often has a certain  ‘manic creativity’ to them, probably embodies the ‘positive’/’optimistic’ aspect of the 7 the most. Can be very dreamy, idealistic & energetic. Partnership wise, they might be very romantic & look for the one ideal person. 

Also adventurous, can have a tendency to be impressed by/aprreciate/ be excited about all the new cool things they encounter/people they meet.

One common downside is that these individuals can be a bit on the naive/ suggestible side, at least in their youth, and might end up inadvertedly sabotaging their relationships with their tendentially scattered nature. 

On the lower health levels, there can be actual manic tendencies, and increasing inability to control one’s emotions

Can occasionally be mistaken for a 4, especially with 4 fix.

sp 8 - The ‘tough lone fighter’ sort of 8; A bit like a sp 3, they’re going to want to show that they can take care of themselves and some might express this though securing material wealth, though the independence will be more pronounced, wating others to get off their case & respect their boundaries more than to make an impression on them like the 3 or ‘be the boss’ like the other subtypes (though they might still fill the boss role to get shit done/ not tolerate disrespect/just by virtue of acting dominant)

These are typically very self-governed ppl who don’t listen to or rely much on others and follow their own judgement, sometimes to the point of an ubermensch mentality. (not necessarily a bad thing depending on what their values happen to be, they could fall anywhere between honest, fortright & & following their own justice without yielding to outside pressure/hypocricy, or self-servingly amoral) One particular quirk/traits is that they will often act idependently/ “just go and do something” without referring to other authorities especially if it’s something related to getting what they need; In some cases this can lead to ruthlessness. 

soc 8 - The ‘ringleader/gangboss’ sort of 8, where the adversarial, jungle-survival-y attitude of the 8 gets projected onto their peer group & the strenght/ filling of the ‘strong’ role is lived in part through taking others under their wing. 

The worst example would be that one archetypical short guy leadin a band of bullies, flanked by two taller musclier cp6s. Or they could be muscly themselves, it’s the ‘ganboss/armed-with-a-posse’ part that’s the point. Exertion of power/intimidation through having a group as your asset. Other pitfalls can be black & white thinking where the ‘them’ group is seen as practically a caricature, ie basically mob mentality. (Donald Trump anyone?)

The best of them is pretty much the exact opposite, someone who protects & forms a band for the downtrodden. more the sort of person who’d kick a bully’s ass and offer the bully-ee to check out their friend group & empower them to be more confident; Of course part of that involves allowing themselves to feel tenderness for their friends (and indirectly, for themselves) & feel for their troubles. 

sx 8 - More geared toward projecting strenght & self-ruled-ness in terms of direct interpersonal impact, this is going to be a person with an impressive commanding and/or tough aura; Often someone you have to respect even i you don’t agree with them, a ‘charismatic/magnetic leader’ (more sx/soc) or intense rebel (more sx/sp) sort of person. 

Unhealthy individuals can have a volatile temper and be possesive, controling partners, though those are ppl shooting themselves in the foot due to their inability to fully trust others; Actually they’re the most at home in a ‘Lady & Knight’ sort of dynamic and a well-developed individual will be very comitted & devoted to their partner. 

While 8s with less pronounced sx instincts might look for a ‘worthy opponent’ type partner who is also impressive & idependent, this subtype especially is all about trust & look for someone who will be completely loyal & trusts their decisions & might even have self-awareness to recognize that that is because that makes them feel safe themselves. 

They take betrayal really badly (though most 8s do); At the very best they’ll wash their hands of you. Doesn’t help that many 8s are types with absent/polR or inferior Fi. This is not a place where you wanna poke them. 

sp 9 - An earthy creature of habit sort of person, whose means of ‘tuning out’ in times of stress will tend to be everyday/material comforts like food, watching TV etc.  Grounded, calm and patient. Though 9s generally tend to be your typical phlegmatic temperament/‘people-oriented introverts’, this subtype is the most likely to require frequent alone time. Has their own way of doing things and will put up resistance when asked to change their habits.

Tends to be humble & content with their peaceful everyday life but can be inflexible. 

soc 9 - This one can be a bit harder to identify because they might not look all that ‘passive’ at first, in fact, they can be quite hard-working, maybe a combined effect of the 9s identification with/reliance on he larger complete system/environment, and the soc instinct’s ability to really comprehend/grasp that ‘evironment’ and its constituents as more than a vague mass, thus the tendency to want to actively contribute to its continued existence & stability, but unlike, say, a 1 or 3 they will do this in a very self-effacing manner; 

In the worst case there’s where you find the ‘deadened office drone’ variety of disfunctional nine.

sx 9 - The most ‘dreamy’ nine where the ‘epic inner fantasy’ life is the most pronounced; ‘Idealized Identification with the environment’ will be more bound to particular people though the person themselves might not even be aware how much their idea of themselves & their lives is anchored in those people. he main point of synergy between the instinct and the type is a desire for unification so it’s not usual to find these ppl as nature-lovers, spiritual types, or just, looking for a deeper/ideal form of ‘peace’. 

Though with a ostly internal coping mechanism less functional examples can look apathetic & escapistic.

(Corrections always appreciated)

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Do you have it planned out how Matt and Zero will make up? Or is it like a play by plan on the spot kind of thing something their characters would do (if that makes sense)

omgg okay so when it comes to Zatty stuff i don’t have anything planned.. like at all lol .-.

if i’m being honest i stopped planning things for my game a while ago.. i kinda just go with the flow these days and do things depending on how i see my characters at the moment and also depending on my mood and availability. that might actually not be a good thing but i just don’t want to take myself too seriously anymore because it deters me from having fun. if i am planning things then i’m physically writing them down with plot and drabble because i don’t really consider my gameplay to be canon so much. 

for example.. Matt not showing up to bowl with them wasn’t me necessarily planning it that way.. it’s just that Matt was still in class and by the time he got out he was tired so i sent him home.. then i gave him a reasonable excuse why he didn’t show up and added some dialogue to Zero and Jaide’s dinner that i felt went with the current “story” plot. like i said yesterday i just want to play my game right now but me playing is also a way for me to shell out bits and pieces of information for any of my followers that pay attention or genuinely like to keep track of whats going on with my chars. the most planning i’ll do is if i’m making poses or something and that still is usually in the moment for me.

Astral and communication stuffs

So I got an ask semi recently(Okay not so much anymore) where someone said I seem to easily communicate with Dragons and travel and all that. I’m glad I make it sound easy but its not lol

A few starting notes. I may not have ADD or anything but I have the attention span of a small child, I need constant stimulation or I will probably break something expensive. I suck at meditating and trancing and all that. I fuck up a lot. Like socially speaking I am one step shy of a failure and have no idea how to hold a relationship 99% of the time. 

This doesn’t mean how I communicate with Dragons and other beings is easy. No. It means I work super hard at it. And I’m giving a shot at sharing with others what I do. 

Practice. Yeah, last thing you wanted to hear, I’m sure. It’s true however it doesn’t mean practice only one method.Try meditating. Try using music. Research. Test the waters, dabble for a bit. Find the one you like the most. Do you need motion to help focus? Do you need to be sitting? Lying down? Try it all out. 

I have a few things do, the first of which is meditating. I lay down or sit up, close my eyes, turn off and tune in. I focus on feeling my body, how I feel being inside my body. Me from the inside out. When I started out this was the easiest step. I could spend minuets zoned out on what I was feeling. No real thoughts. These days I find this harder to do and have had to change my methods depending on the day. I do, however, still follow this method for days when my mind and attention span are in agreement. 

When I can manage this I will eventually slip into a state where I can feel my body moving, usually as if I’m moving up, down, backwards or as tho I should be facing the other way. I associate this with coming to the in between zone. For the most part every one has a in between place, for some it’s a hallway. Most I read about say hallway actually. Mine is not. Mine is an underground tunnel and that place can be a mystery all it’s own. When I was fresh to this travel stuff reaching the in between place was exciting but never enough. I always wanted a door to take me to some place on the other side. It didn’t work that way. I needed a guide, someone to get me the rest of the way over. I made a friend and. Well long story short I was lead over. And that was the easiest it was for a while. I couldn’t get over for a while without help. When I did get over I hardly knew what was up. Practice practice however and things do change. These days to cross over I almost day dream. I zone out, focus my eyes on something or close them and walk my mind through a haze between sides. The problem I run into this way is keep focused since I haven’t cleared my head out. Drifting off into another frame of mind while trying to meet with a new being is pretty rude and usually taken badly. On the hand when I meditate I often fall asleep. Rude either way.

Now my usual communications with beings on the other hand is different. I do a lot of work with various divination systems, often starting out with pendulum work and progressing from there. Sometimes I can actually hear things. A voice to get my attention type of things. I also feel, get mental nudges and discern from a large collection of things. One conversation of sorts can either take effort and time or or a short nudge in a better direction. There is no traveling or anything involved in this. In a sense it’s easier. In others its not. It doesn’t happen all the time or everyday or every other day. 

Which is why I don’t do this kind of thing every day. I can’t. I can’t focus that often. I can’t even always focus on or hear people sitting in front of me, beings who aren’t there in the same way? Yeah I make a shitty interaction for them often. Also why it doesn’t get posted about all that often. 
Why yes, this hasn’t actually gone over my actual methods of doing things like meditating, shutting things out and focusing in. I have a few depending upon my moods and I’m yet unsure as to which feel right to share. 

So thats my ramble. Ask any questions you may have but I hope that at least comforts some people in knowing that what some might make look easy is often backed by as much struggle and work as you have. 

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can i get some poly deku x reader x todoroki dating and cuddling headcanons

[five more hrs to go on my other draft and then I’ll have none]


  • Todoroki has to stop Midoriya snd S/O from begging 13 to throw Endeavour into a black hole because of how big an ass he is too everything that he dislike AKA Todo’s relationship with All Might’s student and a kid he’s never heard of before
  • they go out on walks sometime as dates and chose what to do during them depending on their moods, half the time they end up getting fried ice cream as Midoriya and S/O point out how many people like it
  • all three of them end up accidentally adopting this big fluffy Samoy with only one eye that they end up collectively calling Floofer, it switches houses every Saturday and Todoroki’s only allowed to keep him because he has to take Floofer out on walks and runs when its his turn with the dog
  • lots of movie dates and picnic dates, the three of them usually go to places Endeavour is unlikely to show up but eventually Midoriya and S/O convince Todoroki it doesn’t matter what that ass thinks of them
  • so many cheek kisses and surprise hugs, meme texts, how are you messages and everything
  • they have a 251 day streak with each other that mainly consist of pictures or videos of Floofer doing stupid things


  • none of them can ever decide who should be where when they cuddle, Fuyumi has come across them a mangle of different limbs you can’t tell who’s are who’s several times when waking them up for breakfast or dinner
  • half the time if they’re cuddling at todoroki’s house his little brothers wriggle themselves into the mess of limbs making it even more difficult for Fuyumi to judge how many people need to be cooked for
  • the three of them have so many pictures of them cuddling either from Fuyumi, Into or S/O’s parents and Todoroki is really the only one to get shy about them
  • it doesn’t matter who’s house they are at Floofer always joins in the pile when will I let fuyumi live they all end up getting really bad hay fever after their cuddling sessions with him in them
  • Todoroki is really fond of being in the middle because it makes him think his father can not get to him even if he knows Endeavour would never psychically abuse him because of his reputation as a Pro Hero
  • they somehow end up becoming regulars of a cat cafe because one hellion is always better behaved for days after they visit and play and cuddle with the soft boy

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The Excessively Detailed Headcanon Tumblr Meme

Asking for America. And so I, not to bore you children, chose a few of the questions to answer for her: 

  1. What does their bedroom look like? 

I imagine that America has multiple houses and multiple rooms, but there’s one room that I always imagine for him. And it’s this room that’s covered in stars: star curtains over a window seat that’re always half open, the seat cluttered with old stuffed animals and mismatched throw pillows. He’s got mismatched pop culture sheets, comic book heroes and tmnts. From his ceiling there are multiple models of ships and airplanes that he’s made, hanging at various lengths. He’s got his xbox and tv set up across from his bed, dvds and games stacked at various heights around it. His whole room is a little bit of a mess. His walls are covered in glow in the dark stars and posters of all the movies, bands, and sports. At the end of his bed sit huge speakers. 

  1. Physical abnormalities? (Both visible and not, including injuries/disabilities, long-term illnesses, food-intolerances, etc.)

This question was interesting to me because, while I don’t think America has any illnesses that he was “born” with, those scars and wounds from battle– from the people in his nation– have left a definite mark. I’m sure he has multiple ever-fading scars. He probably has some trouble sleeping on certain stormy nights. And he shares looks with older nations that they can clearly understand…  

  1. Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?

This is a fun question! Honestly, probably anything. Depending on his mood. America is a terrible dynamic character. In a silly mood he’d make a paper airplane or sword or work on the origami that Japan is teaching him. In a more serious mood it’d be filled with math, science, and equations on whatever problem or technology he’s sorting out. I doubt he’d write any poetry or letters, but he might start doodling– drawing little comics.   

  1. Would you say that they have a superiority-complex? Inferiority-complex? Neither?

Definitely superiority-complex. And I don’t even think he knows it. I think it’s something that’s so deeply ingrained he thinks that he doesn’t have one. Which is probably kinda terrible isn’t it? It’s not like Prussia, who constantly is reassuring everyone that he is indeed the best, and more like the assumption that nothing else could be as amazing by the virtue of America’s existence, if that makes sense. He means well, and he thinks that he’s being sweet. It’s a clear character flaw.   

  1. Do they express their thoughts through words or deeds?

Both. He says something and then he does it. He feels the need to prove himself and his words through his deeds. But he’s also not one to keep quiet about what he feels or thinks. He really wants those around him to have faith in him. 

The Waiter - four.
  • Chanyeol x Reader x Sehun
  • Angst - Mafia!AU - Smut (later chapters)
  • Word Count: 1435

Description: You haven’t seen Chanyeol or your boyfriend Sehun in two weeks. You don’t know if something happened or what to do. You risk being caught and go out looking for Chanyeol, but is that who you really find?

A/N: I guess I’m going to spoil you guys today and upload two parts, this being the second. I felt like leaving you all on a cliffhanger until tomorrow or sometime next week. Don’t hate me >:3

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