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whereabouts can tired berena fangirls watch this janet king?

Hey nonny - thanks for stopping by.  Happy to try to hook you up with a place to watch the incredible, smart, sassy, sexy, sapphic Janet King.

First off - if you’re interested - the character of Janet King was first introduced in the Australian ABC television series called “Crownies”.  It’s a law ensemble cast show that focused more on the lives of junior solicitors working for the DPP (Department of Public Prosecutions).  Janet King (considered by her co-workers as ‘Elvis’ because she IS the King) is a senior prosecutor at the DPP and while the stories don’t focus solely around her like they do in the spin-off Janet King - I think the episodes are utterly worth watching as she appears in all 22 episodes except one and has more screen time in each of those eps than JR ever has on Holby.  They give you a great set up for who Janet is and her backstory.  This is a woman who has been out and proud for years and her sexuality is not an issue in any way.  And anyone who does challenge her in that regard is given an immediate dressing down.  When Crownies wasn’t renewed and ABC decided to do a spinoff - they didn’t spin-off the story of one of the junior solicitors they picked THE FREAKING OLDER GAY WOMAN!  Like when does THAT happen?  So if you’re interested in Crownies you can watch the entire series on Youtube.

Now to Janet King.  I am very bad and shall not name how I watch the show….ssshhhhh but I have it on good authority that if you go to you can watch the entire 3 series there.

Also some lovey helpful soul IS uploading S3 eps to Youtube but I suspect they won’t be up long and the uploads aren’t instantaneous.

Hope you’ve found this helpful.  Please come on over and join our little fandom. Janet King truly is a gem and almost flawless in its representation. It’s certainly head and shoulders above the disappointing garbage fire that Holby City has become. 

Oh and once you’ve watched come on back and give me your opinion.  I’m always down for a good ole Janet King natter.

Acting attorney general Sally Quillian Yates, a longtime prosecutor from Atlanta, began her tenure as an Obama appointee two years ago by saying that pursuing justice was more important to her than bringing federal cases in court.

“We’re not the Department of Prosecutions or even the Department of Public Safety,” Yates said in May 2015, the week after she was confirmed as deputy attorney general, the second-highest-ranking position in the Justice Department. “We are the Department of Justice.”

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