dep live

My granny is having her thanksgiving meal thing tomorrow. (I’m not sure why.) But my mom is bitching about how much she doesn’t want to go… like shut the hell up.

We’ve seen my granny five times this whole year. Five! In the whole year! And it’s awful because that’s not how we work. We usually see each other all the time.

But then my mom and dad spend so much time at my dad’s aunt’s house, taking care of her husband.

I hate my dad’s aunt. She’s a fake old bitch. But for some reason, I’m supposed to kiss her old wrinkly ass. Fuck her. I don’t like being around her.

Until this year when she needed help, she was a “selfish old bag.” Yeah. That’s how my parents used to talk about her. And now it’s all “oh I love her so much. Blah blah.”