Aight so im laying here on my couch watching basketball and i see a commercial for this axe white bottle antipersprent spray or some shit. So im like *major eyeroll* cause axe and the commercials all “ooooh, goes on dry, so fancy” and at the end the guy touches his arm pit and the female narrator goes “why are you touching your armpit” and the guys like “to check if it was dry” and the narrator goes “dont do that. Thats weird” and im just like… but women do this is female deoterant commercials all the fucking time? Like, what?


A couple days ago, we ran out of woman’s deoterant. So, not wanting to risk smelling bad, I decided to use some extra men’s deoterant I found in the back of our linen closet. Let me just say- it was the gel stuff, and wtf was gilette thinking? Why would you want to put your deoterant on, and then have your arms raised away from your body so that your arm pits can dry out for a minute. And anyone who has ever tried gel, or mens deoterant knows what I’m talking about. Thankfully, we got more woman’s deoterant. It’s Dove go fresh pomegrante….