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okay, I get why people say that Terra killed Eraqus, because he did injure Eraqus so badly that he may have been close to death. But, see the above photos. No matter what else he did,Terra did not finish Eraqus off. Eraqus’ expression in the top screenshot shows that it was a surprise attack that killed him, and Terra was already shown in a defenseless position and without his keyblade. So he’s not the one who did it. The second screenshot shows that Eraqus’ surprise attacker came from behind him, as Eraqus’ body fell in Terra’s direction (and not the other way around). Not to mention, Xehanort appear just moments later, from the direction the attack came from. 

So, though I agree that Terra did inadvertently help Xehanort kill Eraqus, it was Xehanort who struck the final blow. It was also Xehanort who engineered the whole thing. If anything, Terra’s an Unwitting Pawn and not an out-right murderer. 

After a year long ride full of crazy theories and amazing music Got7 and AHGASE really bout to land this plane


                                 H E C K M A T E

kyo-chan-senpai  asked:

Okayokayokayokay how about someee uhhhhh mermaid lance? I absolutely love the trope of the team finding out by accident/mistake that lance is a merman. Btw YOUR IDEAS ARE AMAZING. AMAZING. Amazing. Thank you.

I tend to stay away from stuff like this, well bc, mermaids. I find it kinda cringe. THAT”S MY OPINION, NOT A FACT!!! But just for you, I will. Instead of massive overused fish tail, I will do (drum roll plz)… Altantian/Merman Lance. no tail just gills and fins, poison resistance, magic and super strength? I dunno I’m going off Aquaman here (I don’t really follow the character tho) so here it is…

I hope you enjoy it.

Barbs and Fins

Lance sat in the shower, his head leaned against the grey, Altean tiles that lined the bathroom. Relishing the water coating his body, letting his gills ‘breathe’. He flexed is fingers and toes to stretch the webbing in-between them, he fingered the barbs and fins that lined his calves, forearms and ears. If there was a mirror, he would the white of eyes replaced with inky darkness.

Sure, the shower was a poor substitute for the ocean currents he would swim in every year with his family. He could feel the current now; brushing his hair and against his skin, his fins seemingly gliding and the speed. He could almost hear his younger ask him if he wanted to play in the reef’s.

Every year the Mcclain would swim for miles over summer break to Atlantis, it makes him laugh every time someone says it’s not real, it is. The buildings, the “merpeople” and economy down there. A home for the locals and the other people just like him and his family. It was home.

Atlantis and Verando Beach was his home, one where they knew what you truly were, the other knowing the façade. The fake persona was a problem to every member of his family. Having to be human to live among the oblivious. Lance his fins flex unconsciously.

His parent teaching his young siblings the international rule of Atlantians. DO NOT TELL PEOPLE. DO NOT SHOW PEOPLE. DO NOT PROVE TO PEOPLE. It was horrible to watch his younger siblings grow up so quickly, in fear. Especially when his mother told them the “Remember what happened to uncle Ray?” story. 

Years ago, before he was born, his uncle Ray was young and naïve, he fell in love, the classical tragic love story, then she betrayed him and put him into the Authorities. They never heard of him again.

His parents taught one thing with our species is that the land people would hurt them, cut them, study them, like mice. To their eyes, we are merely subjects, ones to be studied and hurt.

“Lance, dinner’s ready” Pidge nonchalantly said through the thick, metal door of the bathroom. Lance straightened and tensed, ready to bolt at a moment’s notice. He was stupid to let her sneak up on him.

“C-coming!” Lance stuttered, already rising from the floor of the shower. Had he really been in there that long.

Lance didn’t relax until her steps disappeared down the hall. He let out a breath didn’t realise he had been holding. When he wrapped himself in a towel, he looked into the mirror.

Already the fin and barbs had disappeared, replacing the few patches of scales with smooth, tan skin. The inky blackness filtered away and replaced with the original white, then his webbing shrunk into his hands.

He placed his hands on the sink and let his forehead rest against the smooth, porcelain and just breathed. 

He was scared.

So, so scared.

Scared for what the future holds. If the team will know, and he is scared, terrified, petrified.

Will they fear him, like a monster? Would they kill him? Study him? Kick him out? 

He can’t survive out there alone.

But Keith is half enemy. A voice in his mind told him.

Another voice. They kept him because he was important, worthy to keep, to fight the Galra.

What is he. What is Lance to Voltron?

Nothing, worthless, unimportant.


Lance closed his eyes shut, his chest squeezing against the invisible pressure inside. Like rock, ready to sit there for days on end. He sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly, there’s no time to cry right now.

As on cue his stomach grumbled, demanding food.

He had some dinner to eat.

It went so wrong so fast. It blurred together. 

They answered a distress signal which ended up begin a trap, now Lance and Keith were stuck on the surface, whilst the others were stuck in orbit. It frustrated him to no end. 

 He shot the sentries advancing on him. Their circuits and wires splattering everywhere, it was a mess. 

 Lance took a glance over his shoulder. Keith was struggling. His movement’s staggering against the flesh and blood Galra soldier with a sword. He looked winded and ready to end it. That wasn’t going to happen, the Galra already has the upper hand. 

A shot whizzed next to his head brought him back to his problem. 

He shot two or three at a time before ducking back behind the thick trunk of a tree, every time he looked back the sentries seemed to have multiplied. Before long he finally heard the familiar roar of three lions descending and ready to help. Relief flooded his veins.  

After shooting down what seemed to be a thousand sentries he looked back at the best, worst possible moment. All time froze in Lance’s eyes. 

He watched as the Galra slashed against Keith’s unprotected midsection. Blood seemed to splatter everywhere, raining on the orange grasses of the land and water, Earth like planet. Then the Galra took advantage of his distraction and roughly pushed him off the edge. Lance’s heart froze. 

He didn’t take notice of the “Keith’s!” from his teammates as they exited their lions on the beach across the bay and witnessed his *clear throat* departure from land. Again, it was a blur. 

He didn’t know how he did it, but he went on a suicide run –almost avoiding the bullets, a few grazed him though-, avoided the surprised attack of the Galra with the sword and jumped off the cliff after Keith.

 When he jumped off the cliff, he didn’t see him. There wasn’t any disturbance in the water. This was bad, very bad. It wasn’t a very tall cliff, but it would hurt like a bitch. Keith’s probably unconscious, bad, very, very, bad. He barely acknowledged the “Lance’s” when jumped. Just perfectly dived into the water to search.  

His human eyes didn’t see anything. Just darkness. 

Then he switched.

Lance felt his armour almost shatter against the barbs that shot through the material and took off his helmet, letting it sink. Allura can lecture him on that later, but now Keith. 

When his Atlantian eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw a red trail. Bingo. He followed in several metres down. Boy, when Keith sinks, he sinks.

 It felt wonderful to feel water under his gills and fins again, it felt like home. Shut up Lance, we have a paladin to save. 

He followed it, he could almost smell the clingy, metallic smell when his gills breathed it in.

Before long his eyes found a darkened figure. Ah ha.  He saw Keith’s half lidded eyes staring up… at him. As he grew closer Keith’s eyes seemed to slowly widen. He noticed it was him. Godammnit! 

As quickly as he could he grabbed Keith and held him close. They needed to get out of the water and now, he could smell unfamiliar creatures lurking in the shadows deeper down. Dangerous, unnatural creatures. 

  Lance stared into Keith’s indigo eyes, they were still widened in Lance believed to still be shock and the blood trail still followed them.

 Before long their head broke the surface right, right next to the cliff he jumped off, which means close to the lions. There’s still a chance he could change back into human before they caught up with him.

 Lance swam onto the sand, Keith loose in his arms. He dragged his body until his feet barely touch the small waves crashing onto the sand. He dug his fingers under Keith’s helmet, whilst the other hand was tightly pressed onto his wound. Keith either ignored the pain or didn’t feel it. 

When it came off Keith asked the one question he been wanting to ask since coming out of the water. “Lance… What are you?” Keith gasped out, blood dripped out of his mouth in which Lance seemed to frown harder at. 

Lance sighed before softly whispering “I’ll tell you later” 

“Lance!?” Hunk’s voice boomed across the small clearing. Lance back went rigid, and he tensed, his inhuman eyes widened. Even more so when the rest spotted them. 

Too late. They know.

 Keith hissed when Lance pushed harder against his wound, Lance didn’t acknowledge that fact. Lance’s mind ran a hundred miles an hour. 

This where they kick me out. I’m done for. They think I’m a monster. This were I loose my space family.

Lance’s breathing picked up and his eyes stung. It was the beginnings of a panic attack. 

He heard the rest gasp as they came closer. Lance couldn’t do anything to stop. HIs mind went back and forth on possible outcomes that would happen in the next few minutes. None of them good.

Lance didn’t notice Shiro coming up next to him, as the other two mended to Keith, but they kept their ears open.

Lance felt pressure on his shoulder before he flinched and the hand dropped. Lance closed his eyes waiting for the inevitable. 

Shiro sighed “Hey, you okay?”

It was so sincere, not the hurtful, stinging words he was expecting. 

The dam broke.

Lance hid his face with his forearms as his sharp barbs protected him, like there are suppose too. He repeated the words “I’m sorry”, “Don’t kick me out”, “Don’t hurt me”.

The most fearful words Shiro’s ever heard from the usually lively boy, he saw Pidge and Hunk snap up at the words in his peripheral vision. Shiro felt his own tears well up at the words and tone, to honest that coming from the this boy he thought he knew, it scared him. He was suppose to protect him, he was the adult within a group of teenagers, he was their leader.

“Hey, Hey, Hey. No. That’s not going to happen. Look at me,” Shiro said. Lance hesitantly peaked through his forearms, the barbs slowly no longer facing directly at him, folding inwards. Shiro could see the red rimmed eyes and the fresh tears, “it’s going to be okay Lance. I know your scared. We are going back to the Castle and then we can get ourselves cleaned up, how about that? After that, we can ask you questions”

“…Your not going to kick me out?” Lance whispered, as Pidge’s head sapped back up.

“Of course not!” Lance flinched, “Your our friend, our teammate, my brother. We won’t kick you out because we know this secret. For fucks sake, Keith is half Galra! Did we kick him out for being who he is, no! So we won’t kick you out either!” Pidge was panting after her rant, Shiro saw the tears welling in her eyes. 

Lance lowered both arms, Shiro noticed that all the barbs and fins on his form have folded in defeat. That’s a good thing, right?

“Okay” Lance whispered, a very small, tearful smile adored his face. Shiro hated that smile, he liked Lance’s big, mega watt ones. 

With Keith in the Black Lion, they headed back to the Castle of Lions.

It was going to be a very long night for Lance ahead, thats for sure.

I hope you like it. It took awhile but I did it.

Open for more. Spice it up a little bit?

Until then,

-Big Geek

Ventus is a Dandelion from Daybreak Town

With the third year celebration of Kingdom Hearts X, a new piece of celebratory artwork was released to mark the occasion. Sure, this may have hinted at Riku and Kairi’s new outfits, but the more interesting thing to point out is Ventus (and yes, that’s Ventus and not Roxas judging by his wristband). Most people would dismiss his placement here as the featured character for Kingdom Hearts X’s anniversary, however, I firmly believe that Ventus being featured here has a deeper meaning. And that deeper meaning is the realisation that he’s the Dandelion that completes the trio with Ephemera and Skuld. “But wait!” you object, “Ventus is part of the Wayward Trio with Aqua and Terra right?” Of course, but at the same time, Sora is part of two trio’s with Riku and Kairi and Donald and Goofy. So get yourself comfortable as I break down why Ventus is a Dandelion…

Ventus is designated on the same side as the Kingdom Hearts X characters

This is the most immediate fact that caught my eye. Why is Ventus on the side of the Kingdom Hearts X characters? Better yet, why isn’t he with Aqua and Terra? Plus, he isn’t smiling in this picture, why is that? Sure, Ventus is important because his heart is resting in Sora and he is the physical appearance that Roxas was moulded off, however, this art is the celebration of Kingdom Hearts X and Kingdom Hearts III. Sure, Ventus is going to have a role in Kingdom Hearts III (as a potential Guardian of Light), but I don’t think that Ventus being here is his Kingdom Hearts III representation, rather, I believe it’s his representation for Kingdom Hearts X. Him being conveniently aligned with Ephemera and Skuld on one side just seems too intentional to be coincidence.

Every Station of Awakening depicts a person’s home

It’s a given fact, all of Sora’s Station of Awakenings have been depicting Destiny Islands, Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora’s Station of Awakening have all depicted their homes, so why does Ventus depict the Keyblade Graveyard as opposed to the Land of Departure? We could leave it at that and the picture itself and stop the conclusion there, but what fun is that? From the updates of Kingdom Hearts X as of typing this, Master Ava wants the Dandelions to head to the Unchained Realm in order to survive beyond the Keyblade War. Ephemera is the leader of the Dandelions on Master Ava’s behalf as Master Ava will be participating in the Keyblade War. But where does Ventus fit into this? well, Ephemera could have selected Ventus as a Dandelion only to find out that he’s the bad apple of the bunch. Now I’m not assuming that Ventus’ past life is outright evil, rather, he had Darkness growing inside of him, and once Ephemera found out about this, he could have been casted to the Realm of Darkness, or, escaped outside the Unchained Realm only to be in the apocalyptic Daybreak Town: The Keyblade Graveyard. 

Ventus past before being trained by Eraqus is a complete mystery

This is another thing to consider when it comes to Ventus. We do not know his origins like we know Aqua and Terra. Aqua and Terra have been trained by Master Eraqus (as of writing this) but Ventus wasn’t. All we know of Ventus before he was in Master Eraqus’ care was that he was in Master Xehanort’s care. Master Xehanort found Ventus, tried to teach him the ways of darkness but failed so he split Ventus’ dark half into Vanitas. That’s not really enough to understand Ventus’ past. How long did they both train together? What was Ventus’ personality like before he was split from Vanitas? Well, if we assume that Ventus’ past was indeed that of a Dandelion, and was somehow found by Xehanort, it could expand upon his character, cause truth be told, Ventus’ needs to expand beyond the childlike wonders that Sora has and this sort of past life could really flesh him out, plus, it leads me onto my next point.

Why Master Xehanort linked Ventus with the X-Blade

Remember the retcon in which Xehanort said that the X-Blade would be formed when light and dark clash only for him to talk about the seven lights versus the thirteen darkness? Well, what if that initial knowledge was gained from Ventus? A witness that was around during the era? Through rapport building, Ventus could have told what he knew about the Keyblade War to Xehanort and Xehanort could have taken that witness knowledge to try and summon Kingdom Hearts. It would justify Xehanort wanting to train him under his wing despite being a difficult candidate as a vessel.  Linking Ventus with the X-Blade may be simply because he was a Dandelion that originated during the era of the Keyblade War. It could also provide an understanding of Master Eraqus wanting to put an end to Ventus because he’s existing in an era that he was not supposed to. The Dandelions are supposed to be legend by the time Birth by Sleep happens, and hypothetically speaking, in Master Eraqus’ perspective, he wanted to end Ventus’ life because Master Xehanort has told Master Eraqus of who Ventus truly was. A dandelion that originated from the Fairy Tale era that had a growing darkness. Eraqus feared that Ventus would become his past life? What’s his past life you wonder? Here’s my thoughts…

Nightmare Chirithy

In the Kingdom Hearts X update, shortly after you are introduced to Skuld, you see the internal conflicts of the Forteller’s become external: Master Aced and Master Invi are clashing Keyblades, Dark beings are demanding the Lux… and a Nightmare Chirithy appears contemplating on how good darkness feels. Now, every Chirithy has an owner. It would be easy to assume that Ephemera is the owner of that Dark Chirithy, however, Ephemera has disappeared because he’s tasked with forming the Dandelions on Master Ava’s behalf. It’s highly unlikely that Ephemera would delve into the Darkness whilst forming the Dandelions. Now we move onto Skuld. The Chirithy is unlikely to be Skuld’s, as if it was, Skuld wouldn’t have joined the Dandelions. The Dandelions were formed to avoid the conflicts of gathering Lux unlike the rest of the wielders who want to gather Lux despite the inevitable conflict, and because this post is about Ven, we move onto him. So, why do I think that Nightmare Chirithy is owned by Ventus? If we assume that he is a Dandelion, nightmare Chirithy says “My Master is close by…”. Now, what’s this got to do with Ven? Well, as a chosen Dandelion, he’s close by Skuld as a fellow Dandelion. Plus, we have to remember, if we’re talking about Ventus’ past, we have to consider the Vanitas side of him too. The Ventus of Kingdom Hearts X would have an equal balance of light and darkness, and because the legend of the Keyblade War mentions that the greed to collect the Lux caused darkness, Ventus could have easily been one of those wielders that eventually walked towards the path of darkness. Essentially, his past life is that of darkness.

To conclude, this isn’t canon (at least not yet). This is just me speculating and theorising in regards to the Kingdom Hearts X 3rd Anniversary Celebratory Artwork and Ventus’ intentional placement on it as a significant plot device.

So I noticed something interesting. It’s something that’s already been speculated, I’m sure, it was just a thought that hit me while I was writing.

This is Daybreak Town. It’s from KHX/KHUX.^

And here’s Vanitas. What caught my attention was his Keyblade.^

Its name is Void Gear. But where does the name come from? Why does it look like that? It has the same eye as Xehanort’s Keyblade (AKA the Master of Master’s eye), but where do the gears come into play? I had the sudden thought of the tower in Daybreak Town in Back Cover, and thought… hmm.

Ven is one of the Dandelion leaders. But in BBS he has no memories of his time before the Land of Departure. We aren’t sure how much he remembers before that, but what if? What if he remembered everything?

What if Vanitas remembers everything? Void Gear, if the gear appearance is pulled from his memories from his past, then the name could mean Empty Memories or something. And wouldn’t that be fitting?

(I am well aware that this is highly unlikely. It’s just something that caught my attention and I thought “well what if?”)

All KH3 Worlds Confirmed so Far


* Olympus Coliseum/Mount Olympus
* Twilight Town
* Land of Departure (whether or not it’s just cutscenes or if it’s actually playable has yet to be seen)
* Mysterious Tower
* 100 Acre Wood (hinted at by Jim Cummings announcing his voice acting was complete for the game)


* Kingdom of Corona
* Untitled Big Hero 6 world

Not Returning:

* Halloween Town

The One, Part 10

Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: angst.

A/N:  This is it guys! This started off as a one shot imagine and it spun from there. This has been one of my favorite stories to write and I’m sad to see it go. Wait - there will be an epilogue!

Summary: It had been years since you had last since Jimmy. The two of you were highschool sweethearts, until you parted ways. After a horrible breakup with your two timing ex-fiance, you transfer to the U.S.S Enterprise. Finally coming face to face with the boy you left behind. Can the two of you work alongside each other in peace? Or will the past come back to haunt you?

The One Masterlist

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Somewhere Warmer (The Hound)

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Another long drabble. Be prepared.

Sandor made good on his word, they made no more stops at inns. Then again they hadn’t any more fatal run ins with soldiers. Aside from two nobodies attempting to seize the newfound bounty on Sandor’s head, Sterren thought their misadventures to be relatively fine.

Of course she wished they weren’t all but fugitives from the Lannisters and the Crown. That aside, and for the time being, Sterren found herself settling into a comfortable routine with Sandor and Arya. The trio traveled by day, making their way northward to Arya’s Aunt Lysa, and made camp in some forgotten field or forest.

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