Austin police said it was too early to tell whether the 18-year-old black man killed in an officer-involved shooting Monday in Northeast Austin was armed.

Police: Naked man shot, killed by officer in Northeast Austin |

6 hours after a naked black teenager was shot by a cop, APD was still saying they didn’t know whether he was armed and were still canvassing the area to find something that might make an unstable teen look more menacing and threatening, even though he’d reportedly been in the area for at least a couple of days and hadn’t hurt anyone in that time. Unless we’re bringing the “magical negro” trope to all new heights, I think it’s pretty safe to say if the young man was NAKED and SHOT and is now DECEASED and you can’t find a weapon, there wasn’t a fucking weapon.


Once Upon a Time 5x12 Promo #2 “Souls of the Departed” (HD)


My theory: This is Killian holding the bloody hook but in a completely different way!!

We will be surprise, shocked, heartbroken when we find out Killian is not the same man in the underworld…but not just us but Emma will also be devastated.

-Hades has plans for killian.
-Emma will be part of hades plans.. Obviously, Emma has powerful magic and she’s also the Savior.
-Hades will somehow want to get this magic for his plans.

Any theories guy ask and ill answer!!

harryandthecambridges asked:

The Royal Wedding of Prince William & Catherine or The Royal Wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel! :)

I would have to say Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel! It was just such an emotional one and I loved when Victoria winked at Daniel- they are literally so precious!

Over 600 people have committed suicide in the UK as a direct result of Work Capability Asseessments. 10,000s have died after having been found “fit to work” by a corrupt fraudulent assessment system run by Atos and now Maximus for the DWP. There is an 2000%+ increase in foodbank use since 2010. An approx 50% increase in homeless. All down to the Tories (and to some degree the Blairites who ‘laid the path‘).

When is enough enough?!