chy_leigh: 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉 to the coolest guy around… @davidharewood You are one of the most genuine, joyful, hilarious, gifted, badass dudes I’ve ever known. I pray this year brings you peace, adventure, and fulfillment in all areas of your life. I’m honored to be your #righthandgirl at the #DEO but even more so, your friend 👩🏻👽 #happybirthday #martianmanhunter #supergirl @thecwsupergirl


chy_leigh: 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉 to the coolest guy around… @davidharewood You are one of the most genuine, joyful, hilarious, gifted, badass dudes I’ve ever known. I pray this year brings you peace, adventure, and fulfillment in all areas of your life. I’m honored to be your #righthandgirl at the #DEO but even more so, your friend 👩🏻👽 #happybirthday #martianmanhunter #supergirl @thecwsupergirl

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Supercorp Prompt: Supercorp wedding, in Earth Costume and Krypton one. BONUS POINT: If Lena in honeymoon use the Coat of Arms of the House of El

Kara stared in the mirror and twisted left and right. This wasn’t exactly right, she determined, but the garb was as close as she was going to get. There were designs available through the information center at the DEO, but earthling seamstresses just didn’t have the practice to recreate the art form of Kryptonian wedding garb. Still, she remembered how Aunt Astra looked and knew that the elegant white robes were a close match.

“You look wonderful,” a voice whispered in her ear.

“You aren’t supposed to see me before the wedding,” Kara scolded. It was a silly Earth tradition, but she wanted to uphold the culture in which she was raised.

Lena kissed her neck. “Oh, no. I suppose you’ll want to divorce me straight away, then?”

“Of course not.”

“I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Kara turned to get a better look at the neat cut of Lena’s dress, appreciating the dip below her collar bones and the delicate stitching of flowers and beading. Lena’s dark hair was piled atop her head, with a single curl dangling by the side of her face–which directed Kara’s attention to Lena’s dramatic red lipstick.

She glanced in the mirror and flushed red. “Lena, you marked my neck.”

“Oops,” Lena said, clearly not at all contrite.

“I just want this to be right. I know… I know that we’ve both lost our birth families, so this is a new start for us both.”

Lena located a tissue and gently wiped the lipstick from Kara’s neck. “El-mayarah.”

“Stronger together,” Kara confirmed. “You and I, and our new family.”

After Maggie gets shot and taken to the DEO, while she is under pain meds Eliza goes to check on her. Alex was so worried and it’s obvious how much her daughter cares about the detective, that Eliza can’t help but be curious.

“Hi, Maggie?” Eliza says standing near the med bay door. She knows perfectly well this is Maggie, but she doesn’t want to be too obvious.

When Maggie just smiles at her and nods from the bed Eliza walks in, stopping right in front of Maggie.

“I just wanted to check on you and see how you are doing. I’m Eliza Danvers, Alexandra’s mom.”

Maggie’s smile just gets bigger after Eliza’s words, and she sits up straighter unconsciously. “Alexandra? I need to remember to call her that sometime. It’s great to meet you, someone as amazing and beautiful as Alex has to have a wonderful mom too.”

“Thank you. I see Alex wasn’t lying when she said you were absolutely charming.”

Maggie couldn’t help but look down while smiling, it still surprised her how Alex always saw the best in her.

“Only for her,” she said looking right into Elizas eyes. And Eliza knew Maggie meant it.

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Do you think Sanvers like to go camping?

Lord yes.

Maggie does it hard core, only what you can carry on your back and all that. She used to camp on her own when she was a teenager (NOT RECOMMENDED PEOPLE) when she couldn’t tolerate being around humans anymore; it was her getaway and she’s never shared it with anyone before but she’s really excited to share it with Alex.

And Alex? Sure, she likes it, especially with how Maggie’s eyes sparkle, how in her element she is. But that doesn’t stop Alex from trying to sneak creature comforts by way of DEO tech into their backpacks.

For which Maggie thoroughly punishes her in their tent, to both of their deep enjoyment (and to the chagrin of poor Winn and James when they eventually start coming along).
Spoiler Room: Scoop on Supergirl

How will everyone else on Supergirl feel about missing out on the crossover? — Norman

Of all people, you’d think Winn would be the most upset to be sidelined during the alien Invasion given the DEO’s expertise in the matter, but there are bigger issues ahead. “Winn doesn’t have a lot of time to be bummed out because of what happens in the episode after that,” Jeremy Jordan says.

Hey guys isn’t pink kryptonite a thing? That when exposed to, turns kryptonians homosexual?

What if Supergirl gets exposed to it accidentally like how she was exposed to red kryptonite.

And who’s the first person she goes gay for? That’s right gays! Lena Luthor. (Supergirl would have gone gay for Cat and Lucy Lane too but both are MIA rn) and the whole time she’s exposed to it. She refuses to do any DEO or reporter jobs or she’ll only do things when Lena is involved.

So Alex notices the Luthor lovestruck alien superpuppy and investigates because honestly, there can’t be two lovestruck Danvers at the same time, nothing will get done anyway she takes Winn and they use that kryptonite detecting device on Kara and finds out abt the pink kryptonite. While they find a way to reverse its effect, Supergirl (yes Supergirl, not Kara because in Kara’s head, she’ll impress Lena more if she’s super) asks Lena out on a date which she agrees to of course.

So at the middle of a romantic date, both women enjoying it too much, Alex arrives with a device, subtly calls Supergirl and zaps her secretly, returning her back to her straight self. Supergirl realized what happened then went back to Lena and offered to take her home.

So they fly back to L Corp through the exit/entrance window, Supergirl says goodbye but before she can up up and away, Lena pulls her into a sweet romantic kiss, taking Supergirl’s breath away. Lena smiles and says goodnight while blushing Supergirl dorkily left. Supergirl flies to Alex’s apartment with a huge smile on her face which she’s felt kinda confused about.

At Alex’s apartment, Kara asks her sister if she was indeed back to normal. Alex says yes and continues to say that the pink kryptonite really didn’t do her any harm, what it does to krytonians is to make them appreciate the same gender a lot more than usual and amplifies the feelings they already have subconsciously.

And the giant realization hits Kara dead smack on her adorable face.

// You know what thought really entertains me. We’ve seen Kara really frustrated and at a loss for words a couple of times. Once with Cat “Why are you so mean.” and with Snapper Carr *Angry Noises* “Jerk Guy.” I’d love to see a moment ( most probably in the DEO ) of Kara slipping between Kryptonian and English trying to get out her frustrations. Randomly starting in English slipping into Kryptonian for the most part and confusing the hell out of everyone as they have no idea what she is saying then just seeing Kara flop over into a chair ( or whatever ) and wondering why everyone is looking at her like she has two heads. //  I can make this a headcanon right? BC If I can I am! Can I?

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Kara/Susan? Idk what that is, Superagent?

fukin shit yessss. SuperAgent indeed.

Susan leaves her headset for Supergirl to listen through because she knows it’s important. She can always read Supergirl’s needs.

Alex and Kara are about 110% sure that Vasquez knows who Kara is, it’s kinda hard to keep it a secret from most of the agents, but no one at the DEO has seen Kara, they’ve only seen Supergirl. 

They both think Susan still knows.

So they invite her over for a movie night and Susan smiles and loves their interaction because she’s seen Supergirl relaxed and Alex at least playful, but not Kara and Alex at their home relaxed. 

They go flying together. Vasquez was transferred from the air force, she’s good in a jet. Kara lets Vasquez beat her just once. 

It’s Vasquez in Kara’s ear always too. No matter the situation, no matter the danger, Susan’s voice is calm and reassuring. Kara needs that.

So when Kara hears gunfire through her ear piece and Vasquez calmly enunciates that a few of the prisoners are loose and Kara can hear the screams in the background. 

Well, Supergirl goes way faster than a speeding bullet.

She wrenches the door from its hinges because the DEO is in lockdown. She’ll think about how she shouldn't be able to do that, no matter how strong she is, later. Right now she’s got to find Susan. 

There’s gunfire and Vasquez curses. Supergirl is next to her in the next instant and she gawks at the scene in front of her. 

Most of the agents are down, she can see them breathing though, but Vasquez is in the rafters with three tranq guns and a plasma rifle sitting around her. She glances up at Supergirl as the last alien topples over. 

“Out of tranq darts. The Vorg is still out and he’s not down yet.” Supergirl just stares at her. She’s not even frazzled. There’s barely a hair out of place.

There are over a dozen bodies lying on the floor below her, more than half are aliens. Kara can’t help but flash to all the times Vasquez has talked her out of situations just like these. Can’t help but think of how much she needs Susan’s voice in her ear.

Susan’s lipstick isn’t even off regulation standards. 

Kara helps her with that. She drops to her knees next to Susan and pulls the slightly shocked woman into her arms. God, it feels good to hold her, to know she’s not just a voice, she’s here and solid and real.

Kara kisses her, messes up her lipstick. Susan doesn’t mind. She doesn’t let go of the plasma rifle but her left arm wraps around Kara’s neck. Kara is warm and while she was prepared for this, more than capable of handling this, she relaxes a little.

Until the beam they’re on shakes and the Vorg is towering over them and Kara is pulling away and Susan can’t have that.

Vasquez aims two shots into the Vorg’s legs and pulls Supergirl back to her lips. The Vorg drops to the floor below and doesn’t get back up. This time Susan drops the rifle and rifle and slides her hand in Kara’s hair.

“Oh Rao, that was hot.” Kara breathes against her lips and Susan smirks. 

Maybe she yanks on Kara’s hair just to hear her moan, but she can do that, no one else was around to hear them.

“Oh my god, Kara is that you??” Except the other Danvers apparently. 

Susan’s eyebrows popped up at the way her thighs clenched. Two Danvers? She pulled back from Kara and asked, “Do you think she’d want to join us?” 

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you a headcanon I have about them.


We love pop-up books in the special collections and one of our favorites here is by the Czech master of the genre, Vojtěch Kubašta, from the 1960s: Gloria in Excelsis Deo…

Eu gosto seu cabelo caído nos olhos, as suas bochechas, o formato da tua boca, o seu sorriso, o seu olhar. Eu gosto das suas mãos, gosto mais ainda quando elas se encaixam nas minhas, gosto dos seus braços que se entrelaçam em mim, suas costas, sua barriga, gosto até dos seus pés. Eu gosto de cada centímetro seu, do último dedinho do pé, até o ultimo fio de cabelo. Eu gosto do som da sua risada, gosto da forma como você consegue ser tão irresistível. Eu gosto quando você diz que sentiu saudades, gosto quando me faz sentir única e especial. Eu gosto da maneira como cuida tão bem de mim. Eu gosto da sua voz, que é a melodia preferida pros meus ouvidos. Eu gosto do seu jeito doce, carinhoso e gosto também do seu lado pervertido. Eu gosto da sua chatice e até seu mau humor. Eu gosto quando pede pra mim ficar um pouco mais. Eu gosto do esforço que você faz pra me tirar um sorriso. Eu gosto das suas loucuras. Eu gosto das suas palhaçadas. Eu gosto da forma como você me deixa te querendo mais e mais. Eu gosto quando você faz de tudo pra ficar do meu lado. Eu gosto quando você fica acordado até tarde comigo me fazendo companhia mesmo quando tem que dormir cedo. Eu gosto quando você me ouve e me ajuda. Eu gosto da forma que você consegue ter sempre uma solução pra tudo. Eu gosto dos seus ciúmes. Eu gosto quando você fica irritadinho. Eu gosto quando você canta. Eu gosto do teu jeito dedicado. Eu gosto da maneira como você me cativou rápido. Eu gosto de como você me faz gostar muito de você. Eu gosto da forma como roubou meu coração. Eu simplesmente gosto de tudo em você. Eu gosto de você e você não sabe.
—  You steal my heart.