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veritatem inquirendam [seek the truth] (frank castle)

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(original request: AU in which Frank is younger, and he and reader are college students. There’s a heated debate in class and everyone disagrees with Frank except the reader. After that, Frank starts paying more attention to the reader and hanging out with her after class, until he realizes he’s falling in love but she has no idea he is until her best friend tells her.)

(this is terrible i LOVE college frank i love this soft soft boy. what a nerd. i hate him. no warnings on this one except mentions of food and some sexism early in the story!!!)

(tagslist: @doct0rstrange, @caryled, @kurtwxgners, @atari-writes ! if i’ve forgotten you or you wanna be added to the tagslist, just send me a message!!! <3)

The professor is wrong. She knows it, but she can’t say it. You can’t say “you’re fucking wrong” in front of a classroom of fourty kids. Instead of speaking her mind, she bites her tongue and clicks the cap of her pen up and down, up and down, trying to tune out the professor’s voice.

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Loving All of You

For: Rina, @todoyamas

Pairings: KageHina

Rating: G

Summary: 1K words. Fluffy, warm, and tender AF. Kageyama has OCD; Hinata confesses and assures him he’ll always be by his side. Rina, I know how important this HC is to you and I was inspired by the post in which you talked about it. I hope I did your HC justice.

Read on Ao3

It was a windy, cloud-speckled day in early March, only a few weeks until the end of Kageyama and Hinata’s first year in Karasuno High School. To think they had met just a year earlier, grown as close as they had, cried together, struggled valiantly, and triumphed with a team that became like a family. It was quite frankly, unbelievable. With the 3rd years graduating soon and their moving up to 2nd year, everything felt like a blur—aside from one thing. One thing was perfectly clear to both of them.

“I like you romantically,” Hinata blurted, eyes meeting Kageyama’s and fingers grabbing desperately at tufts of grass. They were alone, sitting side by side under a sliver of sun on a grassy area behind the gym.

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*******Important********New Changes to the Blog

Hello guys! So after finishing over 200 asks and having to close my askbox for 3 months, I realize that in order to keep a good pace, I’m going to have to make some changes now that this blog has gotten so big.

Here are the changes

I am lowering the character limit to 4 

  • 6 is getting way too much for me and I find myself dreading to do asks that are more than four characters. Plus, they take longer too, which completely kills my motivation. 

Every time I reach 200 asks, I will close the askbox

  • Depending on how many asks I get a day and how quickly I answer, I might have to close the askbox often or not. 

I will close the askbox every Sunday

  • Sunday is my rest day and it’ll let me breathe a bit before the week starts. Plus, It’ll give me incentive to do my homework instead of procrastinating. 

I will go on hiatus on the last week of every month

  • I need breaks so I don’t burn out. Plus, I have fanfictions that I’ve been neglecting because writing asks takes up so much of my time. With this hiatus, I’ll be able to work on those fics. I’ll still be online though so feel free to stop by and say hi! 

Everything Headcanon will be queued 

  • Normally, when I write an ask, I publish it right away, but then people usually send up follow up asks about it and it completely clogs my inbox. I will try to at least do 3 asks per day

New Rules: Added restrictions and characters

  • Please recheck the rules page before you send in an ask 

New AUs and characters added! Feel free to send in asks about: 

  • Innocent!Stretch: in which Stretch is sexually innocent instead of Blue
  • Mama Muffet: Swapfell Sans and Papyrus’s adoptive mother
  • Undertail University: Read your acceptance letter here
  • Ducky (that’s me!) X Reader
  • Lewdberry
  • Mafiafell

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Break My Heart - Part 1 (Baekhyun x Reader)

Summary: “I wanna feel the pain; I wanna see the light.” Y/N has been going to Oh Sehun for years for therapy. She’s just started her first year of university, and hasn’t made any friends yet– not that she wants Sehun to know. After confusing the time of her therapy appointment, Y/N is forced to reschedule as Sehun’s last appointment of the night. What happens when she runs into Sehun’s ride in the waiting room while her therapist collects his bag for the night? And what the hell is this boy thinking when he grabs her hand, looks into her eyes, and asks her earnestly to break his heart? (Inspired by American pop-punk band Hey Violet’s “Break My Heart.”)

Warnings: therapy, daddy issues, social anxiety, college, flirting, cursing

Word count: 3,134

A/N: I’m so hype for this fic. It’s gonna be a multishot, and I have tons of wonderful (naughty) plans. Follow or ask to be tagged for updates, or you can subscribe to the fic on AO3, where I’m listed as MelWinchester/PichiWrites. Notes and reblogs help me out ever so much! Love love love <3 (gif not mine).

Originally posted by littlebyuns

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Math is Fun

So, this was born out of the desire to explore what Crutchie would enjoy from school, while still staying within cannon verse. And who better to help out than Les. This 100% self indulgent, so I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing this.

Crutchie/Les- Friendship

Jack/Les- Friendship


Crutchie/Dave- Friendship

Jack/Davey- Pre-Slash

Bonding YAY!!!

Les and Davey come by the lodging house some (most) afternoons once school gets out, and depending on how Jack’s day is going, they’ll stay there for a while and then either head back to the Jacobs’s apartment or get up to something with the other boys.

While they’re there, Davey usually makes Les do at least part, if not all, of his school work, to get it out of the way.

It’s hard to do when everyone else is having fun, like they usually are, and it’s almost impossible to do when Boots and Tumbler are playing marbles.

Les is trying to concentrate. He really is, but it looks like Tumbler is actually going to win this one, and it’s not like usual, where Skittery will stand over the boys until Boots or whoever else is playing, catches on and throws a game or two to be nice.

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Crossing Paths (Robbie Reyes)

word count: 3, 382

request: Hi!! A reader x Robbie where the reader is a vigilante and Robbie finds out and he’s upset and proud because they’re kick ass and the. They become like a crime fighting couple? Thanks! I love your writing!

requested by: @raeraethefangirl03

a/n: THREE DAYS IN A ROW??? That’s an accomplishment for me, honestly…also, it’s Tuesday! I get to see my baby in less than nine hours and feeling AMAZING! I also cleaned the house, planning on washing my clothes…I’m being very productive :)

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Superman~Taylor Swift

A/N: I might have gotten a little carried away on my phone on the plane, and yes, I’m aware he is Spider-Man! Here’s my first imagine of Peter Parker!

Midtown School had always been boring for you. You were popular, so people thought you should be automatically happy and satisfied. It wasn’t until you met Peter Parker did your life actually start. Your teacher paired the two of you together for a project in Honors U.S. History and your friendship began.

Sure, he was awkward, but you found it cute. Over time, you found yourself liking him even more. He was smart, like you were. Most people didn’t know about your above average intelligence, which was your best quality, in your opinion. Peter knew you were, yet he was surprised when you randomly called him ‘Spiderman’. You had easily figured it out when he started canceling things and then Spiderman would appear to stop evil. “You’re actually incredible,” he laughed while looking at you.

“Yep,” you said smugly while getting your books out, “Ready?”

His smile fell once the beep from his phone interrupted him. “Uh, actually, I have to go,” Peter said with a small smile, “Duty calls.”

“Go protect the city, doofus,” you insisted, “You know my number for afterwards. Just don’t get too bruised.” You smiled before leaving him to get ready.

At lunch the next day, you spotted Peter sitting with some of his friends and waved. He smiled, waving before turning back to his friends. Your friend noticed who you were looking at. “I don’t see why you hang out with him if he’s not doing your homework.” The table agreed, but you ignored them. You didn’t care about his popularity, or perhaps lack of.

You followed Peter’s wish and were never there when Spiderman was. He felt better knowing you were safe at home. Sometimes, you’ll get a text from him before he gets there, saying to stay away from an area or asking if you’re alright. Those texts made you feel cared so you respected his wish.

A couple months after you found out who Spiderman was, you got a text from Peter, saying something about Tony Stark and Germany. Instead of texting him back, you immediately called him. “Germany?” you said before he could say anything.

“I know!” he exclaimed, “Mr. Stark needs my help with the Avengers and it’s so cool.”

Even though Peter couldn’t see it through the phone, you smiled sadly. Peter is a superhero. He shouldn’t make time for normal girls like you. People thought that you were out of his league, but only you knew that it was actually opposite. “Y/N?” his voice came through the phone, “You alright there?” He was obviously concerned.

“Just fine,” you lied, “Only overwhelmed with the news. That’s awesome, Peter! When do you leave?”

“Soon,” Peter answered vaguely, “Sorry, but Mr. Stark doesn’t want the information to get out.”

“Oh, well, go save the world, doofus,” you struggled to get out, “You know I’ll be here, as always. I’ll collect your homework.”

“You’re the best, Y/N!” There were some voices at his end. “Hey, I got to go. See you when I get back.”

“Peter,” you say before he hangs up, not wanting him to go just yet.


You stayed silent for a bit before saying lightly, “Just come back in one piece.“

“Will do, Miss,” he promised at his end. You could almost see the goofy smile on his face as he said, “Arrivederci.”

“Au revoir,” you responded with a giggle, despite the dread you felt.

The next few weeks were extremely dull without Peter. You didn’t let it show, but you didn’t realize how much Peter actually affected your life. Sure, he wasn’t the only special person in your life. Plenty of people had tried to get your attention, yet you just smiled politely and accepted whatever they were giving, whether it was a conversation or something physically there. A lot of them saw the opportunity of Peter being away.

You tried to imagine what Peter might have been doing with the Avengers. Due to your insecurities, you could only imagine him with the cool superheroes and forgetting about you. Maybe he would stay with them instead of coming back, like he said he would.

Trying to get over the nonexistent relationship, you went out on a few dates who either couldn’t speak intelligently if their lives depended on it or bragged about themselves the entire time. Still, you accepted their flowers and compliments.

One night, your date couldn’t even understand the movie. The dinner afterwards was nice, but your phone interrupted it. Normally, you would decline the call, but when you saw the name come up, you answered immediately, “Hello?” You smile apologetically to your date, who nodded in understanding.

“Y/N?” Peter asked, “Hey.”

“Hey,” you repeated, “How was it?”

He admitted, “Pretty awesome.” He paused for a moment. “Do you think you can possibly get over here?”

You glanced at your date before saying, “Yeah. I’ll be there soon.” Not letting him say anything, you hung up. “I’m really sorry, but something came up,” you apologized, while getting up and putting your coat on, “Do you mind driving me somewhere?”

It was rude to ditch your date like that, but it was Peter. You thanked them when they dropped you off and went into his apartment building. Aunt May answered the door with a smile. “He’s in his room.” You smiled in thanks.

It was like he hadn’t just gone on a long trip to Germany. Peter was laying on his bed, playing with some gadget on his wrist before carefully placing it on the bed stand. “Hey, stranger,” you said in a hopefully calm voice.

Time stopped. Peter immediately smiled at the sight of you, but rose an eyebrow when he saw what you were dressed in. “Why are you dressed like that?” He asked.

“I was on a date,” you stated, hoping that he might show some distaste or maybe even jealousy. You sat down next to him.

His eyebrows shot up in thought before changing the subject, “Y/N, it was so cool!” Then, he went on and on about the Avengers and the fight they had. You were interested, of course, but Peter’s passion for it made it even more enjoyable.

“Wow, it sounds like you had a lot of fun,” you said when he finished, “You were gone a while. Did you maybe miss someone particularly?” You tried to hint subtly.

“Well, I missed my room,” he said casually, “I mean, and Aunt May as well.”

“Right,” you replied dishearteningly, before getting up, “Listen, I have to go. It’s getting kind of late.”

He stood up quickly. “Do you want me to walk you home? It is really late.”

“No, I’ll be fine,” you reassured, “See you in school, Peter.” You left the apartment quickly, the feeling of embarrassment and unimportance hanging over you. It wasn’t even two steps outside his building until you heard another pair of feet behind you.

A hand covered your mouth and, before you had time to react, it was gone. The man was grabbed and dragged to the alley. The ‘mysterious’ person had tied him in the synthetic spider web and went back to his hiding place. “I know you’re there now,” you called out.

Peter came out of the shadows almost bashfully. “I was just worried about you,” he rambled, “It’s dark and dangerous. Not that you can’t take care of yourself, but I saw him grab you and I just-” He paused, his eyes flitting back to the alley, “-I wasn’t trying to follow you in a creepy way, not like that guy w-”

You cut him off with a hug to show your appreciation for saving you from whatever that man had planned. He stopped talking and returned the hug. “Thank you,” you whispered, “Thank you for being a creepy stalker when I needed it.“

“Okay, I’ll take it,” he sighed. The two of you pulled away, but your eyes locked with his after the hug. You knew that Peter wouldn’t make the first move, so you moved slightly closer to see his reaction. His eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips then back to your eyes. You took it as a good sign and placed your lips on his.

You panicked at first, since Peter seemed to have been frozen, but he regained his already shaky composure and returned the kiss. When the two of you pulled away, neither of you said anything. He looked at you and smiled goofily. Shaking your head, you grabbed his arm and dragged him along. “You know, this is a dangerous area, doofus. Walking me home sounds nice.”

Iwaizumi Hajime/IwaOi/Oikawa Tooru headcanons Part 2 (because I cannot write headcanons of one without the other) :

General stuff and IwaOi in (grade school and) middle school:

  • Iwaizumi is born a strong boy. He may look small and lanky (before he starts building muscle in the later half of middle school), but he could lift heavy things easily (including a crying and hurting Oikawa on his back 20-minute walk back home.)
  • Iwaizumi claims willpower can bring real strength.
  • Iwaizumi loves dogs. Whenever he saw one on the street, he would either flash them a big smile or approach them to pat them.
  • Iwaizumi is an animal whisperer in general.
  • Iwaizumi doesn’t get sick often, but whenever he does, it’s serious. He would burn up with high fever, several times, before he fully recovers. (Oikawa freaked out the first time (when they were four) and wouldn’t leave Iwaizumi’s room because he can’t leave or Hajime-chan might die when nobody’s watching. It’s one memory both mothers like to talk about when Iwaizumi and Oikawa are older. Oikawa refuses to acknowledge he’s ever been so naïve and stupid.)
  • Iwaizumi asks Oikawa to stop calling him Hajime-chan in their third grade in grade school (Oikawa refused but at least dropped the ‘chan’ under Iwaizumi’s persistence. Iwaizumi started calling Oikawa by his last name around the same time and Oikawa wasn’t a bit happy about it. He complained but Iwaizumi was persistent.)
  • (Iwaizumi’s and Oikawa’s stubbornness could rival their competitiveness. Though if there’s any exception, it’s for each other (and their family.))
  • Iwaizumi brings it up several times and asks Oikawa to use his last name in the following years but Oikawa refuses (again and again).
  • Oikawa is persistent of calling Iwaizumi ‘Hajime’ because he feels special to be the only one still allowed (or more like being tolerated) to use it to address Iwaizumi. And since Oikawa is still bad at making friends, it’s one important proof that he’s special to Iwaizumi who has way too many friends other than him. (Iwaizumi may have a lot of friends (and many, especially boys, want to be friends with him), he likes to keep only a few close ones. Before Iwaizumi and Oikawa befriend Hanamaki and Matsukawa in high school, Oikawa is actually the only one Iwaizumi considers as his close friend.)
  • Oikawa comes up with Iwa-chan in their fifth grade and declares that it’s either ‘Hajime’ or ‘Iwa-chan’ (because they are best friends and best friends get best friend privilege.) Iwaizumi agrees to ‘Iwa-chan’, albeit reluctantly.
  • Iwaizumi might dislike the nickname (he’s neutral about it later), but would politely ask anyone other than Oikawa to not use it to address him. (Because, well, Oikawa insists best friends get best friend privilege. Iwaizumi does let Hanamaki and Matsukawa use ‘Iwa-chan’ when they are teasing or pissing off Oikawa.)
  • (Oikawa finds out about this and feels more than happy with it. He shows his gratitude by pretending not knowing.)

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4.7 stars out 5

Pairing: Yoongi x Jimin
Genre: Crack/Fluff
Word count: 3129
Summary: Yoongi’s has landed himself in a very sticky situation, and enlists Jimin (who has been rated 4.7/5) to help him solve it 

Also posted on AO3

“Trust me Hyung, it’ll be fun!” Jungkook beamed as he dragged a reluctant Yoongi up a few flights of stairs, illuminated by neon lights peeking out from the streets outside.

“I don’t think this is a good idea Jungkook,” he hesitates, wanting to roll down the stairs that he’d painstakingly climbed up and out of the nearest window.

“Lighten up a bit, it’ll be great,” Jungkook continues climbing up the stairs, finally reaching the floor he’d been searching for into a damp smelling room, with a small, shady looking reception desk. “A lot of my friends recommended this place you know? It’s one of the best and I hear one of the guys is real good if you what I’m saying.”

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You’re the Worst... I Kinda Love It (1/1)

Pairing: Raywood
WC: 6395
Summary: Ray had always been good with his hands. Which sounded really sexual, but honestly just meant he had an obsession with building things and origami when he was young. When he entered High School he took an optional ASL class, and kind of fell in love. Now it’s how him and Michael manage to get away with not paying attention in boring required college classes. Ray just wasn’t anticipating the new professor to be so fucking hot. 

ASL had never gotten him in so much trouble. 

A/N: So I pretty much love ASL and have wanted to learn it for most of my life. One of my close friends mentioned that she got away with a lot of bullshit in classes because her and her best friend would just talk in sign language. I knew immediately I wanted to write a story where Ray and Michael do just that. Let me know what you think!

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saintoinette  asked:

Hi! I'm not sure if you've already answered this sort of question but anyway.... How do you do when you have a huge amount of study to do in a short time? I am not referring to a test in tbe following day... More like a lot to study in one week...!

The short answer is to evenly distribute the work across the entire week, maybe allowing for extra work on the weekends (since you have extra time when you don’t have class). But there are a few other things to consider.

If you have things due in the middle of the week, of course you’re going to have to dedicate a little extra time to that task in the early week while taking off a little bit of time for the other tasks. So, for example, if a physics homework suddenly pops up on a Wednesday but I planned on spending an hour a day on a paper then I might reduce the time to 30 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. After Wednesday I’ll try to do a bit more than an hour to sort of “catch up” on time. Or, similarly, you could do it by tasks rather than time. If I planned on doing three tasks a day for that paper then maybe I’d reduce it to one task a day on M-W, then catch up later in the week. Maybe finish the physics HW by doing problems A-B one day, C-D the next, checking them all on the following day, etc.

Part of this is going to require that you have a decent sense of how long it takes to do all of these tasks. Obviously, if you schedule too much for one day you might not get it done and then feel like you’re behind. My general goal is to get the meat of my work done during the week so I can tie up loose ends on the weekend (or get things done I wasn’t able to during the week). You could also choose to evenly spread out everything through the entire week, including weekends, having extra work to do on weekends. I find the latter to be more overwhelming just because, if I don’t get done what I planned during the week, it starts to really pile on over the weekend. Sometimes I find that scheduling more on a weekday tricks me into getting more done than I would if I scheduled less. But it all really depends on what works for you.

Another thing I highly recommend you do, especially during weeks where you have a lot to get done, is to schedule your time down to the hour. Take a look at your class/work schedule. If you have gaps between your classes, try to schedule small, non-overwhelming tasks for those times. If you don’t schedule anything chances are it will become dead time, which is a problem for many students. If you put down an overwhelming task you might end up avoiding it. I don’t have morning classes, so I schedule work in the morning. If you can’t get yourself up or just don’t think you’re productive in the morning then you don’t have to force it. I just think trying to get my work done as early as possible is helpful so I don’t procrastinate and then overwhelm myself later in the day. If you really don’t feel productive until late and know you’ll get work done then, feel free to schedule it then. However you schedule it, make sure you do. People are more likely to get things done when they schedule it because they always know what they should be doing.

You also need to prioritize your tasks. This is not just deciding which tasks need more of your time and which don’t, but also deciding when some tasks need to be eliminated or simply accomplished in a different way.

What tasks can be reduced, but never eliminated? Memorization tasks. They should never be eliminated, because once you start procrastinating on memorization tasks, like going through flashcards daily (or, more importantly, making them), you might keep procrastinating on it. Eventually you won’t have enough time to actually memorize the content. This also goes for tasks that build up every day, like rewriting notes, as well. A task that might take 30 minutes a day suddenly takes several hours in a single day because you put it off. Doing regular practice problem sets is also included in this. At the college level you will find that equations are less “plug and chug” and more about how you can manipulate them, substitute one equation into another, performing various calculus functions to create a new equation (for some classes), etc. This is something that you have to practice regularly and will probably not have much success cramming.

What kind of tasks are okay to eliminate? Obviously this depends for each class. If you were going to take notes on a chapter you already know really well, don’t do it just because you feel like you need to have a complete set of notes for each chapter; if you don’t have extra time and you know other chapters require a lot more time, eliminate it. Don’t make flashcards for terms you already know just to complete the set. If you have an assignment for another class taking up your time, ask yourself if there’s any way you can cut time spent on that assignment. Is it something that needs to be done perfectly? Could you perhaps skip attention to detail for that particular task to just get it done and over with? My English professor has us annotate texts for HW. If I don’t have extra time I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, because he only checks to see that we did the work, not the quality of it.

What kind of tasks should you tweak? Well, this is primarily about studying for exams. If you only have a couple days until your next exam and you originally planned to take notes on all the chapters (but didn’t) you’re probably going to need to change your study strategy to just reading, or even just skimming to determine which chapters you actually need to read through. If your professor only tests on material from the lecture, not the book, then focus on studying with your notes. Making study guides, doing the blank page method, flashcards (if you think you have the time to make and practice them), etc. Only consult the book if you need more clarification. This sort of situation is probably the hardest to give advice on, but being open to changing your strategies during crunch time is the first step.

Hope that helps!

It Started With A Game (Baekhyun x Reader)

Written By: Admin T.Pot

Characters : Baekhyun x You

Summary : By day, he’s an idol, you’re an English teacher.By night, both of you… are gamers.

A/N: Most of the talking is in a chat room. And since putting the username after every chat is kind of annoying to do and to read, I’ve decided to put all the chats in brackets, bold the ones sent to you, and leave it be for the chats you send. So ~ [babybyun0592] and [effuuu41w7] Okies ?? Also ~ [brackets for gaming chats] and <these pointy thingies for Katalk chats> Also ~ ㅗ is a Korean character but also used to flick someone off while texting … Don’t tell anyone I taught you guys that .. It’s just necessary right now cause it’s mostly chatting and it’s used often amongst Korean gamers and chatrooms …;; And after this one shot, my stories will be short ranging from 1000-3000 words ><

Word Count : 8800

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anonymous asked:

I don't know how to study at home. I'd really like to study during summer but I just don't know how. Do you have any tips?

Don’t worry anon, I’ve got your back

  1. Make sure everything you need is lined up before the end of school; it will be difficult to fix problems after school is over. Do you have all the textbooks you need or online resources? Do you need to ask your teacher any questions?
  2. Make sure you still take a summer vacation. You may want to take the first week or two completely off school so you at least get a break and can relieve your stress. The school work can start after you’ve been done taking your break.
  3. Create a schedule, and adhere to it. How often you read or work on projects will depend on your homework load. A general rule of thumb is to commit five hours per week to summer assignments. This is only one hour per weekday. Compare this single hour to your daily schedule during the school year, and this commitment may suddenly feel much easier. Be sure to create a schedule that works for you, as well as one that you can make a priority. If you fall back on the  “When I have time…” mindset, you will likely always find reasons to avoid summer homework and summer reading.
  4. If  there are certain days of the summer you can’t do school work, plan them in as well. This means you will have to work a little harder on the other days. You might have to juggle school and work and recreation time. This can be quite a challenge sometimes and may take a little creative thinking to solve.
  5. Put up a calendar in an obvious place so you can see it and refer to it every day. It will definitely help you to stay on track with your time     management and getting things done.
  6. Find a good place to do your studies where there isn’t much traffic and very little distractions. It isn’t easy to do work when people are constantly walking past and trying to talk to you, for example. Also, you will need to remove phones, gaming devices, and maybe even computers so you’re not tempted to do other things instead of your work.
  7. Tackle your school work systematically. Set an alarm to wake up early in the morning and get to work right after eating breakfast, just like you would if it was a school day.
  8. Consider completing other projects prior to your summer reading. If you have summer assignments like history papers and math problem sets, consider finishing those tasks before you begin your summer reading. In some instances, these projects may have multiple steps, and they may require a greater investment of your time than an assigned biography or novel.
  9. Maintain a positive mindset. This is perhaps the most important tip of all. While the physical act of completing homework may not be entertaining, improving your performance is worth the effort. Look for small gains—for example, perhaps your understanding of percentages has increased, or perhaps you are now able to read history passages more quickly and more accurately. As you focus on summer reading, try to enjoy each assigned book. Read outside with a glass of lemonade or water, read in a park, or even read by the pool. Even if you dislike the book, try to appreciate its writing style or character development. Such strategies can help you finish summer assignments to the best of your ability, rather than simply doing them because you must.

Sorry for the long answer  o(╥﹏╥)o

I hope this will help you a lot. Have a great day   (≧◡≦)

DexNursey fic - Part 4

(1 - 2 - 3)(AO3)

So, not thinking about Nursey was not going well. Dex was having a terrible week even without the added stress of knowing that he had an unrequited crush on someone so far out of his league that they weren’t even playing the same sport. Well, metaphorically anyway. His classes were beating him down, a teacher had lost a report he’d handed in last week and was making him redo the whole thing, and the added awkwardness with Nursey was making English Lit a living hell.

Even worse, on top of all that he’d just had a phone call from his brother. While calls from home weren’t all that rare - he usually called his mother every week or so - he hadn’t spoken to any of his siblings since his outburst over summer. Turns out, his brother was calling to make sure that his outburst was just him supporting his friends and that he hadn’t got any ideas from his backwards new college. At that point, Dex had just hung up, far too incensed to even attempt to explain anything to his brother.

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good boy, bad boy; jongyu college/stripper!au; 7000 words

“Hey, you’re Kibum Kim, right?”


“Sorry?” “I go by Key, I haven’t used my full name since freshmen year. You would know that if you paid any attention to the visual arts, which incidentally I have dedicated my life to.” Jonghyun’s best friend, roommate and soul sister examined his nails. “A simple Google search would have told you as much.”

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Do you have any tips for someone who only has like 3 hour to study a night? Like, just to maximize efficiency

I want to remind you that 3 hours is still quite a while if you prioritize your time!!! I study an average of 3 hours a day (of course, I study a lot on some days and sometimes not at all on occasion, but it averages to 3 a day). 

Here are some things to consider:

  • How many classes you have to study in. It all depends on what level of schooling you’re on. If you’re in college, you’ll probably have less classes, but more work. If you’re in high school, I know I have 7 classes a day, and I always have to pick which one needs the most attention. Keep in mind what classes you’re in and how many!
  • The type of classes you’re in. In a math or science class, formulas are more of your vocab than actual vocab or information. Flashcards are the greatest because, no matter what class you’re in, you’re able to get a good look at them and can call back up the picture of them in your head (which is good if you don’t have a word bank). I make a LOOOOOT of songs or acronyms for things I have to memorize. 
  • What is coming up? Prioritize around what tests are before others. If they’re on the same day, make study guides in advance and be referring back to it as you study. Take a picture of example problems in your book and keep a notepad with you to work them out and check your answer. This can be done ANYWHERE, especially if you’re stuck on public transportation or in line at the store. NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE, you have that information. Screen-shot reminders or to-do lists, take pictures of homework. Write out to-do lists in free time and prioritize. I will make a post on making to-do lists soon!!!
  • When is it due? If you have a psychology test the day before an essay is due, study for the test first. Start working on essays early and in chunks to avoid the “I’VE GOT 3 PAGES LEFT ON AN ESSAY AND I’VE GOT A TEST TOMORROW FOR ANOTHER CLASS”. When you have a thought, start writing things down. When you find information, bookmark it. I keep a bookmark folder for school on my laptop. Really handy in Contemporary Issues article/debate time, French websites I find to practice with that I don’t currently have time for, TUMBLR REFERENCE POSTS. 
  • Make the most precise to-do list as you can. Having a to-do list that just says “do your homework for math” might not get anything from you, but when you write “Pg. 209 (3-72 multiples of 3)”, you’ll be more tempted to turn to the actual page. “Essay for English” might put you to sleep, but “Flow-Chart Outline for Creativity Essay” makes you vision it. 
  • Taking shorter breaks more often. Of course, when you’re able to work on homework for an hour and have a 30-40 minute break, you could afford to spend time on Tumblr. 3 hours, though? You might be checking into 5-10 minute breaks every 30 problems or 5 sources. Lots of 5 minute breaks will add up but won’t affect you nearly as much as a 40-minute halt will. 

There’s this massive poster on my Algebra 2 teacher’s door that I always hated. It was one of those stereotypical math teacher’s poster, but it said: “TIME IS PASSING. Are you?”

And I hated it, but I don’t now because, to put it simply, I wasn’t something that time was. It’s a massive wake-up call. Put all of your effort into huge tasks, but also really focus on the simple things. Get them out of the way as fast as possible. If you ever finish studying, you’re lying. There’s always something to be learning. 






DONE WITH YOUR MATH HOMEWORK EARLIER THAN YOUR SCHEDULED BREAK? DO MORE PROBLEMS. DON’T ARGUE WITH ME. DO MORE PROBLEMS. (I made this mistake on my past Physics test. I got an 89, but I’m pretty sure a bit more focusing on extra problems and actually taking time to write out a full response on worded problems based on concept would’ve taken me to a higher level of understanding.)

DON’T TRY TO USE THE ENTIRE RAINBOW. Have a few highlighters and colored pens. Don’t highlight everything. Take notes the first time you read something (after your skim/preview). 




Stay positive and remember that you’re working as hard as you can! Stay as stressed as healthily possible (because stress is a good thing, but only in controlled bursts of energy).


a heaven of abandoned stars (we can be ghosts now)

[the implications of eternity are never easy. carmilla x laura, angst, fluff. i still can’t figure out forever but this is close.]


a heaven of abandoned stars (we can be ghosts now)


meet me in the dust cloud/ as the towers tumble all around/ we can be ghosts now/ we don’t have to make a sound
—hiatus ft. shura, ‘we can be ghosts now’



You come home from Intro to Bio lecture one day in October to find Carmilla asleep, her back to the door, yellow pillow safely on your bed. You’re relieved, for a moment, because it’s becoming increasing harder to talk to her without noticing the set of her hands, the pout of her lips. 

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