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After a year long ride full of crazy theories and amazing music Got7 and AHGASE really bout to land this plane


                                 H E C K M A T E

Ventus is a Dandelion from Daybreak Town

With the third year celebration of Kingdom Hearts X, a new piece of celebratory artwork was released to mark the occasion. Sure, this may have hinted at Riku and Kairi’s new outfits, but the more interesting thing to point out is Ventus (and yes, that’s Ventus and not Roxas judging by his wristband). Most people would dismiss his placement here as the featured character for Kingdom Hearts X’s anniversary, however, I firmly believe that Ventus being featured here has a deeper meaning. And that deeper meaning is the realisation that he’s the Dandelion that completes the trio with Ephemera and Skuld. “But wait!” you object, “Ventus is part of the Wayward Trio with Aqua and Terra right?” Of course, but at the same time, Sora is part of two trio’s with Riku and Kairi and Donald and Goofy. So get yourself comfortable as I break down why Ventus is a Dandelion…

Ventus is designated on the same side as the Kingdom Hearts X characters

This is the most immediate fact that caught my eye. Why is Ventus on the side of the Kingdom Hearts X characters? Better yet, why isn’t he with Aqua and Terra? Plus, he isn’t smiling in this picture, why is that? Sure, Ventus is important because his heart is resting in Sora and he is the physical appearance that Roxas was moulded off, however, this art is the celebration of Kingdom Hearts X and Kingdom Hearts III. Sure, Ventus is going to have a role in Kingdom Hearts III (as a potential Guardian of Light), but I don’t think that Ventus being here is his Kingdom Hearts III representation, rather, I believe it’s his representation for Kingdom Hearts X. Him being conveniently aligned with Ephemera and Skuld on one side just seems too intentional to be coincidence.

Every Station of Awakening depicts a person’s home

It’s a given fact, all of Sora’s Station of Awakenings have been depicting Destiny Islands, Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora’s Station of Awakening have all depicted their homes, so why does Ventus depict the Keyblade Graveyard as opposed to the Land of Departure? We could leave it at that and the picture itself and stop the conclusion there, but what fun is that? From the updates of Kingdom Hearts X as of typing this, Master Ava wants the Dandelions to head to the Unchained Realm in order to survive beyond the Keyblade War. Ephemera is the leader of the Dandelions on Master Ava’s behalf as Master Ava will be participating in the Keyblade War. But where does Ventus fit into this? well, Ephemera could have selected Ventus as a Dandelion only to find out that he’s the bad apple of the bunch. Now I’m not assuming that Ventus’ past life is outright evil, rather, he had Darkness growing inside of him, and once Ephemera found out about this, he could have been casted to the Realm of Darkness, or, escaped outside the Unchained Realm only to be in the apocalyptic Daybreak Town: The Keyblade Graveyard. 

Ventus past before being trained by Eraqus is a complete mystery

This is another thing to consider when it comes to Ventus. We do not know his origins like we know Aqua and Terra. Aqua and Terra have been trained by Master Eraqus (as of writing this) but Ventus wasn’t. All we know of Ventus before he was in Master Eraqus’ care was that he was in Master Xehanort’s care. Master Xehanort found Ventus, tried to teach him the ways of darkness but failed so he split Ventus’ dark half into Vanitas. That’s not really enough to understand Ventus’ past. How long did they both train together? What was Ventus’ personality like before he was split from Vanitas? Well, if we assume that Ventus’ past was indeed that of a Dandelion, and was somehow found by Xehanort, it could expand upon his character, cause truth be told, Ventus’ needs to expand beyond the childlike wonders that Sora has and this sort of past life could really flesh him out, plus, it leads me onto my next point.

Why Master Xehanort linked Ventus with the X-Blade

Remember the retcon in which Xehanort said that the X-Blade would be formed when light and dark clash only for him to talk about the seven lights versus the thirteen darkness? Well, what if that initial knowledge was gained from Ventus? A witness that was around during the era? Through rapport building, Ventus could have told what he knew about the Keyblade War to Xehanort and Xehanort could have taken that witness knowledge to try and summon Kingdom Hearts. It would justify Xehanort wanting to train him under his wing despite being a difficult candidate as a vessel.  Linking Ventus with the X-Blade may be simply because he was a Dandelion that originated during the era of the Keyblade War. It could also provide an understanding of Master Eraqus wanting to put an end to Ventus because he’s existing in an era that he was not supposed to. The Dandelions are supposed to be legend by the time Birth by Sleep happens, and hypothetically speaking, in Master Eraqus’ perspective, he wanted to end Ventus’ life because Master Xehanort has told Master Eraqus of who Ventus truly was. A dandelion that originated from the Fairy Tale era that had a growing darkness. Eraqus feared that Ventus would become his past life? What’s his past life you wonder? Here’s my thoughts…

Nightmare Chirithy

In the Kingdom Hearts X update, shortly after you are introduced to Skuld, you see the internal conflicts of the Forteller’s become external: Master Aced and Master Invi are clashing Keyblades, Dark beings are demanding the Lux… and a Nightmare Chirithy appears contemplating on how good darkness feels. Now, every Chirithy has an owner. It would be easy to assume that Ephemera is the owner of that Dark Chirithy, however, Ephemera has disappeared because he’s tasked with forming the Dandelions on Master Ava’s behalf. It’s highly unlikely that Ephemera would delve into the Darkness whilst forming the Dandelions. Now we move onto Skuld. The Chirithy is unlikely to be Skuld’s, as if it was, Skuld wouldn’t have joined the Dandelions. The Dandelions were formed to avoid the conflicts of gathering Lux unlike the rest of the wielders who want to gather Lux despite the inevitable conflict, and because this post is about Ven, we move onto him. So, why do I think that Nightmare Chirithy is owned by Ventus? If we assume that he is a Dandelion, nightmare Chirithy says “My Master is close by…”. Now, what’s this got to do with Ven? Well, as a chosen Dandelion, he’s close by Skuld as a fellow Dandelion. Plus, we have to remember, if we’re talking about Ventus’ past, we have to consider the Vanitas side of him too. The Ventus of Kingdom Hearts X would have an equal balance of light and darkness, and because the legend of the Keyblade War mentions that the greed to collect the Lux caused darkness, Ventus could have easily been one of those wielders that eventually walked towards the path of darkness. Essentially, his past life is that of darkness.

To conclude, this isn’t canon (at least not yet). This is just me speculating and theorising in regards to the Kingdom Hearts X 3rd Anniversary Celebratory Artwork and Ventus’ intentional placement on it as a significant plot device.

The One, Part 10

Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: angst.

A/N:  This is it guys! This started off as a one shot imagine and it spun from there. This has been one of my favorite stories to write and I’m sad to see it go. Wait - there will be an epilogue!

Summary: It had been years since you had last since Jimmy. The two of you were highschool sweethearts, until you parted ways. After a horrible breakup with your two timing ex-fiance, you transfer to the U.S.S Enterprise. Finally coming face to face with the boy you left behind. Can the two of you work alongside each other in peace? Or will the past come back to haunt you?

The One Masterlist

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All KH3 Worlds Confirmed so Far


* Olympus Coliseum/Mount Olympus
* Twilight Town
* Land of Departure (whether or not it’s just cutscenes or if it’s actually playable has yet to be seen)
* Mysterious Tower
* 100 Acre Wood (hinted at by Jim Cummings announcing his voice acting was complete for the game)


* Kingdom of Corona
* Untitled Big Hero 6 world

Not Returning:

* Halloween Town

[Osomatsu-san/Kingdom Hearts]

Choromatsu, the third son of the Matsuno’s family passed the Mark of Mastery with his two big brother and haved almost everythink to succeed. Being a smart and talented student with his magic capacities, he counted a lot on it. But he failed, like the two others.  his efforts have been put forward, but that wasn’t enough to fill his obvious lack of stamina. However, one of his master, Iyami, told him that he can reconsiderate his choice on the result if he could bring back Oso and Kara who run away with their reasons, and Choro make the choice to listen to him and to bring them back, while Dekapan wasn’t aware of any of his departure.

Visited worlds:
-Land of departure/Akatsuka (Ally: / )
- Space Paranoid/The grid ( Ally: Tron)
- Country of muskateer ( Ally: Mickey)
- Land of dragon ( Ally: Mulan)
- Mysterious tower ( Ally: / )
- Disney Town (  Mini game: Ice Cream Beat )
-100 Acres wood ( Mini game: Sauvetage aérien )
-Radiant Garden ( Meet/Ally Leon and Co)
-Destiny Island ( Meet Kairi)

- Osomatsu
- Karamatsu
- Tron
- Mickey
- Mulan
- Donald
- Leon
- Kairi

-Greenery shoot
-Dual disk
-All for one
-Hidden dragon  
-Star seeker
-sweet memories
-Victory line
-Sleeping lion
-Destiny’s embrace

-Magic specialisation
-Lack of stamina
-Hold his keyblade like Aqua
-Doesn’t know about the darkness in him

-Triple Firaga
-Triple blizzaga
-Thundaga shot
-Ice Barrage
-Raging storm
-Magic Houe
-Barrier surge
-Homing slide
-Renewal Barrier
-Focus Barrier

Command style:
-Spell weaver
-Blade Charge
-Frozen Fortune
-Ghost drive


The Black Box

So the two biggest questions of kingdom hearts right now are “what’s in the box?” And “where is the box?” I believe i have the answer for both.

In kingdom hearts unchained X ephemera explains that the worlds you visit in the game are just projected by the completed book of prophecies. The book has been said to have the power to create whole worlds. Now I have never completed Kingdom Hearts Unchained key but I don’t believe that it is ever mentioned what happened to the book of prophecies after the keyblade War. The master of Masters obviously saw the keyblade War coming and with how powerful and valuable the book of prophecies is it would make sense that he would want to protect it make sure that it’s not destroyed or put into the wrong hands so it would make sense that he would put it in a box and leave it with Luxu. We also know from recoded and Dream Drop Distance that Maleficent has been searching for the book of prophecies however in the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra trailer she asks Hades if he’s seen a distinctive black box. All evidence points towards the completed book of prophecies being in the black box.

But that still leaves the question where is the black box? Well its last known location was with luxu. Luxu also had “the gazing Eye” aka the keyblade without a name which has been passed down to the Masters who reside in the land of departure and eventually wound up in the hands of xehanort. With this evidence of the gazing eye being passed down we can come to the conclusion that the land of departure is where Luxu who decided to reside after the keyblade War. I currently have not seen any other theories about where the boxes but I feel like a lot of people are assuming that luxu found a secret hiding place in a random world than just left it there. I don’t believe luxu would have done that I believe he’s kept it under his nose the entire time. I believe he hid it somewhere in the land of departure. And the reason why is because at the end of Birth by Sleep we see that Aqua transform the land of departure into Castle Oblivion. In chain of Memories and re:chain of memories we see both Sora and Riku Traverse through Castle Oblivion and every floor they go through is an illusion of world that they have been in before. A lot of people assume that the Illusions are created by Namine who is messing with the memories of both Sora and Riku because Riku is close to Sora. Although it is said at the end of reverse rebirth that namine never messed with the memories of Riku. Instead I believe that the illusions of the world’s are not from memories but from the past in general and are created by the book of prophecies which is somewhere hidden within Castle Oblivion. My final piece of evidence supporting this theory is through Outreach chain of Memories the battle system change to the card system and then the original Japanese desktop release of Kingdom Hearts key instead of using Metals your character used cards the same way that they did in Castle Oblivion.

TL;DR the book of prophecies is in the Box and the box is in Castle Oblivion

ok so i just realized

you know how Xehanort has the whole “kingly” symbolism going for him, presumably the parallel to Sora’s king symbolism? (the “medieval/knight” theme of BBS, his armor, his usurping Ansem the Wise, now ruling the Castle that Never Was, his lion-themed Keyblade [yes, it’s a lion, not a goat, it was confirmed a long time ago], the list goes on)


that all four Land of Departure wielders

aka the pawns he used and threw away according to his needs

are each, at some point, subjugated by him

to the point that they kneel before him.

i’m just

anonymous asked:

Your writing is incredible - sending love and appreciation to you <3 And a prompt :)I just finished ds9 and I'm desperately need something post-canon, mb even after A Stitch in Time, when Julian is trying to go to Cardassia for some reason but gets detained on the border because of smt and has the "one call" right. And then it takes whatever direction you prefer ;) I hope you aren't too busy and you still accept prompts.

I know this was sent months ago, but thank you. <3

I’m in need of just pure happy right now. Because someone just watched Cairo Time for the second time in less than twenty-four hours. GAH. HAPPY REUNIONS PLEASE.

As a side note, I actually haven’t read A Stitch in Time yet. I have a copy. I’m just really bad at getting to books in a fast manner. The first sentence of this is the last line of the novel though, because I’m that kind of person.

This isn’t very long and I had intended on writing something horror today. I will likely fill a second prompt later.

In Person

You’re always welcome, Doctor.

Julian was sure Garak meant that. And he was also certain that there was more there than the simple “come and visit” undertones. He was so certain that he resigned his post on Deep Space Nine and made arrangements to go to Cardassia. It’s wasn’t a visit. He intended to stay. What he would do, he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t even sure Garak would approve. But the novel length series of letters was more than enough to remind Julian where he truly wanted, and needed, to be.

Without reaching out to Garak for approval, Julian packed his things and took a series of shuttles to Cardassia Prime. The entire journey took forty-nine hours. Far too long, for Julian’s liking, but it was done. And he arrived on the planet in the Cardassian filled transport a little bleary but otherwise prepared for the journey that lie ahead.

Julian waited in line as the people on the shuttle were ushered through check-in one at a time. His singular bag with his various belongings was slung over his white button-up and rested against his black clothed hip. His right thumb brushed over his passage slip, over the Cardassian letters that read off the departure time, the expected landing time, the seat he was given, and how much he’d paid for it. Under it, tucked between his middle and pointer fingers, was his identification, complete with a picture and his changed employment status. He handed the slip and the ID over to the Cardassian soldier who stood poised at the entrance to the city’s central station. He assumed the transaction would go smoothly. But steeled blue eyes met his own brown ones.

“Your paperwork isn’t complete. I can’t let you through,” the Cardassian said, handing the information back. Julian blinked and reached for it, but let his hand hover over the paperwork.

“I thought all I needed was an ID and a ticket.”

“Anyone who’s not Cardassian also needs personal verification from a Cardassian citizen.”

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icynovas  asked:

152, strifentine. or 39, teraqua.

39: “I wish we could stay like this forever.” -  Terqua 

First and foremost I just wanna say… the (considerably shorter) Strifentine fic response to your other prompt suggestion is also coming, I just figured this post was long enough already without it and I felt bad for making you wait forever for anything as is.  So, super sorry for the delay… the more I wrote the more emotionally invested I got in this thing, and the more important it became to me that I did it right.  The prompt felt like it fit really easily into the rosy lens of pre-canon, so of course I had to frame it with horrible angst not helped by the fact that my most recent encounter with Terqua content was 2.8.  Oops. Either way, hope you like, and here you go:

In the realm of darkness memory was a tangible feature of the environment.  The long years spent submerged in that chaotic abyss had done little to teach Aqua anything about its function, but she had learned that much at least.  Sometimes she found she’d walked unknowing into others’ memories - shards of old worlds long forgotten by those who lived in light, pockets of existence where bell-towers tolled on endlessly and fires burned on loop without ever going out. Sometimes she got lost in them, turned around in city blocks that had twisted into mazes after an eternity of floating in the corrosive ebb and flow of the shadow.

In here, she had nothing else but time, so eventually she always found her way back out.

But the most dangerous memories to be lost in, by far, were her own.  Most often, in the rare hours she stole of sleep, she sunk deep into dreams so real she woke still feeling the ghost of another’s touch on her skin, still tasting the almost-forgotten flavor of her favorite foods on her tongue.

And sometimes the dreams crept into her waking hours.

First, the featureless darkness around her would shift and mold, just on the edges of her vision where she wouldn’t notice right away.  As she wandered onward it gradually took familiar shapes and forms and the dread in her heart would grow.  Then she’d see a movement, turn around, keyblade crystallizing beneath her fingertips, ready to fight off another of the endless horrors that stalked her every hour, and find instead that she was in a place that couldn’t possibly exist - either not down here or not at all anymore.

Sometimes, she couldn’t even tell the difference.  Sometimes, when the landscape shifted and shed its oppressive lack of color, taking on vivid hues now so bright to her eyes that they all but blinded her, she couldn’t be sure if she’d just wandered into another pocket, or if her weariness had overcome her will at last and dragged her into slumber somewhere between footfalls.  

This was one of those times.

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