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I know I’m officially a grown-up because when a girl helps me make my bed or fold my laundry or does other domestic things with me, I find myself more attracted to her. 

Like yeah, good sex is great, but if you bake things with me and help me clean the apartment I’ll probably marry you. 

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live in denver is so edited to the point where ryan could be a completely different person. if you listen to the live version of I Write Sins that a random person posted from the DVD, then listen to the version that Fueled by Ramen posted, it's completely different aanndd ruins the whole "Ryan sounded amazing in Live in Denver" thing. but if you love the whole harmonizing part, i wouldn't watch it. definitely a dream crusher. but. Live in Denver is highly edited.

I love Ryan more than my life but he wasn’t the best singer especially at the beginning. He’s said so himself so this is not unbelievable


excuse my face but i met @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil

dan complimented my tattoos the second i walked in and then took pictures of them

and phil gives the most excellent hugs

It’s actually quite a good idea to watch The Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz back-to-back. Both are from the exact same material: But one is a nice, sweet, sentimental dream; the other is an absolute fucking nightmare.

Not that Return to Oz is as iconic or legendary as The Wizard of Oz or anything.

But it is different.

And different isn’t always bad.