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                                              NOVA BORDELON

Nova Bordelon, the writer, activist and herbalist. Nova is the outspoken and unconventional Bordelon sibling, and eldest of Charley and Ralph Angel. Nova is an interesting character for two reasons. First, for those who read the book, Nova does not exist. Her character was created specifically for the television series. Second, for all the work Nova does in her everyday life, she is trying to figure out how to be a revolutionary and in love. As per usual, there are spoilers ahead.

During the day, Nova works as a reporter for the Daily News discussing racial inequality in New Orleans and Louisiana at large. She is an activist, a writer and an herbalist. For those who are wondering what an herbalist is, she sells marijuana. She uses her dealing as way to keep an ear to the streets. Nova is also carrying on an affair with a married law enforcement officer who is white. In a time where black lives matter is being yelled from the rafters, she finds herself at odds with her beliefs. We’ll get there, though. Nova’s activism goes above and beyond writing about the black lives and inequality of black people in New Orleans. Nova develops a relationship with a young man who goes by the name of Too Sweet. He is being wrongfully prosecuted and Nova is working towards making sure he is not only freed, but that people understand what is really happening within the criminal justice system. Nova even goes so far as to use money meant to be used on the farm to save Too Sweet. This causes even more of a strain between her and her siblings, especially her sister Charley.

Along with attempting to repair a strained relationship with her sister, that she exacerbates by discussing her sister’s crumbling marriage, she is also struggling to figure out her own love life. Nova is bi-sexual and in the first season has two love interests; Calvin and Chantal. One of the first scenes we see of Nova is an intimate scene between her and Calvin. The shot of Calvin and Nova is one of most beautiful scenes in the show. This is one of the first times, and probably one of the few times, we see Nova completely…free. Nova’s character is presented as tough and constantly running to take care of her family, to take care of her community and to show her boss that there are more important things than the scandal surrounding her sister’s marriage. Nova, like many eldest siblings, carries all the worries with her. Add to that her being a black woman, and she’s carrying the world. When she’s with Calvin there is no denying their connection. Then we learn that Calvin is married and a police officer. She seemingly ends her affair with Calvin and meets Chantal during a radio interview.

Nova cannot seem to give herself fully to Chantal. In large part because she still cares for Calvin and she is focused on Too Sweet and her investigation into issues of inequality. Chantal and Nova eventually part ways and Calvin enters Nova’s life again. He left his wife and is fully committed to Nova now. He even called in a favor to get Too Sweet’s charges completely dropped. Nova is ready to fall directly into Calvin. The most powerful scene for Nova, in my opinion, is when Nova and Calvin are out on a date at a local bar. A fellow officer and friend of Calvin comes up and speaks with Calvin and Nova. That is until Nova introduces herself and he realizes she’s the writer of the article implicating the police department for racial inequality and injustice. The man calls Nova out of her name and grabs her ass. Calvin then proceeds to beat his ass. Before the man is pulled out of the bar he does the unimaginable. He spits in Nova’s face. There are few things more disrespectful than spitting on someone. The implication of spitting on a black woman makes it even more offensive and heartbreaking. You can watch the scene below:

Above all else, Nova is an activist. Her form of protest is the written word. The significance of the man she loves being a white cop doesn’t go unnoticed and is tremendously important. How does she help spark a revolution and love a man who, solely on a superficial basis, is part of the system she is fighting against? How does Nova combat this? Black women dating outside of their race is not uncommon; especially this day and age. Yet, aside from the racial comments or stares people may have given them, there is an extra caveat with Nova and Calvin’s relationship. When the other cop begins to berate her and then spits on her the shot of her wiping her face is so powerful. She may have expected stares or whispers. Yet, being spit on was never in her thoughts. Hell, I don’t think it was even in the mind of the viewers. I audibly gasped in my living room when it happened. Initially, Nova was embarrassed and ashamed that she was sleeping with a married man who wore a badge. That never stopped Calvin from loving and supporting her. When Nova needed him most he was always there. Even if it wasn’t in the traditional sense. Nova fought against her love for Calvin constantly. Their relationship is not an all-consuming love. Rather, it is hard and frustrating. On one end, Calvin is attempting to get Nova to understand his side regarding the issues she is fighting. On the other hand, Nova realizes he is trying to understand and eventually gets it. For Nova to be spit on, and Calvin being powerless to stop it, we see something happen to Nova that we have never seen; vulnerability. The one emotion she has seemingly worked so hard to escape is on full display.

Nova can control her writing and the narrative it creates. She can control her activism and how she fights for equality. What she can’t control is love. Queen Sugar’s Nova Bordelon is vibrant. She is an herbalist, an activist, a writer and a lover. She is fire and ice. Nova knows Calvin is a good man and it is amazing to watch them fall in love. Their story is not the traditional love we constantly see on television. It’s also not the traditional type of love that we see for black women on television. For Nova, it is the one thing that she fights for that gives her pause. She can’t just dive into it the way she does her writing and her activism. The love is bigger than her. No matter what is in store for Nova in the second season of Queen Sugar, it’s safe to say it will be exceptional.

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The Strange Case of Darren Wilson’s Mysterious Disappearing Duty Belt

On August 9, after he shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson called his superiors to the scene.

Wilson then drove himself to the Ferguson Police Department where he washed his hands and inspected his gun. He sealed it, still bloodied, in a yellow envelope he handed over as evidence.

After he took off his uniform shirt, Wilson was brought to a local ER to treat his injuries; he left the shirt and duty belt at the police station. According to both a 200-page police report on the investigation and testimony given to the grand jury tasked with deciding whether or not to indict Wilson, an unnamed St. Louis County Police officer then took the belt into custody.

But for some reason, that belt did not remain in police custody. According to testimony, the belt somehow ended up in the trunk of Wilson’s personal car — the grand jury was never told how or why the belt was returned to Wilson — where it remained for more than a month until his lawyer submitted it to authorities as evidence in the ongoing investigation into Brown’s death.



I don’t understand how this organization can exist if their history points to them being a bonified hate group ?  according to all their history that’s what they stand for - Hate and Nothing Else.

so why does the FBI and the US Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division allow them to continue organizing and planning expansions like this ?  quite the question and I think  someone should ask Loretta Lynch about it the very next chance she is in front of a microphone in light of the present political climate in the USA.

The KKK is a part of the Injustice Depart of the US Clearly because they always carry their flag -

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