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      “ i watched you fucking die — “  it wasn’t often that Manson was perturbed by something. hell, he was rarely bothered by anything; he’d always been a go with the flow kind of guy and his interests were peculiar, to say the least. yet, he was staring directly at her — Hayley mother fucking Denvors.

primavitya replied to your post “uuh….wow okay so for denvor con 2018 j’2 solo ops are apparently $199…”

how much are there solos usually? i dont remember and its been a while since ive had to deal with con pricing

For the last year J’2 ops have been increasing in price every few months. Jaxcon 2016 they were $149 if i’m correct. Atlanta16 and Jaxcon17 they were $149. I looked at CE’s website for upcoming cons this year and prices seem to vary from $149-159-169. 

What gets me for that one 2017 con (denver) is that its listed as “very limited” At this point its not really the price that i’m concerned about, its why the price jumps so often and why its only j’2 because the rest of the cast stay the same. (misha’s ops have never been over $100 if i’m correct)