deoxys normal

@blastcr like for a starter

The two extraterristrial Pokemon had been racing each other at high speed their Speed Forme. The duo hadn’t realized they were far away from Hoenn as they were more focused on their little race. The two stopped when they spotted something large. Was it a Pokemon? It certainly was much different from all of the Pokemon they’ve seen.

The green core Deoxys changed into their normal forme as they approached the large Ultra Beast. “Hello there.” They greeted. The other Deoxys was actually curious as to what this Ultra Beast was. “What are you?” They asked as they also changed into their normal forme.


I WAITED FOREVER FOR MY POKEDOLLS TO FINISH COMING IN TO POST THIS (ok well i still have 1 more in the mail but too bad)

this is pokemon collection, not including any books/magazines/games/cards and things like that!!!

you cant really see all my plushies cause some of them cover each other but heres a list just for fun

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