To anyone going to the Warsaw Depeche Mode gig (or anyone who’s in Warsaw) you need to know about the protests. Right now circa 50 thousand people are protesting in the city centre. Protests are also happening in other big cities but the one in Warsaw is the biggest (because it’s the biggest city and because it’s the capital so all the government buildings are there).

They are for political reasons - Poland’s corrupt government is trying to make the courts loose their independence (so that they can be used as another tool for the corruption to spread, since it’s the courts that investigate issues such as whether voting is being conducted properly which means a government controlled court will decide in favour of the people in power, in case of doubts and so on, so this makes the current government even more difficult for us to get rid of, there’s lots to add here, and the government is doing a whole litany of terrible, dangerous and illegal things, but that’s for another talk on the subject itself /of course please read up on this as much as you can and spread awareness, that will be helpful/). 

So any tourists and foreigners especially are not in direct danger but if you get involved things might get dangerous (if you want to support the cause you are of course welcome to join the protest, but I’m giving you a heads up so that you know what’s going on so you can decide for yourself). So if you want to keep out of this just avoid the crowd of people and adjust your path to that. 

There are also various issues with public transport because of this, since various buses and trams had to be diverted. 

So anyway, the news about the protests being this bit is of course a good thing, it means that the people care and are fighting for democracy, but for anyone new to this situation this could be confusing. So if you’re in Warsaw today and in the following days (hard to say how long this will go on, but probably for several days at least) try to keep track of things, same goes for other bigger Polish cities.