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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 15 Full Translation.

The Ceremony


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Human world.

Karakura Town - Sakurabashi park.

This park constructed on the hills overlooking the railway track was Inoue Orihime’s favourite place. Even though it is only a small park with a few dozen or so trees and couple of benches, every bench is placed in front of a great view and there is no disappointment wherever you sit. Amongst those, Orihime particularly liked the bench facing opposite the railway track, she loved watching the trains and the town from there.

Kuchiki Rukia and Abarai Renji were currently sitting side by side on that very bench. The time was around 10 p.m. and the small night view of Karakura Town was spread out below them. Because Renji was not as familiar with the Human World as much as Rukia was, every time a train would pass by he would curiously follow it with his eyes.

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TalesFromRetail: It's the Wrong Color!

FYI, on mobile so apologies for formatting. Also, this story is fairly long.

Now, this particular story isn’t that terrible as far as most go, but it was so ridiculous I had to post it. I work at a department store, typically in apparel, but this day I was backing up at the customer service desk.

I’d been there for at least an hour at this point, and this older woman (we’ll call her OW) had been waiting quite some time. When she gets to my register, she seemed very angry and I mentally prepared myself for whatever she was about to unleash on me. Our encounter went as follows:

ME: Hello ma'am, how can I help you today? OW: Well, I just need to make a complaint. ME: I’m sorry to hear that, did you need me to get a manager up here? OW: No, that won’t be necessary. But you need to know about this sweater you have advertised.

At this point, I’m thinking “Okay, she came in here looking for that particular sweater in the ad, and we either don’t have it, don’t have her size, whatever.” But no!

ME: Did we not have that sweater in stock? I’d be happy to check at another store to see if they have one. OW: NO, I DON’T WANT THE SWEATER! (Yes, she actually yelled this.) But you have this advertised as the color hunter green.

At this, she angrily jabs her finger at the sweater and all but shoves the ad in my face so I can see it. I have no idea where this is going.

ME: I’m… sorry, ma'am? OW: Does that look hunter green to you? It’s kelly green! You people should really learn how to properly advertise the products you sell. ME: Ah, I’m sorry ma'am, we don’t create the advertisements in store, that’s on the corporate end. If you’d like, I can give you the number for corporate so you can pass along your suggestion. OW: No, I just wanted to complain.

And with that, she walks off. I stood there for a minute completely baffled as to why this woman waited AT LEAST half an hour in line to complain about the color of a sweater!

Definitely isn’t the worst customer interaction I’ve ever had, but it was a strange one for sure.

TL;DR: Lady waits forever in line at customer service to complain a sweater we had advertised was kelly green, not hunter green. She didn’t even want the sweater.

By: SoNotSparkly

I sent this trusted slave girl to the department store to buy me new underwear. Understandably, she was distracted when passing the Ladies Apparel department. No doubt she wondered why free female citizens would cover themselves with these rags. She herself had never worn such ugly things, but they certainly were fascinating to look at on the rack.

This was probably 2 years ago, but something happened that reminded me of this. I work in the apparel department of my store, and one day a customer walked up and asked me where our North Face jackets are. I reply that our store doesn’t carry North Face. “Well they just told me y'all have them.”

I’ve worked at the store for 3 years at this point so I know we don’t have North Face. And since I’ve been there for 3 years I also know that she asked someone who doesn’t work in our department, that person just heard the word “jacket” and sent her to apparel and now I have to deal with her.

“I’m sorry, ma'am. They were mistaken, our store does not carry North Face, but Store X and Store Y do.”

She looks at me with this blank stare and repeats, “They said y'all have them.”

Idk why, but I tried to explain to her that people are trained in specific departments, and whoever she asked didn’t work in apparel if they told her we had a product we didn’t because for some reason I think customers can be reasoned with. But we all know she ignored everything I said that wasn’t what she wanted to hear and walked away all huffy. “I’ll just look around.”

If you want to waste 10 minutes if your life because we literally do not carry that product, that is fine by me.

And I was reminded of this because our store started carrying North Face this year. So far it’s only one rack of coats and one style of gloves, but I just know I’m going to have to hear about how we had it last year or they got it here before in addition to people asking for North Face and then complaining that we don’t have a good selection.

Not Fuck Customers o.o

Ok so this happened like 2days ago now but i kept forgetting to submit it xD 

Anyway, I was working in the apparel department of my store (specifically Boys and Girls clothing). It’s back to school season and most schools in my area start tomorrow or the day after, so you can imagine, those two departments in particular have been through hell. Like, put a shirt down after folding it and watch it get messed up before you even put it down type of hell.

So the other day, im folding shirts on this one table and i hear behind me “S, pick out a color shirt you like on this table and I’ll find your size, so we dont mess up this young womans hard work” so the kid picks out a couple different designs, and i tell the woman (who was her gram, her mom was there too looking through our clearance rack) “thank you and if you need any help finding her size let me know” while im saying that, the lil girl decimates a couple stacks of shirts on that table. so the gram walks over to their cart, picks up a toy, and says to me “Im sorry but could i give this to you to put away? she obviously doesnt want it bad enough to behave.” and im just like, sure ill put it away and the little girl throws a fit about not getting her toy and im walking to the fitting room to drop off the “misplaced” toy so it can be taken to our returns area and the gram just says “i told you not to mess up her work and you did anyway. one day youll probably have the same job she does and youll absolutely hate it when people do stuff like that. so i absolutely will not let you do stuff like that now.”

my one coworker said she made me the bad guy by giving me the toy to put away. maybe the kid does see me as the bad guy. idc really. my thought on it is, she told her not to do something then enforced with punishment and at least made an attempt to teach her grandchild not be a little devil spawn in a store so thank you ma'am!


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