Howdy guys, I’m Maverick!

I’m from Bruno The Companion All Animal Rescue & Sanctuary in Denver, CO and I wrote you a LIMERICK!

That’s right! Because I’ve been waiting TWO years to meet you, so I hope this does the trick!

I’m a passionate, fun-loving, 3-year-old guy
Kids make me so happy I could cry
I’m kennel-trained, have good obedience and do I love to play!
I have so much love to give and simply ask that I’m your only dog, if I may
Oh and cuddling on the couch? All day we could lie!

Okay, so I’m not the BEST poet – but hopefully you think it’s kind of clever
Because I’d love nothing more than to shower you with love forever… and ever… and EVER!

Just contact (720) 432-7381 or and you’ll see.
The best decision you’ll ever make is making ME part of your family!

All my love,