denying won't do it

  • McGonagall: Listen, I want to apologize for taking points from Gryffindor. Truthfully, and I'll deny it if you say something, I wanted to be cheering with the rest of the students. I don't know what it is about Umbridge... I hate her...
  • Harry: I won't tell.
  • McGonagall: I'll deny it if you do.

Soooo…hey…I think I’m bi.

anonymous asked:

god, are people really so certain they dated?? I won't deny the possibility, but damn, why do people forget about friendship?? yeah they seem close and friends are close. why do people always think this necesarily means "more"

I’d ask the same question about Sun. Why can’t it just be friendship? Why does it always have to be more?


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Do you think if they won't deny it during the next week, they're probably here for a long run? Till the end of contract?

Oh, I really really wish I had the answers, I do. But I have no clue.

If you ask me, my logic as a person with a specific degree and a regularly working brain, I’d say that these few days are going to be crucial and that it would make sense for them to end it now, especially if it’s NT handling it, as the majority of my mutuals seem to believe. If it’s still mostly Syco&Co, I’d opt for the March guess. 

My current stance is not to expect anything at all, anon, live this surreal situation as it comes. Yet, I am very hopeful about the next 48 hours, I confess.

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I recently made the decision to become straightedge at 15. I know that it's early, but this is how I want to live my life. However, one of my best friends recently told me that I only became straightedge because of one of my favorite bands, namely Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy. She said that I was only doing it to be a groupie. I won't deny that I was inspired by him, and I probably wouldn't even know what it was, but he's not the reason I made the decision. What should I tell my friend?

That’s the funny thing about being straight edge, it’s impossible to know about it unless you find out that someone you know, is.

Some people find out about it from wrestlers.

Some people find out about it from bands.

Some people find out about it from terrible representations in movies and television.

The best part though, is you can only be a groupie if you want to have sex with Andy Hurley. Although everyone wants to have sex with Andy Hurley, who could blame you.

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Actually, if you knew Charlie Hebdo like French people do, you would know they're not islamophobic, nor homophobic, on the very countrary. Do your research. I won't deny all the hate Muslims can get all around the world, but don't talk about it through Charlie Hebdo, we are grieving.

I actually read several posts claiming that and have yet to be convinced. What most everyone seems to be arguing is that “it might look like racism, but they actually meant the opposite.” Newsflash: racism is racism, no matter how you try to turn it.

Also newsflash: if you were mourning, you’d be talking about the people who died. Their names, theirs lives, their memory. Instead you’re going around defending a racist publication. That’s not mourning, that’s just more of the same.

"I don't want to be typecast as a heroine who does a certain kind of cinema, which is why I experiment with the types of films that I do. But yes, I won't deny that romantic love stories or romantic comedies are what I enjoy doing the most, because as an audience those are the kind of films that I like watching." _ Deepika Padukone