depending on what half of my followers you look at

Dyrus’ Fansign contest. (this picture is really old but you get the idea)

I will be taking submissions for fan signs. Depending on who is the most creative that person will receive a 1 hour and a half lesson with me on how to get better at league.

IF you don’t play league you can tell me what game or how you would like to use that time whether talking, watching anime together, w/e I don’t know what you guys want.


1. One submission per person

2. It has to be YOU. it’s kind of pointless if I don’t get to see what my fans look like nowadays. back then I learned that there were people that were super ripped that actually followed me and that blew my mind.

3. Have fun, please don’t take it to seriously, the whole goal is to see who you guys are and to share it with my rest of my tumblr of what dyrus viewers/fans/followers would look like.

Deadline is November 14

(because I know people have busy schedules this is just a for fun thing)

That’s right!! I am officially opening up commissions. Because I am poor and in college and I want to draw you things!!

Flat Rates are as follows:

  • Bust: $4
  • Waist up: $6
  • Full body: $14
  • Those prices are for sketches, line art, and flat color. Paint is $2+ (depending on how much)
  • Extra character is double

Otherwise, depending on your request, prices will vary to my discretion. Please take a look at my art so see if there are any specific styles you like. I am open to doing NSFW commissions, but I will need to know what it is first and I may refuse (especially if underage/extreme stuff).

Half payment is required before I start your drawing (I’ve been burned too many times already). 

Message me here with your email or contact me at and I will send you my commission form. If nothing else, I would appreciate a signal boost!! Thank you all so much!!

lululawrence  asked:

Okay Sanne. Your first One Direction concert is almost here! I am interested in your wish list, aka the things (no matter how far fetched and ridiculous) you hope to happen for you to enjoy with your own eyes. If you had the concert experience from heaven (or hell, depending on how you look at it), what would it consist of???

My lovely Sus! What an excellent question! Now matter how farfetched or ridiculous? You shouldn’t have said that, haha.

Okay my DREAM ONE DIRECTION concert would have the following things in them:

1. Outfits: Harry is wearing a shirt where his nipples are out, because duh. Those titties should always be free. Louis wears braces ONE MORE TIME for one half of the show, preferably in combination with those white pants. You know what I’m talking about. For the second half Louis should definitely wear a scoop neck. Liam should just lose his shirt altogether after ten minutes. Niall can wear his hat! I think that would be funny. 

2. They sing a medley of ‘I want to break free’ from Queen and ‘I’m coming out’ from Diana Ross.

3. They sing No Control, Louis SLAYS it and Harry goes WILD and combines all the sex dance moves he knows. (He knows A LOT of them). 

4. There is a gigantic rainbow in the sky over the stadium for a full hour.

5. There should be Lilo banter at all time. 

6. Harry flashes his ferns at various occasions.

7. Harry gets asked what flavour Louis is.

8. Ron Wood comes on stage again during Where Do Broken Hearts Go and would you look at that, he brought his pal Mick Jagger.

9. Louis touches his bum at least ten times. His crotch at least five.

10. Someone brings a baby up on stage and Harry holds it perfectly like the dad he is, and Louis fonds with the light of a million suns.

11. When Louis isn’t fonding at Harry, he… Oh no wait, he is fonding at Harry the whole time.

12. In the empty seat next to me there is annayolome, webetterofftogether, intenselouis or harrystylesadidasaddict. THE COMMUTE IS DOABLE. (Alice can wear earplugs)

13. The crowd is silent for a while but when Louis sings, everyone screams all at once: LOUIS WE LOVE YOU, YOU TALENTED WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING. It will work.

14. They sing Torn a capella.

15. Harry ties his hair in a bun. Then he takes it out and shakes his curls free very sensually. He repeats this process during the show at least 15 times.

16. Louis chases a butterfly on stage.

17. They do an other wheelbarrow race and guess who the teams are. 

18. Niall tries to do a handstand again.

19. Louis sings Valerie (RIP ME).

20. Last but not least.. In the end, Harry and Louis start making out and across the LED walls on stage it spells: LARRY IS REAL.

That would be my dream concert. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

Seriously though. All I want is this:

OT4 being friends, having fun and a laugh. Good vocals throughout the show that give me goosebumps. And an enthousiastic crowd with lots of rainbows, having a good equal time :)