ACC Rant

(Feel free to ignore this.)

Okay I just-

I need to rant. I was watching Advent Children (Complete) again today and I just-

I love Tifa. I do. I really do. But dear god this is not okay.

I get it, I really do. Both of the kids are gone, kidnapped by what are basically miniature-Sephiroths, she’s scared and frustrated and feels helpless. Cloud has been constantly coming and going for two years now, and she’s looking for stability that isn’t there. She’s taking out her frustration and fear of the situation on the first person there who comes into conflict with her. But I just-

That scene. I hate that scene so much. Because while I understand where Tifa is coming from, she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about.

I’m sure that everyone (minus Vincent and Nanaki, probably) expected for him to be okay after meteor. Tifa thought that he’d be there and be stable, be okay and around. After all, Sephiroth is gone, ShinRa is gone, the WRO is up and running and getting everyone electricity again. Cid is providing transportation, and Barrett is providing fuel. Everything’s okay now, right? Why should Cloud not be okay?

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Tifa Lockhart Appreciation Week: Day 3: Tifa + Family

“Now running a delivery business while helping out Tifa with the newly opened “Seventh Heaven” bar, Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel lived together like a family.”

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Ooh! Ficmeme! How about... 10. Anniversary Celebration and Strifesodos!

Genesis was not good at hiding that he wanted something. Most of the residents of Seventh Heaven knew that. Only one, however, seemed to get some sort of pleasure by not acknowledging it. 

Cloud just liked being an asshole sometimes. He got it from his Ma. 

It took one long, painful hour of Genesis nervously and expectantly dancing around Cloud, while Cloud ignored him. Almost gleefully he ignored Genesis. 

Finally, Cloud had mercy. 

“What’s up, Gen?” he asked. 

“You know what today is?” Genesis asked. 

“Thursday?” Cloud guessed. Genesis deflated. 

“You really don’t…do you?” Genesis said. Cloud shrugged. 

“Not really…I mean if it’s not on my calendar I don’t really care,” Cloud said. Genesis managed not to yell at Cloud. Or strangle him. 

“It’s our one year anniversary,” Genesis said. Cloud blinked once. 

“No it’s not,” Cloud said, wandering back to his office. Genesis chased after him. 

“Yes it is!” he insisted, “One year ago I showed up here.”

“Yeah, but that’s not our anniversary,” Cloud said, flipping ahead and pointing at another date, “our anniversary is in two months.”

“What?” Genesis said. 

“You showed up a year ago,” Cloud said, “but we didn’t start dating until two months later. Remember…we went for a long walk to see Midgar?” Genesis thought more…and the fire went out of him a little. 

“Shit you’re right,” Genesis admitted. 

“Tastes like vinegar admitting you’re wrong,” Cloud said with a smirk, “but you have a point, today is kind of significant…that and we have no reason to celebrate for the entire month of June. No birthdays, holidays…” He thought for a long minute. 

“MARLENE! DENZEL!” he bellowed, two sets of feet scrambled down the steps. 

“What are you doing?” Genesis asked. Cloud was scribbling furiously on his calendar. 

“We’re celebrating Genesis’s unbirthday,” Cloud announced, “help me plan.” Both kids cheered a little and crowded into the room. 

“That’s the dumbest holiday you’ve ever come up with,” Genesis started. 

“Get out Gen,” Cloud said, “you’ll ruin the surprise.”

Took me forever but finally colored it!
Have a nice little pic of Cloud and Denzel using Leon as Daddy pillow because they’re cuddle bugs <3

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