Peyton Manning Pranked by Bronco's Receivers | The Timeline | NFL Films
Denver Bronco receivers pull the hidden camera prank on Peyton during a photoshoot.

For some annoying reason the video won’t embed so you have to click to view on youtube. But this is the prank Decker, DT and Welker pulled on Peyton making him think the Sports Illustrated shoot was supposed to be shirtless and Peyton was NOT happy haha

20 Insanely Mind-Blowing Facts About The Super Bowl

Prepare for the big game by brushing up on these incredible facts that even the most seasoned football player might not know!

1. The cost of a Super Bowl ticket is equivalent to buying an unbelievably nice house that you couldn’t live in because it’s too small.

2. On Super Bowl Sunday, an average of 35,000 hot dogs get thrown into lit fireplaces by people wanting to see what would happen.

3. These were the helmets used at the first Super Bowl in 1967:

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Peyton Manning Shares Tender Post-Game Kiss With Hand That Feeds Him

In a touching display of affection and corporate affiliation, Peyton Manning sealed his Super Bowl victory last night by planting a tender kiss on the hand that feeds him. Their sweet moment was captured by cameras, so that all might share in their candid, contractual love.

While Cam Newton waited at midfield to offer Manning his congratulations on a game, well, played, the Denver quarterback obviously had his mind on celebrating with those most important to him. So Manning searched the crowd for the welcoming arms and check-writing hands of Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter, reaching in to give the pizza-product magnate a warm hug and intimate buss on the cheek that said, This win would mean nothing without you, or my 21 Papa John’s locations in the Denver metro area.


How Rob Gronkowski’s Dad Raised America’s First Family of Jocks

The New England Patriots’s tight end is a cult figure in his own right, but there’s four more Brothers Gronk where he came from. In this excerpt from the new edition of photographer Bruce Weber’s annual cultural survey, All-American, patriarch Gordy Gronkowski explains his family ethos.