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Welcome to Korea!~

Hey guys, just came back from a month of teaching and meeting some of the best people in Taiwan. Unfortunately our times together have sadly come to an end, but now it’s time to kick back and relax for the rest of my vacation in Korea! Today let’s learn some vocabulary related to traveling in Korean! Enjoy!~

여행 traveling
휴가 vacation
비행기 airplane
공항 airport
국내 domestic
국제 international
탑승 boarding
출근 departure
도착 arrival
여권 passport
여행가방 luggage
여름방학 summer vacation
관광 tourism

Hope this helps and hope everyone is having a great summer!~

Two faced for the better

chapter 1

Tw: none

They won the war with the Galra. They don’t know how, but they won. Team Voltron was headed back to earth. They already sent a transmission to Hunk and Pidges family. Both were overjoyed at the fact that their children were alive. Team Voltron decided to stay with Mrs. Holt for a while.

They were currently on earth, going back to the planet they called home. Allura and Coran were staying in a remote location, far away from the eyes of the government. They had decided that the airport was a better the way to go. Everyone was going the same way, except for Lance.

Lance was headed toward a whole different gate in the airport. “Where are you going?” asked Shiro. “I live in Cuba, but ill keep in contact.” It was a brief response. Shiro brushed it off as Lance just wanting to see his family again. The boy sped away towards a secluded corner far down the terminal, quickly being lost in the crowd.

Lance went his separate way, toward the gate that had a small jumper plane parked next to it. His boarding pass didn’t even get checked, almost as if the checker recognized him. The man that stood in front of the gate who would have normally been checking the pass almost looked frightened. Almost as if he looked at his future killer.

There was no line to board the plane. This was the only plane to go to Cuba and a quick glance at the departure board said that it took off in five minutes. There was no announcement about it. No previous mention. It seemed very sketchy

Strangely, there was a woman in a green hijab waiting for lance at the gate door. When he went through the door, she started following him onto the plane. All of the team overheard this brief conversation and brushed it off just as he did. The design on the hijab was hypnotic, in a green-gold color. The strange hypnotic lady was about 5'4, a silver short sleeve shirt, black jeans, and a coat slung over her shoulder. She had gold bracelets and an earring that went from the side of her ear to where a normal piercing would be. It was a gold chain with jade accents and a silver pendant. She blended in with the crowd easily, like she wasn’t wearing flashy jewelry or a shiny silver shirt. 

Muharib had one of her best friends disappear. They really weren’t ‘friends’. They were more like blood siblings. They were so close, fought so many fights, saved so many lives, saved each other countless times. She was currently following her friend into a plane that would take them directly to a location out of prying eyes. They were aboard the plane now, and Muar was getting ready to break some news to her friend.

“Well. Long time no see. What’d I miss?” Lance was a strange agent. He is whatever he needs to be. His personality wasn’t identifiable. He was so casual with everything. But Muar knew. No, he wasn’t hiding his fear with a mask of bravery. No, he just really didn’t care.

Muar said one thing and Lance became serious. This is what they worked for. They have been planning this for a very long time. “25 days.” Lances expression changed sharply. They both sat down across from each other. The seatbelt sign flashed on, but they both ignored it. They sat in silence.

It was a short flight from Florida to Cuba. It was really only 30 minutes. And, you normally can’t go to Cuba just for tourism reasons, but Muar had it called in. She pulled a few strings, paid some money, and convinced a couple stubborn businessmen with her girlfriend, Channel. It didn’t end well for some of them.

“25 days already? Are we really that far ahead?” Muars friend said in disbelief. “Everything has progressed smoothly. You are going to be needed tonight. Does your team know about the organization?” Lance did not even have to think before he had his answer. “No. My team does not know anything about what I have done. I hope that they never will.” They both gazed out the window overlooking the ocean. They would land in two minutes. Muar was worried that Lances 'team’ would find out very soon.

Team Voltron minus one blue paladin. They were chatting about whatever they wanted. The words and mood of the self-proclaimed 'sharpshooter’ echoed throughout their leader’s mind. They were normal words, anyone could say them. But there was an unseen message hidden in the sub-context of the sentence.

And what about the hypnotic lady? She seemed to have known Lance, after all, she was following him. Lance never mentioned any of his friends while in space. He should have landed in Cuba by now. A message arrived on his phone confirming the thought.

Word count: 817

We’ll Have Tonight, LMM/Reader

Prompt: New York City is your own weekend mistress.

Words: 2,007

Author’s Note: This was heavily inspired by the movie ‘Before We Go’ (which is on Netflix, you should watch it!). Title taken from TL5Y, because I love that musical with all my heart. This is probably as close to angst as I will write.

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, cursing.

Askbox | Masterlist

It seemed that every person’s mission in New York was to make you miss your train.

You had it all planned out, too. An itinerary sat unused in your purse, your meticulously timed day was off to a late start with the first item. Checking out of your hotel.

You gave yourself twenty minutes for this. Collect your bag - which had been carefully packed the night before - and turn in your keys. A particularly difficult family ahead of you and an excruciatingly slow computer decided against your twenty minute window.

Ten minutes behind schedule.

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NCT 127 reaction to their foreign girlfriend wanting to visit her hometown with them

Taeil: He would really be interested in learning more about you so as soon as you mentioned going to where you grew up he would be all for it. He would want to know everything and do everything that you liked to do there. “I’m gonna make a list of things to do together for when we go,” He would tell you smiling brightly.

Originally posted by localbadgirl

Johnny: He would understand how much you wanted to share where you came from with him because he knows how it feels to be a foreigner. Like as soon as you even mentioned it he would find out when he next had a long enough break and then book flights. “Of course we can go, that would be so epic babe!”

Originally posted by turtles-are-better-then-people

Taeyong: He would be really eager to go, slightly nervous to meet your family and friends from back home but only because he would want to make the very best impression. If the first language in your family wasn’t Korean he would learn some phrases so he could communicate more easily with your family to make a better connection with where you came from. 

Originally posted by nctaezen

Yuta: He would be really happy to go with you and it would inspire him to take you to Japan with him too, to see his friends and family from back home. HE would plan you this surprise trip that started off in Japan but then he also took you to your hometown without telling you as a gift. He would tell you that you were on a flight back to Korea but then you would see the departures board and realise. “If the place my babygirl wants to go most is her hometown, then it’s the place I most want to go too.`’

Originally posted by rebel-bee

Doyoung: “I thought you’d never ask me to go with you!” He would be so happy that you asked him to go with you to your hometown. He knew it was special to you and that you wanting to take him meant he was important to you. He would want to know you entirely and would definitely feel he needed to go to your home country to do that.

Originally posted by nctaezen

Jaehyun: Jeffery would be on a plane faster than you could say ‘i lived in California for four years and that’s why I’m here man,’. I think he would really love visiting new places and experiencing new cultures and if he got to do it with you in a place that was special to you then it would just make him a million more times more excited.

Originally posted by yoonohthings

Winwin: He would so ready to go. He would have a list prepared of all the different foods you could get where you came from and all the statues to see and where the best place to get ice cream was… of course. He would ask you lots of questions before you went to he could act as naturally as he could with you when you visited. “It’s what they say jagi, when in Rome do as the Romans.”

Originally posted by weyoungbynctdream

Mark: “YES!” would be his only reaction when you asked him. He wanted to meet your family, your friends, your neighbours everything. anything to do with you and Mark Lee would be interested. He knew how integral Canada was as well as Korea to who he was and so assumed that you too felt your home country was a deep part of you and so would go with you without hesitation.

Originally posted by minhyunq

Haechan: “How long is the flight tho? JUST KIDDing! y/n and Donghyuck world tour yay!” He would scream after you asked him if he wanted to go. Any other people around you would look at you in distinct alarm. He would give you a hug and dance around. “My girlfriend likes me enough to take me to ____ to meet her family and friends!” He would be so proud of your relationship is so great at such a young age.

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The Night Ahead (Part 4)

summary: bucky came out of cryostasis after just a few months. with the help of steve, he’s trying to piece the fractions of his mind back together. while flipping through old HYDRA files, he remembers something from his days as the winter soldier: you.

pairing: bucky x reader (sort of?? it’s complicated)

series contains: angsty angst, sadness, bucky reliving memories as the Winter Soldier, violence, people die a lot, bucky trying to cope, really awful translations of German, Russian, and Romanian (thanks to google translate i apologize in advance)

a/n: as always, thank you for the comments and reblogs. any kind of feedback is loved and appreciated. MASTER LIST | PART THREE

Originally posted by khalblogo

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Season 7, Episode 15 - THAT Scene

Well, well, well…

This was a huge episode for the “Spencer has a Twin” theory, because we possibly got a very good look at her, this week.  

As a brief recap of the moment leading up, we have Aria becoming a spy for A.D. (who is now video-chatting her with the weirdest face and voice disguising software ever—looking and sounding like Aria), and she and Ezra getting into an argument over whether he should really be going up to Maine to take care of Nicole or not.  Luckily for us, Ezra went anyway, because as he turns away from the Departures board (where it would appear his flight has been delayed, though admittedly, I didn’t get a great look at specific locations), he spots Spencer in an argument with a shaved-headed man in the café.  

Ezra tries to turn away, because the discussion Spencer is having with the man is clearly heated, but Spencer spots him, and calls out.  As the man turns around, we see none other than Dr. Wren Kingston, who many of us, including myself, have insisted (rightly or wrongly) must be involved in the A-Game.  There is many a loose thread involving Wren since the last time we saw him (in season 4, apparently?  My, how time flies…), including the audience seeing him coloring in a picture of a dark-haired woman in a red coat, and delivering an odd phone call that was never explained, where he told someone he was taking care of his side of things.  

Yes, indeed, Dr. Kingston has lurked in the background, girl- and hospital-hopping in an entirely suspicious manner.  And now we see him back (from Julian Morris’s other acting gigs) again in season 7, ¾ of the way to the end of the season, and the finale of the show.

Alright, so I don’t think that the different watches on different wrists is quite as crucial as I initially did when I heard about it (I’ve been rewatching the show from season 6B, on, and am currently at the start of season 7), but I will say that, having watched Troian Bellisario’s wrists very carefully (way too carefully—I’m going to start forgetting that she has a face), she is never without a watch.  That is to say, she might not wear a watch getting out of the shower, and such, but fully clothed, she is always, always wearing either her analog watch, on her right hand, or her Apple Watch, on her left hand.  In this scene, the Spencer we see is wearing no watch, and specifically asks Ezra not to say anything to anyone about seeing she and Wren at the airport.  Really? I mean, okay, it could just be fodder for the masses, a giant red herring, and if so, it’s well-delivered, because I am buying it hook, line, and sinker.  This is not Spencer.  

I watch this show with my mother, sometimes, and she was watching it tonight.  She finds my “forensic” (as she puts it) analysis of the episodes to try to bolster my theories entertaining, but tonight she said, “You’re right, that is not Spencer.”  The whole scene just cries out for masses of fan theories (which I’m sure will be crashing in within an hour of the episode’s end), because it’s so off-feeling.  Spencer at the airport, right around the same time she’s having issues with Detective Furey, hanging out with Wren (who Melissa said broke up with her a few years prior), apparently in some kind of major argument with him, wearing no watch for the first time since Hanna’s “dream” about Spencer when she was being tortured, and asking Ezra not to tell anyone about seeing her.

Also, this is the exact same night that Spencer is trying to meet with Mary, but gets caught by Furey.  Do we really think she also somehow makes it to the airport to meet with Wren?  

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but this feels like a smoking gun.

Chris Evans Fic: Cabin in the Woods

Fluffiest of fluff for a Saturday!

This was originally a request from @alievans007 that’s been a very long time coming. Apologies for the wait but it’s taken me forever to envisage the perfect scenario. So, hope you enjoy!


‘Babe, I know you’re super excited about this secret plan of yours but I don’t think security are going to let you take me on a plane blindfolded, somehow.’ You’d been beside yourself since you’d arrived home from work, only to be all but bundled into the car by your much bigger and much stronger boyfriend, assured that everything you needed was already packed. He’d insisted that you wear the blindfold but you quickly realised that it was more for show than for any practical reason.

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Secret of These Hands Ch. 1 (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Hello babes! Ahhhh I’m almost at my first thousand followers and I’m literally about to freak out because I never thought I would ever get here. This is insane!! I just want to thank you all for getting me here because without an amazing audience like you, I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing with my life. Anyways, here’s the first official chapter of “Secret of These Hands”. Enjoy! xx

Description:You were born enhanced. Ever since you were a child, you had the capability to reach into people’s memories by the mere touch of your hand. Even the slightest brush of fingers, or a polite handshake could send you years back into their life without your control. To prevent any sort of incident, you always wore gloves on your hands, no matter what the weather would be. 

One day, you wander into a French farmer’s market, bumping into a man at a fruit stand who, oddly enough, fashions a glove like yourself in the summer heat. You step into his life, hiding secrets, and finding that he has some of his own. Will you ever come clean? And even then, will he?

Warnings: None



You stared at the departure board, your eyes scanning over each destination. There were endless possibilities of where you could go, but all you knew was that you wanted to get away from this place. The Seattle was bustling with people and every once in a while someone would brush past you, knocking you in the shoulder or getting you off balance. The close proximity of the people around you made you antsy about your hands, even though they were gloved. Knowing that you could accidentally go through someone’s lifetime always put you on edge, even with the gloves on. 

As you scanned the board, you eyes landed on a particular city. New Orleans. It was all the way across the country, it was culturally enriching, and it would be hard for anybody to track you down. Well, at least you hoped. You shoved your hand into your back pocket, feeling the wad of cash that was supposed to take you wherever you wanted to go. Ever since you were thirteen, you had been stashing away your allowance for this. That had been the year you decided that you were going to get the hell out of your life. That life was your old life now; you were about to begin a new one. One where nobody knew who you were, knew what you could do. You could start fresh. 

The lady at the airline reception desk eyed you suspiciously when you asked for one ticket to New Orleans in the middle of the night, all by yourself, with a whole stack of bills. She had good reason to be, but you were honest. 

“I hate to bug you hun, but this doesn’t seem too right. It’s two o’clock in the morning, you’re alone, you got a whole lot of cash, and you want a one way ticket to Louisiana. I don’t have to call security, do I?” She was trying to be sincere, but she couldn’t help raising her eyebrow at you. 

“Oh no, you don’t have to do that. I’m going to be honest with you. I literally just turned eighteen two hours ago, and my family basically wants to disown me, so for the past five years I’ve been saving up money to leave. This is my way out. I’m totally legal and I didn’t acquire this money illegally.” You chuckled nervously. You literally just confessed your life story to a complete stranger. “The only thing I am doing is running away from this life, so that’s what I’d like to do, if you don’t mind.” You gave her a small smile, and she responded with a slow nod, letting her fingers type furiously on her computer. You heard the sound of a printer, and she handed you your ticket. 

“Try the beignets at City House Square on 5th, you’ll fall in love.” She smiled sweetly at you, and giving you a wink. 

“I will, and thank you.” You turned away towards the terminal, shifting your bag on your shoulder. You whispered to yourself. “A new beginning is just what I need.” 

The hallways were packed with people surprisingly and you weaved in out and of them, trying to find your gate. Of course, it was the last one all the way at the other end of the airport. When you finally saw the screen with your departure information, you plopped yourself down on a chair, and pulled out your headphones. Suddenly, all the outside noise was droned out by one of your favorite songs on a playlist of yours. You checked the time. You still had forty-five more minutes till boarding.

The time seemed to whiz by. The plane parked, the people got off, you got in line, and now you were giving the man your ticket. 

“Thank you.” You gave him a slight nod and made your way down the ramp to the plane. The deep sigh that came out of you relaxed your muscles and you felt like the world had just been lifted off of your shoulders. You found your seat in the middle of the plane, next to the window. A small smile came across your face as you looked up out the window, watching the stars. 

The plane wasn’t nearly filled to capacity. You guessed that not many people took spontaneous trips to New Orleans at three in the morning. The pilot spoke over the intercom, telling you the flying the conditions and the estimated time of arrival. As the lights inside the cabin dimmed, the hum of the engine began to lull you to sleep. The soft music in your ears drowned out the violent take off, letting you relax in your seat, and lean your head against the window. 

All you could think about was that there was nobody binding you anymore, no old life you had to hold onto anymore. You were free, you could explore, and there was nobody around you that had anything against you. 

The last thought that ran through your mind before you fell asleep was echoed softly through your head. 

It’s only me and a new life ahead of me. 

I know it’s short, but I’m trying to get it to build. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day! I’ll have two new chapter tomorrow, and maybe a one shot depending on how things go when I write tonight. I love you all, xoxo



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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was hoping to take advantage of you being awesome and offering to take sidgeno drabble prompts, if that's cool? I was thinking like, something about sid's sleeptalking habit (AKA when he shamelessly gushes over how hot/talented/perfect G is while he sleeps) and like flower and his road roommates are familiar with this but then Geno hears once and just like. Melts. Pls, if you wouldn't mind writing this tooth-rotting fluff, I would melt. Thank you again for your time!!! :)))))))

!!!!! ohhh my god i cannot express to you how much i love sid’s sleeptalking involved in fic alsjdfa (hit me up with sidgeno prompts y’all)

Geno, if you asked him, would say he was a connoisseur of Sidney Crosby trivia. 

Of course, no one ever asked him- but, if you did, Geno would say that. He’d say it jokingly, with a toothy grin and just enough of a wink that you’d know (think) he was kidding, but in reality, he really wasn’t. He knew a lot of things about Sid. 

Most of it just came with the territory of knowing him for any extended period of time, because Sid was an easy person to get to know, on the surface. He had predictable routines, and rituals Geno could time down to the second- and, since he’d started being involved in at least part of them, often had. He knew exactly the amount of time he needed to take getting ready and getting through his own routine to be ready just in time for his and Sid’s handshake, to make it look like he wasn’t waiting for it like some kind of eager child waiting for his crush to pass him in the hallway at school. 

(Except, that’s exactly what Geno was, and he knew it.) 

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June 12: Come Back, Be Here (Chapter One)

Title: Come Back, Be Here – Chapter One
Tags: Long distance relationship, getting together, fluff, angst,
Words: 1461
The five times Dan and Phil said goodbye in a train station, and the one time they didn’t.

Fun fact, I’ve been with my fiancé for 7 years, 5 of which (after uni) have been long distance. We exist on Skype calls and occasional visits. He is up north and I am down south. In 17 days we are closing the distance for good in our brand new house. My elation at that made me write this fic.

I’m going to post chapters of this each day for the rest of this week as it might be a bit longer than a simple one-shot.

FEDIJ Day: June 12

Previous Day | Masterlist of fics so far

[AO3 Link]

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Ken Jeong, David Koechner, Tituss Burgess, Peyton List Board 'Departures' (Exclusive)
Asa Butterfield, Maisie Williams, Nina Dobrev and Tyler Hoechlin are starring in the coming-of-age drama.

Asa Butterfield, Maisie Williams, Nina Dobrev and Tyler Hoechlin are starring in the coming-of-age drama.

Ken Jeong, David Koechner, Tituss Burgess and Peyton List have boarded coming-of-age drama Departures, and the cast has been rounded out with the additions of Sonya Walger (The Catch, Lost) and Margot Bingham (The Family, Boardwalk Empire).

The film, directed by Peter Hutchings (The Outcasts) from a script by Fergal Rock, stars Asa Butterfield, Maisie Williams, Nina Dobrev and Tyler Hoechlin.

The story centers on Skye (Williams), a spirited teenager with a terminal illness who befriends Calvin (Butterfield), a 19-year-old hypochondriac working as a baggage handler at the local airport. Calvin helps Skye carry out her eccentric “bucket list” of things to do before she dies. In the process, he learns to confront and conquer his own fears, including falling in love with the beautiful, but seemingly untouchable, Izzy (Dobrev).

Jeong will star as Officer Al, a sympathetic policeman. Koechner plays Bob, Calvin’s supportive father. Hoechlin stars as Frank, Calvin’s older brother, and List stars as Ashley, Skye’s estranged and concerned friend. Burgess plays Julian, a brassy flight attendant; Walger plays Claire, Skye’s heartbroken mother; and Bingham plays Lucy, Frank’s pregnant wife.

The film is being produced by Claude Dal Farra, Brice Dal Farra and Brian Keady for BCDF Pictures; Nicolas Chartier and Alissa Phillips for Voltage Pictures; and Derrick Tseng.

Eskimo Kisses and Christmas Wishes

Summary: Dan gets a nasty surprise when he at last comes out to his family just before Christmas. Alone and out in the cold, he makes the trip up to Manchester where he spends Christmas with Phil and his family. It’s a struggle for Dan, being in such a loving family environment when he has just been evicted from his own, but Phil does his best to look after Dan and cheer him up as best he can.

Word count: 10.5k

Genre: fluff, comfort, a little smut*

Warnings: mentions of homophobia and food, some smut*

*(the smut isn’t majorly important to the plot so you can skip past it - start and end are marked)

A/N: Yes, this is a Christmas fic. It may be the middle of April but that’s not going to stop me. I think I started writing it just after Christmas but other fics have got in the way of me finishing it before now. It’s sometimes nice to have a little reminder of winter with you throughout the rest of the year. Hope you enjoy!

Christmas Eve Eve:

Dan’s POV:

I’d got to my family house six hours ago. I’d planned on staying for the next week, but I was leaving now. I thought I could finally come out to them as gay, after all these years, but it couldn’t have gone worse. Now I was standing in the dark driveway, my suitcase in one hand, my phone in the other. They’d practically disowned me, telling me that I wasn’t welcome to stay for Christmas after all. They were even so heartless as to force me out in the freezing cold at 11pm at night.

Slowly trudging in the direction of the train station, my feet already going numb from the cold, I did the only thing that came to mind. I called Phil. All I wanted was to be with him right now, to cry on his shoulder, to have him hug me and tell me everything’s going to be alright. I needed my boyfriend and I was going to do whatever it took to get to see him.

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Airport Fun

This is a fic answering a prompt sent into @omeliafics - loved the prompt and so wrote my own version of it. Hope you enjoy it! I tried to make it as fun, funny and fluffy as possible! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Prompt: Get the cast picture with Amelia, Owen, Riggs, Megan and Teddy. Make up an AU plot for it. It has to be fun, fluffy and cute. No angst and no drama. Why were the 5 of them together? It could be a trip, birthday party of one of the kids, old buddies reunion, etc.

“Typical!” Riggs groaned as he stared at the airport departure board, 
“What?” Teddy responded walking up to him. 
“Our flight is delayed” Nathan explained running his fingers through his hair, “We are stuck here till tomorrow morning as they have rescheduled our flight to 5am. Great! This is fucking great!” he continued to complain as he forcefully kicked a ball of paper someone had left lying around. 
“It’s not that bad Nate!” Teddy tried to reason with him, “We’ll all get food together and I’m sure we will be entertained as Meg and Amelia could talk for America”. 
“We are here sorry we’re late!” Meghan could be heard from behind them, they turned to see her running towards them followed closely behind by Amelia and Owen. “Sorry we’re late” she panted crouching over, Riggs immediately rushed to her side worried she was in pain or there was a complication with her recovery, but in true Meghan style she swatted him away, “I’m panting because we had to run here because apparently the hour before you’re meant to leave for the airport is a great time to practice how to make babies” she rolled her eyes while nodding in Amelia and Owen’s direction “they took so long we left the house 15 minutes late!”. 
“Sorry we’re late” Amelia greeted them quickly hugging Teddy, who wasn’t entirely sure how to respond to Meg candidly sharing way too much information with them. 
“Wow! An hour Hunt? Really, I’m impressed” Nathan laughed while shaking Owen’s hand which just left Owen standing there with a confused look on his face. 
“You told them didn’t you?” Amelia whispered to Meghan while admiring he confused look of her husband’s face 
“Well if I’m not getting any, I’m going to make my brother so embarrassed about it you won’t be getting any either” Meghan winked at her sister in law. 
“Wanna bet?” Amelia teased and within the minute the two had placed $100 on whether Owen would get too embarrassed and put out or not. 

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a sequel to #314 pleeeease? :)


Continuation of 314


Her return flight to New York wasn’t until noon tomorrow. No. Today. It was past midnight so today. Twelve.

She curled her knees up into the hard cushion of the seat and pressed her forehead to her thighs. The cost to change her flight was more than she had in her savings, and if she got really desperate she could carry a balance on her credit card but-

But she’d been shot in the chest recently and that - oh, surprise! - had turned out to be damn expensive. Her savings had been wiped out paying hospital deductibles and therapy costs and updated security for her apartment when she’d been at her worst PTSD-wise. She had no more money. 

So she was sitting here until her flight was called to board, somewhere around 11:25 am local time. All she could do. She deserved her punishment. She’d bought a plane ticket because her heart was broken, and that had been - always was - a stupid move.

She should know better by now. He’d taken his publisher and second ex-wife to the Hamptons because he’d met a little friendly resistance from her. He was as shifting as sand under her feet, and she’d been reckless to trust it. This feeling. Feelings never stayed.

She had no idea how long she’d been rocking like a wounded animal, but the alcohol haze had settled to a mere fog and she was aware of herself now.

God. She was not allowed to cry in Heathrow’s international terminal. She had made a mistake chasing after Hunt; she had not thought it through. She’d been hurt, and lashing out (at Castle who was impenetrable to that kind of thing, seriously), and now she had to deal.

Beckett lifted her head and swiped at her cheeks, saw fellow passengers eyeing her with trepidation.

Okay. She needed to get herself together.

She unfolded from the uncomfortable lines of the chair and stood, shuffling awkwardly towards the main hall. She needed a bathroom, a chance to get clean again, slap some water on her face. Look at herself hard in the mirror for a few minutes until she could stomach it again.


She was somewhere around her sixth hour of soulsick waiting when she the PA system screeched and an airline associate shakily apologized for the feedback. But Beckett lifted her head and looked around for the first time since her robotic bathroom trip, and she saw Heathrow had filled with early morning commuters.

And the announcement was something about a gate change.

Her heart clutched. It was nine in the morning - no, worse, it was nearly ten now - and she hadn’t been paying attention. Zoned out, a semi-functional version of catatonic.

She struggled to her feet and started searching for a departure board, her chest clenching with the precursor to that free-floating anxiety. She couldn’t have a panic attack in the airport only hours before her departure; she couldn’t.

She had to find the board.

Once in Chicago on a forty-five minute layover, her gate had been changed three times, two of those between terminals. She should’ve been listening to the announcements. She should have been checking the board every few hours. 

It had changed.

Her flight had changed. Gates, not terminals, but it was five after ten in the morning and she had to hustle down a few moving walkways towards the new one.

God. She was phenomenally screwed up. She was an intelligent independent woman who had accomplished difficult objectives, and yet she couldn’t keep herself together long enough to survive Richard Castle?

Arrogant jackass didn’t deserve her heartbreak.

Arrogant jackass who made her coffee in the break room and then slipped it into her hand and even closed her fingers around the mug as she blazed a trail of glory through the precinct, all righteous indignation and fiery purpose.

Arrogant jackass who sat in his chair with those dopey sad eyes and asked her why his daughter just couldn’t be little forever so she’d never be hurt or disappointed again.

(Oh God, but he was her arrogant jackass, everything she needed, he fit right at her side - he had made himself to fit at her side, made himself her right hand - and how was she ever going to-)

 “Castle?” she croaked.

He was striding right for her.

She was frozen, but the walkway kept moving under her feet and it dumped her, spilled her right in front of him disgracefully.

She staggered upright and his face transformed with astonishment. “I thought I’d have to comb the whole city for you,” he said. His face flushed with anger. “What the hell is going on.”

“I…” He’d flown to London to comb the city for her? “I don’t know.”

His nostrils flared. She had just noticed, painfully, that he hadn’t touched her, had very specifically held himself back from touching her. He had used to hook his fingers at her elbow to give her that subtle support, he would have cupped her elbows to straighten her after she’d stumbled.

But not now.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” she choked out. “But I hate it.” She slid around him towards the next moving walkway. “I need to go home.”

She was whipped around by the grip of his hand at her arm, a harsh grab, bruising fingers. She was confronted by the anger rolling across his face, the lines of stone.

He leaned in even as he pulled her too close, aggressively close. “No. I bought two return flights for tomorrow - afraid it’d take me twenty-four hours to find you - so we are going to take that time to talk.”

She set her jaw and pulled her arm out of his grip. “I paid for this ticket, I reap what I sew.”

Something of that hardness left him. It wasn’t soft, but the edge receded. He didn’t try to grab her again, but his eyes searched her face. “You didn’t sleep with him.”

She would hit him but airport security would arrest her and she’d never get out of here.

“Kate. I didn’t sleep with her either.”


anonymous asked:

so im currently halfway through a 24hr plane journey (and suffering) but honestly? sid & g in any au taking a long ass flight and when they transfer, standing by the departures information board, geno with both their bags and his arms wrapped around a very sleep deprived sid who is leaning heavily into geno's chest and just mumbling quietly as g tries his best to read the changing info on the board, nose buried in his bfs hair!!!! softe boys

Ohhhhh myyy god!!!!! Sidney and Geno post-honeymoon, Geno kissing his husband’s face constantly and holding him close as they wait to board.

“You tired, baby? You want sleep?”

“Little bit,” Sidney murmurs, smushing his face on Geno’s chest.

“Sleep on me,” Geno says, squinting at the departure board as he pets Sidney’s hair. “I’m see how long we delay.”

“I can’t fall asleep on you,” Sidney complains, even as he closes his eyes.

“Shhh,” Geno says, eyeing the board.

anonymous asked:

Here's a strange prompt for you: write a au where Jyn is the main character in the last TV show you watched

Ok, so the last TV show I watched is The Mentalist, and I’m so glad I got sent this ask bc I legitimately sometimes think Robin Tunney is the American Felicity Jones because SERIOUSLY they have very similar features half the time, i kid u not!!!! 

However in this scenario Jyn is going to be the Patrick Jane character, because she is 100% him and Cassian is 100% Lisbon hahahahaha. Considering I just watched the season 6 finale last night, there was really only one scenario I could write so pls ignore how implausible it is in real life (if Real TV can do it, I can too!!)

You don’t have to have seen The Mentalist to understand this :D 

“FBI! You have to let me through!” she practically yelled.

The customs agent was already staring at her for appearing out of nowhere, smashing her way through the long and disgruntled line of travellers until she was right at the metal detectors. Now, he gave her a yeah, right look that set her teeth on edge. She didn’t have time for this. God, what if she didn’t get through, she had to get through –

“Do you have ID, ma’am?” the agent asked.

Jyn dug her fingers into her pockets. However, it was with an internal groan of frustration when she remembered that the damn murderer from earlier in the night had taken it from her, and she hadn’t thought as she’d left him handcuffed to the hotel radiator for her team to eventually collect when they finally figured out what was going on. She’d driven to the airport in what must have been some kind of maniacal panic.

“I–” she faltered. “Look, I don’t exactly have it, but I have an FBI-issued vehicle, it’s just outside, I swear–”

“Ma’am, I suggest you leave now otherwise we will have you detained,” the agent said flatly.

“You don’t understand!” Jyn snapped. “There’s someone on a plane that I have to talk to before it takes off, I HAVE to get through!”

Unfortunately, that was when the agent picked up a phone and started dialing, so Jyn was forced to hold up her hands and make a hasty exit. She threaded said hands through her hair in frustration, pacing in front of the giant departures board, watching the flight heading to Washington DC flash boarding, boarding, boarding. He was going to leave. He was getting on that plane, and he was going to leave, leave her, and what? All because she was too fucking scared to ask him to stay.

She gritted her teeth. She’d defied the law before.

Hell, she got away with murder, she could somehow stop a plane from taking off.

She ran. Her mind kind of clouded over, if she was being honest, because in the end she wasn’t actually sure how she eventually got onto the plane. She remembered sweet-talking some security guards at one point and her ankle throbbed from when she had literally leapt a giant fence, but she found the right gate and the right plane and she pounded up the stairs that hadn’t been taken away from the doors yet. A confused flight attendant opened the door and Jyn was barging past yelling, “FBI, OUT OF MY WAY!” before she could say anything.

The plane to DC was crowded, and she surely only had a minute before TSA caught on and had her arrested. Flight attendants called out to her and the passengers stared in bemusement, and suddenly there he was, in seat 12B –

“Cassian!” she yelled.

To say he was shocked was an understatement. In fact he was almost half out of his chair when he saw her, eyes wide, only he faltered and ending up collapsing back into it. “Jyn,” he said, shaking his head. “What the hell are you doing–?”

“Don’t go to DC!” she blurted out.

He gave her that Look. She knew it quite well by this point. That look had been her best friend the last several years, following her ever since they had met. It was the look she was given whenever she did something stupid, whenever she pulled one of her insane tricks that would probably get half their cases admissible in court but at least exposed whoever had committed the crime. Of course he would think this was some kind of con. Why would it be any different? She shook her head frantically, trying to keep her eyes from stinging.

“Shit,” she muttered. “Look – I know what you’re probably thinking, you’re thinking I’ve gone insane, that it’s too late and that nothing I say can change anything, but I – I have to tell you this–”

She might have reached out, but he was in the middle seat next to two other passengers who were squirming awkwardly at what was a clearly personal conversation carrying out in front of them. She was goddamn terrified of what might happen. She never expected to feel this way, she never wanted it, but it had finally crept up on her and all she knew was that the moment he said that he was considering taking a job in DC was the moment her heart had cracked open and spilled out over the floor at his feet.

“I’m scared,” she admitted. “I know you know me and you think it’s impossible for me to ever get scared, but it’s the truth. I’m scared because anyone I’ve ever cared about ends up getting taken away from me, but this is bigger than me, Cassian. You are… you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Crap, her voice was breaking and she was definitely crying now, but she ploughed on anyway.

“Cassian, the truth is I love you and I’m literally begging you to stay.”

The man’s poker face was usually flawless. She had seen Cassian Andor stare down suspects and killers and barely even batter an eye. Only very rarely had he ever let her see through the cracks and this was one of those times. He gaped at her like his world was coming apart as someone behind her finally yelled, “Put your hands up!”

“I don’t expect you to answer,” Jyn added, lifting her hands into the air. “I just – I had to say it – I love you, Cassian Andor – yes, fine, I’m coming!” she added in exasperation to the security guard, who was forcibly dragging her away.

She couldn’t look at his face as her ass was hauled off the plane and arrested. But even as cuffs were slapped onto her wrists, she lifted her tear-stained face to the sky and smiled.

TSA really didn’t like people messing with their planes.

She’d been held hours longer than she’d assumed she originally would be. Normally her boss would have gotten her out of this mess by now (Supervisory Agent Draven was certainly good at it by this point) but she was still sitting in this irritatingly bland interrogation room with nothing but her thoughts to accompany her. She supposed that at least at the end of the day, no matter what happened… she’d actually said it. She’d once thought that she would take it to her grave, but she said the words out loud and she survived and hell, maybe she even thought that perhaps her parents might’ve been proud of her.

She didn’t kid herself that he got off the plane. He would be in DC by now, perhaps heading to his new apartment, about to settle into his new life there without her and that was honestly ok. She still had the memories of late nights on a battered leather couch, case-closed pizza and that one time they pretended to murder someone to force a confession. She remembered the moment they had finally caught the bastard that had killed her entire family, remembered Cassian letting her go after him despite the law telling him to stop her. She had the memory of them running and slamming into each other, hugging fiercely when they finally got to see each other again after years spent apart. Every case, every exasperated smile, every time they faced death and won… it was enough. She would survive. 

The door behind her suddenly opened.

She didn’t look around. She could only hold her breath as someone slowly treaded their way around the table, sat in the chair opposite her.

She attempted to control the smile growing on her face.

“Hey,” she said. “so you didn’t go to DC then, huh?”

Cassian ducked his head. Clenched his fingers together. Grinned.

“I didn’t go to DC.”

By Myself

Author: The Unaccomplished Writer (tumblr: @theunaccomplishedwriter)

Artist: Skulpin (tumblr: @skulpin)

He’s all packed. He’s got his ticket. He’s got a place lined up to stay. He’s more than ready to leave. Now all he has to do is get on that plane. Problem is that it’s ever so slightly delayed. Stuck in an airport in the middle of the night, Lance wanders round the airport, taking in his final look of the sights and animals that make up this country before he leaves for good. But will a last phone call change his mind?

It’s a strange thing; an airport in the small hours of the morning. If you stop to think about it, we all have the same sort of preconceived notions of what an airport is like, even if you’ve never been to one.

The frantic dashers hurrying over to the checkout desk before being told they were seconds too late; the complaints of being stuck too long in the queue for security; the half-muttered swears as the metal detectors bleeps; the mutual discomfort of the security pat down, the inevitable item you left in your bag being flagged up and having to route through delicate packing to bring out the most innocuous item.

Then, after all that effort, you’re waved through without a word and you’re left with the nigh impossible task of repacking your previously impeccably packed bag into some semblance of order. All this while an animal with bags under her eyes and uniform straining against her ever expanding paunch, glowers at you as the queue of irritated animals grows ever larger behind your overpacked suitcase lid.

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Flight Log Collection Tag

Flight Log: Departure - Serenity ver.: 
YugBam boarding pass, Jinyoung photocard

Flight Log: Turbulence:
Jackson theme(!!!!!!!!)

Flight Log: Arrival - Never ver.:
YugJae event card, Jaebum photo shoot card, Yugyeom photocard, Jaebum Selca card, (and unofficial cards KpopMart sent me :))

Flight Log: Arrival - Ever ver.:
MarkBam event card, Yugyeom photocard (again omfg), Bambam Selca card, another Bambam Selca card :D, (and unofficial cards KpopMart sent me)

I made this new Tag for any Ahgase to show off their Flight Log trilogy collection! Even if you have one album, that still counts as a collection! 😊 😊
I got the idea from @baby-mylove-beautiful tbh thanks bb <3

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@emetoandotherthings said:
I am literally sending you your own prompt 😂: “person A isn’t feeling good, so person B gives them a piggyback home. But it gets worse and person A ends up throwing up all down person B” with Julius and Alistair Pleaaaaaase???

I have this prompt from ages ago, so it was on my main! Okay, finally got a fic written! And this one is poor little Julius getting sick. I had a lot of fun with it, it gave me an opportunity to reveal some more stuff about Alistair (though it gets a bit angsty then). I hope you guys enjoy it!

Warning: descriptions of vomit below, and some descriptions of abuse (specifically drugging a minor).

“How is he?” Toby asked, peering at the departure boards to find their gate. Alistair sighed a little, glancing over his shoulder worriedly. He was carrying Julius on his back, the boy’s curly head on his shoulder. Julius was slumped lifelessly against the red-head, but Alistair knew he wasn’t sleeping - he wriggled a lot and sometimes moaned in discomfort.

“Not great. I can feel how high his fever is,” Alistair said worriedly. He’d been biting his nails so much as they went through check in and security that his fingertips were raw and bleeding. He had to keep clenching them into fists so Julius wouldn’t spot the blood. Toby took hold of the red-head’s wrist as he raised his hand anxiously to his mouth again.

“Stop eating yourself, Alistair! Come on, he’ll be okay. He can have a good sleep on the plane. You always fuss so much,” Toby said with a grin. Alistair scowled at him.

“I don’t fuss. There’s genuine danger here. He’s asthmatic, you know,” he snapped back.

“Yes, I do know. You tell me all the time.”

“Oh, fuck off.”

They continued to bicker as they walked through the airport, while Julius clutched onto Alistair like a little baby monkey, trying to ignore the increasing pain in his tummy.

Julius was cursing his own bad timing - he’d woken up feeling horribly lethargic, his stomach in a turmoil, on the very day the three boys were due to fly home after their holiday. He’d already had to dash to a bathroom in the airport, vomiting as quietly as he could, Alistair gripping him by the shoulders and trying to keep him calm.

Julius had been so white and wobbly afterwards that Alistair had quickly hitched him onto his back, carrying the small boy as easily as a backpack.

Julius was grateful that he didn’t have to walk, but his new position wasn’t particularly more comfortable. The extra pressure on his stomach made the nausea increase dramatically, and Julius found himself fighting back bile every few minutes. Alistair’s hair was dangling in Julius’s face, and the awful cloying smell of the red-head’s favourite shampoo really wasn’t helping the situation.

He tugged on Alistair’s jacket hurriedly, his lips pressed together. Alistair was distracted, arguing with Toby about some duty free item.

“Hang on, Jules. No, I will not lend you the money, Toby, you never pay me back. In fact you still fucking owe me, you asshole!”

Julius whimpered desperately, taking Alistair’s sleeve. “S-Star, I’m gonna - heeuuuggghhkkk!”

Julius was cut off as he suddenly vomited violently down Alistair’s front, making the red-head yell and drop his boyfriend in surprise. Julius just about managed to land on his feet, and Alistair recovered himself and caught Julius under the armpits before he could crumple to the floor. Poor Julius was gasping in horror, his chest heaving, frantically trying to apologise to his boyfriend.

“Star - heuugh - I’m s-so sorry - heeeuughhhkk!” he managed to choke out, before he lurched forward and vomited again onto the grubby terminal floor. Alistair held him up, gently rubbing his back, while Toby stood in front of them, trying to shield Julius from the stares of the public.

Julius was gasping when he’d finally finished throwing up, his dark curls stuck to his sweaty forehead. His white face flushed red when he saw everyone staring, some people not even bothering to hide their disgust. He turned away from their staring eyes, pressing his face into Alistair’s shoulder miserably. The red-head picked him up awkwardly, stiff in his vomit covered jacket. He stared at Toby with wide, helpless eyes, at a loss.

Toby rolled his eyes. Alistair wasn’t exactly the most sensible person, but any sense he did have leaked out of him completely when Julius was in pain or distress. Toby had to gingerly take hold of Alistair’s stained sleeve and tug him and Julius to the public bathrooms.

“There, useless. You two should clean up,” Toby said exasperatedly.

Once Toby had led him to the bathrooms and prodded him into action, Alistair seemed much more calm and controlled. He didn’t pay any attention to his own soiled jacket, but he stood Julius by a sink, wet a paper towel and wiped all the way around the smaller boy’s face, pressing down on his burning forehead and cheeks to cool him a little. Julius wept as he was cleaned, holding onto Alistair’s wrists, but he managed to stay standing reasonably steadily.

“That’s it, Jules, you’re doing really well,“ Alistair said softly. He then spoke to Toby in a very different voice. “Toby, how about you pull your finger out of your ass for a minute? Go see if they sell mints or something to freshen his mouth at that machine on the wall,” he ordered, dabbing at a few spattered vomit stains on Julius’s shirt. Toby stuck up his middle finger but went over to look obediently.

“Nope. Only condoms. You want one of those?” Toby asked. Alistair stared at him incredulously.

“No! What the fuck would I want one for? Oh hey, Jules, you’ve just puked and you’ve got a raging fever, but how about a quick one?” he said sarcastically. Julius managed to conjure up a tiny smile, giving Alistair a tap.

“Be nice,” he whispered, his voice heartbreakingly hoarse. Toby grinned triumphantly, nudging the red-head.

“Yeah, Alistair. Be nice,” he said teasingly. Then he wrinkled his nose. “Ugh, you can’t get on a plane like that. I’m certainly not sitting with you.”

Alistair started biting his nails again, clearly worried about it too. “Well what do you expect me to do? Pull a spare jacket out of my ass?” he snapped irritably.

He was trying to think what to do - and he suddenly remembered that Toby had arrived at the airport wearing a jumper, though he’d shrugged it off as they’d been walking up and down and standing in endless lines, just wearing his shirt.

“Hey, do you still have your jumper? Give me that, it’ll do,” Alistair said, starting to unzip his soiled jacket. Toby didn’t move, looking put out.

“But I’ll need it on the plane, it’ll be chilly. It won’t even fit you,” he moaned.

“Oh for fuck sake, you were the one whining about how I couldn’t get on a plane like this!”

“But you’ll make it stink.”

Alistair looked outraged. “No I won’t! You fucking dick, I don’t smell.”

“You do, of that awful shampoo and pine bath wash and all that shit.”

“Those are lovely smells. And I don’t have any choice, okay? Hand it over,” Alistair ordered. Toby sighed heavily.

“Fine, you can borrow it. But only if you take your motion sickness pills. I don’t want you puking all over my jumper,” Toby said firmly. Alistair pressed his lips together stubbornly.

The red-head waited until he’d stuffed his own vomit stained clothes into a plastic bag, changed into Toby’s huge jumper, picked Julius back up and started walking to their boarding gate. Then he finally spoke.

“I’m not taking my motion sickness pills.”

Toby sighed. Part of him - maybe a very large part - just wanted to let this go. Fighting with Alistair was just so exhausting that he couldn’t really be bothered most of the time. But Toby didn’t always want to be such a pushover - and he couldn’t understand why Alistair wouldn’t just take his pills. It’d save them all a lot of unpleasant pain and discomfort - Alistair most of all.

Toby waited until they’d tramped all the way to the boarding gate, and Alistair had helped Julius lay across a couple of seats, using his bag as a pillow. Then Toby quickly grabbed the red-head’s arm and pulled him off to the side.

“Toby, what’re you doing? I need to stay with Jules and make sure he’s okay.”

“He’ll be fine for two minutes. I need to talk to you,” Toby said, as firmly as he could. “What is this thing with you and your motion sickness pills? Why do you fight so hard not to take them?”

Alistair scowled, his eyes dropping to the floor. He raised a hand as if he wanted to nibble his nails again, but lowered it when he caught Toby watching.

“It’s none of your business,” he eventually said, fiercely, challengingly. Toby faced him bravely.

“Bullshit. I’m your friend, I want to fucking help. Not everyone is against you, Alistair.”

“What does it matter? That shit is all over now,” Alistair snapped, turning away. Toby’s jumper was too big for him - the hem hung by his thighs, the sleeves covered his clenched fists, the collar had slipped to reveal one freckled shoulder. He suddenly looked like a little kid, all dressed up in his dad’s clothes. Toby bit his lip, sighing sadly.

“It was your parents, wasn’t it? This is how you always react when it’s them, all angry and aloof and standoffish,” Toby said gently. Alistair stared hard at the polished floor, biting his nails hard. 

“They hated when I got motion sick. Hated it, they got so humiliated. They used to give me these pills on long journeys. They told me they were just regular antihistamines. I don’t know what the fuck they were, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t for kids even if they were legal. They fucked me up. I ended up nearly catatonic, locked in nightmares. They lasted for hours too. So no, you can stick your fucking pills up your ass, because I’m not taking them for you or anyone,” Alistair gabbled in a rush, his teeth clenched.

Toby was silent for several minutes, his eyes wide with shock. No wonder Alistair didn’t want to take pills now… Toby had no idea what the red-head’s parents had been giving him - perhaps some form of narcotics? - but he’d clearly been far too young for them.

“Alistair.” Toby grabbed his friend’s wrist, spinning him round so they were face to face. “Look at me properly. Do you really think I’d drug you?”

Alistair shrugged. “My own parents did. Why should I trust anyone else?”

“Okay okay. I know you said you wouldn’t do it for me. But what about Julius?” Toby asked. They both glanced over at the small sick boy, dozing on the seats, his face terribly pale and wan. Alistair swallowed hard, clearly wavering.

“He’s gonna need you on this flight, Alistair. He’ll be ill, he needs you to look after him. You can’t spend the whole journey queasy and weak too,” Toby pushed. He went scrabbling in Alistair’s bag, pulling out the pills. “Look, watch me pop these out of the packet - that way you know they can’t be anything else.”

Toby held out the pills, silent now, knowing how a tiny push too far might make Alistair slap his hands away, and probably give him a good punch into the bargain. Alistair hesitated, glancing back at Julius - then he quickly grabbed the pills and swallowed them dry.

The red-head didn’t say a word to Toby, he simply stomped back to the seats and pulled Julius onto his lap, whispering to him softly. Toby strutted over to join them, looking triumphant.

“Well done, Alistair!” he said jovially, clapping a hand on his shoulder. The red-head slapped it away, scowling.

“Don’t patronise me,” he spat sourly, making Toby laugh so loudly that several people looked at them curiously.


Hi guys, although it pains me to do this, money is tight at the moment and so I will be selling a few of my GOT7 Albums and other merch if anyone is interested.
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