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Reporter Wesley Lowery on what journalists get wrong about police brutality.

I believe there are many honest and fair journalists here in America, who do support black lives and give the lie to the fraudulent assertions of the police.

But it is a drop in the ocean of endless lie of the media. Because it is interested, corrupt, dependent and false.

What we need is to use every occasion to tell the truth.


BSD: Not Going to Leave You

Hey guys! This was a sudden inspiration from the new episode. We got to see Dazai and Chuuya fight along side each other, and mess around with each other! You guys literally have no idea how happy I was to see that! Anyway, I really hope you guys like this fanfic, so please enjoy! <3

It was always like this. After Chuuya used Corruption, depending on how long, he would either be too tired to move, or on moments like this…pass out. Dazai sighed, and rubbed the blood off his forehead. The hits from the monster really did put a strain on both of them. Groaning a little as he stood up, the brunet glanced around, and gazed at all the damage Chuuya’s ability caused. Most of the trees were torn from the roots, the ground was burned, and the cabin was in pieces. Hearing a slight sneeze, Dazai glanced down at the passed out red head again, and watched as his old partner’s back shakily went up and down as if he was having difficulty breathing. Frowning at this, the brunet collected Chuuya’s stupid hat and discarded clothes, and folded them up. Walking back towards the red head’s unconscious body, Dazai carefully pulled the shorter male up, and adjusted his body around until he was in a piggy back carry.

“I told you I wouldn’t leave you Buddy…” Dazai whispered, making sure not to bounce the injured red head too much. It was true that he left him there for a little while, but just thinking about actually not showing up was too much. Sure, they messed around and claimed they hated each other, but the brunet hated to admit, he still had a soft spot for his ex partner. Letting out another soft sigh, Dazai glanced up at the night sky, and looked at all the stars. He knew that walking would take a while, but there was no other way back, so walking it was. “Now…let’s get you fixed up…or something.”

Halfway back to the apartment that Dazai was living in, Chuuya had started to wake up. Hearing a slight high pitched groan, the brunet’s chocolate brown eyes met tired blue, and when the red head tried to move, Dazai tightened his grip a little more. Chuuya growled slightly, and shook in the brunet’s grasp. Turning his face towards the red head’s, Dazai realized that the other’s eyes were still hazy, and he didn’t know what he was doing. Sighing, the brunet ignored Chuuya’s attempts of getting away or kicking him, and turned to see the agency’s apartment complex. Letting a soft smile rise on his face, Dazai quickened his steps, keeping the fighting red head in a snug grip as he got closer to his home.

“Okay, okay, we’re here!” Dazai mumbled out, trying to stay quiet so he didn’t disturb the other members of the agency. Reaching for the key in his pocket, the brunet unlocked the door and slowly slid inside. Hearing a growl, Dazai winced when Chuuya dug his nails into his shoulders, and kicked the door shut.  Quickly walking over towards the couch, the brunet slid the struggling red head off his back, and safely on the cushions. When he saw a punch coming for his face, Dazai grabbed it, and rubbed Chuuya’s red hair. “You’re okay now Buddy…relax before your hurt both of us.”

“D-Dazai?” Chuuya muttered sleepily, slowly taking the fist out of the brunet’s grasp to rub his eyes. When his blue eyes finally focused more, Dazai kneeled down slightly to look at the bloody wounds his ex partner had on his face. There were several gashes on the other’s forehead, but it didn’t seem like he would need stitches. Dazai breathed out a sigh of relief, and stood back up. Chuuya watched as the brunet walked towards the bathroom, before resting on the back of the couch, letting out a slight cringe when the wounds on his body protested the sudden movement. “Where d-did you go…B-Bastard Dazai?”

Seeing the brunet come out of the bathroom quickly, the injured red head examined the medical kit in the other’s hands. Biting his lip, Chuuya took note on how Dazai placed it on the table, and then moved the table over enough so that he could sit in front of him. When his blues met somewhat concerned chocolate browns, he smirked softly, and slowly sat up. The brunet looked at his ex partner, and carefully helped him out of his one shirt so that he was only in his torn up pants. Blushing a little, Chuuya glanced down at his tensed fits, and hissed slightly when Dazai looked over his wounds on his chest and stomach. Frowning, the brunet lightened his touch a little, noticing the slight twitch and his of breath his ex partner let out before he let go of him, and reached for the antibacterial spray and bandages. Seeing the spray, the red head let out a little huff of air before Dazai opened the spray and pointed it towards his wounds.

“You know the drill,” he muttered, watching Chuuya carefully for any signs of him to stop. The red head nodded reluctantly, and tried to relax as the brunet shook the spray and pressed down the trigger. Feeling the imense pain that followed had the small mafia member pulling and jerking up trying to get out of the other’s stict hold. When he got all of the wounds, Dazai let go of Chuuya’s wrist, and winced at the red head smacked the can out of his hand. Hearing it hit the ground, the brunet glanced at his trembling ex partner, and bit his lip. Chuuya’s eyes were clenched shut and his breathing was hitched and pain filled. Opening his slightly cloudy eyes, the red head let out a watery sigh, and relaxed as the stinging came to a stop. “I’m sorry…are you okay?”

Hearing the groan, Dazai nodded slightly, and carefully unwinded the bandages. Hearing this, Chuuya glanced up, and with the other’s help, he shakily got to his feet. The red head knew it would be better for the other to put them on this way, but his muscles whined in protest, so he leaned against the brunet slightly, and let out a small whimper. Dazai wrapped his arms around the red head’s waist, and held him steady. Once he was sure the other wouldn’t fall, he let him go a little, and slowly started to wrap the bandages around his stomach. Feeling the light touch on his waist, Chuuya arched up and let out a quiet yelp. When he heard this, Dazai stopped wrapping, and glanced at the flushing red head.

“D-don’t worry…just keep going,” Chuuya muttered out, twitching again when Dazai continued wrapping him. Arching up again, the red head bit his twitching lip, and shook slightly when the brunet began to wrap the bandages around his ribs. Dazai’s observing chocolate browns watched as the small body twitched and trembled as it fought against the soft touch of his fingers, when an idea came to his head. Smirking slightly, the brunet slowly finished wrapping the other’s ribs, and then gently started to rub his fingers over the soft skin. Seeing the goosebumps rise on the red head’s skin, Dazai chuckled when the hair on his arms stood up and Chuuya let out a gasp. “N-no don’t you even think about it Dazai!”

“Think about what?” Dazai whispered, letting his breath pass over the other’s ear.  Chuuya squeaked, and tried to get out of the other’s grasp, but when his ex partner’s bandaged arms wrapped around his waist, the red head was stuck. Biting his lip, Chuuya pulled at the brunet’s arms, and squirmed more when he felt the other’s fingers begin to poke at his hips. Arching up, the red head whimpered, and pulled more at the other’s wrists, but no matter what he tried, his body was just in no condition to properly fight the taller one off. Smirking down at the shivering ginger, and grabbed the bare bony hips, rubbing his thumbs in gentle circles. “I’m just helping my ex partner feel better. What’s wrong with that?”

Chuuya heard the smug voice, and let out a shaky growl. Even when Dazai was in the Port Mafia, he would tease him and make him a blushing and laughing pile of goo. Looks like it hasn’t changed. Twitching again, the red head let out a giggle when the brunet pressed little butterfly kisses to his neck, making his skin tingle. Shaking his head, Chuuya let out more giggles, shifting in the grip to try to get his shoulders to rise. Dazai chuckled at his lazy attempts, before blowing a small raspberry right where the red head’s neck met his shoulder. Chuuya squealed, and pulled at Dazai’s arms, trying to dislodge himself. The brunet smiled softly at the giggles the other was letting out before he wiggled his fingers up the other’s sides. Chuuya cried out as his laughter began to get more louder with each press of fingers against his fleshy sides. Clawing his fingers, Dazai gently scratched at the sides of the other’s flat tummy, making the red head dance slightly in his hold.

“EEEKKKKK!” Chuuya cried out, leaning against the brunet’s chest, laughing harder then he did before. Dazai snickered, and pressed more kisses up the flushing neck, and blew gentle breaths in the other’s ear. The ginger sobbed out a laugh, and struggled in the grasp, and when Dazai felt the other’s body turn slightly, he loosened his hold so that the strain wouldn’t open Chuuya’s wounds. Placing his face in the brunet’s chest, Chuuya tried to hide his red face, and embarrassing smile. Dazai smiled softly at the cute sight, before letting his finger rub gentle circles into the red head’s visible ribs. Chuuya trembled in his hold again, and grasped at Dazai’s trench coat as his body shook with over-sensitivity. “N-no more! Pl-pleheheheheehehehease! Stahahahahahahahahaop!”

“Oh really?” Dazai whispered, pressing his mouth press softly against the pure red ear. Chuuya snorted, and nodded quickly against his chest, making Dazai snicker. Pressing his chin the curly red hair, the brunet shut his eyes, and squeezed at the red head’s sides as he listened to the hysterical giggles the smaller one let out. Feeling Chuuya’s body begin to relax as he lost his fight, Dazai opened his chocolate browns again, and glanced down to look at his ex partner. Chuuya’s face was flushed a pure red, tears slowly flowed down his red cheeks, his hair was a mess, and a huge forced smile was etched onto his face. Taking in the sight, Dazai wiped some of the blood away from the cut on the ginger’s forehead. “Don’t worry Chuuya, almost done…just one last thing.”

Hearing this, Chuuya opened his teary blue eyes, but soon gasped when Dazai gently lifted him up, while wiggling his fingers down the back of his shoulder blades and spine. Pounding his fists against the other’s back, Chuuya giggled breathlessly but soon yelped when his body landed softly on Dazai’s bed. Staring up at the other with a anxious expression, Chuuya tried to back away when the brunet crawled over to him on his knees with the damned crazed smirk he always got on his face when something was interesting. Shaking his head, the red head felt around the bed to hit the smirking brunet with, but all he got was a pillow. Knowing it wasn’t enough, the red head growled, but whipped it anyway, and whined when Dazai dodged it with ease.

“Oh Chuuya…” Dazai tsked, finally leaning over the giggling, anxious red head with his teasing smirk. Chuuya tried to glare at his ex partner, but when the taller body flopped against his smaller one, and lips were suddenly on his stomach, all the red head could do is squeak, and hold his breath. Dazai smirked up at him, and pressed small kisses to the ginger’s trembling tummy. Holding his hips, Dazai took a deep breath, all while looking at Chuuya, and blew the biggest raspberry he could manage against the warm skin. It was all silent until Chuuya arched up hard, and let out a loud yell. Hearing the big belly laughs from the red head, Dazai blew more and more raspberries as the ginger’s hands pulled at his brown curls in vain to get his face away from the now red belly. “Laugh all you want Chuuya, no one is coming to your aid!”

Chuuya shook his head, making his red hair more crazy as he bucked and laughed against his will. Feeling his body begin to shut down, the red head let go of Dazai’s hair, and just gripped at the bed sheet beneath him as his laughter slowly turned into gaspy silence. Noticing this, Dazai blew one last raspberry, before stopping, and just pressing gentle kisses to the red head’s twitching tummy. He felt the muscles contracting under him, and smiled up at the giggling ginger. Feeling the tickling torture stop, Chuuya opened his teary blue eyes, and giggled a little more when Dazai suddenly appeared above him. Smiling softly down at him, the brunet cupped his red cheeks, and rubbed the tears away softly. Pressing a small kiss to the other’s forehead, Dazai gently laid down, and pulled the covers on them. Chuuya let out a small contented sigh, and watched as his ex partner snuggled closer to him.

“Dazai…” Chuuya yawned out, letting out a confused mutter when Dazai pulled him closer until they were spooning. Feeling the taller brunet wrap his arms around his waist and tangle their legs together, Chuuya suddenly got enveloped in the welcoming warmth of the brunet’s body. Letting out a pleased hum, the red head snuggled closer, gently rung his fingers with Dazai’s, smiling softly when the brunet tightened his grip slightly. Dazai felt his ex partner’s body completely relax as he rubbed his thumb across Chuuya’s battered knuckles, and pressed a soft kiss to the back of the red head’s neck, smiling when the red head let out a tired giggle. “Thank you…I guess…”

Shaking his head, Dazai let out a comforting sighed, and rested his head against the red hair of his ex partner as they shared body heat. After a few minutes, the brunet became aware of how slow Chuuya’s breathing became, so he peeked over the other’s shoulder to see that he had passed out with a small comforting smile on his face. Honestly, Chuuya looked more peaceful in his sleep then anything, after all, Dazai knew that feeling as well. Hugging him a little harder, Dazai pressed another kiss to the other’s neck, before closing his chocolate eyes, feeling the warmth of Chuuya’s body begin to gently lull him to sleep. Even though sleeping with his ex partner was dangerous since he was vulnerable, Dazai knew that he would be fine…after all, even though they supposed to be enemies, the two cared about each other too much to cause too much harm. Feeling his thoughts drift off, Dazai allowed a small smile lift on his lips as he followed the red head into a peaceful slumber.


VanityFair’s review of #WaronEveryone:

Finally, the kind of role Michael Peña deserves.

Imagine if Quentin Tarantino directed Starsky and Hutch and didn’t mess it up with his whole malignant misanthropic, misogynistic look-at-me thing. The result would be John Michael McDonagh’s snort-milk-out-your-nose-funny buddy cop comedy War on Everyone, premiering at the 66th Berlin Film Festival. Michael Peña and Alexander Skarsgard play Bob and Terry, co-dependent corrupt Albuquerque pigs snorting and shooting their way to tumble a supercilious English Lord (Divergent’s posh Theo James) into horseracing, heists, and kiddy porn.

McDonagh (The Guard, Calvary), like his brother Martin (In Bruges), has a virtuosic way with dialogue, interlacing philosophical musings with ridiculous questions like “if you hit a mime does he make a sound?” One of the movie’s greatest pleasures is that it gives Peña, an actor often forced by Hollywood to play roles beneath his skill set (exception: his cop bromance End of Watch, opposite Jake Gyllenhaal), long riffs of dialogue that he spins out like a Howard Hawks cockeyed hero. Finally, he gets to play the smartest guy in the room, not the Hispanic sidekick.

And then there’s Skarsgard, pausing in that career moment before he goes full on studio Tarzan. No one can fault a critic for pausing to salivate over the True Blood star, as he rolls out of bed with his new squeeze (the alluring Tessa Thompson), sweat slicked and gorgeous, in nothing more than a tiny pair of mustard-colored briefs. Here is an actor who recently made a horny boy-man sleeping with an under-aged teen in The Diary of a Teenage Girl oddly appealing if not quite sympathetic. In War on Everyone, Skarsgard plays a bruised beauty with a tarnished badge. Terry’s life plays out to a soundtrack of Glen Campbell songs, underscoring the achy twangy yearning white boy at his core. Terry’s hard-drinking, hard-punching policeman is a Rhinestone Cowboy, a Wichita Lineman. It’s a rueful comedic performance that he pounds out like pavement into something deeper and darker and more touching than your average buddy cop.

The opening sequences of War on Everyone are so furiously fast and funny it’s nearly unimaginable that McDonagh can sustain the pace. And yet he does. When the script eases up on the rapid-fire quips, seguing into hilarious music cues (all that Campbell!) and slapstick violence, it brings its best game. Because these flawed but funny characters have dimension, depth, deep desires and, damn it, cry out for a franchise.

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Natural Medicine

External image

This tincture that I am holding in my hand? I can tell you from experience that it’s an excellent medication for pain relief, depression, anxiety, weariness and loss of appetite. 

I’m proud of my tincture, but that’s not the only reason why I want to share it here.

External image

External image

This natural medicine can help people who are suffering from pain, depression, anxiety, lack of energy or lack of appetite.

However, a lot of people don’t know that. People need to know that there is a herb for every disease and that we can heal ourselves in a natural, cheap way. 

So many people have become dependent on the corrupt, greedy pharmaceutical companies that sell chemical medicines for huge profits. These pharmaceutical drugs often destroy your immune system and sometimes come with horrible side effects. 

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I hope this post reminds people that there is a natural cure for your disease and the most important thing is to become balanced.

Diseases often manifest when we are not balanced. Get yourself back into balance, remain positive and don’t identify with your disease. You are not your disease, you are not your body. You are a soul with infinite potential and you can heal yourself.