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Which one of your fics is your favorite?

Thanks for asking. : D 

I think that because I’ve got so much and write so much it changes a lot? Like I love different ones for different reasons, but I’ve got some steady favs. 

Since it is hard to choose just one I’m going to pick one short and one long favorite:

So for the short I’m going to say Bleeding Heart is my current fav. I love how it turned out. 

For the long it’s got to be Losing You. It was my first long fic for Batman that I finished and honestly I really like it, though I also really love As the Shadow Arrives, but mostly because that’s one I wrote for me then decided to post for everyone else, so it’s got a special place in my heart. 

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How would Fushimi react to getting an injury that leaves him bedridden and dependent on others. Like, an injury to his spine, making him unable to move by himself

Fushimi’s spine took a hit in place of Yata’s poor abused spine (though it’s been a while since we abused Yata’s spine come to think of it XD). I think Fushimi would really react poorly to any injury that made him reliant on others, he would hate having to ask other people for help and not being able to simply take care of himself – or not take care of himself, more like – the way he usually does. Imagine he initially assumes that no one’s helping him because they want to, like he injures his spine on a mission chasing a rogue Strain and has to be bedridden for the next few weeks until it heals. Munakata sets up a rotation of alphabet boys to help him out but for Fushimi it’s pretty mortifying, someone has to help him bathe and go to the bathroom (no way he sticks with a catheter or a bed pan, he’d drag himself out of bed and crawl to the toilet if he has to) and he chafes at the way they all look at him like he’s some kind of invalid. Fushimi would probably take everyone’s kindness as pity, like he’s so useless that he can’t even get to the bathroom on his own and they all keep smiling at him and telling him to cheer up and it pisses him off. Munakata agrees to bring him some work so that Fushimi can at least type on his laptop but even with that he’s still forced into moderation, like whoever’s taking the night shift of watching him takes the laptop away after a certain point because he needs his rest or he won’t heal. He probably lashes out at the rest of the squad at least a few times, like Akiyama offers to help him to the bathroom one day and Fushimi curses and states he can do it by himself, dragging himself out of bed and then getting super frustrated when he falls to the floor, and even more frustrated when Akiyama just gently helps him up and lets Fushimi lean on his shoulder.

I think eventually he would realize how much of this is everyone caring about him, say Munakata stops by regularly and Fushimi complains to him about all the unnecessary fuss and Munakata wonders why Fushimi believes it’s unnecessary. Even in his current condition Fushimi is still part of Scepter 4 after all and everyone’s asked to be part of the rotation, because they all want to be sure that Fushimi heals and is able to keep his spirits up, no one is willing to just leave him to stew in his own misery. Fushimi clicks his tongue and looks skeptical but he starts to notice how often someone comes to check on him even when he doesn’t need it, how Awashima’s always bringing him anko treats because she thinks he might like a snack or Akiyama stopping by even when it’s not his shift with tea or coffee, Hidaka bringing card games so that Fushimi has something to occupy his time, Doumyouji bringing comics so Fushimi has something to read and everyone just so invested in his health because he’s important to them all.