Fancy-free on the Front Range

We took a few days off from tour last week.  We took them in our hands, cradled them, and let them sit quietly as we settled into a few days of rest in the Denver area.  We’d been touring for five weeks, with another five weeks staring us in the face, and we wanted to take a step back to catch our breath. So we hunkered down in the foothills of the front range at a family’s home, exploring the cities, riding our bikes (we’ve finally unhitched them!), and spending a few of the dollars we’d been saving on our tour. Here are a couple photos from our excursions! —G

There are a number of great bike shops in the Boulder/Denver area.  I had a wonderful experience with the good folks at Standard Bike Repair (, who helped me “Watch, Help, and Learn” to fix my own bike.  Jesse had a major repair done seamlessly by folks at Salvagetti Bicycles (, and Matt and Bekah went for a spin in downtown Denver’s on rent-a-bikes. Bike city!  Keeping to our two-wheeled vehicles, we fell in love with the city’s architecture, all right next to beautiful countryside.

Our CDs are now being sold at Bart’s Music Shack! A very rad record store on Boulder’s Pearl Street. (

And, although not exactly from our rest days, we owe a big shout out to the fabulous sound engineer Shaun Wall, for doing our sound at our Denver show at the Walnut Room. Finicky acoustic instruments need a good ear at shows!

Last but not least–it looks like somebody made like a bandit and snagged Moby some new VHS tapes for the road!  Perhaps we ought to add dramatic film recreations to our live show repertoire…. Look out!