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C: Can they swim well?
Nah, he loves the beach but gets nervous when he’s actually in the water
H:What is their deadly sin?
I: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves?
mmmm probably a 6-8, depending on the day. He can be really hard on himself, especially when he feels like he’s letting other people down
D: How they react to being flirted with?
Look. THIS NERD LITERALLY DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH HIMSELF half the time he doesn’t even realize he’s BEING FLIRTED WITH the other half he just—he’s flattered??? but embarrassed??? I mean. the “I believe in you, nerdboy” Scene???? I feel like he kind of questions it? His internal monologue is: I think they’re….flirting with me? no, don’t be ridiculous Chidi! Why would they flirt with you???” BUT THEY ARE, CHIDI! THEY AER!!!

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How does one use books of tabletop rpg's , do you have to read all 200-500 pages or skip to the parts that u actually need atm

It depends on the RPG but somebody at the table should have read at least most of the book at least once. But for example the first time I played DND the only parts of the book I was familiar with were the 2 or 3 pages that contained the info for my race/class. My DM knew an approximation of the ruleset and I learned the game through playing it under their knowledge. It’s been over a decade since then and I still don’t think I’ve actually read any core DND rule book from cover to cover, just referenced things when I needed to know them.

If you’re running a game that nobody at the table, including yourself, knows anything about, how much of the book you read is going to depend on how much you care about sticking to the rules 100%. If you’ve got a grip on how characters are generated and how conflicts are resolved in the system then you’re probably good to go on a basic version of the game. If something comes up in gameplay, like crafting enchanted arms and armor, you can either look it up or make it up.

IMO the only rule that needs to be followed 100% is having fun. Even if you do read all 500 pages of a rule book you can always disregard the parts of it that aren’t fun to you and your friends.

Christmas is the biggest disappointment of the season for me. Preseason I had such high hopes for her and thought she was going to be such a bad ass.

I understand her foot really didn’t allow her to play the aggressive game she wanted and probably made her feel as though she had to depend on someone else. I can understand that slightly.

But there is just no excuse at this point for how she has cast Josh aside and lets Paul just do and say whatever he wants. And as much as I didn’t like Jessica, the way Christmas spoke about her giving up her game for a guy now is so ridiculous. Honey at least that guy was interested in her.

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Hi! I just found your account (do you say account in tumblr?? idk I'm new to tumblr and I use instagram haha) and I love it so much! If you have time, can you do kind of like a high school AU and do how the RFA members would ask out MC? I hope that makes sense lol :') thanks!! <3

I love you anon!!

imma split this into 2 parts cause I can’t fit this into one post

so i’ll do the actual request in the second post

High School AU part 1


  • lol shy bun
  • kind of a nerd
  • in video game society
  • finds it hard to pay attention in class
  • cramms like his life depends on it
  • still gets pretty good grades
  • his mom makes him lunch
  • complains about it but lowkey happy cause it’s better than what the cafeteria is serving
  • his favourite subject is biology
  • tho almost fainted when they had to dissect an animal
  • worst subject is english r i p
  • languages ain’t his strong suit
  • carries so much shit around
  • has a bad back 24/7
  • also in the lacrosse team
  • he actually ain’t that bad 
  • afraid of being tackled tho


  • OG Mr. Steal Yo Girl
  • but honestly such a sweetheart
  • with slight fuckboy tendencies
  • gonna be honest not a model student
  • he tries tho
  • was very insistent on MC tutoring him
  • lowkey just wanted to spend time with them
  • theatre kid™
  • lead in all the school’s performances
  • super chummy with the director
  • knows all the crew by name
  • on the lacrosse team
  • chose it because he thought the sticks were cool
  • Jaehee nags him to get his grades up
  • ends up tagging in on his study sessions to make sure he’s actually learning
  • soon the whole RFA are involved and BAM study group
  • his favourite subject is obv theatre 
  • his least favourite is maths the devils subject


  • model student
  • kind of a lowkey swat but she’s chill about it
  • treasurer of the student council
  • all the clubs would be bankrupt without Jaehee
  • she’s always busy tho
  • like pass her in the hallway and she’ll always be carrying textbooks for a teacher, walking to a meeting or smth like that.
  • everyone always comes at her with suggestions for the student council
  • Jaehee’s like ???? ¿¿¿¿  bruh I only handle the money
  • has so many trips to the staff room
  • a teacher offered her coffee once
  • and the great romance began
  • always uses seeing staff as an excuse to get coffee
  • Seven was surprised Jaehee could be so sneaky
  • biggest supporter of Zen’s plays
  • everyone wonders why the drama club is always so well funded
  • doesn’t have enough time to play sport in school but does Judo
  • word got around and now no one messes with Jaehee
  • her favourite subject is literature
  • her least favourite is home economics
  • psst it’s cause she can’t cook for shit


  • billionaire boys club ™
  • Jumin mostly hangs out with V
  • doesn’t have the patience to hang out with the other rich kids
  • president of the student council
  • takes the job very seriously
  • everyone has a certain amount of respect for him
  • except Zen r i p
  • brings Elizabeth into school
  • negotiates his way out of detention every time
  • has to shield her from Seven tho
  • has a lowkey fanclub
  • he’s oblivious to the opposite sex tho
  • only plays sports cause his nutritionist says he should
  • plays tennis cause he’s too dignified for football or smth like that and he’s too young to be playing golf
  • has matches with V all the time
  • they keep a tally
  • Jumin is in the lead
  • his favourite subject is economics
  • he’s such a business man tho
  • made a business renting out textbooks to freshers instead of getting them to buy them
  • it was shut down after a year tho
  • least favourite subject is art
  • lol Jumin can’t draw for shit

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • friendly neighbourhood meme lord 
  • always telling some sort of joke or pun
  • in the tech club
  • they all worship him lol
  • tried to hack into a government facility for their contribution to the school festival
  • forced to do a laser show in the end
  • he’s so smart 
  • like no one expects him to be a prodigy 
  • probably cause he never focuses in lessons
  • made Saeran learn morse code so he could talk to him secretly
  • the teachers never caught on
  • starts all sorts of rumours
  • started a rumor that there was a torture chamber in the school basement
  • also said that there was a ghost of a dead girl who died from inhaling the fumes of the boys locker rooms haunting the school
  • Yoosung asked to send a drone into the staff room after hearing they had a gambling ring in there
  • Seven frequently teases him on how gullible he is
  • Seven is on the cheer squad 
  • he only auditioned ironically but got in
  • forced MC to join saying they would be good cause they look easy to throw
  • his favourite subject is computer science cause he gets away with so much shit in the subject
  • he also like physics cause SPACE
  • least favorite is PE because he states he can only drain so much energy each day

V (Jihyun)

  • actual angel
  • everybody’s favorite senpai
  • vice president of the student council
  • everyone comes to him with problems cause they’re too scared to report it to Jumin
  • also president of photography club
  • takes pictures for the school paper
  • Rika is in the occult club
  • i think we all know why
  • everyone thinks Rika’s weird but V’s like 
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  she’s just quirky
  • regularly plays tennis with Jumin
  • V in one of those cute visors tho
  • no one would have guessed he’s a rich kid tho
  • he’ so humble about it
  • not on the best terms with Yoosung after hitting him with a tennis ball causing him to have a nosebleed
  • offers to tutor him to make amends
  • actually the one who suggest joining up with the others to form the RFA study group.

Jun’s interview on Seventeen x Seventeen

‘A mysterious and easy going boy, Jun’

1. How are you going to exress your personality?
◇ A man of moods, I think it’s typical thing for Geminis. Like a tree frog. (*I’m not sure what’s happening lmao) I feel like I’m in the mood for another one. (laughs)

2. What is your role in the group?
◇ I’m everyone’s alarm! I’m good at waking up early and now I’m sitting here. I wake up 10 minutes earlier than the other members and I say to myself 'I should wake them up~’ but I keep having a hard time waking up Seungkwan and Dokyeom. (laughs)

3. What is the time that makes you the happiest?
◇ When I’m eating delicious food, I eat a lot times a day. When you eat a lot, you can be happy! Looking at the Japanese Okonomiyaki and Ramen, I’ll say 'This is a lot!’ but I want to eat as much as I can.

4. How do you spend your days off?
◇ I like to relax at home, read a fantasy novel, or play games.

5. What’s your favorite daily clothing style?
◇ I like wearing casual clothes which varies depending on the day but it should always be comfortable. The8, me and Vernon have the same stylish atmosphere.

6. Charm point
◇ Face…..(embarrassed). The image is different when you’re close~ I hear a lot of things.

7. What kind of kid were you in school?
◇ I have been acting in China since I was 3 years old, and I was casted to be an idol during a slump in my career. I’m really grateful for that fateful day.

8. A few words to 'SEVENTEEN’ readers?
◇ Life is long. Please continue doing what you’re interested in and challenge yourself! That way, I think you can grow naturally in between without even noticing.

Scan by @ jeonwonwoo_kr
Japanese to Korean translation by @ MooooocciR
Korean to English Translation by fyeahwonhui
(Please do not take out the translations without permission. Also sorry in advance if not everything is 100% accurate.)

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As a Venus in Gemini what's your expierence with the other Venus signs?

Venus in Aries: PRETTY adorable! They are very upfront and honest when it comes to feelings and they don’t really beat around the bush. They love a good time and are super playful from my experiences! They can be a bit aggressive and or intense when they like you or find you attractive aha! And they are so the types to play the field from what I’ve seen but unlike most fire venus they don’t go to far with “showing off” because they tend to crush and love very hard and don’t like to jeopardize an opportunity. They also chase and love to chase! But I’ve noticed my favorite version is when people have this in a water house! I usually see them in athletic or outdoorsy type outfits.(Venus in the 1st)

Venus In Taurus: slow moving and smooth talkers. They seem to know just what to say and how to say it. These guys frustrate me at times because they really do move slow when it comes to courting and they usually aren’t the types to come out of nowhere with something outlandish or from left field as they do like some sort of routine! They are usually wearing comfy clothes made from super nice fabrics and sometimes it’ll be loose things. They also have such a beautiful and sensual vibe about them that I adore personally! They also aren’t usually the pursuing type their more of the slow and steady let’s make babies type of guys and gals 😂 but I love em!(Venus in the 2nd)

Venus in Gemini: (aye it’s me) from my experience with other Venus in Gemini I’d say we are the definition of “fast paced” our moods are constantly changing and so are our desires. I’ve noticed that we’re easily inspired and entranced by ideals and situations and curious of how they may turn out. Most I’ve met though are more likely single then they are “hoeing” so to speak. I do think there’s a misconception that Venus in Gemini aren’t committal and run away from relationships because in my experience we’d much rather stay single then play the field. Especially since the concept of a relationship is something of curiosity for us but most of the time that’s all it is. But we’re very loyal and very dedicated once were in love and are very childlike! There’s a youthfulness about how Venus in Gemini express their love and joy in the world because they see it as a playground to learn and explore. But ones I’ve met have varying styles that are almost never similar lmao! And they tend to change their style and lives very often. Usually the more quiet types when it comes to having a s/o (Venus in the 3rd)

Venus in cancer: guys I’ve met with this are the dads while women I’ve met with this position are the moms Of the zodiac. They usually have extremely nurturing qualities and are a lot more emotionally resilient then I personally think they’re given credit for. Ones I’ve met are also super aloof and tend to play the field as far as romance goes and usually don’t get emotionally invested in a partner or love interest until like years later. They also like to keep their outfits traditional and I’ve noticed the guys(gay/straight/unicorn and so on) tend to always fall into the dad look like I can’t even explain it lmaooo you’ll catch them in sandals and crocs. While the girls usually wear jewelry and or pleasant and easy on the eyes clothing. I don’t find them to be clingy personally and I love how sensitive and caring they are! (Venus in the 4th)

Venus in Leo: well here’s the thing I personally my best friend is a Venus in Leo and she’s so amazing. But I’ve also known a guy with this and his ego is the size of our solar system and maybe even andromeda. They def have egos and def have a high level of presence about them that’s so captivating and comforting at the same time. They have high standards for themselves and usually aren’t easily taken down or belittled by anyone. They always stand their ground and for the most part they NEED A LOT OF ATTENTION. like seriously they don’t like partners or friends who fail to keep up with them and shower them with love. This is mainly from what I’ve seen due to the fact that their actually huge softies and super sensitive and in need of reassurance. Personally this doesn’t bother me but like Venus in Leo usually don’t get along with my “non Chalant” attitude.(Venus in the 5th)

Venus in Virgo: I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE LITTLE SWEET HEARTS. For starters they are so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo compassionate and they always try to actor to the needs of others before their own. They can be on the more “self deprecating” side of things when it comes to their self esteem and they usually don’t take themselves or life to seriously. They are hard workers when it comes to maintaining their health and their clothes and romantic endeavors. From what I’ve noticed whether they are OCD about cleaning or seemingly not..They are always CLEANING and they all no matter who it is needs things to be clean. The guys usually like clean and chill and easy natural beauty type partners(guy or girl) and girls usually go for either super messy and bad boys or preppy easy going foreigners. But they are so loyal and really do and are willing to sacrifice for those whom they are about. They’re a lot more “mental” about love like Venus in Gemini and don’t really do half ass relationships they need to see work and can be the types to test a partners work ethic when it comes to the partnership. So if they stop trying YOU BETTER WORK YOUR ASS OFF to get them back. Overall they’re so great! Just wish they’d also trust their heart in love instead of just their head.(Venus in the 6th house)

Venus in libra: honestly…I always end up crushing on guys with this. Like they’re sooo handsome and charming! They really know how to work themselves around an audience and any situation. They’re super adaptable and can be super easy to speak with and converse with! They usually don’t like confrontation from what I’ve seen even if it’s in a house like the 8th or 1st house! They usually also dress very nice! Women here can have a very graceful and curvy look to them while men also will have a more curvy and thick build. They tend to wear floral and or clean cut outfits and can be very stylish! From what I’ve seen also they tend to stay away from “romance” now this might sound weird but most I’ve seen usually are very slow when it comes to commitment and may prefer a flirty and friendly relationship before a heavy and weight full one. They need to know they can communicate and “hang” with you before starting anything serious. But they’re super giving and loving once you’ve got them! OHHH AND THEY HAVE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE SMILES.
(Venus in the 7th)

Venus in Scorpio: okay so textbook wise Venus in Gemini and Venus in scorpio are hell on wheels together and shouldn’t interact. Well boo to that. I LOVE Venus in scorpios. They are very tense and passionate. They usually have more serious demeanors when it comes to flirting and romance and somewhat move at a pace that depends on the person they like and how much of a connection they can feel from it. They are super loyal and faithful as friends and lovers and don’t like to play games or “sneak around” from what I’ve noticed they usually play the field but they also play the field when they’re with someone either if they feel unsure about the relationship or seem to be holding on to past hurt. Either way they don’t usually cheat the worst they’d do is flirt with someone else but they’d never damage a connection beyond repair unless you cross that line with them first. They are sexual but not openly and are super private about it. Romance wise they’re full of deep eye contact that gets deeper the closer you guys get and as the years go on they change a lot and grow so don’t expect them to be the same as you met them. They are also looking for long term with things and move slow when it comes to trusting and opening up but I personally find them fascinating and vice versa! I’ve loved the ones who are in earth houses the most as it keeps them more peaceful and able to handle their passions better(Venus in the 8th)
Oh side note they usually wear a lot of black and sports wear and comfy clothes similarly to Taurus Venus.

Venus in Sagittarius: these guys are NOMADIC as hell. They don’t like being in a place or situation for to long at all. They can also be super fickle and sway when it comes to commitment. But they are so spontaneous and free and I love that about them! They can be super dynamic and unique in how they dress and present themselves. I’ve noticed guys and girls with this tend to have a resting face and seem generally unbothered or interested in the moment that their in a lot of the time. It’s a sort of disconnected gaze they have. They are also very in to trying new things and new places and usually are the ones posting on ig about “wishing I was_______” “can’t wait to go back to _________” they are also super passionate and turbulent people whom can seemingly go of the rails at the drop of a hat lmao but overall I love them too pretty authentic guys and gals who don’t bite their tongue. They usually like the chase and passion filled romances. (Venus in the 9th)

Venus in Capricorn: man..they can be very intimidating! They have a very heavy presence about them that you always pick up on. Guys I’ve noticed rock nice beards and look really good in them while girls can have really straight hair or long hair. They also tend to be serious and have moments of seriousness even if they have a super airy or watery chart. They usually also have a very well put together dress style that screams “mature” “cultured” “experienced” ones I’ve noticed don’t usually date younger partners. Girls/guys: go after older partners and can be attracted to older partners and vice versa. The guys sometimes go for younger gals but I’ve noticed this with Capricorn rising guys more then I have with the Venus signs. They also can have such a nature and serious view on romance and don’t like to rush or jump into something as they seem to relate it to a actual job. They aren’t the most tender or openly affectionate either and I mean I personally never had a problem with this because one thing I’ll say although they lack that initial tenderness they can be super loving and warm just through actions rather then words. THEY ALSO HAVE BEAUTIFUL SMILES!!!! oh looool they hate having their privacy breached so like don’t ever get in their bubble cause they’ll kill you.
(Venus in the 10th)

Venus in Aquarius: I usually like these folks! But for starters they are very trendy dressers like they are very stylish and usually are the thrifters and people who have something eccentric or new age about their dress style. I’ve noticed that they like dating unique or strange people and you know they guys scream emo culture to me and I’m here for it! They can be very magnetic because of the aloof and detached energy they throw out. They can seem like they don’t care about much and don’t really like to immediately jump into an emotional relationship until they’ve known you for awhile. Overall I love them and I think they’re pretty nice people! They’re super sensitive and ooey gooey once they open up to you as they do tend to have 918739182827338 walls up. I actually think they are like airy Scorpio venuses high key. Oh girls here are super into the bad boys and “uninterested” boys. (Venus in the 11th) oh and they date their friends from what I’ve seen like they end up having feelings for their homeboys or girls and they usually like to be ambiguous when it comes to sexuality.

Venus in Pisces: super ethereal and enigmatic. They can be soooo loving and caring! They usually wear really hippie and or baggy and cultural clothing. Their very attracted to “cultures” and can be a bit diverse in their styles from what I’ve seen. They usually are very quiet and have a far away vibe about them! They don’t usually scream “romance” to me and can somewhat be loners and the more isolated guys and gals! They love very hard though and can be extremely sacrificial to those they love and unfortunately can stay in abusive situations because of this and may not leave those people because they feel like they can save them! :( they are super peaceful and easygoing and don’t like people who are to abrasive or loud! They don’t strike me as clingy and tend to be rather independent! But they do attract co dependent partners and can somewhat reflect this behavior. They kinda are like mirrors to me! And they have super fluid energy and can seemingly be anyone at once. They are an old romance type of people and although they don’t show it they are super emotional and Romantic once you get to know them platonically and otherwise! Animals love them as much as Venus in Virgo! (Venus in the 12th-I have this)

This was long but I had a lot to say about all of these beauties!



Full Style || Flat Style || Sketch Style || Icons || Finished Commissions


im finally doing this after 200 years Wow!!!!

im doing these character commissions!! i can draw ocs and fav characters and stuff

contact me:

  • here via tumblr messenger or ask (off anon please unless u have a general question) 
  • email me at 
  • OR if u wanna add me on skype/discord for this please hmu off anon (dont just ask for them pls say if its for commissions)

in ur email/ask/whatever please have:

  • your tumblr or name or someway i can remember u lol
  • your paypal address
  • what type of commission you want
  • any details for the picture (bg color, poses, expressions, specific dimensions, etc.)
  • please have the word “commission” somewhere in the subject (ex: “Commission Request”, “Full Body Commission Request”, “Commission Request from username”, etc.)
  • whatever email you want me to send the final piece to (otherwise ill send it to the email i received the request from


my process is that after getting all the details ill show u the sketch and ask if u want anything changed or if i missed anything. please do NOT ask me to change the pose completely/start over/etc. if u want a specific pose please send a pose ref my dude

my commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. do not try to sell these my pal. if i havent posted it on tumblr already (which i might, please tell me if u dont want me to do that tho) you may post them, but please link back to my art blog or i’ll cry. 

i am currently still a full time student. if ur commission is taking a while its more than likely that i am overloaded with other work and for that i am greatly sorry! ;v;

i have the right to decline your commission without question.

+50% of original price (per additional character) no longer applies to any icon-type commissions unu [8/27/17]

you will not receive a finished commission unless i have received full payment.


simple backgrounds w just like a solid color or pattern are free! but bgs involving a scene (like this) will cost $10-$25 more depending on how complicated it is, i can only do so much;; uvu.


can draw:

  • original characters
  • fanart
  • people from irl refs
  • people from in-game refs
  • squid kids (of course)
  • non-splatoon
  • ships/couple things

can’t draw:

  • mechs/complicated machinery (though some weapons and armor i can manage, ask me first)
  • anthro/furries
  • Explicit NSFW or nudity (some sugggestive themes are ok)
  • gore (but if its like a few cuts n bruises thats fine)
  • REALLY detailed/complicated backgrounds (again, ask me first tho i might manage)



  1. closed (1 FB/FS)
  2. closed (1 ICON)
  3. closed (2 FB/SS)
  4. open
  5. open

☆ if all slots are full but u still wanna commission me (omg i love u), ask and i’ll make sure to get u into the next available one when it opens.


Hey guys, I finally made a commissions post!  If you’re interested in commissioning me, please contact me via the tumblr messaging system or by sending me an email at (no “u” in saturn) and leaving me an ask letting me know you sent one!

Every time I do a pixel I post the original artwork, and then a zoomed in version.  So if you’re a fan of the zoom in pixel aesthetic keep that in mind!

Seriously, I love drawing people’s OCs, never be afraid to ask. And I’ll do fanart of whatever you like even if I’m not in the fandom so don’t worry about that either (most of my fandoms are obscure OTL).

If you don’t receive your commission within 30 days of paying for it and I haven’t told you I’m going to be away from my computer for a period of time, you’ll get your money back.

Under the cut is just some extra notes on what I can do and a few more examples of stuff.

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You are Brick: Vault hunter, Crimson Raider, leader of the infamous Slabs, and one of only six sirens in the universe; the last of which would be awesome, if you could figure out what your powers are and how to use them. You wear a lot of hats (including a crown) and so far you’ve managed to strike a good balance between the murdering, pillaging, and defending Pandora’s citizens.

When a strange shooting star falls over the planet and crashes into the Eridium Blight, it hails the coming of yet another corporation drawn by Pandora’s fabled riches, and not afraid to steamroll over anyone in pursuit of their goals. But you’re Brick. You drove off Hyperion, and Atlas before that. No way are you going to let Maliwan destroy your home now.

You won’t face this threat alone. As the Slab Queen, you command the loyalty of your gang, along with old and new allies, including a high profile Maliwan defector, a Hyperion pencil-pusher turned bandit leader, and a poetry writing ‘robot’.

Improve your chances against Maliwan by learning skills, making friends, and recruiting Pandora’s forces to fight alongside you. Your decisions are many and far-reaching, and it can be hard to tell how your actions will affect your future and the fate of Pandora.

Long Live the Slab Queen is an upcoming fan-game, set within the universe of Gearbox’s Borderlands franchise, gameplay inspired by Hanako Games’ Long Live the Queen, and created using TyranoBuilder. The branching narrative is driven by player choices, including:

  • 6 potential romantic partners
  • 10+ ending variations
  • a whole bunch of grisly deaths (made more pleasing by chibi illustrations and frequent checkpoints)

This is a project I’ve been working on for awhile, but I’ve got a long way to go. I predict that it will be finished either by March 2018, or the March after that. (depending on how much free time I have this year tbh) But I’m excited about how it’s going!

Ways you can help:

I can’t receive any financial support for this, probably, for legal reasons. But if you’re interested in the project and want to help with it, there are a few things I could use.

  • Input: How much of the progress would you like to see posted? Pros to regular updates are that anyone commenting or reblogging will keep me encouraged to work steadily. Cons: spoilers. Anything I post wont be a surprise in the game. What kind of balance would you like to see with content updates?
  • Music: I think it would be cool to have original music for this. If you can create music for the background (maybe even with lyrics and singing, like for a title track? That would be BOSS) and want to contribute, I might be able to commission you for your work. I’m not sure how much music costs but I’d love to hear quotes from anyone is interested in doing this.
  • Encouragement: Just knowing that anybody likes this idea and would play LLtSQ when I finish would be a huge help, and I would appreciate any likes/comments/reblogs!

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Hi, not sure if you are interested in Bloodstained, but from the trailers / gameplay videos released so far (some new videos were released for E3 2017), the game does not look too good in my opinion. I can't exactly define what is bad / missing (maybe its a general lack of polish or the "slow" controls). Can you comment a little about this game and its current quality from a game developer perspective? Thanks!

For those who haven’t followed Bloodstained, it’s a new Metroidvania style game from longtime Castlevania producer, writer, and programmer, Koji Igarashi. It was successfully crowdfunded back in 2015. Here’s some gameplay video of Bloodstained in action, recorded at E3 2017:

So… what’s wrong with it? Why does it look bad? There’s two main problems I see with it and both are animation-related.

Problem #1: Everything takes a long time

I downloaded the above video and scrubbed through it frame by frame. The video was captured at 30 frames per second. Almost all of Miriam’s motions are stretched out over many frames of animation, making them feel like the overall game is slow. Her normal fast attacks have 4-5 frames of startup (anticipation, before actually striking) around 25 frames to complete. Heavy attacks with the Claymore sword have 14-15 frames of startup (not striking until half a second after the animation begins), and took 32 frames to complete (more than one second). Picking up a shard (which happened quite often in the demo) took five seconds. It takes two seconds to get a special item in Symphony of the Night.

This is the top of Miriam’s jump arc. Notice how she’s not changing height here at all, and yet there’s still a solid five frames of just floating along horizontally? These extra frames of animation make the player feel like Miriam moves more like a balloon than a slayer of evil. Her jumps feel super floaty because of all this extra time in the air. In comparison, Alucard from Symphony of the Night only spends two frames at the crest of his jump before descending. 

Here’s a sword attack from Bloodstained:

And a similar sword attack from Symphony of the Night.

They are both running at the same frame rate.

Bloodstained has all sorts of movement and combat animations that feel unnecessarily long, and the overall effect is that the game looks and feels floaty and sluggish. It’s a real problem for a game of this type, because the vast majority of the game is spent moving, jumping, and attacking. These motions must feel responsive and tight, and that means short, snappy animations that read well. Bloodstained is supposed to be a spiritual successor to Castlevania, but Castlevania had super responsive and tight controls, and that meant super responsive and tight animations that were played as a result of those controls.

Problem #2: Miriam’s body language is lacking

In most of the actions Miriam is performing, she doesn’t really convey much about who she is or how she’s different. In fact, most of her movements look very much like they were directly inspired by Alucard. The problem is that Miriam should be her own separate person. If you’ve ever played Overwatch, you can tell a lot about each character simply by the way they move. The body language gives you insight about the character. Tracer shows how expressive she is by sticking her arms and legs out all the time. Mei keeps her hands and knees together because she’s shy. Soldier 76 keeps his arms in tight to his chest because he’s old and grumpy, and so on.

What we expect from a slayer of evil would be a wider stance - feet firmly planted and spread apart for stability, facing her potential foes, arms loose and ready in case of trouble. It’s a comfortable stance that’s ready to rumble. Maria Renard (pictured) has a stance like that. Alucard has a stance like that. Miriam does not.

Miriam’s body language is kind of a mess. Her idle stance is this odd side-facing stance with knees together and one arm raised. She’s not facing her threats unless she attacks. Her knees and ankles are kept together, which makes her seem nervous. She has one hand lifted to her cheek as if she is about to sneeze. This pose is not comfortable at all. This visual does not depict a monster hunting slayer of evil. Overall, she looks more like she’s posing for a fashion photographer than ready to fight. If she’s supposed to look this way, then the normal combat animations certainly don’t show it. When she swings a sword, whip, or spear, she looks like she knows what she’s doing. But then she returns to this odd, unnatural looking idle pose and everything feels off. It’s this weird lack of consistency in her movements that throws things off kilter.

Overall, they could improve how the game feels simply by increasing the speed. As an experiment, go back to the youtube video shown above, click the gear icon and change the speed setting to 1.25x or even 1.5x. Now watch some of the gameplay. See how much better it feels? Then throw on some music for atmosphere, and it will feel a lot better. Depending on how final these assets are, there’s still time for them to improve on this. I’m sure the animators at the very least are aware of these problems. I just suspect that there’s somebody in a position of authority that likes it this way.

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That beam livestream was pretty nifty! How often do you think you're doing to do those streams?

I honestly have no idea, sorry, it pretty much depends on how much other work I have on my plate on any given day! I did think about streaming more today, but I ended up editing together my own PAX-video (for tomorrow) instead, and that took like 4 hours alone, so… Maybe tomorrow though! Mostly because I wanna keep playing Thimbleweed Park, because I had a really fun time with that game, and it lends itself really well for “audience interaction” as well with all the choices! :D

I say best way is to keep an eye on the twitter, and do a follow on Beam if you have an account, because I’ll probably continue Thimbleweed on there, I liked the integrated poll, in chat, good for in-game options :)

Patreon? Come on!

I understand how much hard work the creators use during creating CC, and I understand those who share their work through to earn a few dollars from that company.


I feel like there are few creators who forgot that THE SIMS is a game which belongs to Electronic Arts. EA created everything the CC you create depends on! What is this pile of pixels worth without it? (Sorry if it sounds offensive, but demanding money from your supporters is even more offensive).

EA should enforce this phenomenon.

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Ok I know you're busy but please please please write whatever pairing you want for the post of the person who is advertising their services as being a terrible date to your family Thanksgiving dinner. No rush. Whenever you want. IF you want. Your life things absolutely come first

This has now been posted to AO3 here!

-Refers to this post  (text is there, but I changed to better match the situation/add in a joke or two)

A/N: This is set before the sort of reconciliation we get between Eliza and Alex (for reasons, even though other things have already happened that canonically take place post-reconciliation and really the timeline is all sorts of fucked but I’m beyond sleep-deprived), and since I’m writing from Alex’s POV, their relationship will sound pretty shitty, though it’s not the focus here. Also, this is pure crack–probably fairly terrible crack. In case anyone worried it would be serious….

Chapter Text

Knitting her eyebrows together in confusion, Alex reread at the vague subject line in her inbox: “Saw this, thought of you.” Knowing it was from Lucy already had her on high alert—the last time she’d unthinkingly opened a link from one of her emails at work, she’d ended up with the video for “Dick in a Box” playing at full volume to the surprise (and amusement) of her DEO recruits. But, since she was at home and more than a little curious, she clicked on the link, finding herself on a Craigslist ad that read:

“It’s Thanksgiving. Want to skip that long, insulting conversation about how youre still single? About how your parents really want more grand children? Well, look no further!

I am a 29 year old ex-con (long story, don’t worry, I’m plenty friendly!) with no family to worry about and a dirty pickup truck one year younger than me painted with some Scissor Sisters album cover artwork (there when I got it, but I like it too much to change it). I can play anywhere between the ages of 25 and 35 depending on hair and makeup. I’m a bartender and work late nights. If you’d like to have me as your strictly platonic date for Thanksgiving, but have me pretend to be in a very long or serious relationship with you, to torment your family, I’m game.

I can do these things, at your request:
• Openly hit on other female guests while you act like you don’t notice
• Start instigative discussions about politics and/or religion (I prefer to play the flaming liberal atheist, but can adapt depending on how promising the dessert selection will be and how much it would piss off your shitty family)
• Propose to you in front of everyone (I’ve got a cheap ring and all)
• Pretend to be really drunk as the evening goes on (sorry, I don’t really drink much anymore, but I used to. A lot. too much in fact… I know the drill)
• Start an actual, physical fight with a family member, either inside or on the front lawn for all the neighbors to see (I require advance warning if I’m not to harm them in any real way or leave marks)

I require no pay but the free meal I will receive as a guest!”

Scowling, Alex switched over to email and sent back: “What the hell, Lane?”

Mere seconds later a reply came back in: “Morning to you too, Alex! You said you didn’t want to deal with your mom and your sister’s shitty boyfriend alone again so… voila! A solution—and it’s free.”

“I’m not going to hire an escort service,” Alex shot back.

“She says ‘strictly platonic,’ so it’s really not an escort service. And you’re not paying her, just feeding her. C’mon, think of all the joy those stories could bring to me, your dear friend, your oldest friend.”

“You arrested me for treason.”

“Hey look! Something you two have in common. You could totally bond about being ex-cons together.”

“Fuck off.”

“Do it!”


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What I thought of Before the Storm (mild spoilers)

Its still kinda early to say about the whole thing, but as for the first episode, I was VERY impressed. At first I was angry, then skeptical that they could even do a good job, then hopeful that everyone would be in-character, and crossing my fingers that it would just at least a tiny bit gayer than Life is Strange.

Not only is it exponentially gayer, its not subtle about it.

How gay IS it?

Pretty fuckin gay. I’m a person who will call out queerbait like no one’s business, even if its technically not there because it was never promised in the first place. I didn’t feel this was the least bit queerbaity. Even if you play it platonically (which, lezbehonest, goes against the grain of the first game) it still ends up being romantic.

Things like Chloe smelling Rachel’s hair, Rachel touching Chloe on her face or around her waist, Rachel scooting closer to Chloe at any opportunity. Chloe having a gay panic every other minute. Rachel saying Chloe is pretty. While Rachel is more touchy-feely with Chloe than the other way around, Chloe still initiates touching now and again. It is a very low time in her life right now, so I understand the hesitation. They’re romantic together no matter what you do really.

Is Chloe played as straight or what?

In Chloe’s journal at this point in her life, she’s clearly bi. I won’t say more than that, but its undeniable LOL

There is a Diet-Warren in this I’m sad to say. But not that sad, cuz its even more pitiful than Warren somehow xD She even says she was with him because she was bored and lonely and there was no chemistry there.

What about the voices?

Despite the weird voice changes, everyone is in character which is all that mattered to me. Chloe is still a little shit and I love her. She’s still clearly mad at Max, but misses her. The texts between those two are heartbreaking, and shows you Chloe’s end of how the situation was handled. If people don’t stop thinking Chloe’s a bitch after reading those texts, I don’t know what to tell them xD

David is still an asshole, so the game isn’t making Chloe seem like her concerns are unreasonable. Joyce is still really hard to be mad at, cuz she still cares about Chloe. Victoria and Nathan, and a few other minor characters come back. No sign of Kate yet, but there’s some new characters I like that I wasn’t expecting at all.

How’s Rachel?

If you’ve played the fan game Love is Strange and you romanced Rachel Amber, she’s very much like that. She’s how I imagined and more to be honest. She’s a mystery, but she still puts out vulnerable parts of herself to Chloe. She’s having difficulty it seems being too trusting in people and now realizes that even the person she trusted most lies to her. It seems like depending on who she’s with, she has an easy time lying to people herself. She seems to be pretty open with Chloe, especially at the end of the episode. So who knows where it goes from here, since this takes place 3 years before LiS.

Where’s Mark Jefferson? I want to kill him.

SAME. But there’s no sign of Jefferson. At least as of right now. I don’t think he’s a teacher at Blackwell for Before the Storm because there’s no mention of him from anyone, and his gross rapey pictures aren’t scattered around campus.

Is there magic?

Yes and no. Its hard to say. Chloe doesn’t have a “special power” like Max, but unlike Max she has the power of sassing her way out of trouble xD And unlike Max she actually stands up to people because she feels like its the right thing to do. So what’s magical about it? Just watch the last “Nightmare” Chloe has and the last scene with Rachel and judge for yourself if you think its magical or not. I personally think something else is going on, and Rachel is more important to leading to the events of Life is Strange than we think.

I don’t want to be depressed, how depressing is it?

There are scenes that are very heartbreaking, because this is a low point in Chloe’s life. She’s lost her father, her best friend moved and won’t talk to her, she thinks her mother is trying to forget about her father, her mother is dating someone who’s controlling, sexist, and verbally abusive, she has no friends, and is extremely lonely. But the whole episode isn’t one giant depressing montage of bad things happening to Chloe like I thought it was gonna be. It has a lot of fun and effort put into it, and I can tell the developers wanted it to do their best to keep it balanced. If anything, there’s more “nice” scenes in it than I anticipated, and I welcomed that.

Overall I very much enjoyed what I played. Its interesting seeing Chloe transition from her girlier stage to her punk stage. Its interesting seeing Chloe react to Rachel, and seeing how well they balance each other, but in ways that are different from what Chloe was with Max. And how Chloe influences Rachel is interesting too. 

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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Oh my god can you maybe write something where her is so drunk he forgets Jean is his bf so he's flirting and hitting on him and asks is he's single and Jean is highly amused by this and tells jer that he's not and jer literally cries because he loves him but he he just goes on to accept this because Jean is happy but then Jean tells him how it's him and jer remembers and fucking glows and is so happy about this information and everyone just loves the scene that went on??:)

Here it is! I hope you like it!

Jean and Jeremy didn’t drink much. Alcohol dependency was a big thing in the Nest and Jeremy didn’t like not being in control of himself, so they usually stuck to a bottle of wine over dinner or a beer after a long day, but not really barhopping.

That said, after a particularly brutal away game won by a hair, they can’t find it in themselves to turn down their teammates’ invitations to go out for a few drinks. Jean sticks by the bar front, nursing a rum and coke and people watching. Jeremy, ever the social butterfly, though, ends up going shot for shot with another striker on the team, never able to back down from a challenge. Jean has half a mind to remind him they’re not in college anymore, but Jeremy’s an adult and Jean trusts him to know his limits.

Once they’ve been there for a while, Jeremy wobbily saunters over to him. “Heyyyy, good looking.”

Jean bites back a laugh. “Hi, sweetheart. Having fun?”

Jeremy nods, but looks suddenly bashful. “Yeah…but my friends told me I should go try to get the hot guy’s number, so, uh…are you taken?”

Jean still thought Jeremy was being silly and flirty, so he answered, “I am. He’s pretty great.”

Instead of laughing though, Jeremy’s face fell and he just squeaked out and “Oh…well, I’m…I’m sorry I bothered you.”

He turned to walk away, but Jean grabbed his hand to pull him back. “Jere…I was kidding. It’s me. Jean? Your boyfriend?”

Jeremy got wide eyed. “Jean! Oh…oh my god. Guys! It’s my boyfriend!”

Jean smiled warily and pulled him into his lap. “I think you’ve had enough, babe. Time for sleep.”

Jeremy nosed his way into Jean’s neck and giggled. “Kay.”

Jean waved to their team and helped Jeremy stumble back to their hotel and into bed.

The next morning, Jeremy’s head pounded. He smiled a little when he saw the water and Advil on the side table. Jean always took care of him.

He rolled carefully out of bed and found Jean on the balcony, sipping his coffee. Jeremy wrapped his arms around him and rested his head on the muscles between his shoulder blades. He felt the rumble of Jean’s laugh before he said, “Morning, baby. How does it feel to go home with the hot guy from the bar?”

Jeremy groaned and shoved at Jean’s arm lightly. “Don’t make fun of me. I had so much tequila.”

Jean turned around and kissed him lightly on the forehead. “I know. How do you feel?”

“Like I got run over by a truck. But we have a few hours until a flight and it’s nothing a good brunch can’t fix.”

Jean grabbed his hand to pull him back into the room. “Then we better get working. We’ve got to find the best pancakes in the city.”

Jeremy leaned up to kiss Jean, and Jean kissed back despite the fact that he probably tasted like death. “I can’t imagine a better morning, my love.”

Some old Dishonored work I did a few years back (more like when it first came out haha). Its almost unhealthy how much I love this game, I literally play it as if my life depends on it. Yo Arkane if you ever need a concept artist or someone to bring you coffee in the morning, I’m totally for hire.

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Y'know I actually might be cool if Virgil was the only super mutant in the game as long as the rest of the ones swarming the commonwealth were gone. It does irk me a bit that the Institute had FEV, but I could buy after 200 years managing to recover small samples of it on the surface. Certainly not enough to make a freaking army of them. Plus virgil would've been a much better companion than Strong imo, since Strong is basically a walking meme. But just one of many problems in FO4, unfortunately

Okay, I think I legitemately froze when you suggested the idea of Virgil as a companion. Because holy shit - yes, you are absolutely right?

The Institute obtaining small samples of the virus just a few years ago would also offer a better explanation as to why they are studying it at all. Because even though the game kind of suggests that they used their FEV research to boost the technologies needed to create synths, you really have to dig for that information, and if you don’t then their interest in FEV just doesn’t make much sense - you just have to accept it and live with it. But if they got their first samples a few years ago (Doctor Lee, anyone? This could have been her “payment”, something that convinced the Institute researchers to take her), the interest in the FEV research is a totally valid thing. 

And man, Virgil is a character with a personality, opinions on factions, skills that go beyond combat, he even has a personal quest. There are bits and pieces suggesting that he was a victim of workplace bullying. He could have been a pretty cool companion character.

Imagine the part he could have played in Curie’s personal quest. Not necessarily saying that he’d be the one to help her get the new body, but he’d definitely have opinions on it. What would those be? What would he think, watching how Curie changes and adjusts to new, human sensations and feelings, how she enjoys having a normal body and all the things she can do with it while he is trapepd in this monstrosity and is losing a little bit of control over it every day. 

Also to consider: they are both researchers, the talks they could have had, arguing about things others don’t get but are - for some reason - incredibly important to them. Because did you ever watch two profs trying to prove something to each other? The world is going to burn around them, and they will still be at it.

Nick! He has first-hand knowledge of everything synth-related, and he may know how Nick’s body works better than Valentine himself. And after a period of initial distrust, Nick might have been the one to come to Virgil for help because “my wires do this weird thing” and “is the blood supposed to be that dark? it’s freaking me out but it’s not like I can go to a human medic and have them check me”. Basically, Virgil becoming a synth doctor.

All the drama with X6. Oh, the drama. 

Virgil in Far Harbor would be probably like “I think I’m going to faint, is this actually DiMA? Is this real life? Am I losing my mind in this goddamn body?”

Virgil having idealogical fights with Deacon because Virgil doesn’t agree with the Railroad, and the Sole Survivor being, unwillingly, in the middle of it all. 

Virgil knows about what happened to Hancock’s brother and that he’s been replaced with a synth. The backlash he’d have to deal with when/if he told Hancock the truth. 

And his ending could have depended on so many details, and little things, and side quests and conversations: because he is totally against you killing everyone in the Institute in the game, and depending on how you maneuvered the fights he had with Deacon, or how much attention you paid to him during the game (thus either making him feel like a part of the group or just some green mountan of muscles that nobody cares about) he’d react to your decisions differently. Will he stay with you? Is he going to attack you, and you’ll have to kill him? Is he just going to leave, resigned and lost? 

I… This has so much potential. 

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I would love love love to hear your thoughts on how Briar and Hazel take to your dad getting serious with Craig because you absolutely NAILED that Craig post ❤️❤️❤️


Briar and Hazel. We didn’t get a WHOLE lot of them, but we did see Amanda being awesome with them at the end if ya romance Craig, and the initial intro scene.

Now, there is normal child psychology and average reactions, and there is also questions of how much they overheard/how much their parents shared with them. I could possibly see that approach varying a bit with Craig (Mr. I Have To Be The Perfect Dad) being all ‘I still love your mommy very much, but I also realized I’m not in love with her like those Disney movies, and she deserves someone to love her like that’ without getting into the whole straight up ‘I’m gay’ thing (especially as I get the impression he is really still kinda… figuring things out. He just hasn’t had the time to EXPLORE it yet, so he’s pretty damn sure he’s gay, but he doesn’t know what that MEANS, practically, in his life, by the time he meets up with the MC at the start of the game. He has three girls, one a baby, a business to run and he coaches the softball team and works out- he has had literally 0 time for practical gay application to his life.).

Smashley, by virtue of her name, I could see her being just. Very blunt and up front with the girls. “Yeah your dad’s gay, which is awesome, and if anyone doesn’t think it’s awesome you know what you do girls? That’s right- SMASH  ‘em! That’s my daughters. Here’s your ice cream.” (Look Smashley is such a great and descriptive nickname I fucking love it.)

I could see some hesitance and suspicion on the part of the girls with your MC at first. After all, they’ve seen a LOT of people hit on their dad, and what makes you so special? Also considering their energy levels and athleticism and tendency for mischief (…on Hazel’s part), I could see a measure of protectiveness and pranks.

I imagine they would adapt fairly quickly though, depending on the dad. For example- my Dadsona yells things like ‘IT’S HOW MUCH FUN YOUR HAVING THAT MATTERS’ at the baseball game at first, which they roll their eyes at but slowly warm up to until the moment some jerk plays a dirty move against them and said dadsona stands up and goes ‘KILL THAT LITTLE TURDFACE, YOU GIRLS GOT THIS, GO TEAM!’ because HOW DARE someone do that to Craig’s kids. At which point they are DELIGHTED.

I imagine it would take around 6 months for them to adjust on a base level going from suspicion/protective instincts to ‘yeah you’re cool’. About a year for them to realize they basically have another adult they can squeeze ice cream and brownies from. Especially Hazel. (Hazel I see as being more combative at first, but adjusting quicker, whereas Briar takes more to win over but is less loud about it and probably has a break down with Craig one night where she wonders why her daddy and mommy can’t live together anymore. Because the Responsible Good ones always bottle up their feelings and tend to have to have a breaking point, whereas kids like Hazel get it all out in pranks early on.)

So yeah, that’s what I think! Oh and they probably don’t TRULY accept the MC until you figure out which one is which even when they are trying to pretend to be the other.

Amanda, of course, is the amazingly cool potential older sister who they gotta admit despite being a dork is really awesome.

*edited because if didn’t edit and forget to but the UNTIL after the ‘the twins don’t truly accept you’ thing. So. They accept you after you can figure out which is which basically.

sdkjfslkdfj thank you! yo i love games so much i relate B)

Bakugo Katsuki:

  • honestly his initial reaction depends on what kind of a game it is. If you’re playing a fighting game like Tekken he will be on board and probably even play with you. maybe brag to his friends.
  • if you’re playing animal crossing 24/7 he will tease you. (that’s me i love animal crossing :D) “you’re such a kid” and “what do you even like about that game”
  • still thinks its really cute how into the game you get!
  • but uh when you start losing sleep over playing games Bakugo gets concerned. he goes to sleep relatively early so he always tells you to sleep early too. but in the morning he sees the bags under your eyes and he scolds you. “games again??”
  • it’s even worse when you start paying more attention to the games than to him. like if you reply to his texts 8 hours late because you were playing games.
  • that lowkey pisses him off and he does everything he can think of to make you pay attention to him again
  • “wanna go to that bubble tea place after school?” “haha actually i planned on going right home and playing my game ^^”
  • he will play the game with you if you really want him too
  • eventually bakugo is honest with you and tells you it’s bothering him that you never spend time with him lately, and you two talk it out and compromise
It’s not home - part 1? (Reader x Jason Todd)

AN: I started to write again, prompted by how much I liked writing these for the DC valentine thing and getting positive feedback from my DC imagines idol of sorts maruthor. Soooo… I’m not sure if I will continue writing but I might. I will or won’t continue writing this depending on feedback probably. Testing the waters a bit here. Gotta get some sleep in anyway, gotta get up in about 4,5 hours for classes so… yeah. 

Anyway, here’s some angst! Enjoy!

( wrote this when listening to:  Amber Run - Fickle Game  and  Tempt you - Nothing but Thieves)

Jason sighed, looking at the figure in the streets below him. She was hugging him, kissing him goodbye while he got into his car on the way home. “I’ve got to stop doing this.” He shook his head and turned away, letting himself slide onto the concrete of the roof. Snow falling on his head as he went with his hand through his hair. “You lost her, snap out of it. “

He heard the car leave and forced himself to stay seated, while memories rushed through his head. Memories of lazy mornings in which her hair was splayed out across the pillow and looked vulnerable and beautiful, memories of grabbing her from the back and hearing her laugh while she told him to let go, her eyes scanning the page of his favourite book, watching her back when she went out with friends every once in a while just until they got inside the building, being kissed awake by her as a last resort to get him out of bed. Tears stung in his eyes while he cursed and and hit the floor with his fist, thinking of their final fight about him no longer spending enough time with her. He had fucked up, and he knew it. Too much time out there, too much time around Roy, not enough time with her. He didn’t want to hurt her, quite the contrary. All he wanted was to make sure she didn’t have to deal with the fallout of getting bruised up during another mission. The image of her tear-ridden eyes was etched into his mind. Returning home and finding out she was no longer in the apartment they shared. He knew what it meant the moment he saw your clothes were gone. He tried reaching out but always got the answering machine… Until this night when he caved and decided to get to you. He had known where you were staying all along but kept him from seeking you out because you clearly didn’t want him to. He tried to calm his breathing and soothe himself somehow, eyes closed and letting the cold of the snow get to him. It felt matching, the freezing temperatures to the icy feeling when you left.

“ I know when someone’s watching me, Jason.” He looked up, opening his eyes and trying not to revel in the warmth of her voice even if she was telling him off.
“ What the hell are you doing here? “ Jason remained seated, for the first time in forever concerned his legs might give out on him if he wouldn’t. He sighed. “I was just looking after you, y/n,”
You threw up your arms. “ You’ve got to move on.” Jason stood up, regardless. You noticed his lip was bleeding and instinctively went for it, as for the cuts in his suit. They remained hidden because of the way he had been sitting down but they looked painful. As you inspected his wounds you muttered “ Damnit Jay” under your breath.  When you looked up you realized his eyes were closed again as you inspected his wounds so you pulled your hand away from him.
“ What happened to you?” He shrugged. “Doesn’t matter to you anymore does it?” You noticed he’d been crying.
“ Don’t be like that. You do matter. We just need some time apart because otherwise we’ll never get over each other.” He looked up, an obviously fake smile set on his face.
“ Didn’t look like it was that hard for you.”
“ Stalking me is not okay Jason.” He grimaced before he responded. “I wasn’t. I haven’t followed you, I just took out some henchmen and realized I had nowhere to go home to.”
“ I told you you could have the apartment. “
“ It’s not home. “ You looked into his eyes and you knew exactly what he meant. His steel blue eyes told you exactly how much pain he was in…  they revealed he might just be hurting as badly as you were.

“ Jason…  he doesn’t mean anything to me. “
He nodded. “ I know. I heard you’ve went out with three guys the past week. Doesn’t make this hurt any less.”
He was right, and it hit you hard to hear it from him. Everything, including how sometimes small things on those dates reminded you of him, came rushing back. You were only physically present at those dates but … mentally you were somewhere else entirely. You were wondering where he was, what he was doing, reliving different scenario’s of what it would be like to see him again. Wondering if he had moved on, wondering if he was getting beaten to a pulp or working out his anger by doing random reckless shit. You knew he was likely to. Dick had left a message, Bruce had left a message.  It’s why none of these men every would get a second date, let alone get past the threshold. “ Gotta do something to forget about you, Jason. ”
“ I miss you.”
“ Come inside with me, I’ll patch you up.” He shook his head. “ No. We need to forget about each other.” You grabbed him by the hand, it felt very cold, vey unlike the way his hands usually felt. Jason always felt so warm, and you used to revel in it. At night in bed as much as on cold winter days when he held you close to him. He stopped protesting and followed you inside.