denzel wright


The Palmetto State Foxes
oliver dewhurst as andrew minyard.
dudley o'shaughnessy as kevin day.
soo joo park as renee walker.
jos whiteman as seth gordon.
conor mclain as aaron minyard.
lucas lourenco as nicky hemmick.
ysham avdulahi as matt boyd.
line brems as allison reynolds.
kiersey clemons as dan wilds.
denzel wright as neil jorsten.

anonymous asked:

Where's the African American models with red hair and freckles ???

Right here. Are Models who come from a ethnic background that includes African descent, These models have red hair along with beauty freckles.

Adwoa Aboah

Sabina Karlsson

Jade Thompson

Denzel Wright

Carmen Solomon

Nolan Sainte Claire