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The Quality of Mercy (ft. a very confused Boomer)

the disaster trio™, brought to life by the art-senpai @leavenopathuntaken. it’s the final confrontation, except that no one’s gonna die. you made my deputy even prettier than she was in my imagination :’) i’m beyond happy, thank you so much!

Dutch on the radio to the Deputy: A new broadcast from John. You need to see this, now!

Deputy, currently balancing on a radio tower: Good that I’ve brought a TV with me. Just play it back, I’m watching!

¯\_(ツ) _/¯

Real talk: How did Dep watch John’s video?

~Merry Christmas Deputy~

When John’s not torturing people and leaving them in his basement, he likes to enjoy the Montana snow.  The Deputy left him a present?  How thoughtful!  I just wish the cinematic tools where a little smoother, but that’s okay. :-)

-I love Kenny G and am in a Christmasy mood. :-)

Note: The AI are kinda weird.  They will look at other AI and then if you step in front of their eye contact, they look away until you move.  Kind of strange.  Like you’re a ghost, but they know you’re there.  Hmmm!


3 OC Facts

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Deputy “Rook”

  1. Adrenaline & endorphin junkie. Loves to exercise, fight, f*ck, and glide in the flight suit. Big fan of the Clutch Nixon trials.
  2. Definitely believes she’s going to Hell. While she’s trying to be a good person, it’s not in search of redemption. She doesn’t believe she deserves it after all the things she’s done.
  3. Uses “Rook Smith” as an alias. Has been on the run from her former life since about nine months before the events of Far Cry 5.

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