deny that ship i dare you

I never slow danced with a girl  before… I like it!

Something Quinn “straight” Fabray said a few moments before sleeping with Santana Lopez…

I don’t care if you shipped Quinn with Puck, Finn, Sam or any other guy but don’t you dare telling me she’s straight.

3 years later and I’m still not over the fact that they made Quinntana canon, gave us queer Quinn Fabray and had the guts to still denied that Quinn loved Rachel.

Cancer & Pisces
  • Cancer, walking w/ Pisces: I dare you to confess to Sagittarius
  • Pisces, scoffs: Ha! Over my dead body.
  • Cancer, stops: That could be arranged...
  • Pisces: Yo chill
  • Cancer, smiles:
  • Pisces, starts to run away: YO CHILL
  • Cancer, chases after them: YOU CAN'T DENY THE SEXUAL TENSION

like… first meeting the kid just cuts [in line] in between the two that are already ordering because there’s only ONE serving size of sweet & sour pork left, to which he insists he’ll take all of what’s left AND THEN that chef guy is like instantly amused [plus omfg Hao Mei is FREAKIN’ ADORABLE, like I dare you to deny that cutie]

[ps: he gives him not only what’s left of the pork but also a lot more meat in the stir fry than he gave Hao Mei’s other bros]

and then… okay after rewatching that scene in episode 11 the fact that the Chef guy acknowledges that he KNOWS [notices] Hao Mei has been eating there in the cafeteria thus he recognizes who he is PLUS the fact that Hao Mei praised the guy for his cooking… like…

I’m torn between AWWWW feels and curiosity/excitement over what this could/would lead to…

[which is probably nothing but a great bromance/friendship/brotherly thing and nothing beyond that which I’m also fine with but still…]


I LOVE the idea of Knight!Raven. Just imagine her being badass and being Apple’s knight and shinning armor. I heard similar headcanons, like Daring and Raven switching destinies (Daring being the evil king (queen) and Raven being Apple’s “prince”) and another one (actually an fanfic) where everyone at EAH thinks that Raven is Apple’s prince because she woke her up from her deep slumber (she gives her CPR). Raven denies it while Apple starts to believe it. I wish Knight!Raven had more supporters and fan art. If I could draw for shit, I would do it myself XD But what about you guys? Does anyone else like this headcanon? Even if you don’t ship Rapple, do you still like Knight!Raven? 

Girls Night Out


Dear Ellen:

You are cordially invited aboard my ship, along with my pvjck (or whatever that word was) Gina and Enkidu, for a girl’s night out. Formal attire is not required. I insist on your attendance, although if you are unable to show up for whatever reason, I could always send my people to you to discuss alternative plans. I know Roccer is eager to come back to the station again, and this time I may indulge my pvjck shapeshifter the opportunity for once. He’s been such a good boy and one his best behavior that I dare not deny him his award. Unfortunately, you will have to get your own transportation, but I will send someone to escort you at these coordinates, if you decide to come. I sincerely look forward to meeting you. I do not get the opportunity to meet new species very often. And tell Tanak I said hello and give him a kiss for me.

- Best wishes and love, Madame Zenori.

PS: Roccer will be on his best behavior, I guarantee.