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i just scrolled down my dash for 7 minutes and it was the same 12 posts over and over and i am annoyed.

[punster91] hey you.
[punster91] yeah, you.
[punster91] the one reading this.
[punster91] do you like movies?
[punster91] do you like snacks?
[punster91] do you like skeletons?
[punster91] if you said yes to any or all of the above then you should join me for movies this friday night.
[punster91] i’d love to have you.

  • this will be an in-character face-to-face movie stream done via
  • it will be taking place on 11/24 at 8 pm central.
  • everyone is invited. undertale characters, non-undertale characters, ocs, multiples…everyone!
  • no ooc or ic drama!!! this is a place where muses (and maybe even muns) can unwind after a long week.
  • keep the ooc (( in brackets )) and to a minimum.
  • some content may be 18+. it depends on the movies being shown.
  • i will be showing anywhere between 2-4 movies, depending on how many people come and/or stick around.
  • please feel free to reblog this post and spread the word!


  • dracula (1931)
  • frankenstein (1910)
  • night of the living dead (1968)
  • the last man on earth (1964)

what these bitch boys don’t understand is that a lot of people depend on the internet for support, work, connection to distant family / friends / lovers, etc., and that exploiting that for a quick buck may be a lil fucked up 





Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws will sit in crowded hallways and rooms for hours, because sometimes the best place to be alone is surrounded by a lot of people.

Random Actions-Edition {Action Starters}
  • *punches you in the face*
  • *dips and kisses you*
  • *hands you an ice cream cone*
  • *pokes your cheek*
  • *turns off the lights*
  • *spills coffee on your lap*
  • *throws ball at you*
  • *hands you a bouquet of flowers*
  • *drops a sandwich in your lap*
  • *boops your nose*
  • *hands you a kitten*
  • *hits you over the head with a book*
  • *pats your head*
  • *runs right into you*
  • *hands you a puppy*
  • *pours a bucket of water on the floor*
  • *slams door in your face*
  • *hands you a gun*
  • *tosses video game controller at you*
  • *puts tiara on your head*
  • *splashes water on your face*
  • *throws glitter on you*
  • *hands you a hamster*
  • *pushes you into a lake*
  • *ties a bowtie in your hair*
  • *pushes you against the wall*
  • *offers you a doughnut*
  • *puts hand over your mouth*
  • *smacks you with a shoe*
  • *slaps you across the face*
Hey guys: please deactivate the new Tumblr “favorites first” functionality

It might seem like a good idea but it basically gives Tumblr the power to decide what you see first. We have no idea of how that algorhythm works.

Besides, it’s already hurting artists on this website. We depend on people seeing our posts to make a living. With the new tool, many artists just don’t get seen anymore, as the algorhythm doesn’t care about that.

Maybe you think this is meaningless and you’re too lazy to uncheck the box, but remember: you’ll probably see less of new, beautiful, and interesting art/writing/crafts/anything on your dash. You’ll be lead to see only a few cherry-picked users and kinds of posts, and you don’t get to decide which. Tumblr is a tool of discovery - and you’ll be losing that ability with the new item.

By the way, @staff: NO ONE LIKES FAVORITES FIRST IN ANY SOCIAL MEDIA, BUT ESPECIALLY IN AN INFORMAL ONE LIKE TUMBLR. You’re hurting your public and people who use this to work. Take it down.

To everyone else: thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll spare 5 seconds to uncheck the box :) Also, please reblog.

I suppose one of the reasons why this whole “Dwarves don’t ever farm or grow/raise their own food” thing started is because Dwarves are mountain people, and there aren’t real mountains in Britain for reference. Growing up in Germany and first learning about agriculture as a little child, the area that had the overwhelming focus was the Alps… despite living half a country away from said Alps. I forgot most of the details but I’m sure we spent at least half a year learning about cattle and plant industry up in the mountains, and really every mountain region I know of has its own flourishing industry, the exceptions being mountain regions that just don’t have anyone living in them in the first place. So yeah, especially in a possibly volcanic region such as Erebor might be farming would be the obvious thing to do. Also goats are a thing. And livestock gets kept inside during the cold months anyway so there’d be no issue keeping them inside the mountain either. It’s been years and still this “Dwarves don’t provide their own food” makes zero sense to me

reasons to read Siren’s Lament:





and mORE ABS

Bonus: Some butt cleavage

hc the Fire Nation cremates their deceased

Why Dungeons and Dragons will Help your Novel

Alright guys so lets be real, raise your hand if you’ve ever played DnD? Now put it down. Ok, now raise your hand if you write and want to be published one day? See? Waaayyyy more of you are here. “But what does DnD have to do with my writing career?” you ask? Well my friend, DnD is a great writing tool that I think is completely underused in the writing community. This is especially true regarding ~helping~ underdeveloped characters and worlds. 

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