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What I Learned From University


  • Everyone is super friendly, especially in the first few weeks → Introduce yourself to the people sitting near you for the first few weeks of lectures. Everyone is looking for a friend or at least someone to talk to!!
  • If you commute, make that time productive → My bus ride was an hour there and back each day. It sucks but I would try to be productive for at least half of the commute. I have a post about being productive on public transport here.
  • On that note, stay on campus as long as possible each day → As soon as I got back home I would procrastinate every little thing. Stay in an already productive environment for as long as possible.
  • Maybe don’t buy your textbooks used → I thought I was being smart by buying used textbooks (most schools will have a buy and sell facebook page for textbooks). I ended up having to pay for access codes in order to do my online homework – access codes that cost ~$70 separately and came included with new textbooks anyways. Email your prof or talk to someone who has recently taken the class to find out if you need an access code. If you do, your best bet is to buy a new version of the textbook (unless you can get a seriously cheap used textbook).
  • Print off your timetable and find all of your classes before the first day → This helped me so much! I found exactly where all my classes were before the first day of class. I wrote down little tricks to help me remember where everything was (i.e. my calc lecture is in the arts and science building which is also where the only subway on campus is).
  • Don’t knock living at home to save money → If you’re lucky enough to have a college or university close to home at least consider living at home. Getting your own place or living in dorms is expensive. (But if you have to find off campus housing on your own, don’t leave it too late or you might not find a place)
  • Figure out the best way to take notes for each class → You have to customize the way you study for each class, all depending on the prof and the content. I hand-wrote notes for some classes (chem, calc, and physics), but not others (psych and bio). If you’re writing by hand you can always just annotate your textbook notes or lecture slides (if they’re posted before class). If you fall behind while taking notes, just leave a gap and check out a friend’s notes after class.
  • Adjust your expectations → Don’t expect to get straight A’s, like you might have in high school. You can strive for straight A’s but be realistic as time goes on. For classes I struggled with, I expected to be near the class average. If I was a lot lower than the class average then I would know to invest more time.
  • Make time for physical activity → If we’re being honest I hardly exercised during uni. Go for at least a half hour walk each day and try to start a physical activity routine. Get a friend and join a sports team, go to a fitness class, or commit to some form of a daily workout with them! You’ll feel bad bailing on someone else, plus working out is more fun with other people.
  • Review content throughout the semester → Reviewing little bits of content will save you a massive content review right before finals! Look through old notes while you wait for your daily coffee or take 15 minutes to watch some khan academy videos on stuff you learned in the first month of classes.
  • Think seriously about how much you can handle → Don’t take on too many responsibilities at once and consider all of your options! I worked weekends and some week nights throughout the school year. Looking back I should have worked less because my stress levels were way too high. Also, quite a few people I talked to took 4 classes instead of 5, for their first semester of university. I don’t think I would have done it, in the end, but it’s always something to consider.
  • Have fun but be responsible at parties → Always go to parties with people you trust!! If you didn’t do much partying/drinking during high school (like me), remember to pace yourself when drinking! Eat before you go out and have some water between each drink, till you find your limit. Don’t let yourself be peer-pressured into anything but also don’t be afraid to have fun! And check out if your uni has a safe walk program (someone will come and walk you back to your dorm or your car if you feel unsafe or nervous for any reason)
  • When procrastination hits, aim to be productive in some way → The only reason my biology mark was so high was because I would study biology whenever I got sick of studying for physics and calculus. If you know you need to study but just can’t do it, start by being productive in some other way – study a subject you do like, do your laundry, organize your study area, etc. Get your brain to start thinking productively.
  • Labs are difficult so be prepared → I had so many labs first year. Some tips: eat and hydrate before labs, never assume you can finish your prelab last minute, be nice to your lab partner, always remember lab safety (don’t be the person trying to wear shorts in the lab, TAs will not hesitate to kick you out), don’t rush through an experiment but be efficient, and ask for help (even if you feel like you’re bothering your TA).
  • Please go to bed early. Sleep affects everything → I was so dumb and would never go to bed early even though I had to be up at 6 am almost every day to catch the bus. Lack of sleep will catch up to you eventually!! Also, all nighters are not necessary, unless you make them necessary. I prioritized and never had to stay awake too late. And never pull an all nighter the night before an exam (you’re better off getting sleep and resting your brain).
  • Bring a water bottle everywhere → Buy a decent water bottle and always carry it with you. Even though my uni is small there are still tons of spots around campus where I can refill my water bottle!! Stay hydrated my friends!
  • A practice problem a day keeps the F away → This saying probably works best for science classes, but I guess a reading a day will get you somewhere too. Do something for every class each day, even if it’s just a practice problem or a quick reading. Develop a routine!
  • You’ll have lots of midterms → I was under the impression that midterms happened just once a semester (I thought I would have one week where I had a midterm for each class). That was not my reality. I had 2 or 3 midterms for each of my classes scattered throughout the semester. Study really hard for your first set of midterms till you get used to the high expectations!
  • Don’t worry about what other people are doing or thinking → This is mostly in regards to social media. I was bummed when I looked back on my first year of university, because I felt like I hadn’t done anything fun compared to other people. You only see the image that other people want you to see. You don’t know how hard someone worked or how hard they didn’t work. Just focus on you and how you can affect positive results in your life.
  • Other people literally don’t care about your appearance → My friend’s little sister visited campus and asked us “Why is everyone wearing sweatpants?” People literally don’t care. Dress nice and put lots of makeup on one day, because you feel like it, and wear sweats the next day.
  • Start essays and reports as soon as possible → You never know what might come up so be prepared for the worst! Outline your essay or graph your data as soon as you can.
  • Eat healthy and do meal prep → You can eat healthy during university! Set aside a couple of nights each week to do meal prep. Cook food in bulk to save money and don’t eat out too much. Try to have at least 1 serving of fruits or veggies with each meal or snack you eat!
  • Find a good study spot on campus → Explore your campus and figure out your favourite places to study. I had a couple of spots where I would always meet my friends to study and quiet spots where no one would bother me. Studying outside or in an area with natural light is always good.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your profs and TAs → This is the number one thing I’m going to try to do more of in my second year. TAs are chill to talk to and they can tell you tons of useful information on what upper year classes are like, which professors are good, why they chose to go to grad school, etc. If you’re struggling in lectures or labs, talk to your prof or TA! Make an appointment and be sure you can tell them exactly which concepts you’re struggling with or at least where you got lost. One of my profs told us he just waits hopefully during office hours for someone to come in. (Also profs love it if you ask them about their research or any topics they seem passionate about during lectures.)
  • Explore all the resources your university has to offer → My university has a program that is basically people bringing their dogs around for students to pet, in order to relieve stress. It actually works and gave me something to look forward to! Just be aware of your options so that if something in your life changes you know where you can go to ask for help.
  • Get a planner and utilize it → There’s no excuse not to have a planner of some sort. Use your phone, get a bullet journal, or buy a cheap planner. Have somewhere where you can record important deadlines and make to do lists. I also recommend back planning all of your studying at the beginning of the semester. Write down your midterms and finals dates and write down how much you’re going to study each day leading up to the exam. This way you’ll be able to look ahead at each month and figure out what needs to be done (i.e. getting an essay done early because the due date falls during a busy week of midterms)

This post ended up being a lot longer than I expected whoops. Take the things I said into consideration but remember that everyone’s experience will be different. Good luck to everyone heading to university!

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veritatem inquirendam [seek the truth] (frank castle)

(gif source)

(original request: AU in which Frank is younger, and he and reader are college students. There’s a heated debate in class and everyone disagrees with Frank except the reader. After that, Frank starts paying more attention to the reader and hanging out with her after class, until he realizes he’s falling in love but she has no idea he is until her best friend tells her.)

(this is terrible i LOVE college frank i love this soft soft boy. what a nerd. i hate him. no warnings on this one except mentions of food and some sexism early in the story!!!)

(tagslist: @doct0rstrange, @caryled, @kurtwxgners, @atari-writes ! if i’ve forgotten you or you wanna be added to the tagslist, just send me a message!!! <3)

The professor is wrong. She knows it, but she can’t say it. You can’t say “you’re fucking wrong” in front of a classroom of fourty kids. Instead of speaking her mind, she bites her tongue and clicks the cap of her pen up and down, up and down, trying to tune out the professor’s voice.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: Harry as a child walking out of his primary school but Dudley & co start harassing him. Draco is a child that is passing, and he defends Harry and they become friends skip a few years n they're admitting that they like each other

“Hey, four eyes!” Harry heard the familiar voice of his cousin Dudley call out to him. Harry turned around to face him and his cronies. Even though he was only a few month older than him, Dudley’s large figure made him appear older and stronger. “I didn’t know losers were allowed in this park.”

“Why not? They seem to make an exception for morons.” He retorted. Dudley and the other nine year olds standing beside him advanced on Harry who ran as quickly as he could to get away from them. Unfortunately, not all of them were as big and slow as Dudley. One of the skinnier boys caught him by his oversized t-shirt. He spun Harry around and pinned him up against the fence where they punched, kicked, and scratched at him.

“Hey!” He heard another boy yell. The gang of boys turned around. Harry could just make out the blurry outline of a thin, blonde boy. “Leave him alone!”

“Or what?” Said Dudley menacingly. Though the blonde kid did not back down, his stood as if he was superior to everyone around him.

“Or my father will hear about this.” He said snootily.

Dudley laughed darkly. “You’re going to tell on us? Yes, why don’t you run to your daddy, coward.” He then proceeded to push the boy down.

While the others were distracted, Harry had just enough time to put his glasses back on his face before one of Dudley’s cronies noticed and slammed him back into the fence. He could see the other boy more clearly now. His blonde hair was slicked back out of his grey eyes. He had blood running down his elbow, standing out against the incredibly pale skin. The next thing he knew was the boy, who couldn’t be much older than Harry, had stood up and punched Dudley square in the nose.

He stumbled back, his friends rushing up to him to make sure he was okay. In all the commotion, Harry didn’t notice the pale boy make his way next to him. He only realized when he started to drag him away.

Once they were at a safe distance, both panting from running and adrenaline, Harry spoke. “Thanks. For sticking up for me.” The boy nodded. “I’m Harry Potter.”

“I’m Draco Malfoy.” The boy, Draco, told him. “Do you want to be friends?”

Harry was taken aback. No one had ever asked to be friends with him before. Nevertheless, Harry accepted his proposal.

From that day forward, Harry and Draco were inseparable. They hung out at each other’s houses all the time, did their homework together, and, once they got a bit older, talked about girls together. Well, Harry talked about girls to Draco. Whenever the subject of crushes came up, he seemed to avoid it entirely. Harry never questioned it though. He just suspected his best friend was embarrassed about who he liked and never wanted to push him.

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🌲🌿 Being A Green Student 🌿🌲

Hello my studious friends! I’ve decided I’d (finally) make the green student guide that I’ve been promising forever. Here you’ll find a handy list of ways you can stay environmentally conscious while hitting the books. Feel free to pick a choose what suggestions work best for you and your lifestyle. Again, these are purely suggestions, but I really recommend adopting as many as you can. All of us, especially those in the traditionally “western” nations with outrageous carbon footprints (aka America and many parts of Europe), need to start thinking about how we impact our planet in our daily lives. It’s the only one we have. At first, these suggestions may seem excessive or strange, but I promise, after a week or two, they’ll feel like second nature. So, I hope you take up these tips, and enjoy my guide to be a greener student!

Disclaimer: I understand that being green can be expensive, with little reward besides a cleaner lifestyle and conscious. I’m a financially impaired student, just like many of you. I’m not one to go around attacking people for not trying to be sustainable, just passing along tips I’ve picked up. That said, most of these tips can be modified, with a dash of creativity, to fit your monetary needs. And, obviously, I’m not saying that if you’re struggling to feed yourself you should go drop all your money on recycled notebooks, because that would be ridiculous.

Open the Read More to, well, read more!

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Typical (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Summary: Typical fuckboy Park Jimin, with the dangerously black hair tucked into his hat, the khaki tight joggers that he purposely wears to show off his length, and the countless black and white long sleeves he owns, has a mind as dirty as his pair of white Vans can get. Yet he’s exceptional in one thing: academics.

Genre: tutor!jimin, fuckboy!jimin, college!jimin, soft smut

Warning: blowjob, handjob, (a bit of) cumplay

Word Count: 6.2k

A/N: This is short and something I wrote on an impulse  (edit: 10/15: i had my friend help me write the smut part because oh my frickin god i am terrible at smut)

Jimin’s often known for lingering for a little bit after his evening classes to flirt with a voluptuous girl; his type. He’ll usually wait for her to pack up her things while tossing him signs with carnal glances. The fuckboy doesn’t even need signals to know what she wants because he already knows that they both want the same thing.

It doesn’t take long for Jimin to catch up to his type, walking her back to her dorm. Jimin usually gets invited in and sneaks out at one in the morning. One in the morning is his time to catch up on his homework that he didn’t do until the sun rises. Once the sun rises, he’s knocked out till noon.

Here comes a time when Jimin needs to start earning money to pay for his college tuition because his younger brother of two years is entering college next semester. His parents can’t possibly afford paying for two wild sons, so Jimin has no choice but to look for a job on campus.

And he finds one that he’s good at: tutoring.

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anonymous asked:

Do you take requests? If so could you write something with sp? Something similiar to the brooke/julian scene in one tree hill. Reader is dancing around in a store because her favourite song comes on and Sweet Pea walks in and he's totally fascinated by her despite her being a northsider and it's all cute and all?

First request!! Thanks so much for sending this in. I hope that a dancing scene in Pop’s isn’t too lame after the Josie/Chuck scene in the last episode, but I couldn’t think of other stores this could take place in.

Dance Like No One Is Watching

The hardest thing about working the night shift was preventing the rush of boredom that usually comes rolling in after 1:00 AM. Fewer and fewer customers arrive, and there’s always less to do with every passing minute.

It was a Wednesday night in Riverdale, and most of the usual late night cl had already stopped by. I had made it to 2:17 AM, and I was counting down the minutes until freedom. Sammy started her shift at 3:00 AM, so I didn’t have to scrub the same spot on the counter for much longer.

I loved working at Pop Tate’s. I’d worked there for two years now, and it was an easy enough gig with good enough pay. Since it was open 24 hours, I was able to work around my school hours fairly easily. The 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM shift worked well with my homework and sleep schedule, allowing me to just barely get four hours of sleep during the school week. I was always tired, but at least I made good money.

The silence of the shop could be eerie at times, especially at night when it was impossible to see what lay past the parking lot in the dark. When there were no customers, I liked to blast my favourite songs and dance while I cleaned and re-cleaned every surface.

Tonight was no different. My music blared through the audio system. I had a lot of different music in this playlist, but suddenly I heard the iconic opening notes of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)“ by Eurythmic. 

I gave a shriek of delight, leaping down from the stool I had been slouching in. I grabbed my spray bottle of cleaning solution and began to dance like an idiot down the length of the bar counter, scrubbing and dancing at the same time. I kicked my leg high into the air, bobbing my head in different directions. I never cared what my dancing looked like when I was having a blast.

Little did I know at the time that someone stood outside, watching me dance in awe to the muffled music which could be heard all the way in the parking lot.

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Which do you prefer a bullet journal or a planner? Also what do you do with your weekly spreads when you're done with them or after the disc is full? Much thanks xoxo

Hi! I’ll do a bit of an in-depth review since a few people have asked about this considering I’ve been showing more of my Simplified Planner on Instagram!

Bullet journals (pros):

  • It is a really clever idea at the root of it - simple, practical and easy to follow organisational tool.
  • You can be creative - I’m not super creative in comparison to others but bullet journaling still gave me a chance to test out my creative skills! I don’t draw or anything like that so it was a new avenue for me.
  • So much customisation ability - It obviously gives you more personalisation in terms of what you can add in, how you structure your routine, and overall look. I thought this was a good alternative for me who hadn’t really found a planner I was 100% happy with.
  • You can use any book, pen, etc - I started my bullet journal in a half finished math book of my sisters! I use some highlighters and a black pen, nothing super fancy!
  • It is an inexpensive option - You really just need a book and a pen. You aren’t committing to a $20, $30, $40 diary or planner that you might not keep using.
  • It is adaptable - I think this is a key thing, you can use it for anything - even beyond just a to-do list. Lots of people have specific pages to track a million things.
  • You can change it up - If you find that doing a daily spread one week really doesn’t work for you, the next week you can change it. There are no rules and you can make it fit you and your routine exactly.
  • You can photograph it (lols) - I’m sure if because you’re asking, you’ve seen the numerous pictures of bullet journals. The bujo community and study community have somewhat intersected as students have picked up on the system. Lots of people love the inspiration and ideas which others have so it is cool to share!

Bullet journal (cons):

  • You might feel like you’re not ‘good enough’ - this was something I struggled with when I first started bullet journaling. Everyone had sensational spreads, like works of art!! As cool as I thought it was, I didn’t  want to recreate them since I knew it would be a disaster :’-) I think, as it is now, there are a lot more simplified designs which show you don’t have to be an amazing artist, calligrapher, etc to do it. (Kind of a con if you’re quite self-critical, but has a positive end?)
  • I’m a perfectionist - this kind of leads in from the previous point, but I liked everything to be neat, tidy and organised so when I messed up my bullet journal I’d just get frustrated. I’d either redo the whole thing or just get so demoralised I’d give up. As I’ve relied on it less and less, I found I wasn’t as fussed if I made a mistake. I would often write the wrong month or date and often thought “fk it” and just let it be. But not everyone can do that, so it is a big issue when you’re just overloaded with expectation.
  • It takes time - for me, planning a single spread would take upwards of half an hour. I did things methodically so I didn’t make mistakes or waste paper which then mean it took even longer. This is a key factor for students who might not have the opportunity to spend an hour (or more) designing, draft, drawing and writing up a spread.
  • I didn’t find it to be great for looking far enough forward - with the amount of time a single page took, I’d really only do a week spread at a time. This was a bit of a downfall because I wasn’t keeping up to date with what is coming up in the next week or month and I’d often forget things if I was relying solely on my bullet journal. This is obviously the flaw in my system so might not be a problem for others, but worth mentioning.
  • It is up to you to maintain it - bullet journaling isn’t the kind of thing you can use yet take a week off making a spread. There are blank weeks in my bullet journal where I either didn’t have the time or couldn’t be bothered to do it. In those weeks I’d just end up using an alternate organisation method since I didn’t feel the bullet journal was the only reason for my productivity. (Does that make sense?). Sometimes it can be hard to get the motivation to create something and I’ll happily admit it wasn’t worth it.
  • I don’t have enough to enter - this kind of came up for me at the beginning when I tried to be quite specific what I put in there. I didn’t really have many tasks and questioned if I was wasting my time making a fancy spread for just a few tasks.

Planner (pros):

  • It is ready and waiting to go - once you’ve purchased a planner, you can get straight into using it. There is no looking into how to set it up or design it. Everything is already sorted, waiting for you to put pen to paper.
  • There are so many choices - like bullet journaling, it is cool to have a design that works for you, however with loooots of stationery shops available it is likely you can find a design you could work with. You can find a book cover and inside design to match your personal style, the planning method, etc.
  • Planning ahead is much easier - for me as a student, this is what has moved me further towards using a planner. As I mentioned, I was struggling to make more than one spread a week (and never did monthly spreads, I did a breakdown for January but after that, it stopped). Having a planner where you can see weeks in advance is so useful!
  • It is so easy - when compared to a bullet journal, you barely do anything with a planner. Just write in the dates, tasks, etc, and you’re done. No need to spread an hour researching and designing. This is definitely a big plus for me. It just saves so much time that I can use to actually finish things on my list!! I’m also not left with that “ugh, got to make up a spread” feeling when I’m not interested in doing it. 
  • You can still somewhat customise your planner - it obviously doesn’t have the same capabilities in terms of personalisation as a bullet journal but you can make additions. Lots of people use stickers, post it notes, washi tapes to spruce up their planners.
  • It is generally a nicer design that a bullet journal notebook - for me, I love looking at planners (lols, you can tell I’m a stationery addict..). There are so many pretty covers, designs, and layouts you can get! For instance, I am loving the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. I’ve been a huge fan of her planners ever since I started a studyblr but could never justify $50 on a planner and then the potentially crazy shipping. I think the design is really cute. The colours are lovely. I’m all-around in love hah! Also, as a perfectionist, the planner has been meticulously designed. I don’t have to worry about me making it look perfect.

Planner (cons):

  • You might find you don’t like it - this has happened to me twice. I purchased a diary for 2015 which had blank headers which I used for my subjects. I thought it was really awesome when I got it and was super excited to use it. However, I quickly learnt that a weekly spread with tiny boxes wasn’t ideal for me who would get more than one bit of homework for a subject. I ended up not using it because it really wasn’t functional. Secondly, I was gifted a Kikki K personal planner last year after looking at it for months. I was really excited to use it but eventually realised that it was just way too small for me. I think before buying a planner it is worth doing as much research as you can or even replicating the design to see if you like it.
  • They can be expensive - this really is dependent on your budget and the brand you want but some can be hella expensive, especially for students. 
  • If you give up on it (and buy something else), it basically becomes unusable - the 2015 diary I bought went unused for most of the year because I didn’t find it helpful. It was a bit of a waste in reality. However, if you decide bullet journaling isn’t for you can just use the remainder of the pages for something else!

I hope this gives you a bit of an idea on which to go for. I tried to think of everything I do and don’t like about both options, but if anyone has something to add, feel free! As for my old spreads, I’ll probably just put them in a draw when they don’t fit in anymore. I don’t think I’d throw them away either for design inspiration or photographing purposes :-) xx

moansmisha  asked:

Sometimes it freaks me out how similar Claire Novak’s story is to Dean’s D:

It’s funny, I have just started the 10x09 rewatch I need to do before Wayward Sisters, but I watched it the other day with my mum too just because, and I have been thinking about this a lot. 

my desktop has literally been stuck on this all day while I have a migraine at all the things I wanted to do :P

They give her SO many superficial traits to him - the whole connection to Cas told through familiar lines like about her praying to him every night, or the ketchup conversation, and Cas comparing them directly in 10x10 about both being… gosh what was the phrase? I’ll have to look that up… “one extremely messed up human to another”… I’ve been trying to think about Claire in the bigger picture, and she’s a massive Dean mirror, but her story is different and I actually kinda like what it all built up to really.

She loses her family when she’s much older than Dean - 12 to his 4 - and she doesn’t have a sibling so she has to go it completely alone. She knows the supernatural exists but only angels and demons - she doesn’t really have experience with monsters, just the mytharc, and she’s been *possessed by an angel* so they’re unequivocally real to her. She grows up praying directly to Cas while Dean has had no faith since Mary died. 

Ironically Claire is bound to Cas under the exact same “angels are watching over you” link as Dean, Sam and Jack all share with Cas, but it’s the most fucked up iteration (with Sam somehow passing with flying colours as the LEAST fucked up one in this weird umbrella of humans in Cas’s charge :P) because Cas made a bad promise at the very very beginning of his story - so early on they had to make the episode to go back to it because it was only by late season 4 Cas was officially full time main character enough to warrant a more complicated backstory and knowing how his ~existence~ in a form we could understand anyway began and all. 

Claire has been utterly betrayed by Cas, and he’s her Azazel in a way - another mirror to Dean that a supernatural creature stormed in and destroyed her family. Took her father and killed him, and her mother broke and went on the road and became the Worst Parent and physically AND emotionally abandoned her. But Claire doesn’t kill Cas (because he’s not evil and wants to make amends), and she actually manages to forgive and accept his help, and he helps her resolve her family situation and put her on her new path - the end of 10x20 for Claire is what 2x22 was for Dean, but instead of having killed the thing that destroyed her family, she’s hugged it goodbye and kept the grumpy cat plushie it gave her.

And Dean’s the one who sets her on her path. Because Cas represents the big old mytharc stuff and the damage to her family - he has to reconcile personally. But she grew up in the foster system having human problems and the supernatural was maybe the CAUSE of it all but she was just raw frustrated anger when we first see her again, and she has no way “in” to deal with it… 

(And she should not have started hunting as a 12 year old, with no one overseeing her or anything - I was talking to Mittens about it a while back and yeah tbh if they brought her back as a hunter like a lot of the original spec/desires were, that she’s started hunting angels in the gap while she wasn’t on the show, she was too YOUNG and really around the age the show brought her back is really the start of when she would be old enough for them to justify her doing ANYTHING on her own. She COULD have found a Krissy set up - an older hunter to guide her and others to hunt with, to give her a closer backstory to Dean, but the separation from their world was important to start with, I think, that she had plot reasons from 4x20 why she would have started hunting run of the mill monsters and she was too young, so unless she and Amelia became a power duo of mother and daughter hunters… Yeah :P Not many ways to bring her in except either stuff happening TO her to bring her back or Cas wandering in to catch up on her…) 

But yeah Sam also just helps her in the sense of teaching her credit card fraud and his birthday present coming of age gesture to her was a credit card - independence and still not really HUNTING skills, just “you’re a scrappy youngster who needs help surviving in this world” stuff.

It’s Dean who shows her what it’s like to be a hunter, and how it all works, that you do your homework, and sets her up with the question of do you watch movies I rec you or do you hunt monsters like I do? He is the one who sets her up with the choice to continue being normal and to use her resolution of the family arc as a way to finish her involvement with the supernatural and move on and grow up into whoever she might be, or as just the first step before she starts venting her anger and frustration with the world to kill monsters and save people before they end up a messed up human like her. 

And in 11x12 Jody is sort of that guide as well - her place is to encourage Claire towards a normal life but she also has to deal with Claire wanting to be a hunter and in the end agrees to at least teach her “not to hunt like a dumbass” since she sees Claire is really set on doing this - and in that moment also that she now has a new family to defend and it’s less revenge and more helping people. And since she squared up what could have been a revenge arc she’s all “saving people, hunting things” like Dean represents. 

I think for Claire, Jody is like Bobby - the more experienced, kind hunter who steps into her life to fill an emotional gap her dead/abandoning (and then dead also) parents left. It’s similar to Dean in really broad strokes, but Jody has full responsibility of her and it’s Claire’s choice to leave or make use of Jody’s help, while I think Dean was happy for Bobby’s attention as a kid because in the 7x10 flashbacks we see how good Bobby was to him and we know what Dean’s like, and as adults he’s happy to depend on Bobby all the time and they pretty much end up living at his house from season 5-6 - it seems to be official by at least the midseason of season 6 that Sam and Dean are permanently based there although no one ever says anything about it. They drift TO Bobby and the narrative has to burn it all down to get them out of the house but Claire’s coming to Jody later in life and Jody’s attempts to guide her towards normality and away from monsters mean that she actually represents the opposite of what Bobby generally offered… In 7x10 yeah Bobby one time throws a ball around with Dean because John just wants him to learn to shoot all the time, but taking it as the transition in season 3 to Bobby being a permanent fixture in their lives and giving them the family don’t end in blood speech in 3x16 as the parallel to Claire beating her version of season 1 & 2 in season 10 and moving on to season 3 emotionally, we see Dean (and Sam) latching onto Bobby as the last time we see John passes and he’s now the sole parental figure they have. 

And that leads us to Claire wanting to be a hunter because of admiring what Dean and Jody do. And wanting to save people because she clearly feels strongly about monsters and her own frustration before she had a path, that hunting monsters is a clear *righteous* moral path, is not actually something that Dean was allowed to come to naturally. He was raised as a hunter, and he doesn’t get to choose it as an adult.

No, wait, it’s Sunday night I’m allowed to mention it again because it’s basically next week… I won’t quote the whole massive speech though :P Okay, so Dean never gets a choice to be a hunter when he’s growing up but it’s a lifestyle he was completely raised in. When he CHOOSES to be a hunter is in 2x20 after spending the ENTIRE season resenting John and the job and the burden that was put on him, and it’s uuuutterly depressing but he realises in the djinn dream after spending an entire season wrestling with wanting to just give up and stop hunting and leave the whole thing behind because he’s so tired of it all, that no one else will do it and so he has to - and he hates it but those lives are on him. I actually compared it more to Patience’s decision to leave in 13x09 because she would have the visions whether she became a hunter or not, but staying with her dad pretending to be normal would be like Dean being trapped in the wishverse djinn dream, knowing he had wished himself a happy ending but everyone was dying because he wasn’t out saving them. He had news articles of the deaths, Patience has her visions.

But Claire just sees something she really wants to do - to save people and kill monsters and rid the world of evil, and she makes it as a choice as an adult as her coming of age, based on her experiences of the world, and she has an unburdened FREEDOM to decide to do that, to feel like it is something that is in her nature and the idea of doing it is too compelling to sit quietly and do normal things with her life. Every time she has the choice to do normal things - to enrol in colleges and schools and get on with her life as Jody was hoping for her, she takes cases and hunts things and gets deeper and deeper into learning the job she actually WANTS and possibly NEEDS to do. 

I really love this about Claire - that because we got her innocent of monsters to start with, and that she had multiple chances to get off the ride, she chooses to hunt anyway and there’s low angst about it - she doesn’t have decisions the weight of which Dean did in all those instances, because her life or death revenge story is already wrapped up, peacefully. She just ends up on the road hunting monsters because after seeing this is a life people lead, and despite seeing the toll it’s taken on Dean, she still ends up emulating him. But as the next generation of hunters, who aren’t raised into it against their will, or out of necessity to learn everything about evil forces to hunt down anything in particular. She already dealt with Cas AND saved her mom, AND killed the angel that was responsible for that, and so she’s got an angsty backstory, but that’s not the thing that’s compelling her forwards… There’s no revenge and sacrifice cycle like the Winchesters are in. 

It’s similar to Jody, and the others - they all find out the supernatural exists but of all the Wayward Sisters, Kaia is the only one with UNRESOLVED main arc angst and probably a whooole bunch of misery tied to the Bad Place that they need to help her with/she needs to overcome as her personal arc. All the others have dealt with the stuff that makes up their backstory/introduction to the supernatural in their initial episodes, and are pretty much ready for a fresh start when their story begins :D

Oh gosh I could probably keep talking all night. Hi, I’m really hyped up for Wayward Sisters :P

Break My Heart - Part 1 (Baekhyun x Reader)

Summary: “I wanna feel the pain; I wanna see the light.” Y/N has been going to Oh Sehun for years for therapy. She’s just started her first year of university, and hasn’t made any friends yet– not that she wants Sehun to know. After confusing the time of her therapy appointment, Y/N is forced to reschedule as Sehun’s last appointment of the night. What happens when she runs into Sehun’s ride in the waiting room while her therapist collects his bag for the night? And what the hell is this boy thinking when he grabs her hand, looks into her eyes, and asks her earnestly to break his heart? (Inspired by American pop-punk band Hey Violet’s “Break My Heart.”)

Warnings: therapy, daddy issues, social anxiety, college, flirting, cursing

Word count: 3,134

A/N: I’m so hype for this fic. It’s gonna be a multishot, and I have tons of wonderful (naughty) plans. Follow or ask to be tagged for updates, or you can subscribe to the fic on AO3, where I’m listed as MelWinchester/PichiWrites. Notes and reblogs help me out ever so much! Love love love <3 (gif not mine).

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Loving All of You

For: Rina, @todoyamas

Pairings: KageHina

Rating: G

Summary: 1K words. Fluffy, warm, and tender AF. Kageyama has OCD; Hinata confesses and assures him he’ll always be by his side. Rina, I know how important this HC is to you and I was inspired by the post in which you talked about it. I hope I did your HC justice.

Read on Ao3

It was a windy, cloud-speckled day in early March, only a few weeks until the end of Kageyama and Hinata’s first year in Karasuno High School. To think they had met just a year earlier, grown as close as they had, cried together, struggled valiantly, and triumphed with a team that became like a family. It was quite frankly, unbelievable. With the 3rd years graduating soon and their moving up to 2nd year, everything felt like a blur—aside from one thing. One thing was perfectly clear to both of them.

“I like you romantically,” Hinata blurted, eyes meeting Kageyama’s and fingers grabbing desperately at tufts of grass. They were alone, sitting side by side under a sliver of sun on a grassy area behind the gym.

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anonymous asked:

can you give some tips for being/staying motivated to study?

just a warning that i go to a small school with small class sizes, but here’s my main advice:

•DO NOT STUDY IN YOUR ROOM!!!! too many distractions. snacks. cleaning. technology. books. your bed. makeup. Get out of your room and only bring your books and some water. find a study room, library, lounge, or anywhere else with a desk that you know you can work in without being distracted. so don’t go to a coffee shop if you need silence. also, emphasis on finding a study place with a TABLE because studying on the couch is uncomfortable, inconvenient, and distracting.
•the phone and laptop go on DO NOT DISTURB. leave them behind completely if you can.
•ANY time you read a textbook, take notes. it takes twice as long, but you’re making a study guide and you’ll remember it better/be able to reference it in class. Focus on vocab words. You can skip most sections that talk about examples, because those usually arent on tests. Skim read anything non-essential, like practice problems, little “Did You Know?” sections, and paragraphs that dont have relevant info/vocab words.
•when reading books for english class, have in mind what you might want to write about, then as you read, underline quotes that you may use in an essay. when you finish reading the book, type up all those quotes with page numbers. sort them into categories, like if you were going to make different paragraphs out of different topics. eliminate quotes that are weaker or dont seem as strong as the others. For each quote, write a sentence or two explaining why it’s relevant to your thesis. Put those together. Add a topic sentence and transitions, intro paragraph, thesis, and conclusion. BAM essay.
•when reading research articles for an essay, keep a word doc in another tab and write down useful quotes & page numbers as you read. you’ll only need to read each source once that way, and you’ll have already selected out the most useful parts.
•read research articles BEFORE making a thesis statement. sometimes if you go into research looking to prove a specific point, you won’t find good quotes and your argument will end up really weak because you can’t find evidence to support a claim that might be too broad, too specific, or just lacking proof.
•GO TO YOUR PROFESSORS’ OFFICE HOURS. EMAIL THEM CONSTANTLY. ANY TIME YOU ARE CONFUSED, GET CLARIFICATION. i recently sobbed in a professor’s office hours after meeting with him for 3 hours because i didnt understand the material. the next day in class, he cut the amount of material we had to cover. always communicate with professors and get help.
•make flashcards. quizlet is good for simple word/definition ones, but flashcards are your bff. study in groups when possible. if you’re a visual learner, read the cards off to a partner. if you’re an audio learner, have a partner read them to you. repeat until you can recite all of them.
•use free campus services like the writing center and tutoring center. you pay for them in your tuition.
•go to SI sessions and any other freely offered help sessions that your classes may offer. i know my math class and my history class had these lectures you could go to to review the material and make sure it all made sense/your notes were complete.
•if you listen to music while you study, make a playlist with a few silly songs thrown in so that when they come on shuffle, you get a randomized 2-3 minute break depending on how long the song is. my favorite break songs are the monsters inc theme and jellyfish jam from spongebob.
•some subjects are good to study in groups. others are good to study alone. you can always ask your professor how people tend to do on tests depending on how they study.
•get as much done during the week as you can. i promise over the weekend, it’s gonna be impossible to want to drag yourself out of bed and leave your room to study. go to the library after your weekday classes and study until 11 PM. you’ll get stuff done early and wont feel guilty for being lazy over the weekend.
•to avoid doing assignments the night before they’re due, make a calendar and to do lists of all your homework and do a little bit every day. if you are forced to have a peer review day before the actual due date of an essay, that is a BLESSING. do NOT turn in an unedited peer review draft as your final draft. use that peer review draft to bring to the writer center or your professor to ask how to make it better. your first draft is never perfect and having your essay completed before the actual due date for a peer review workshop is valuable because it gives you time to make improvements. UTILIZE THAT TIME. DONT SKIP CLASS ON A PEER REVIEW DAY BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO LAZY TO WRITE A DRAFT BEFORE IT’S ACTUALLY DUE. (most profs require peer review day in the syllabus, too.)
•make group chats with people in your classes.
•make good friends with people in your major, especially those who have a lot of the same classes as you. you’ll probably be asking each other to share notes or ask what they missed in class at one point or another.

i work at the writing center so i have a lot of specific advice about writing essays, if you want it!


Superman~Taylor Swift

A/N: I might have gotten a little carried away on my phone on the plane, and yes, I’m aware he is Spider-Man! Here’s my first imagine of Peter Parker!

Midtown School had always been boring for you. You were popular, so people thought you should be automatically happy and satisfied. It wasn’t until you met Peter Parker did your life actually start. Your teacher paired the two of you together for a project in Honors U.S. History and your friendship began.

Sure, he was awkward, but you found it cute. Over time, you found yourself liking him even more. He was smart, like you were. Most people didn’t know about your above average intelligence, which was your best quality, in your opinion. Peter knew you were, yet he was surprised when you randomly called him ‘Spiderman’. You had easily figured it out when he started canceling things and then Spiderman would appear to stop evil. “You’re actually incredible,” he laughed while looking at you.

“Yep,” you said smugly while getting your books out, “Ready?”

His smile fell once the beep from his phone interrupted him. “Uh, actually, I have to go,” Peter said with a small smile, “Duty calls.”

“Go protect the city, doofus,” you insisted, “You know my number for afterwards. Just don’t get too bruised.” You smiled before leaving him to get ready.

At lunch the next day, you spotted Peter sitting with some of his friends and waved. He smiled, waving before turning back to his friends. Your friend noticed who you were looking at. “I don’t see why you hang out with him if he’s not doing your homework.” The table agreed, but you ignored them. You didn’t care about his popularity, or perhaps lack of.

You followed Peter’s wish and were never there when Spiderman was. He felt better knowing you were safe at home. Sometimes, you’ll get a text from him before he gets there, saying to stay away from an area or asking if you’re alright. Those texts made you feel cared so you respected his wish.

A couple months after you found out who Spiderman was, you got a text from Peter, saying something about Tony Stark and Germany. Instead of texting him back, you immediately called him. “Germany?” you said before he could say anything.

“I know!” he exclaimed, “Mr. Stark needs my help with the Avengers and it’s so cool.”

Even though Peter couldn’t see it through the phone, you smiled sadly. Peter is a superhero. He shouldn’t make time for normal girls like you. People thought that you were out of his league, but only you knew that it was actually opposite. “Y/N?” his voice came through the phone, “You alright there?” He was obviously concerned.

“Just fine,” you lied, “Only overwhelmed with the news. That’s awesome, Peter! When do you leave?”

“Soon,” Peter answered vaguely, “Sorry, but Mr. Stark doesn’t want the information to get out.”

“Oh, well, go save the world, doofus,” you struggled to get out, “You know I’ll be here, as always. I’ll collect your homework.”

“You’re the best, Y/N!” There were some voices at his end. “Hey, I got to go. See you when I get back.”

“Peter,” you say before he hangs up, not wanting him to go just yet.


You stayed silent for a bit before saying lightly, “Just come back in one piece.“

“Will do, Miss,” he promised at his end. You could almost see the goofy smile on his face as he said, “Arrivederci.”

“Au revoir,” you responded with a giggle, despite the dread you felt.

The next few weeks were extremely dull without Peter. You didn’t let it show, but you didn’t realize how much Peter actually affected your life. Sure, he wasn’t the only special person in your life. Plenty of people had tried to get your attention, yet you just smiled politely and accepted whatever they were giving, whether it was a conversation or something physically there. A lot of them saw the opportunity of Peter being away.

You tried to imagine what Peter might have been doing with the Avengers. Due to your insecurities, you could only imagine him with the cool superheroes and forgetting about you. Maybe he would stay with them instead of coming back, like he said he would.

Trying to get over the nonexistent relationship, you went out on a few dates who either couldn’t speak intelligently if their lives depended on it or bragged about themselves the entire time. Still, you accepted their flowers and compliments.

One night, your date couldn’t even understand the movie. The dinner afterwards was nice, but your phone interrupted it. Normally, you would decline the call, but when you saw the name come up, you answered immediately, “Hello?” You smile apologetically to your date, who nodded in understanding.

“Y/N?” Peter asked, “Hey.”

“Hey,” you repeated, “How was it?”

He admitted, “Pretty awesome.” He paused for a moment. “Do you think you can possibly get over here?”

You glanced at your date before saying, “Yeah. I’ll be there soon.” Not letting him say anything, you hung up. “I’m really sorry, but something came up,” you apologized, while getting up and putting your coat on, “Do you mind driving me somewhere?”

It was rude to ditch your date like that, but it was Peter. You thanked them when they dropped you off and went into his apartment building. Aunt May answered the door with a smile. “He’s in his room.” You smiled in thanks.

It was like he hadn’t just gone on a long trip to Germany. Peter was laying on his bed, playing with some gadget on his wrist before carefully placing it on the bed stand. “Hey, stranger,” you said in a hopefully calm voice.

Time stopped. Peter immediately smiled at the sight of you, but rose an eyebrow when he saw what you were dressed in. “Why are you dressed like that?” He asked.

“I was on a date,” you stated, hoping that he might show some distaste or maybe even jealousy. You sat down next to him.

His eyebrows shot up in thought before changing the subject, “Y/N, it was so cool!” Then, he went on and on about the Avengers and the fight they had. You were interested, of course, but Peter’s passion for it made it even more enjoyable.

“Wow, it sounds like you had a lot of fun,” you said when he finished, “You were gone a while. Did you maybe miss someone particularly?” You tried to hint subtly.

“Well, I missed my room,” he said casually, “I mean, and Aunt May as well.”

“Right,” you replied dishearteningly, before getting up, “Listen, I have to go. It’s getting kind of late.”

He stood up quickly. “Do you want me to walk you home? It is really late.”

“No, I’ll be fine,” you reassured, “See you in school, Peter.” You left the apartment quickly, the feeling of embarrassment and unimportance hanging over you. It wasn’t even two steps outside his building until you heard another pair of feet behind you.

A hand covered your mouth and, before you had time to react, it was gone. The man was grabbed and dragged to the alley. The ‘mysterious’ person had tied him in the synthetic spider web and went back to his hiding place. “I know you’re there now,” you called out.

Peter came out of the shadows almost bashfully. “I was just worried about you,” he rambled, “It’s dark and dangerous. Not that you can’t take care of yourself, but I saw him grab you and I just-” He paused, his eyes flitting back to the alley, “-I wasn’t trying to follow you in a creepy way, not like that guy w-”

You cut him off with a hug to show your appreciation for saving you from whatever that man had planned. He stopped talking and returned the hug. “Thank you,” you whispered, “Thank you for being a creepy stalker when I needed it.“

“Okay, I’ll take it,” he sighed. The two of you pulled away, but your eyes locked with his after the hug. You knew that Peter wouldn’t make the first move, so you moved slightly closer to see his reaction. His eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips then back to your eyes. You took it as a good sign and placed your lips on his.

You panicked at first, since Peter seemed to have been frozen, but he regained his already shaky composure and returned the kiss. When the two of you pulled away, neither of you said anything. He looked at you and smiled goofily. Shaking your head, you grabbed his arm and dragged him along. “You know, this is a dangerous area, doofus. Walking me home sounds nice.”

Interview: Kaj

Today we’re joined by Kaj. Kaj is an awesome up-and-coming writer and a former actor. They’re writing blends a number of different genres, though they write quite a bit of fantasy. Kaj used to perform as an actor in the theater and hopes to return at some point in the future. They’re clearly and enthusiastic and dedicated artist, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to them for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I am a writer and used to be an actor.

Acting was fun, my favourite parts so far (I’m hoping to get back into it one day) were Horatio in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Mrs. Erlynne in Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan. It was just my school’s drama club, but we had the reputation of doing a pretty decent job.

Writing is mostly an outlet for a lot of feelings, for things I think about, and sometimes just plain stress relief. I write basically everything. I started out with Harry Potter-ish fantasy, then crime stories, urban fantasy, and my most recent project is some kind of Fight Club inspired tragedy. -Ish. Actually, I just start writing whatever comes to my mind and see where it takes me from there. I never know what’s going to happen in a story until it happens. Party because of that (and because I keep getting distracted) I never finished one of my “big” projects. I do fine with short stories, but actual novels are usually abandoned somewhere along the way. But maybe my current idea will work out. Being almost ten chapters deep is quite a step forward for me.

What inspires you?

I started writing at a young age (I hardly remember a time where I haven’t been writing), so I have no idea anymore why I started writing in the first place.

And for the individual stories, it depends. My first big project was obviously inspired by Harry Potter. In general, it often happens that I read a book (or fic or watch a movie etc.) and get an idea about what might happen if you took /that/ element and spun it another way.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

As I said, I don’t remember when and why I started writing. But I think it’s safe to say that my love for books might have something to do with it. As soon as I could read I was hardly ever seen without a book. I think we sometimes got assignments in school to do some creative writing and I kinda noticed how much fun that is.

As long as I’ve been writing stories I also wanted to be an author – as in, a published author. And I still hope that one day I might be able to finish one of my bigger project and actually get it published. But since I have a “real” job, writing is and will always be a hobby.  

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

There are definitely a lot of queer characters in all my stories, but I don’t think that counts. Another constant, I think, is that my protagonists tend to be thrown into some kind of trouble so I can just watch them react. They hardly ever make the first step in the stories, it’s usually something that happens /to/ them. Reactions interest me, because there are so many ways to react to the same situation and every character behaves differently.

Also, many – if not most – of my stories /don’t end well/. Idk why, but tragedy always intrigued me. So, death and violence could probably be counted as “recurring themes”.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

1. Don’t stop. No matter what kind of art you produce, keep doing it. Write short-short-short stories in the notebook on your phone. Write some sentences on the back of your homework and see if it takes you anywhere. It will get messy, you will have loose ends /everywhere/ and the amount of abandoned stories will grow daily, but that’s okay as long as you keep writing. And if you have an idea for a novel, try and work on it whenever you can. You can write the first chapter on your computer. Maybe you get an idea for the next chapter at work – scribble it down on whatever piece of paper you can find. Try to outline the plot in your head when you’re in the supermarket.

2. Don’t beat yourself up about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s not Shakespeare. It doesn’t have to become a novel. It’s okay if you can’t write on your wanna-be novel every day. It’s okay to let stories sit on the shelf for weeks. And it’s okay to abandon stories.

3. Don’t let the muggles get you down. Don’t let anyone talk shit about what you write. Or about the fact /that/ you’re writing. You do you.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I’m asexual. I didn’t realize until a couple of months ago, because I never gave much thought to it. I experience very strong sensual attraction, which is probably why I never thought about being ace. Only when Tumblr made me realise that sexual attraction actually means looking at someone thinking “I want sex with you” it dawned on me that I might not experience that.

I’m also pretty sure I’m aromantic. This one’s a bit tricky though, because I’m also hella romance-repulsed and I can’t quite tell if I’m not interested in romance with anyone or averse to the thought of a romantic relationship itself.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I haven’t encountered any prejudice. But that’s mostly because I’m not out in RL, and I usually don’t connect much with other writers on the internet. The only people who know about me being aroace /and/ me being a writer are close friends, most of them queer. So, I’m in a pretty good place when it comes to that.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

Being asexual = not liking/having sex. I mean, it’s kinda true for me, since I’m also trans/nonbinary/agender and dysphoria makes it kinda impossible for me to undress in front of anyone, let alone have sex with them. But there are many aces out there who enjoy sex, and the orientation isn’t defined by the behavior.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

It’s going to be okay. You’re not broken. You’re not alone. And no matter what exclusionists say, you DO belong in the LGBTQIA/Queer Community.

There are many people out there who feel like you do, and just because society tries to tell us we must always want sex with basically anyone, that doesn’t make them right and you wrong.  

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

On my blog there’s a page where you can find my stories. It’s just a tiny bit of my work, because most of it is in German (my first language). Maybe I’ll add some of the German short stories as well, I’m not sure yet. I also have accounts at and AO3, but I rather not link them with my Tumblr because I’m honestly not too proud of that stuff.

(In shameless self-promoting: Janus is my favourite story so far; it’s actually the longest story I ever finished. Also, once in a lifetime I did plan ahead and outlined the story before jumping into writing.)

Thank you, Kaj, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

Math is Fun

So, this was born out of the desire to explore what Crutchie would enjoy from school, while still staying within cannon verse. And who better to help out than Les. This 100% self indulgent, so I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing this.

Crutchie/Les- Friendship

Jack/Les- Friendship


Crutchie/Dave- Friendship

Jack/Davey- Pre-Slash

Bonding YAY!!!

Les and Davey come by the lodging house some (most) afternoons once school gets out, and depending on how Jack’s day is going, they’ll stay there for a while and then either head back to the Jacobs’s apartment or get up to something with the other boys.

While they’re there, Davey usually makes Les do at least part, if not all, of his school work, to get it out of the way.

It’s hard to do when everyone else is having fun, like they usually are, and it’s almost impossible to do when Boots and Tumbler are playing marbles.

Les is trying to concentrate. He really is, but it looks like Tumbler is actually going to win this one, and it’s not like usual, where Skittery will stand over the boys until Boots or whoever else is playing, catches on and throws a game or two to be nice.

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Health over Acads

I believe that more than studying, you should prioritize your health first, while a grade of 1.0/5.0 (depending on your grading system) is a real goal & truly pleasing to the eye, in the long run, a deteriorating body is not worth it, trust me. Of course there will be a lot of times where you’ll be stuck with no other choice but to pull an all-nighter, worse, a week of straight sleepless nights due to your homeworks, projects,plates, presentations, thesis, research and other stuff but under such circumstances doesn’t always mean that you should compromise your health. 

A few tips guys:

Know your body- stress capacity, body clock, anxiety, etc. If you’re a big crammer with a low stress capacity, might as well try finding a routine that will boost your productivity, a “not too chill but not too tight” strategy maybe.

Time. Just because you studied for straight 10 hours doesn’t mean you’re sure to pass the test. Work hard in everything but more than that, study properly. Do it according to your style. It’s not about how long anyway, it’s about how much did you learn.

To coffee or not to coffee. Yes, caffeine is good for the body but too much is too much. Caffeine tolerance differs individually so this can only be known through observing yourself. If you’re going to write papers, study for exams which revolves around memorizing or anything that mostly requires thinking/analyzing, don’t drink a gallon of coffee please. As much as it’ll help you stay awake, a palpitating heart will only leave you irritable and restless. In short, “sayang oras, sayang coffee”.

Gadgets. This might cover ALL that distracts you actually. I know how hard it is to keep them away especially when you’re reviewing, thinking how boring this subject is and how you can take a minute off, just a minute to check if someone texted you, trust me, DO NOT. If you’re too bothered then try installing apps that’ll lock your gadgets for a specific time to allow you to study first. On times that the internet is needed, block the sites that’ll surely take you away from what you’re supposedly be doing.

Eat healthily and stay hydrated. Guys, don’t make skipping your meals a habit. If you have to chew while you’re finishing your codes, or memorizing a pile of handouts, do so. Just don’t leave your stomach empty especially on meal times. 

Reward yourself from time to time. There’s no need to further explain this. Guys, a reward is given when something is accomplished, alright? Hehe. Let’s refrain from cheating so our brain will recognize a certain rule it can follow all throughout.

I’m sure you’re already all familiar with these but knowing should not just remain as a plain knowledge but something that you should use to further help yourself. Take care and stay healthy people! I hope we all do great!

Iwaizumi Hajime/IwaOi/Oikawa Tooru headcanons Part 2 (because I cannot write headcanons of one without the other) :

General stuff and IwaOi in (grade school and) middle school:

  • Iwaizumi is born a strong boy. He may look small and lanky (before he starts building muscle in the later half of middle school), but he could lift heavy things easily (including a crying and hurting Oikawa on his back 20-minute walk back home.)
  • Iwaizumi claims willpower can bring real strength.
  • Iwaizumi loves dogs. Whenever he saw one on the street, he would either flash them a big smile or approach them to pat them.
  • Iwaizumi is an animal whisperer in general.
  • Iwaizumi doesn’t get sick often, but whenever he does, it’s serious. He would burn up with high fever, several times, before he fully recovers. (Oikawa freaked out the first time (when they were four) and wouldn’t leave Iwaizumi’s room because he can’t leave or Hajime-chan might die when nobody’s watching. It’s one memory both mothers like to talk about when Iwaizumi and Oikawa are older. Oikawa refuses to acknowledge he’s ever been so naïve and stupid.)
  • Iwaizumi asks Oikawa to stop calling him Hajime-chan in their third grade in grade school (Oikawa refused but at least dropped the ‘chan’ under Iwaizumi’s persistence. Iwaizumi started calling Oikawa by his last name around the same time and Oikawa wasn’t a bit happy about it. He complained but Iwaizumi was persistent.)
  • (Iwaizumi’s and Oikawa’s stubbornness could rival their competitiveness. Though if there’s any exception, it’s for each other (and their family.))
  • Iwaizumi brings it up several times and asks Oikawa to use his last name in the following years but Oikawa refuses (again and again).
  • Oikawa is persistent of calling Iwaizumi ‘Hajime’ because he feels special to be the only one still allowed (or more like being tolerated) to use it to address Iwaizumi. And since Oikawa is still bad at making friends, it’s one important proof that he’s special to Iwaizumi who has way too many friends other than him. (Iwaizumi may have a lot of friends (and many, especially boys, want to be friends with him), he likes to keep only a few close ones. Before Iwaizumi and Oikawa befriend Hanamaki and Matsukawa in high school, Oikawa is actually the only one Iwaizumi considers as his close friend.)
  • Oikawa comes up with Iwa-chan in their fifth grade and declares that it’s either ‘Hajime’ or ‘Iwa-chan’ (because they are best friends and best friends get best friend privilege.) Iwaizumi agrees to ‘Iwa-chan’, albeit reluctantly.
  • Iwaizumi might dislike the nickname (he’s neutral about it later), but would politely ask anyone other than Oikawa to not use it to address him. (Because, well, Oikawa insists best friends get best friend privilege. Iwaizumi does let Hanamaki and Matsukawa use ‘Iwa-chan’ when they are teasing or pissing off Oikawa.)
  • (Oikawa finds out about this and feels more than happy with it. He shows his gratitude by pretending not knowing.)

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It Started With A Game (Baekhyun x Reader)

Written By: Admin T.Pot

Characters : Baekhyun x You

Summary : By day, he’s an idol, you’re an English teacher.By night, both of you… are gamers.

A/N: Most of the talking is in a chat room. And since putting the username after every chat is kind of annoying to do and to read, I’ve decided to put all the chats in brackets, bold the ones sent to you, and leave it be for the chats you send. So ~ [babybyun0592] and [effuuu41w7] Okies ?? Also ~ [brackets for gaming chats] and <these pointy thingies for Katalk chats> Also ~ ㅗ is a Korean character but also used to flick someone off while texting … Don’t tell anyone I taught you guys that .. It’s just necessary right now cause it’s mostly chatting and it’s used often amongst Korean gamers and chatrooms …;; And after this one shot, my stories will be short ranging from 1000-3000 words ><

Word Count : 8800

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anonymous asked:

I don't know how to study at home. I'd really like to study during summer but I just don't know how. Do you have any tips?

Don’t worry anon, I’ve got your back

  1. Make sure everything you need is lined up before the end of school; it will be difficult to fix problems after school is over. Do you have all the textbooks you need or online resources? Do you need to ask your teacher any questions?
  2. Make sure you still take a summer vacation. You may want to take the first week or two completely off school so you at least get a break and can relieve your stress. The school work can start after you’ve been done taking your break.
  3. Create a schedule, and adhere to it. How often you read or work on projects will depend on your homework load. A general rule of thumb is to commit five hours per week to summer assignments. This is only one hour per weekday. Compare this single hour to your daily schedule during the school year, and this commitment may suddenly feel much easier. Be sure to create a schedule that works for you, as well as one that you can make a priority. If you fall back on the  “When I have time…” mindset, you will likely always find reasons to avoid summer homework and summer reading.
  4. If  there are certain days of the summer you can’t do school work, plan them in as well. This means you will have to work a little harder on the other days. You might have to juggle school and work and recreation time. This can be quite a challenge sometimes and may take a little creative thinking to solve.
  5. Put up a calendar in an obvious place so you can see it and refer to it every day. It will definitely help you to stay on track with your time     management and getting things done.
  6. Find a good place to do your studies where there isn’t much traffic and very little distractions. It isn’t easy to do work when people are constantly walking past and trying to talk to you, for example. Also, you will need to remove phones, gaming devices, and maybe even computers so you’re not tempted to do other things instead of your work.
  7. Tackle your school work systematically. Set an alarm to wake up early in the morning and get to work right after eating breakfast, just like you would if it was a school day.
  8. Consider completing other projects prior to your summer reading. If you have summer assignments like history papers and math problem sets, consider finishing those tasks before you begin your summer reading. In some instances, these projects may have multiple steps, and they may require a greater investment of your time than an assigned biography or novel.
  9. Maintain a positive mindset. This is perhaps the most important tip of all. While the physical act of completing homework may not be entertaining, improving your performance is worth the effort. Look for small gains—for example, perhaps your understanding of percentages has increased, or perhaps you are now able to read history passages more quickly and more accurately. As you focus on summer reading, try to enjoy each assigned book. Read outside with a glass of lemonade or water, read in a park, or even read by the pool. Even if you dislike the book, try to appreciate its writing style or character development. Such strategies can help you finish summer assignments to the best of your ability, rather than simply doing them because you must.

Sorry for the long answer  o(╥﹏╥)o

I hope this will help you a lot. Have a great day   (≧◡≦)

4.7 stars out 5

Pairing: Yoongi x Jimin
Genre: Crack/Fluff
Word count: 3129
Summary: Yoongi’s has landed himself in a very sticky situation, and enlists Jimin (who has been rated 4.7/5) to help him solve it 

Also posted on AO3

“Trust me Hyung, it’ll be fun!” Jungkook beamed as he dragged a reluctant Yoongi up a few flights of stairs, illuminated by neon lights peeking out from the streets outside.

“I don’t think this is a good idea Jungkook,” he hesitates, wanting to roll down the stairs that he’d painstakingly climbed up and out of the nearest window.

“Lighten up a bit, it’ll be great,” Jungkook continues climbing up the stairs, finally reaching the floor he’d been searching for into a damp smelling room, with a small, shady looking reception desk. “A lot of my friends recommended this place you know? It’s one of the best and I hear one of the guys is real good if you what I’m saying.”

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saintoinette  asked:

Hi! I'm not sure if you've already answered this sort of question but anyway.... How do you do when you have a huge amount of study to do in a short time? I am not referring to a test in tbe following day... More like a lot to study in one week...!

The short answer is to evenly distribute the work across the entire week, maybe allowing for extra work on the weekends (since you have extra time when you don’t have class). But there are a few other things to consider.

If you have things due in the middle of the week, of course you’re going to have to dedicate a little extra time to that task in the early week while taking off a little bit of time for the other tasks. So, for example, if a physics homework suddenly pops up on a Wednesday but I planned on spending an hour a day on a paper then I might reduce the time to 30 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. After Wednesday I’ll try to do a bit more than an hour to sort of “catch up” on time. Or, similarly, you could do it by tasks rather than time. If I planned on doing three tasks a day for that paper then maybe I’d reduce it to one task a day on M-W, then catch up later in the week. Maybe finish the physics HW by doing problems A-B one day, C-D the next, checking them all on the following day, etc.

Part of this is going to require that you have a decent sense of how long it takes to do all of these tasks. Obviously, if you schedule too much for one day you might not get it done and then feel like you’re behind. My general goal is to get the meat of my work done during the week so I can tie up loose ends on the weekend (or get things done I wasn’t able to during the week). You could also choose to evenly spread out everything through the entire week, including weekends, having extra work to do on weekends. I find the latter to be more overwhelming just because, if I don’t get done what I planned during the week, it starts to really pile on over the weekend. Sometimes I find that scheduling more on a weekday tricks me into getting more done than I would if I scheduled less. But it all really depends on what works for you.

Another thing I highly recommend you do, especially during weeks where you have a lot to get done, is to schedule your time down to the hour. Take a look at your class/work schedule. If you have gaps between your classes, try to schedule small, non-overwhelming tasks for those times. If you don’t schedule anything chances are it will become dead time, which is a problem for many students. If you put down an overwhelming task you might end up avoiding it. I don’t have morning classes, so I schedule work in the morning. If you can’t get yourself up or just don’t think you’re productive in the morning then you don’t have to force it. I just think trying to get my work done as early as possible is helpful so I don’t procrastinate and then overwhelm myself later in the day. If you really don’t feel productive until late and know you’ll get work done then, feel free to schedule it then. However you schedule it, make sure you do. People are more likely to get things done when they schedule it because they always know what they should be doing.

You also need to prioritize your tasks. This is not just deciding which tasks need more of your time and which don’t, but also deciding when some tasks need to be eliminated or simply accomplished in a different way.

What tasks can be reduced, but never eliminated? Memorization tasks. They should never be eliminated, because once you start procrastinating on memorization tasks, like going through flashcards daily (or, more importantly, making them), you might keep procrastinating on it. Eventually you won’t have enough time to actually memorize the content. This also goes for tasks that build up every day, like rewriting notes, as well. A task that might take 30 minutes a day suddenly takes several hours in a single day because you put it off. Doing regular practice problem sets is also included in this. At the college level you will find that equations are less “plug and chug” and more about how you can manipulate them, substitute one equation into another, performing various calculus functions to create a new equation (for some classes), etc. This is something that you have to practice regularly and will probably not have much success cramming.

What kind of tasks are okay to eliminate? Obviously this depends for each class. If you were going to take notes on a chapter you already know really well, don’t do it just because you feel like you need to have a complete set of notes for each chapter; if you don’t have extra time and you know other chapters require a lot more time, eliminate it. Don’t make flashcards for terms you already know just to complete the set. If you have an assignment for another class taking up your time, ask yourself if there’s any way you can cut time spent on that assignment. Is it something that needs to be done perfectly? Could you perhaps skip attention to detail for that particular task to just get it done and over with? My English professor has us annotate texts for HW. If I don’t have extra time I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, because he only checks to see that we did the work, not the quality of it.

What kind of tasks should you tweak? Well, this is primarily about studying for exams. If you only have a couple days until your next exam and you originally planned to take notes on all the chapters (but didn’t) you’re probably going to need to change your study strategy to just reading, or even just skimming to determine which chapters you actually need to read through. If your professor only tests on material from the lecture, not the book, then focus on studying with your notes. Making study guides, doing the blank page method, flashcards (if you think you have the time to make and practice them), etc. Only consult the book if you need more clarification. This sort of situation is probably the hardest to give advice on, but being open to changing your strategies during crunch time is the first step.

Hope that helps!