Aight so im laying here on my couch watching basketball and i see a commercial for this axe white bottle antipersprent spray or some shit. So im like *major eyeroll* cause axe and the commercials all “ooooh, goes on dry, so fancy” and at the end the guy touches his arm pit and the female narrator goes “why are you touching your armpit” and the guys like “to check if it was dry” and the narrator goes “dont do that. Thats weird” and im just like… but women do this is female deoterant commercials all the fucking time? Like, what?


A couple days ago, we ran out of woman’s deoterant. So, not wanting to risk smelling bad, I decided to use some extra men’s deoterant I found in the back of our linen closet. Let me just say- it was the gel stuff, and wtf was gilette thinking? Why would you want to put your deoterant on, and then have your arms raised away from your body so that your arm pits can dry out for a minute. And anyone who has ever tried gel, or mens deoterant knows what I’m talking about. Thankfully, we got more woman’s deoterant. It’s Dove go fresh pomegrante….

Chapter 4

That morning i brushed my teeth immidiately when i woke up. Showred, two doses of deoterant. Sprits my boobs, my front, and my butt with perfume. Adorne the cutest bra i own. Pants and polo. Oversized jacket zipped up to my chest. Four necklaces, eight bracelets, one pair of fingerless gloves,black eye make-up, converse, back pack, food. Brushed my teeth one last time, mouth wash, gum, ready for school.

I waited outside to be picked up by my elders, the car ride to school was so long. I held my phone inmy pocket tightly and rubbed the keys with my thumb. I starred out the window while my elder questioned my silence.
Me: oh i just have a big test today and im trying to remember answers.

We pulled up to school i said my goodbyes and scampered off to first class. In the middle of class my phone buzzed in my pocket, i blushed hopeing no one had heard and looked to see if i could check it.
Coast clear teacher was reading something intently. I pulled out my phone and he has messaged me.
Him: Hey
I replied: hi
Him: what class are you in
I told him.
Him: well, whats your lunch?
Me: Third.
Him: cool me too, i usually skip lunch but qmeet me in the science hall after everyone has gone to lunch.
Me: ok.

I put my phone back in my pocket and wished the class would be over.
*three more classes, three more classes, three more classes…* kept chanting in my head. I phased through each class like a ghost. Not truely paying attention but just enough to jot down notes. My main focus was on my mind.
*is he really going to kiss me?*
*what if it is just a stupid joke.*
*i don’t think i could deal with that.*

Finally the bell rang for third lunch to begin. I exited my class and went tothe bathroom for second bell to signal that everyone should be at thier destination. It rang and i headed to the science hall. I clutched my bag close and walked the hall once, noone.

My heart dropped and i cursed myself for falling for something like this. I started to walk out of the building when a door opened and closed, i looked over myshoulder and there he stood. I paniced. *oh my god, what do i do, i am not prepared for this to happen, how do i speak, what the shit.*

He came over and pulled me to the wall his playful eyes serious, then he spoke, “so i see you wore a bra today.”
“Well yeah, i have pretty big boobs, to just not wear a bra, plus i do physical training, so…”
He smiled playfully, “thats fine.”
I half smiled awkwardly, “you don’t have to do my dare since i didn’t do yours if you don’t want to,"i smiled as i said it secretly hoping he would anyway.

He smiled, "do you want me to?”
I blushed, “um, yeah?”
He laughed, “ok then.”
He held out his long arms for a hug and i went to him. I felt so safe encased in his arms against his chest, he held me a moment then reached for my face to go up towards his and he kissed me.

It held but only shortly then he drew away and smiled, “ok, let’s go to lunch.” I agreed and we walked to lunch through seperate doors, and sat down at seperate tables. I ate my lunch hurridly then talked to my friends a bit, i still couldn’t beleive it, i actually kissed the man i had been dreaming of even talking to for 4 years.

Later that night at home, snuggled on my couch i messaged him: hey!
Him: hey :)
Me: so sup
Him: nm laying in bed
Me: so, was today ok?
Him: what part of today ;)
Me: the part before lunch.
I blushed in the darkness.
Him: yes
Me: cool, would we ever do it again?…
Him: sure
My heart raced.
Me: cool, so like when.
Him: tomorrow same place and time cool with you?
Me: yes
Him: see you then, i will have a surprise for you.

I went to bed and just layed in the darkness, eyes wide open.