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I miss Solo.
I miss HAO.
I miss KO.
I miss Sonnett.
I miss Rampone.
I miss Rapinoe.
I miss ARod.
I miss Leroux.
I miss Kling.
I miss Holiday.
I miss Long in midfield.
I miss Pia Sundhage.
I miss the Department of Defence.
I miss being shown how to play like a badass.
I miss the USWNT.
US drops 'biggest non-nuclear bomb it has' on Afghanistan
US has dropped what has been described as the largest non-nuclear bomb in the country’s arsenal on an area of eastern Afghanistan

The Pentagon said the strike was the first time the 21,000lb weapon had been used in combat operations.

A spokesperson for the US Department of Defence confirmed to The Independent that a MC-130 aircraft dropped a GBU-43 bomb at 7pm local time.

The weapon is known in the US Air Force by its nickname MOAB, or “mother of all bombs”. MOAB stands for massive ordinance air blast.
Almost every big claim Donald Trump just made was false
Donald Trump has completed his first ever speech to Congress as President. And almost every major claim made in it appeared to be false.

Andrew Griffin at The Independent:

Donald Trump has completed his first ever speech to Congress as President. And almost every major claim made in it appeared to be false.

He appeared to wrongly claim that he was responsible for a vast reduction in the price of the F-35 jet, as well as falsely characterising a report into the problems of immigration.

The President’s speech made contested claims about the value of immigration, his success in office, his plans for tax reform, and healthcare coverage.

While much of the speech was focused on the same rhetoric that Mr Trump led his campaign with – including a commitment to bring jobs back to the US and boost the military – he also made a number of factual claims about his work as president.

Here are some of those false claims in full, as fact checked by the Associated Press.

TRUMP: “According to the National Academy of Sciences, our current immigration system costs America’s taxpayers many billions of dollars a year.”

THE FACTS: That’s not exactly what that report says. It says immigrants “contribute to government finances by paying taxes and add expenditures by consuming public services.”

The report found that while first-generation immigrants are more expensive to governments than their native-born counterparts, primarily at the state and local level, immigrants’ children “are among the strongest economic and fiscal contributors in the population.”

The report found that the “long-run fiscal impact” of immigrants and their children would probably be seen as more positive “if their role in sustaining labour force growth and contributing to innovation and entrepreneurial activity were taken into account.”

TRUMP: “We’ve saved taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by bringing down the price” of the F-35 jet fighter.

THE FACTS: The cost savings he persists in bragging about were secured in full or large part before he became president.

The head of the Air Force program announced significant price reductions in the contract for the Lockheed F-35 fighter jet Dec. 19 — after Trump had tweeted about the cost but weeks before he met the company’s CEO about it.

Pentagon managers took action even before the election to save money on the contract. Richard Aboulafia, an analyst with the aerospace consulting firm Teal Group, said there is no evidence of any additional cost savings as a result of Trump’s actions.

TRUMP: “We will provide massive tax relief for the middle class.”

THE FACTS: Trump has provided little detail on how this would happen. Independent analyses of his campaign’s tax proposals found that most of the benefits would flow to the wealthiest families. The richest 1 percent would see an average tax cut of nearly $215,000 a year, while the middle one-fifth of the population would get a cut of just $1,010, according to the Tax Policy Center, a joint project by the Brookings Institution and Urban Institute.

TRUMP: “Ninety-four million Americans are out of the labour force.”

THE FACTS: That’s true, but for the vast majority of them, it’s because they choose to be.

That 94 million figure includes everyone aged 16 and older who doesn’t have a job and isn’t looking for one. So it includes retirees, parents who are staying home to raise children, and high school and college students who are studying rather than working.

They are unlikely to work regardless of the state of the economy. With the huge baby-boomer generation reaching retirement age and many of them retiring, the population of those out of the labor force is increasing and will continue to do so, most economists forecast.

It’s true that some of those out of the workforce are of working age and have given up looking for work. But that number is probably a small fraction of the 94 million Trump cited.

TRUMP: “Obamacare is collapsing … imploding Obamacare disaster.”

THE FACTS: There are problems with the 2010 health care law, but whether it’s collapsing is hotly disputed.

One of the two major components of the Affordable Care Act has seen a spike in premiums and a drop in participation from insurers. But the other component, equally important, seems to be working fairly well, even if its costs are a concern.

Trump and congressional Republicans want to repeal the whole thing, which risks leaving millions of people uninsured if the replacement plan has shortcomings. Some critics say GOP rhetoric itself is making things worse by creating uncertainty about the future.

The health law offers subsidised private health insurance along with a state option to expand Medicaid for low-income people. Together, the two arms of the program cover more than 20 million people.

Republican governors whose states have expanded Medicaid are trying to find a way to persuade Congress and the administration to keep the expansion, and maybe even build on it, while imposing limits on the long-term costs of Medicaid.

While the Medicaid expansion seems to be working, the markets for subsidised private health insurance are stressed in many states. Also affected are millions of people who buy individual policies outside the government markets, and face the same high premiums with no financial help from the health law.

Larry Levitt of the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation says “implosion” is too strong a term. An AP count found that 12.2 million people signed up for this year, despite the Trump administration’s threats to repeal the law.

But a health care blogger and industry consultant, Robert Laszewski, agrees with Trump, saying too few young, healthy people have signed up to guarantee the stability of the insurance markets.

TRUMP: His budget plan will offer “one of the largest increases in national defence spending in American history”.

THE FACTS: Three times in recent years, Congress raised defence budgets by larger percentages than the 54 billion dollars, or 10%, increase Mr Trump proposes. The base defence budget grew by 41 billion dollars, or 14.3%, in 2002; by 37 billion dollars, or 11.3%, in 2003, and by 47 billion dollars, or 10.9%, in 2008, according to Defence Department figures.

TRUMP: “According to data provided by the Department of Justice, the vast majority of individuals convicted for terrorism-related offences since 9/11 came here from outside of our country. We have seen the attacks at home - from Boston to San Bernardino to the Pentagon and yes, even the World Trade Centre.”

THE FACTS: It is unclear what Justice Department data he’s citing, but the most recent government information does not back up his claim. Just over half the people Mr Trump talks about were born in the US, according to Homeland Security Department research revealed last week. That report said of 82 people the government determined were inspired by a foreign terrorist group to attempt or carry out an attack in the US, just over half were native-born.

Even the attacks Mr Trump singled out were not entirely the work of foreigners. (name withheld out of respect for the victims), who along with his Pakistani wife killed 14 people in the 2015 attack in San Bernardino, California, was born in Chicago.

It is true that in the immediate aftermath of September 11, the FBI’s primary concern was with terrorists from overseas feared to be plotting attacks in the US, but that is no longer the case.

The FBI and the Justice Department have been preoccupied with violent extremists from inside the US who are inspired by the calls to violence and mayhem of the Islamic State group. The Justice Department has prosecuted scores of IS-related cases since 2014, and many of the defendants are US citizens.


Tank A.A. 20mm Quad.  “Skink”

 In 1943 it was decided that Canadian, British and other Commonwealth troops needed a mobile AA platform to protect troops from air attack by low flying aircraft. The Skink was Canada’s answer to the issue. 

The Skink could also be used to attack enemy ground targets such as soft transport and lightly armored vehicles. The original program called for production of 135 complete Skinks for the use by the Canadian Army and an additional 130 Skinks to meet British requirements. The Skink was officially designated the Tank A.A. 20mm Quad. Skink and was based on a modified Canadian built Grizzly 1 medium tank, a license built M4A1 Sherman tank. It had a modified M4A1 cast turret designed to mount four 20mm Polsten machine guns. 

However, Allied air supremacy in Europe meant that there was no longer any need for the Skink. On 23rd August 1944, the Canadian Department of Munitions and Supply was advised by the Department of National Defence that the program should be cancelled. Only three tanks were produced. Via

Despatch rider Private Harry McDowell of the 48th Highlanders of Canada, 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade, delivering a message to the battalion’s advanced headquarters.
Regalbuto, Sicily, August 4, 1943.

(That looks like a Norton 16H motorbike)

Regalbuto was severely damaged during World War II, and on August 3, 1943 the German Hermann Göring Panzer Division was driven out of the town by 1st Canadian Infantry Division.

(Photo source - Lt. Jack H. Smith / Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-160026)

(Colourised by Doug)

US army 'lost track of $1bn worth of arms'

The US army has failed to monitor over $1bn worth of arms and other military equipment transfers to Kuwait and Iraq, Amnesty International says in a report citing a 2016 US government audit. The now-declassified document by the US Department of Defence (DoD) audit, was obtained by the rights group following Freedom of Information requests. The audit reveals that the DoD “did not have accurate, up-to-date records on the quantity and location” of a vast amount of equipment on hand in Kuwait and Iraq. Some records were incomplete, while duplicated spreadsheets, handwritten receipts and the lack of a central database increased the risk for human-error while entering data. READ MORE: ISIL won’t be defeated on the battlefield “This audit provides a worrying insight into the US army’s flawed - and potentially dangerous - system for controlling millions of dollars’ worth of arms transfers to a hugely volatile region,” says Patrick Wilcken, Amnesty International’s Arms Control and Human Rights researcher, in the report. The rights group says in the report that its own research has “consistently documented” lax controls and record-keeping within the Iraqi chain of command, which had resulted in arms winding up in the hands of armed groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL). “After all this time and all these warnings, the same problems keep occurring,” Wilcken said.

‘Irresponsible transfers’

The military transfers were part of the Iraq Train and Equip Fund (ITEF), a programme that appropriated $1.6bn to provide assistance to military and other security services associated with the government of Iraq, including Kurdish and tribal security forces. The transfers included small arms and heavy weapons, machine guns, mortar rounds and assault rifles. “This effort is focused on critical ground forces needed to degrade and ultimately defeat ISIL [also known as ISIS] in Iraq, secure its national borders and prevent ISIL from developing safe havens,” the DoD said in a report justifying ITEF. “If support is not provided American interests in the region would be undermined.” In response to the audit, the US army has pledged to implement corrective actions. “This occurred during the Obama administration as well, and groups such as Amnesty International repeatedly called on irresponsible arms transfers to be tackled, as the weapons were not only falling into the hands of groups like ISIL but also pro-Tehran Shia jihadists fighting for the Iraqi government,” Tallha Abdulrazaq, a security researcher at the University of Exeter, told Al Jazeera via email. “While ISIL certainly needs to be fought, if this is achieved by hurling arms at groups that are just as extreme as the militant group, how does that resolve the situation?” Amnesty International has urged the US to comply with laws and treaties to stop arms transfers or diversion of arms that could fuel atrocities. “This should be an urgent wake-up call for the US, and all countries supplying arms to urgently shore up checks and controls,” Wilcken said.
Shooting flowers

The US Department of Defence (DOD) has put forward a plan to develop biodegradable training ammunition loaded with specialised seeds, meaning that when a bullet degrades, a plant will grow in its place.

The US Army currently manufactures and consumes hundreds of thousands of bullets per day in training exercises. The ground, over which these projectiles are fired, often becomes littered with cartridge cases and sabot petals, on the surface or even several feet underground. These components take hundreds of years to degrade, and there is no clear way of finding and eliminating all used projectiles from battle or training grounds.

The DOD says that these biodegradable bullets can be manufactured from water bottles, plastic containers and any other composite or plastic product available on the market. The US Army Corps of Engineers’ Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory has demonstrated that the bioengineered seeds that can be embedded in the resulting composites, and will not germinate until they have been in the ground for several months.

The seeds are said to grow into environmentally friendly plants, removing contaminates from the soil and consuming the biodegradable components of the bullets. They are also harmless to animals, allowing them to be consumed with no ill effects.  

Likely taken during Operation Tungsten, a sailor of the Royal Canadian Navy looks aft from HMCS Algonquin’s deck, toward what would be the King George V-class battleships HMS Duke of York and HMS Anson - ca. April 1944.

Sourced from: Department of National Defence, Library and Archives Canada.

Avengers Preference #36 They discover you’re musically talented

Hi!! I might have read some the preferences related to the avengers that you have and I loved them! Idk if you made this but what about a how they’ll react to you smoking cigarette? Or you being a singer/solo artist/in a band and they watching one of your music vid?? X anon.


He was stood with you in the olds sports hall, drinking some punch whilst you were catching up with some of your old friends and their spouses.

“Remember when (y/n) joined that band, didn’t you guys have a few hits?” said one of your old friends.

“Oh god don’t remind me, you remember Justin, that self-righteous git who thought he was god’s gift to women he put me off joining a band ever again” you groaned as you remembered.

“What band?” he asked looking at you with a smirk.

“Oh you haven’t told him” said one of your other friends as she rooted through her bag, “Let me find the pictures”

“Oh god” you gran as you bury your head into Steve’s shoulder. Steve on the other had was distracted by the pictures your friend was showing you. He couldn’t help but smile at the realisation that the talented girl in the pictures was his wife.


You had been part of the Avengers for years and tonight the BBC were doing a documentary, (y/n): the face behind the mask.

“That sounds unnecessarily dramatic” you said as Tony wrapped an arm around your shoulder cuddling you close.

“It’s better than what they did on me” Natasha said, “How deadly is a Black Widow?”

“They need to fire the person behind the names” you said as you reached for the popcorn. 10 minutes had passed when they introduced your past career.

“It is unbelievable that more hasn’t been made off her past theatre career” the presenter said before a montage of you onstage in various costumes flashed across the screen, “In her short career before the battle of New York she had won 2 Olivier Awards and 2 Tony’s and had been part of Award winning casts”

You could feel everyone’s eyes on you and you could feel yourself go bright red, “It was years ago” you started to explain only to be cut off.

“JARVIS, look up recording of (Y/n) performing” he said. Immediately a video came up on screen from a performance you and the cast has done at the Tony’s.

“You were in Hamilton” Natasha said turning to you.

“I played Eliza” you said.

“Shhh” Tony said as the video started to play. After a few minutes it got to your part of who lives who dies who tells your story. You were looking down when you felt Natasha tap you and point up. The song had just ended and you looked up to see an emotional Tony on screen.

“Well what can I say it was an emotional scene” Tony said as a couple of the guys raised an eyebrow at him, “I’m man enough to cry and not be ashamed.


You were making drinks in your apartment for Thor and your friends when you herd music followed by shouting from the other room.

“LADY (Y/N) YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU COULD SING LET ALONE THAT YOU COULD SING SWEETER THAN THE MORNING BIRDS” Thor shouted causing your eyes to widen as you ran into the living room. Only once you saw what was on the screen of your friend’s phone did you fully understand. It was in that moment you cursed the internet.


He needed information on an old mission you had been on as it was believed HYDRA had taken over the business once you and S.H.I.E.L.D. had closed it. When he was searching through your files he found on old music video that you cover had used and he had an idea.

“Remind me why I agreed to this Clint” Natasha said as she set up the camera, smirking as she saw the outfit Clint was wearing.

“Because you like to see me make an idiot out of myself and I promised to get you pizza” Clint said as he applied eyeliner, checking himself out in the mirror, “Now be honest with me Nat does my ass look big in this?”

It was the next day when you got an email from Clint. You opened it up to find a video attached. Your eyes opened wide when you saw it. He was miming to an old music video you made for cover. He was even dressed in a similar outfit to yours.


It was just after the battle of New York and you had stayed out of the press spotlight for a few years before it happened. You were sitting in with the rest of the team when the news coverage of the aftermath was interrupted.

“Sorry to interrupt you John but it has been confirmed to us by the Department of Defence that the rumours are true that the Avenger with the elemental manipulation powers is in fact (y/n) (y/l/n) formerly of the Grammy award winning band (b/n) which so famously fell apart after she left.” Said Karen the reporter on screen reading from a sheet of paper that had just been handed to her.

“You were in (b/n)” Tony said looking up at you, “I knew I recognised you from somewhere” he whispered to himself before resuming his previous activity of staring into the distance. That was the last that any of the Avengers had to say on it for a while.

Until there was a gathering of the Avengers at Stark Tower and Tony asked you to sing one of your old songs.

“No Tony” you said as you looked at the drunk man in front of you.

“Please (y/n) pretty please” he said as Pepper dragged him out behind her and the rest of the Avengers started to filter out of the room.

That left you and Bruce to wash out glasses and put stuff away. You were washing some glasses and he was drying them when he asked, “So why don’t you sing anymore (y/n)?”

You kept looking at the glass in your hands, “Its not that I don’t sing anymore its that I don’t sing those songs or that type of music anymore, it reminds me of a bad place”

He nodded before asking, “What kind of songs do you sing?” He asked as he leaned on the counter top.

“Anything but the old ones you laughed” as you put another glass on the dish rack.

“Can you sing me one of those, please” he asked looking at you softly.

The caught his eye before looking back down into the soapy water as you opened you mouth and sung a verse.


Sam’s little sister is protective, so once she knew your name she did a google search. She found all of your social media you had, including a you tube channel you shut down just after the battle of New York. She watched every video she could, it was only after she watched them all did she send a link to Sam.

He sat and marathoned the videos but was absolutely taken back when he heard one of you singing. He sent it to you with a caption, “I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COUD SING”. As a result the two of you would sing musical duets around the apartment.


He had a crush on you, and then he herd you sing with Wanda one day and he fell deeply in love with you. You were just sitting on Wanda’s bed with her, singing along to a song he didn’t realise. Soon enough he found the two of you there every day at the same time.

He didn’t do anything, until one day when Wanda asked him to give you some note sheets. He took out a pen and wrote across the top of the sheet. He set of looking for you, he found you in the kitchen making yourself a cup of coffee.

“Hey (y/n)” he said as he appeared at the kitchen counter next to you.

“Hey Pietro, how’s my favourite speedster doing?” you asked as you stirred your coffee.

“I don’t know I haven’t seen the last episode of the Flash” he said, smiling as you laughed.

“You know what I mean Piet” you laughed.

“I’m fine (y/n), actually Wanda wanted me to give you these” he said as he handed you the note sheets.

“Thanks Piet…” you started to say until you saw what was written at the top of the sheet.

(y/n) would you like to go on a date with me. Pietro x

“Yes, Piet, I would live to go on a date with you” you said as you looked up from the note sheet.


He had just woken up from a nightmare when he first herd you sing. He felt himself relax in your arms as you sang a song that his immigrant mother had sung to him a thousand times when he was you. As time went on it became your go to method to calm him down after a nightmare and you worried about how little sleep he got when you weren’t there.

That was why you searched up your old you tube channel you had when you were a teenager. You complied every song you found on there and even recorded a few new ones and put them all on an iPod. You gave it to him the morning you left for a long mission.

“When did you record all these songs (y/n)” he said as he scrolled through the device.

“I had a bunch of them up on a you tube channel when I was 15” you said as you finished packing your bag. “And I recorded a few new ones when you were on a mission in Argentina” you said as you felt him come up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist.

“Thank you doll” he whispered in your ear as nuzzled your neck.


You had just gotten into bed with Wanda and the conversation turned to home. She told you about Sokovia and you told her about your home country. You saw the sparkle in Wanda’s eyes as she told you about the traditional music in her home country.

“What about (y/c)?” she asked as she moved a lock of hair behind your ear.

“We had a lot of traditional music” you said as you thought back many years,

“Can you sing a bit for me?” she asked as she rested her head under your chin, relaxing instantly as she heard the words flow out of your mouth, slowly lulling her to sleep. When you fell into silence once more she asked “When did you learn to sing like that?”

You smiled gently at her as you ran your fingers through her hair, “I was in a band back home”.


Sharon first learnt you could sing when you were paired on a mission together. You used your voice to seduce your target, it was very straight forward. Sharon however would take every opportunity she could to tease you about how you used your voice to complete the mission.

However when you were home alone she would always try to get you to sing for her. Sometimes she would sit on your lap and not let you move until you sang a song of her choice. She always choose the same song, one that she had herd her Aunt Angie singing around the house a hundred times. Every time she herd it she would picture her Aunt Peggy smiling as the words filtered through the house.

She would get you to sing unchained melody and as she herd you sing it she knew that she had found someone who was right for her.


It came to no surprise to Maria that you were a musician, she was the one who overlooked you file. What was a surprise to her was how good you were. When she moved into your flat she would spend so much time being mesmerised as you fingers glided across the keys of your piano. She wouldn’t let you finish practising until you played her favourite piece, Swan song by Franz Schubert.


She was doing the usual security checks before someone joins the team. That was when she came across your band, she raised an eyebrow as she clicked the link feeling sceptical about your abilities. She was pleasantly surprised when the video started playing. You were good. Really good.

She quickly downloaded every song you band posted, just when she thought she was finished she found some solo acoustic stuff. It was so different to the energetic sound of your band, Natasha could feel herself relaxing in her seat as the words you sang washed over her. It was safe to say you had a new fan.

Eventually your songs found their way into her daily routine. She listened to your band’s music on her morning run and she listened to your acoustic songs as she wound down for the evening. She never told you. Her attachment to your music grew as she spent more and more time with you. She saw how your traits reflected in the songs. Slowly she started to fall for you, it had started with the songs but it grew when she saw how loving and caring you were.

One morning whilst she was making her morning coffee Natasha hummed the tune to one of your songs. As you were walking into the kitchen you recognised the tune from somewhere, “Hey Nat, what song is that it sounds familiar?” you asked as you opened the mug cupboard.

“You really don’t know (y/n)?” she asked looking at you with a raised eyebrow.

“If I knew I wouldn’t ask” you said as you looked at her, with a slightly confused look on your face as you put the mug down on the kitchen counter. Natasha sung a couple of lines from the course of your bands favourite songs, you buried your face in your hands.

“How did you know about those Nat, oh my god that is embarrassing” you said over her laughter. As she looked at you she couldn’t help but feel like now was her chance. She gently took your hands and pulled them away from your face.

“You’re adorable, you know that right” she said as you looked up at her. Then you felt her lips on yours, a second later you moved your lips in sync with hers. Eventually your need for air forced you apart. “How do you feel about catching lunch later (y/n)” Natasha asked.

“That sounds great Nat” you said smiling up at her.

Your singing became a part of your relationship that Natasha came to adore. Sometimes when she was bored she pulled you over to whatever instrument she could find and she would get you to play and sing a song for her. One day you sang a song she had never heard of before, “I haven’t heard that one before” Natasha said as she gazed lovingly at you from across the room.

“I know you haven’t it’s a new one I wrote just for you” you said, smiling as you saw a blush run to her cheeks.

Sometimes your singing proved to be useful. It’s one of the best ways to bring her to earth after a nightmare. As you sing to her softly she curls into resting her head against your chest as you run your fingers through her hair until her breathing evens out and she falls asleep.


US President-elect Donald Trump has sent another stock reeling into the red.

Barely a week after taking shots at Boeing, Donald Trump took aim at Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jet programme, saying the cost was “out of control”.

“The F-35 program and cost is out of control. Billions of dollars can and will be saved on military (and other) purchases after January 20th,” Mr Trump said.

Following the tweet on Monday morning, shares of the aerospace company plunged by more than 4 per cent in early trade.

Based on the number of shares outstanding, the tweet has shaved just over $3.5bn from Lockheed’s market value.

Shares of the New York-listed company fell by more than 5 per cent by midday on Monday, and had not fully recovered by market close. By 4pm Eastern Time, the share price had only bounced back half way by about 2.5 per cent.

The President-elect’s comment has also had a knock-on for other companies involved in the project, which is worth up to $400bn over the contract’s duration.

Shares in Northrop Gumman were down 4 per cent, while Britain’s BAE Systems saw its stock slip 1.3 per cent after Mr Trump’s tweet. Neither of those companies’ share prices have recovered throughout Monday.

Mr Trump’s latest twitter firestorm comes just one week after he used the same social media platform to take aim at Boeing over costs for the replacement Air Force One.

Boeing fell by 1.5 per cent after the tweet but ended the trading day positive.

Although Lockheed’s dip is temporary, it is a reminder of investors’ knee-jerk reaction when the President-elect expresses his views on a company. His tweet is also a cause for concern in the longer term, as the anticipated increase in defence spending in 2017 may not be as lucrative to contractors as they had hoped.

A Lockheed Martin executive responded to Mr Trump’s attack, insisting that the company has taken steps to cut costs.

“Since the beginning, we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to reduce the price of the airplane by about 70 per cent since its original costing, and we project it to be about £85m in the 2019 or 2020 time frame”, said Jeff Babione, Lockheed Martin’s F-35 programme leader.

A week before Mr Trump won the presidential election, the US Defence Department and Lockheed Martin concluded their 14-month negotiations on their ninth contract for F-35 fighter jets.

The F-35 Lightining II is meant to become the next leading-edge platform for the US Air Force, Navy and Marines, as well for the armed forces of nearly 10 US allies, including the UK, Netherlands and Australia.

Last week, the President-elect critcised Boeing by claiming the total cost of Boeing’s 747 Air Force One programme would be more than $4bn.

On Twitter, he said: "Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!”

The aircraft manufacturer took a $1.4bn hit to its market value.

In response to Mr Trump’s tweet, Boeing said that its current contract with the Air Force is actually for $170m.



Ever been intrigued by all those badass scientist/researcher characters you see on TV shows, in movies, or scifi novels and want to make an equally kickass character to roleplay?

It always makes me super excited to see a character, whether on TV, in a book, or in a roleplay be a scientist because I’m a physics major. I see that in a lot of indie-RP bios or those in general in both 1x1’s and group roleplays, there are a lot of characters have “cool” jobs like event planners, businessmen, bartenders, doctors, journalist… and hey! I think those are all super sweet careers but it’d be pretty awesome to have some sweet engineers and scientists thrown in there too!

I’m not saying that I’m an expert in this field, but since my father is also a physicist and I’ve been interning at research labs for the past four years, hopefully this post will give you some insight into the scientific community!

That being said, I think the science field is a little hard to portray realistically science it’s a pretty different world, and I’ve seen quite a few guides floating around about settings, character archetypes and even a few for character occupations–haven’t seen one about portraying a scientist yet so here I go into a super elaborate and verbose guide…

(this guide is also a decent insight into pursuing degrees and a career in science/engineering, not just for roleplaying purposes so check it out if you’re interested regardless of reason) Please reblog or like if it’s helpful or interesting! Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Perhaps more posts like this one to come :) xo

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All ghilled up…

Snipers from the 2nd Commando Regiment (2 Cdo Regt) travelled to Canberra to practice advanced sniper techniques and stalking skills at Majura Range on 9 April 2014. The training covered the tactical aspects of sniper training with a focus on stalking skills.

The stalking activity included initial patrolling, reconnaissance of the target, development of firing positions, and engaging the enemy. The sniper teams had to achieve all of this without being detected by enemy spotters. Depending on firing positions, snipers engaged their target at ranges up to 900 metres. (© Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence)


Australian Army Soldier, Private Simon Lancaster of the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, shooting long range targets at Lancelin Training Area, WA as part of sniper concentration 2013. Snipers from Socomd and Forcomd travelled to Perth for the inaugural sniper concentration 11-22 November 2013. (© Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence)

i still can’t believe there’s anyone who thinks a gay man being appointed civilian head of the us army is something worth celebrating. his job is to justify the monetary cost of murdering people in the name of us imperialism to the department of defence.

Australian Soldiers of the Special Air Service Regiment holding the winning trophy.

Snipers from SOCOMD and FORCOMD compete in the inaugural Australian Sniper Concentration in November 2013. The two week competition covered all tactical aspects of sniper training to become proficient, to be an excellent sniper on the battlefield and shooting with weapons - by day and night using day scopes, thermal scopes and night-vision equipment at ranges up to 2000 metres. 

Photos courtesy of the Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence

Captain Wales and Captain Matthew Stubbs prepare a 1st Aviation Regiment Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) Tiger for flight at Robertson Barracks in Darwin, Northern Territory. Picture: © Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence