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REQUESTED - Familiarity (2/2)

Request: So, i don’t know if u take requests, but, i would like to make one. I saw u liked some Peter Parker X Reader stuff ( I’m not a stalker, I SWEAR) and i was wondering if u would do a one-shot or something like that about the reader being Peter’s classrommate but for some reason being called to the avengers, and he is there in his suit and he keep seeing her in the school wondering why she was there? pls? - Anon

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2,306

Warning: Fluff, cursing, violence(?)

(A/N): HELLO! So, Familiarity was supposed to be a one-shot, but  well, some people asked me to do a second part and HERE AM I! Well, It took me long because school is back and it’s killing me like thIS FUCKING TEACHER, IN HER FIRST DAY OF TEACHING, SHE ALREADY MADE US DO A FUCKING MANUSCRIPT WORK ABOUT THE FUCKING POLITICS OF ENGLAND BEFORE THE REVOLUTIONS AND A FUCKING BOARD ABOUT THE HOUSE OF THE LORDS AND THE HOUSE OF THE COMMONS BIIIITCH R U KIDDING ME???????? K, I’m better. 

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I headed out of my chemistry class, yawning and giggling at something my friend said about the fact that Peter had canceled our date.

“I had so much hope for him!” I laughed at her overreact and fake crying, greeting a couple of people on my way down to my locker.

I felt someone staring at me and looked to Peter; he was with his friend, Ned. His friend also looked at me and turned quickly to talk something with Peter, that shrugged his shoulders.

“I did it for a reason! And you know who was there on the Avenger’s tower?” I read his lips, narrowing my eyes and before he could say anything more I said to my friend, knowing that he would probably hear

“You know, doesn’t Spiderman look a little bit too young? Maybe he is someone of this school?” She frowned her brows and looked up, like she was thinking about what I said while I gave him a challenging glance. He pressed his lips and I winked at him when we passed next to him, he tensed his shoulders, taking the threat.

“I never thought of that.” I smiled and nodded, looking over my shoulder and smirking at Peter

“But he seems hot, though.” My crush blushed and coughed, receiving pats from Ned.

“Dude, you need to call her out again!” I read Ned’s lips and smirked, looking to my locker while my friend waited for me, humming a song she heard somewhere.

“He knows that I called you, right, Tarantula-boy?” I whispered and he itched his red neck, making me smile a little bit

“Let’s go?” I nodded and when we passed next to my crush again, I stopped and touched his arm. Damn he has muscles!

“Hey, Peter!” He widened his eyes while Ned choked and my friend laughed “So, I was thinking… Would you like to go on a date with me?”

“W-What?!” It looked like he couldn’t believe that I asked him again and in the middle of the corridor, where some people were already whispering

“YES, HE WOULD!” Ned said and I chuckled

“Thanks, Ned.” He looked surprised at me, making me arch a brow

“You know my name?”

“Huh, Yeah? We’ve been taking classes together for years now.” His cheeks turned red and I smiled gently “Besides, you’re cool.”

“Y/N, we will be late to the devil.” My friend said and I laughed, nodding with my head

“Mrs. Owllyn is indeed the devil. Well, nice talking to you, Ned.” I looked at Peter again and smiled shyly, well, my ‘evil, threatening, bold bitch’ was already gone. “I’ll text you the place, ok?” He nodded, still looking surprised and I turned on my heels, running to catch up with my friend.

“Awn, if you weren’t the evilest bitch I know, I would think you were cute and innocent.” I laughed and smacked her shoulder, making her moan in pain, but she gave me a playful nasty gaze “Harder, daddy”

“Jesus fuck, woman!” I choked, laughing so hard that I almost started crying

“Hm, I didn’t know you two liked this kind of stuff.” Flash said maliciously, making my laugh die right when he finished his sentence “I guess you two would like a threesome, than, huh?”

“Fuck, we would!” I laughed, making his smirk grow bigger “But not with you. You piece of shit.” He grabbed my arm, making me moan in pain while my friend almost screamed at him:

“Let go out her right fucking now, you stupid scumbag!”

Shut the fuck up.” He hissed, at that point everyone were looking at us

“I will give you one second, if you don’t let go of me, I’ll break your fucking nose.” I growled, not feeling the tip of my fingers because of the anger

“Look, bitch, I’ve been good enough with you. You’re going to-” I didn’t let him finish, just pulled my free hand and used it to hit his nose, pulling the strength from my hips and shoulder. He screamed, taking a few steps back and using his hands to cover his nose, since it was bleeding “Y-You BITCH! Y-You broke my nose!” He cried and I looked to Peter, he was behind him, as if he was coming to help me before I freed myself

“I warned you.” I got close, grabbing – painfully – his chin to hiss at his face “If you get closer to me or my friend again, your nose will be your less worry.” He squeaked and I smiled devilish at him “Got that, shithead?” He nodded looking scared, before running away to the boy’s bathroom.

What. The. Fuck. Was. That?” She said before jumping and cheering “YOU WERE FUCKING AMAZING!” I just chuckled, denying with my head and sighing, stroking my own arm, the one with new bruises

“Are you alright?” Peter asked, coming closer with his brows frowned in anger, even though his voice was incredibly calm and soft.

“Oh, yes. I’ve been through worst.” He frowned his eyebrows even more and slid his fingertips on the red marks; I followed his hand, noticing that it was the first time we touched skin to skin.

“That was a pretty punch.” I giggled and shrugged my shoulders as he slide his hand to mine, looking at the knuckled before getting my other hand – the one I used to hit Flash – and gently brushing his thumb on them, they were a little bit red.

“Well, at least he let go of me.” Peter nodded slightly and then raised his eyes at mine

“Sorry I wasn’t fast enough to take him out myself” I couldn’t help but smile at his words, FUCK THAT WAS CUTE

“FUCKING ADORABLE, Y/N, IF YOU DON’T KISS HIM I WILL” Of course my friend had to break the moment, He blushed while I rolled my eyes, staring coldly at her, seeing her apologize silently

“Thanks, Peter. But as you said, I got a pretty punch.” He chuckled and let go of my hands, giving one step away from me.

“Mrs. Y/L/N, if you’re done with making a show, please, enter the class.” Mrs. Owllyn hissed, making me roll my eyes again while Peter smiled

“My place at seven. Don’t be late.” I smiled and waved before turning on my heels and entering the class, giving Mrs. Demon a fake grin

Calm down, Y/N. It’s not like you haven’t been on dates before!” My friend tried to calm me from her house, we were face-timing and I giggled nervously

“Yeah, but I have never liked someone like this and you know it.” She shrugged her shoulders and smiled at me

You’re looking amazing, you ordered pizza, you both are probably going to talk about those nerdy and geeky stuff you both enjoy and in a couple years, you will be wearing a white dress and entering the church to the sound of Princess Leia’s Theme.” I gasped

“You remember!”

How could I fucking forget? When the actress died you couldn’t stop listening to that fucking music!

“Are you trying to make me cry? Because I’m almost sobbing here, why did you have to remember me that?” She laughed loudly and I heard someone knocking on my door, my friend smiled at me and wished me luck while I tried to calm myself down. I put a smile on my face and opened the door, feeling it die when Tony Stark stood in front of me “No.”

“I didn’t even say anything!” He giggled and I denied with my head

“It doesn’t matter! I won’t go anywhere! I was able to call Peter out on a date again, and your old ass won’t ruin it!”

My hands went to my hips as I narrowed my eyes at his shit-eating grin

“First of all, my ass is not old. Second, I’m just here to pay for your work and to give you some new intel we will need you to work on, but don’t worry. It’s not priority.” I let out a sigh of relief and opened more my door, giving him the chance to enter and see that everything was right-placed to a cinema night. Some cushion and pillows on the couch, pizza, sodas, popcorn, some candies and most important: Netflix.

“Three minutes.” He just giggled and handed me two envelopes, one of them bigger and fatter than the other. I presumed that the bigger one had the files and the smallest was the payment. “What will I exactly do with the Intel?”

“You’re going to search those files for something that could help and give us any clue to end the mission or go forward with it.” I nodded and looked inside of it, I saw a pen-drive on the middle of the papers “This is one of the most simple we had, since it would be your first one and you didn’t receive any training, we thought it would be better to you. Besides, you also have the school.” Stark said seeming sincere, he wasn’t mocking me. Just worried and wanted me to get used to it.

“Okay, I’ll take a look as soon as I can. Who do I contact when I finish it?”

“Me, Captain, Natasha, you choose. Inside those files you’ll find everyone’s form of contact.” I nodded with my head and smiled at him

“Thank you, Mr. Stark”

“Oh, please, call me Tony. Mr. Stark was my father.” I nodded and he got up from the chair of the kitchen, heading to the door and I followed him “Oh, before I forget: You must know that you will work on the intelligence. You won’t go out on missions, fighting and this kind of stuff.”

“Thank god! Even though I know how to defend myself, I’m not so sure if my body would be as good as my brain.” I chuckled and he smiled while I opened the door, Peter had his hand raised as if he was going to knock the door, but quickly lowered it down, trying to look surprised with Tony Stark being in there

“Mr. Stark! I didn’t know you were in there!” That made me bite a grin back and deny with my head, Tony smirked at him and stepped out of my apartment

“Y/N, don’t eat him alive. We’ll need him.” I laughed and nodded with my head

“I’ll try.” He giggled one last time before heading to the stairs “You’re late.” Peter shrugged his shoulders and I opened more the door to him

“You know, some bad guys crossed my way.” I smiled and closed my door, heading to my bathroom so I could get my first aid kit. When I got back to the living room, he was standing in the middle of it, looking curiously at the files of the Intel Tony had just handed me.

“That is classified.” I joked, slightly pulling him to the couch, so I could take care of the bruises on his face. He blushed and I soaked a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Peter had his eyes on me while I started to clean his cheek; it wasn’t that bad, actually. Just a little bit scratched.

“You’re… Going to make part of the team, definitely?” I nodded with my head, carefully rubbing his chin now, trying to pay attention to his wounds, and not to his rose lips.

“But I’ll only make part of the intelligence. I’m not as brave as you guys.” He blushed again and I smiled, finally looking into his eyes, just to find myself closer to his face than I thought I was. “Sorry.” I mumbled, getting up and clearing my throat. “So, Harry Potter or Star Wars?”

“Hey! That is mine!” Peter chuckled, trying to get the candy back

“I was the one to buy it!” I laughed and tried to move away from him, already putting the candy in my mouth. He followed me and started to tickle me; I was laughing loudly and almost choking with the red strand of licorice candy, I started to smack his shoulder and just when he started to laugh with me, stopping the tickle, I noticed that he was almost laying on top of me and that he was close. Really close.

We smiled at each other and he took the candy of me, eating it and when he noticed the position we were on, he blushed; if I moved a little bit, my lips would brush against his jaw and I wanted to do that so bad. But I didn’t want to break the eyes connection we were having.

“So you could have just kissed him, and you didn’t? huh… You’re stupid.” My friend’s voice echoed inside my head, thinking that she would say exactly that. And she would be right, I would be stupid.

But I didn’t had to do anything, since Peter lowered his face, gently pressing his lips against mine and I closed my eyes, feeling like my heart was bagging too fast to be secure.

My hands slid to his neck and I pulled him closer to me, gently liking his bottom lip, biting it next.

Strawberry.” I whispered and he sighed, gripping hard to the cushion under us and resting his forehead on mine

“Would it be too cliché if I said I like you since the first time I saw you?” He asked softly at my ear and I smiled, hugging his chest as he laid by my side, releasing me from his weight.

“Would it be too cliché if I said the same?”

And that was our first kiss.

With popcorn on my hair, with some soda cans around us, with Darth Vader saying his iconic line and with strawberry licorice flavored candy, we kissed.

And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.


The 1959 Lynching of Mack Charles Parker In Mississippi

The Rape Allegations & Subsequent Lynching

Parker was arrested for the February 23, 1959 rape and kidnapping of June Walters, a pregnant white woman, in Pearl River County, Mississippi. Walters reported that the crime occurred on a dirt logging road called Black Creek Ford Road, off U. S. Route 11, approximately seven miles south of Lumberton, where she and her child were waiting alone in a car while her husband, Jimmy sought help for repairs.[4] Parker vehemently denied having raped anyone, and statements from his supporters after his death suggested that the rape accusations may have been fabricated by the alleged victim as a means of concealing an ongoing consensual affair with a local white man.[5]

According to reports published in the New Orleans Times Picayune and the Jackson Clarion Ledger, Parker and four friends, Norman Malachy, David Alfred, Curt Underwood and Tommy Grant were returning to Lumberton from Poplarville. The five men had been to Slim’s, an illegal bar which was operated under the protection of the Poplarville City Police. It was located in the black section of Poplarville, and was known for selling white lightning moonshine. As the five neared Lumberton, Parker and his four companions spotted a Dodge sedan broken down on the side of the road. Assuming the car was abandoned, they stopped. Parker got out and shone a flashlight into the car. Upon recognizing a white woman in the car, Parker returned to his brother’s Chevy sedan and left.[6] As they left the scene, Parker allegedly turned to his friends and said, “Why don’t we stop and get some o’ that white stuff?”[3] Telling him he was crazy, the four men told Parker to take them home. According to local law enforcement officials, before the woman’s husband could return to the disabled car, Parker allegedly returned, kidnapped June Walters and her four year-old daughter, Debbie, at gunpoint and took them to Black Creek Ford Road, where he raped Walters.[4] Curt Underwood, Parker’s brother-in-law, who was there that night, disputed the version of events.[3]

The woman did not identify her alleged attacker by name or detailed description beyond sex, race and approximate age. After an intensive manhunt, Lumberton police were informed by David Alfred’s father, a local Baptist minister, that Parker was the perpetrator. Parker was arrested at approximately 10 a.m. on February 24 at his Lumberton home by Lumberton City Marshal Ham Slade. Parker was beaten by Slade and his deputies, to the horror of his mother, Mrs. Eliza Parker. Parker’s screams could be heard several houses away.

Parker vehemently denied having raped anyone. In a line-up at the Lumberton City Jail, the victim identified Parker. A check of the tire tracks left by the perpetrator’s car indicated they were similar to those of Parker’s Chevrolet, but a positive identification could not be made. A check of fingerprints failed to implicate Parker. Soon after his arrest, and for his own protection, Lumberton Police had the Mississippi Highway Patrol transfer Parker to the Hinds County Jail in Jackson.[4] While in the Hinds County Jail, Parker was subjected to several lie detector tests. All of the lie detector tests given Parker proved to be inconclusive or that he was telling the truth.[3] In addition, no handgun was ever found by police, nor was one ever connected to Mack Charles Parker.

On April 13, Parker was indicted by a Pearl River County grand jury, on one count of rape and two counts of kidnapping. Two days later, Parker was returned to Pearl River County to appear before Judge Sebe Dale, Sr., on April 17. Being represented by attorney and civil rights activist, R. Jess Brown of Vicksburg, Parker pled not guilty to each charge. Judge Dale set the trial date for April 27, and Parker was returned to his cell at the Pearl River County Courthouse.

The Murder & Death of Mack Charles Parker

According to the FBI report on the case, sometime around 12.15 a.m. on April 25, a vigilante mob of eight to ten hooded and masked men, wearing gloves, entered the courthouse.

Supposedly, they were let into the locked jail area by a deputy sheriff, Jewell Alford, who was with them. As Alford unlocked the door, eight to ten from the mob entered Parker’s cell.[4] He begged for help from other prisoners, but the mob threatened them with guns. A life and death struggle soon ensued as Parker tried to escape and he was beaten with clubs by the mob.[3] As the mob dragged Parker out of the courthouse, and down its concrete steps, he was bleeding profusely. He pleaded to be able to walk instead of being dragged.[3] Blood spurted from his wounds, leaving bloody hand prints and pools of blood along the route out of the courthouse.

The mob had two cars waiting outside for their escape. Parker was stuffed into the back seat of one and the two cars sped off west toward Bogalusa, Louisiana on Mississippi Highway 26. The car with Parker inside continued west on Mississippi Highway 26 until it reached the Mississippi-Louisiana border at the Pearl River Bridge, approximately 20 miles west of Poplarville.

According to the FBI, the mob with Parker in the car drove into Louisiana, where they waited to make sure the road was traffic-free. Once they were assured they were in the clear, Parker was driven to the center of the bridge. He was then pulled from the car and shot twice in the chest from a range of approximately six inches. Parker died within seconds.

The original plan had been to castrate Parker and hang him from the superstructure of the Pearl River Bridge; however, with Parker now dead, the mob decided to abandon its plan in fear of being discovered. They proceeded to weight his body down with logging chains which were produced from the trunk of one of the cars. Once the chains were secured around Parker’s body, it was tossed over the concrete railings of the bridge into the rain-swollen waters of the Pearl River below.

Upon learning of the events in the early morning hours of April 25, Pearl River County Sheriff, Osborn Moody, informed the Mississippi Highway Patrol, who then urged him to contact the FBI. That same morning, Moody obtained a “John Doe” warrant for the kidnapping of Mack Charles Parker.

On May 4, Parker’s bloated and decomposing body was found floating in the waters of the Pearl River two and one-half miles south of the Pearl River Bridge at Bogalusa.[3]

Investigation Into The Case & Why His Lynching & Murder Will Likely Remain Unsolved

Almost immediately, 60 agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation descended upon the town of Poplarville.[3] In the two weeks following Parker’s death, the FBI questioned hundreds of potential witnesses and suspects. Several local Poplarville men, Jewel Alford, Christopher Columbus “Crip” Reyer, L. C. Davis, “Preacher” James Floren Lee, his son James Floren “Jeff” Lee, Herman Schultz, Arthur Smith and J.P. Walker, a former Pearl River County Sheriff’s deputy, who would be elected sheriff of Pearl River County in November 1963, quickly became the focus of the FBI’s intensive probe into the abduction and death of Mack Charles Parker.

In a three hour interrogation session FBI agents browbeat Crip Reyer. Reyer finally admitted that his red and white 1956 Oldsmobile 88 had been used by the mob, but denied having anything to do with the abduction or killing of Parker.

On May 13, under intense pressure from FBI agents, Arthur Smith confirmed the role of each of the participants and supplied the names of Walker, Preacher Lee, L.C. Davis and the names of others who were in the two cars. Smith told agents that Lee, Reyer, Davis, and Walker were in the lead car that carried Parker from the jail.

The judge and prosecutor would not co-operate with the FBI investigation and refused to hand over evidence, even though several of the mob members had confessed to the lynching.[3] Judge Dale, who praised Theodore Bilbo’s racial beliefs, and was a member of the White Citizens’ Council;[7] refused to indict the suspects. Dale encouraged the jury to “have the backbone to stand against any tyranny,” stating “you are now engaged in battle for our laws and courts for the preservation of our freedom and our way of life.”[3] He urged them to “keep their mouths shut.” Dale also refused Sheriff Moody’s request to move Parker outside the county or have members of the Mississippi National Guard protect Parker.[8] The federal grand jury then oversaw the case and failed to indict some of the mob by a single vote.[3]

A May 11 article in the Chicago Defender, a popular black newspaper circulated throughout the South, recounted an interview with an anonymous white male from Poplarville, claiming to have personal knowledge that the charges against Parker were fabricated. The alleged witness claimed that the alleged victim, June Walters was in fact having an affair with a local white man, and she went with him while her husband, Jimmy, was gone to get help to fix the car.[4] When her absence was discovered before she returned, she concocted a rape and kidnapping story to shield her infidelity. The witness also indicated that the alleged victim fainted upon learning of Parker’s kidnapping from the jail, and stated that he deserved a trial.[5]

Unlike the article in the Chicago Defender, biographer Howard Smead, who wrote the book Blood Justice: The Lynching of Mack Charles Parker, believes that Parker was most likely not innocent, but said he was “not 100 percent sure.” Smead believes that Parker should have been given a fair trial and states that he never had a chance to prove his innocence.[3][9] Smead writes that the local black community, many of whom knew Parker, were divided in opinion of his guilt. Many who held him, at the time of the crime, to be guilty, never wavered their view thereafter.[10]

Despite an extensive investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the presentation of evidence before both county and federal grand juries, no indictment or conviction was ever obtained against any of the men who murdered Mack Charles Parker. The main suspects identified by the FBI have all since died due to old age.[3]

In 2009 the FBI announced they were re-opening the Mack Charles Parker case.[11]

Source: Wikipedia


Prepare for Superior Iron Jerk, Falcon Cap, stinky Sonja, and more in this week’s Wednesday Roundup! (Spoiler free)(Click for larger image)

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The Kitchen #1 by Ollie Masters & Ming Doyle

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Who’s it for: Real mob-wives of Hell’s Kitchen

Drifter #1 by Ivan Brandon & art by Nic Klein

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Who’s it for: Firefly fans

Deep State #1 by Justin Jordan & art by Ariela Kristantina

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Who’s it for: Fans of the X-Files, Letter 44, and BPRD

All-New Captain America #1 by Rick Remender & art by Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger

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Who’s it for: Pet hawks

Superior Iron Man #1 by Tom Taylor & art by Yildiary Cinar

Tony Stark has done the impossible; he’s created paradise, but the social ramifications of exposing San Francisco to Extremis may lead Tony’s closest allies to turn on him. Of course, Tony is too self-absorbed to even care what happens around him—he’s a god.

Who’s it for: God complexes 

Spider-Verse #1 by Dan Slott, Robbie Thompson, Katie Cook & art by Humberto Ramos, Jake Parker, Denis Medri, Katie Cook

Peter Parker returns to the Spider-clan to find his brother Venom. In 1895, Lady May Reilly fights the Secret Six as the Lady Spider. Penelope is bit by a radioactive spider and must now protect her fellow classmates on the playground. Spider-Verse kicks off its anthology with steampunk style!

Who’s it for: Silk-spinners

Radical ongoings you have to have

Batman #36 by Scott Snyder & art by Greg Capullo

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Who’s it for: People left hanging from last month’s issue

Batgirl #36 by Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher & art by Babs Tarr

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Who’s it for: Punk rock anime assassins 

Red Sonja #13 by Gail Simone & art by Walter Geovani

Red Sonja is back in a new story arc by Gail Simone! This time she’s stinkier and even more sex deprived than before! Killing wizards is easy, dealing with curses not so much. The She-Devil must find a way to reconcile the curse left by a dying man’s breath or she will never be able to forgive again.

Who’s it for: Surly individuals

Superman/Batman: World’s Finest #28 by Paul Levitz & art by Jed Dougherty

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Who’s it for: The World’s finest children

Wytches #2 by Scott Snyder & art by Jock

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